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Fundamental American Politics

17 Apr : 15:18 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

I am certain this is a significantly covered topic. The trouble with what's out there is a lack of objectivity. You be the judge. I'll do my best to deliver the facts. Separating it out like this makes it much easier for me, and for you, not to confuse the observer and the observed, nor to invert and be subjective from either view.

What does the Declaration of Independence establish? It tells you in most certain terms:

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. -- Emphasis mine,

Emphasis done for those who may find it useful.

For instance “certain unalienable rights” will engender the idea of “specific” (limited) rights today, when, at the time, it meant “absolute,” contrary to the United States Supreme Court's rulings, suggesting, “no right is absolute,” where the “shouting fire in a crowded theater” phrase originates, though, often by omission. The phrase is “falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater” making the idea of protected Freedom of Speech not being absolute, subject to the criteria that the speech is untrue, inaccurate, deceptive, and intended to mislead, cause panic etc., 249 US 47, at page 52,

This was just one illustration of how Free Speech is used to destroy Free Speech, and is backed up by this paragraph from the Hartford Courant, regarding gun control in Connecticut, a few months after the Sandy Hook incident of a mentally deranged person's actions:

....[T]those using the Second Amendment to justify their right to have high-powered guns with high-capacity gun magazines might be accommodated under an interpretation of the Constitution that would have been applied by our Founders, even as Connecticut considers stricter gun rules.” --

Now, the import to this is that the author, Saul Cornell, who explains they fully understand the “interpretation of the constitution that would have been applied by our Founders,” is advocating for gun control by that article, placed in the commentary section, of course, but he makes sure his credentials are noted too:

Saul Cornell of Redding is a Second Amendment expert and constitutional historian and the Paul and Diane Guenther Chair in American History at Fordham University.” -- Ibid.

So, the take away is this: That, using the Constitution as intended, pursuant to how it was written, we discover absolute rights and absolute limitation imposed on government would be our Founders' interpretation.

Now, I know some of you are saying, “Littman's lost it, he's citing the 2nd Amendment as part of the Declaration of Independence!” Actually, no, I am saying that the Constitution that limits government, and is ratified by the People, is an act and historical factual event in execution of the Declaration of Independence as Our Written Will, that the Constitution constitutes “the consent of the governed,” and that the 2nd Amendment's language, pursuant to the preamble of the Bill of Rights, is intended:

THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.”

So ends the idea the “Bill of Rights” is expressing the Rights of Individuals under a national government's absolute power, treated as an instrument establishing the “privileges of US Government subjects.”

The above is merely an aid.

The fundamental principle of all politics throughout history is a Master and servant relationship. Socrates even discusses slavery, without any abhorrent denouncement but as an accepted institution of Greece in Plato's Republic. Tribal Chieftains to the Blueblood Crowned heads of Europe, the politics, even after the existence of America, still the same, understood by these 2 simple inherent questions: Who is the Master? Who is the servant?

These questions, until the existence of the United States of America with a written Constitution, that even ends the institution of slavery by 1808 (see Article I, Sec 9,, Federalist 38,, and Federalist 42,, was answered by a Feudal hierarchy, guild system and noble classes, as well as a parliamentary institution of the “House of Commons” and “House of Lords” never yielding the government to be anything but levels of Masters all under a final Master, a Crowned head.

So now we must play at parsing for clarity, no other reason. “Servitude” and “slavery” are easily identical terms, based on conditions of “employment” which is merely the using of something to achieve an end. If the employment features an ownership clause over you, and treats you as property, it is slavery. However, when done by a Sovereign Crowned head, or a parliament, who makes the law, and adjudges for themselves by whimsical political standards, without a written Constitution, which would mean the entire of Europe, “subject” is included as slavery.

Servitude is employment, and the 13th Amendment, while abolishing slavery, separated out “involuntary servitude” as abolished as well, which is saying in reverse it is not abolishing voluntary servitude.

Do you see the Master and servant relationship that in the modern day is considered “labor law” or “employee employer” law? I mention the modern day to help understand by parallel, not as the standard.

In a nutshell, because it's easy to get “out in the weeds,” so to speak, on this, the Constitution's directive language, its use of “shall,” and “enumerated” powers, instead of “general powers,” without one scintilla’s presence of the word “grant,” or the phrase “grants the people,” explains it is a document establishing a collective public servant to carry out the needs of each Individual's Will. Representatives are intended to hear all constituents, as a matter of their job in public service, the job they volunteered for, by election or even accepting a bureaucratic appointment, and because the constituents constituted the government these public servants volunteer to work for the constituent who is their Master.

The American Constitution, for the first time in known, recorded, history of mankind, in a most clever move of absolute genius, created a government in servitude to carry out the Will of the People as their employer and Master in complete reversal of the role of the private “House of Lords” noble class, the peasant subject doing the bidding of those who demand homage or subject that peasant to imprisonment, the rack, or other public spectacle to intimidate the remainder to obey the “noble” and heed the will of the Guild (modern day union, see “Screen Actors Guild,” the Hollywood Union,

Yes, the Screen Actors Guild uses remnant terms of the Feudal Era of Oppression (while screaming their actions, even if lies, are protected free speech). As well, the Dark Ages before the Age of Enlightenment and where the Sentience of each Individual is recognized sacred, shattered by bold America, who by Constitution is Individual Liberty living a free way of life in self government, all secured and assured by a government of public servants serving each one of us as their Master. Said one more way, people living their life by our public servant government's execution of the Principles of the Declaration of Independence, though carrying out their job according to the particulars of the Constitution.

This is the Fundamental American Politics that those who cannot handle the responsibility that comes with Freedom want to destroy. They do not care if they eradicate the choice of Freedom from the face of the Earth, as, to them, if that can happen it was meant to happen, and if they did it, it is meant for them to abscond with whatever they can get from the end of Freedom and Individual Liberty.

At least now you know, subject, why you are taught your “constitutional rights.”

God Bless you, thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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An Oppression Situation

08 Apr : 16:43 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

I don't care who you are as an American, just that you are an American.

What I mean is every single one of us is in an oppression situation.

- The poor can't get jobs, can't get the crime to stop, because the Government won't support businesses in their area...

- The wealthy have to pay to play, pay for permits, licensing, taxes, and leap every other regulatory hurdle, as well as risk their money to being lost to open a business, no matter where, and government wants them to open them in areas the government believes will generate more tax revenue...

- The white person who can't get in a college because they have enough white people and are required to make room for other ethnicities or the government will cut their funding...

- The black person who can't get a job because they didn't qualify for the student loan or a grant, and doesn't have the education they wanted, and do need…

- The young student who did qualify for the loan or grant, but didn't know that most of these “grants” have to be paid back, and can't pay back their loan...

- The senior citizen whose fixed income, said to have a “cost of living” increase, buys less and less every day, and as their deductible on their bronze health insurance plan is $5,000, they're exhausting what they have on their $400/pill subscriptions (this one also applies to the poor)...

- Those in the middle find that if they go upward, they'll jump too high, the government's imposed tax tier will absorb whatever increase in income they have and more...

- Veterans can't get healthcare, can't get the money they need, can't get anything they put their lives on the line and often lost a limb for in serving their country, and yet are demanded to be “patient” in the most insensitive use of terms that only pours salt in their wounds...

- The child who is looking for some sort of baseline to understand right and wrong, to understand the value of life, theirs and others, is without any aid from any of the above because they have their own problems...

And all but the child's problem, directly issues from the government, a government by party, not the People. A government that is dividing us along every difference we'll accept to claim a narcissistic special circumstance, a special interest that applies to us and that we expect the government to cater to, without realizing this is the hook, our crutch, our weakness, and all because the political parties want us divided and conquered (commanded) by government when their party is the majority.

Yet, even this writing will be scrutinized for my angle as being opposed to someone else's. It doesn't matter if I said nothing but that they are my fellow Americans matters. That I, a Christian, speak up for gay lives and want to know why they weren't a priority to our President in dealing with Iran; That I, a Christian, do not want women to be persecuted by Sharia law; That I, being a Christian will count against me even though I am an American; and that I am a Constitutional Conservative Christian, will be all that matters to those who have accepted the division as America instead of wanting to stand united as a People so we can question government wisely from all quarters as Free, Individual, Americans.

I want our ills cured in all quarters, and the method is important, for, it cannot exacerbate the oppression we're suffering by a government who wishes us to act like children, to be rivaling interests like rivaling tribes, and to fail to ever hold, together as a People, the very government we constituted and put in place, accountable for the oppression they are causing overall. Freedom is our cry as Americans, because it is our Right and our Property, not by government, but intrinsic to us by whatever Creator we wish, that even in the most platonic sense places the origin of our Rights above man and groups of men, no matter their party or denomination. Objective government, with representatives of all their constituents, not just those who elected them, is how we bring an end to government's oppression by division, government catering to special interests from Civil Rights this or that, to Corporations, as well as other Nation States, and “religious” orders.

We alone are the ones to tell government we'll no longer hate in the name of party, no longer let a party use the power of government to have its way, because we know government power was granted to it by all the people, not just one party, and in no instance was this power granted to oppress those who disagree with the controlling party's views. We want objective government that assures our Individual Liberty and Freedom, not using us against each other to achieve what a party in control of government wants.

It is time Americans stand for Freedom, and stand deliberately, with one voice, so loud that we shake the very solar system we're in!

God Bless you, be Free, thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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End of Haitus...

03 Apr : 20:29 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

While numerous articles have been floating through my mind, and compulsion to write them fought for reasons I can't explain, I come before you with the following summaries for sake of their point not being lost:

Lufthansa, the Epitome of Altruism & why it is wrong

Many say airlines just don't care about their passengers, passing this off as the cause of the crash. Who can blame them? Socialists constantly saying every advancement of mankind is done by people who don't care about mankind, be it the farming equipment that replaced slavery, to the pesticides that kill an endangered bug as collateral damage for saving crops for food, or to be artificially raising commodity prices to use for making ethanol and pursue other alternative energy ideas. Of course it is that evil corporation that owns the plane, it is their fault...Not! The reality is that as our society has moved away from appreciation of Freedom, ambition, and the curiosity that leads to invention, producing something new that makes the old obsolete (i.e. like farm equipment made the slave obsolete). We've decided to blame anyone with more than us, that we perceive to have some privilege gained by their success – earned or inherited, “they're wrong because they have more than I do”...Perfect Communists!

This is what Lufthansa, and every other business is fighting, and led to the birth of (sorry Matrix Morpheus moment)...PR (Public Relations). Why was a 28-year old man, who the airline knew had “a previous episode of severe depression” ever allowed into the flight training program? Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot who died crashing the plane into the French Alps, would have been a PR nightmare if rejected, and was going to be a great PR success if he had become a pilot. You see, the company is trying to separate itself from the rest of the airlines, as the rest of the airlines are too, and Lufthansa's approach is to take anyone who wants to be a pilot and teach them to be one, to show their willingness to sacrifice standards for sake of community, in hopes fewer people will say, “Lufthansa doesn't care.”

Well the result is 150 people were sacrificed, on the Altar of Altruism, to the great unicorn of public opinion.

Deny it: Airline is paid, takes your ticket, gets you on a plane, you arrive = Airline caring. You can't. This is their business, and to say that the airline doesn't care, without 50% or more of their planes falling out of the sky, and their passengers not making it to their destination, is to say the airline is supposed to do something else, something in addition to being an airline. Flight A320 shows that this is a dangerous proposition that cost the lives of 146 innocent people. Altruistic Anti-Capitalist Terrorism is to blame for the deaths of these people. Andreas Lubitz never should have been in that cockpit, even as a co-pilot. Anyone who thinks otherwise had better make sure the corporate charter for the airline and its tax ID number accurately depicts the variety of social consciousness programs the airline is taking on, and that they also are willing to admit that these extraneous concerns, can and will affect the airline's performance of its duty, to fly you from point A to point B without incident.

For me, Lufthansa represents the death of Altruism. But, I am sure another extremist who believes in sacrifice will prove me wrong, be it ISIS, Al Qaida, or Iran with a nuke.

Hillary Clinton's Paperless Office

Having been a small business owner at the beginning of the computer revolution, when Supercalc and Visicalc were coming out, precursors to Lotus 1-2-3 and Microsoft Office, the vision of the paperless office was being discussed amongst the coding and developer community. The great possibilities and potentials were, of course, recognized, and as they sunk in and lost their newness shimmer, the fears and real potentials were considered: “They can erase history. They can set-up an archive and then just change it to say something else.” Thus and so, Hillary Clinton has carried herself, electronically. She has erased history to meet her liking, she has decided that she is the most objective reviewer of her information as to what pertains to government activity and what doesn't. All the while receiving billions of dollars in a tax-exempt foundation, a not so amazing “rags to riches” in trust story. Her control over her server, a specious means to control the information and assume the information belongs to her as well... I believe it's time we used this with Microsoft, to explain why we're exempt from their End User License Agreement, don't you?

We volunteer to buy the product, yet are stuck with the End User License Agreement explaining we own nothing, that we are being licensed the product and Microsoft can prosecute us for wrongdoing in the use of their software.

Compare: Hillary Clinton accepted (thereby volunteering) to be in an office of trust as Secretary of State and was fully apprised that all information obtained in that capacity is subject to the law governing government property and disclosure, and that the government can prosecute her for wrongdoing in disclosure, omission, and erasure of information in her possession or control as Secretary of State.

Compare further: I am a small business owner. I agree with the Tea Party and volunteer to set up a non-profit organization to receive donations so I can help those who are like-minded win the next election. At signing my IRS application it explains I am subject to the penalties (civil and criminal) of perjury if I made any misstatements. I make no misstatements, am not prosecuted, but the IRS wants records from me, audits my unrelated personal business, wants lists of members of my Tea Party group, and after years of providing this information, continues to stonewall and fail to issue or reject my application to be a political non-profit organization.

Note in this last example, that if I deleted any records, claiming, “those are personal,” I'd be prosecuted for obstruction of justice, and, if what was deleted had anything to do with money, tax evasion.

Yes, special rules apply for the Clintons, rules that admit that Progressivism is about subjective tyrannical fairness for and by those who will tow the Progressive Party line. Any other American, when asked by the government to “produce your books and records” would be, at minimum, fined per record for each record deleted, and could be jailed by an IRS agent who wants to make an example out of them. But no one wants to make an example of Hillary Clinton, of what happens when corruption is treated properly. Make no mistake, denial of access to records that belong to the office, as we paid her salary in that office, is corruption.

Obama's snubbing of the Gay Community

While President Obama said things like, “the election is over, I won” in answer to his previous opponent, a sitting Senator, who was asking him a question in that capacity, let us remember the gay community votes Democrat and Liberal. So I ask, where are you now gay community, are you ecstatic that Barack Obama, who you voted for for 2 terms, negotiated a treaty with Iran, which didn't in any way whatsoever address that Iran hangs gays by the neck just for being gay? Please, let it sink in if that was too heavy, that you, gay community, voted in a President who only wanted your vote but didn't actually care enough about you to do anything about gays being killed in Iran as part of a treaty deal, not even a mention!

As a Christian I don't agree with your lifestyle, but it is your choice, not mine to make. I wouldn't want you stoned and killed for your choice, for that's another imposing force upon you that is not their right. And I just as well do not want you trying to force me, through law or otherwise, to do something I can't do in good conscience. I'd think this is a mutually respectable and able to be appreciated position. Explain, oh gay community, how Barack Obama and the Democrats celebrating a treaty with Iran that didn't even make the slightest effort to end the hanging of gays for being gay is showing you even a modicum of respect.

You’re attacking Obama because he's black!”

I'll make this quick: Anyone who says that about you when criticizing Obama's policies, is admitting in the reverse, “I am defending Obama because he's black” and thereby, they, not you, they are the racist! If race is the reason to defend, it is just as racist as it would be if it were a reason to attack, and for anyone to jump to that conclusion about criticisms of Barack Obama is to jump to a conclusion of convenience for the over-hyped weight of the racist charge. A black man whose middle name is “Hussein” was elected President of the United States twice. Bury your notions of racism, especially any institutional or educated idea of it, for they do not exist EXCEPT in the reverse. And that will only keep racism alive, to never end. If you want racism to end, be objective in reply, don't accuse me or anyone else criticizing Obama of attacking him for his skin color, to also admit that's the only reason you're defending him, and instead address the policy criticism raised.

That's how we end racism, through objectivity, through reason and not maligning people by innuendo and baseless claims for sake of repeating them enough so a group will believe it. Winning elections, as has been proven by all that's fallen apart around the world in the last 6 years, is not the point to electing our representatives in government, but, instead, to achieve the maximum Freedom and Individual Liberty possible so all can prosper.

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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Wards of the State

04 Dec : 19:25 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

Slavery, as a negotiated clause of the Constitution at the time of founding a nation, being an allowed institution subject to prohibition in 20 years makes sense, as it gives each state and its inhabitants the chance to adjust to a new way of life. But this was not the crux of Lincoln's efforts nor the real cause of the Civil War, the slavery issue was one of many, best illustrated by the National Bank Act of 1863, where the National Government decided to fund the Civil War with paper they printed themselves, one could say, “Civil War Quantitative Easing” (yeah it's been going on that long, a good 50 years before the Federal Reserve even existed, and part of the National Government's encroachment upon the States),

Let's take a candid look at the 14th Amendment regarding freed slaves:

Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

And now the words of the Senator credited with drafting the 13th Amendment that ended slavery, words that explain his winning argument for wording of Section 1 of the 14th Amendment:

[Jacob Meritt] Howard also participated in debate over the first clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, arguing for including the phrase and subject to the jurisdiction thereof specifically because he wanted to make clear that the simple accident of birth in the United States was not sufficient to justify citizenship. Howard said: "[The 14th amendment] will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States [as is the case of every foreigner in the United States to this day, as it is also with any American living abroad], but will include very other class of person."

Despite his intention, the amendment has since been interpreted to guarantee citizenship to every person born in the United States.”

Note I am not confused and laying out the lack of any foundation for anchor babies and immigration. But, stunningly, one will find that the reason no one will accept the facts of the purpose of “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof,” is that the 14th Amendment then sticks with the point and purpose of the entire germane and original Constitution as well as the first 10 Amendments (the Bill of Rights, of terms and conditions for government to assert authority that are consistent with the Constitution, and to declare all areas absolutely off-limits, such as the Second Amendment does): An Amendment limiting the powers of the National Government in D.C.!

Here's a proper interpretation, using the above as a guide:

[The 14th Amendment] will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons [specifically freed slaves].

See, when we apply the actual intention of Section 1 of the 14th Amendment we find Government Amended the Constitution to create a ward of the State for Government to protect, in the same way Obama, without any right whatsoever, made 5 million people dependent on Government in a Chicago patronage style “amnesty.” We of course also discover that, “subject to the jurisdiction of the United States” is Government's claim upon the freed slaves, a claim of their existence being “subject to the jurisdiction of the United States” as property that will receive subjective specific protections provided to them by the government.

This goes against Freedom in every way, not just for those made a ward of the State, but also of those who haven't been made wards. This confuses our laws, our acts, our activities. This makes the facts meaningless, irrelevant, and the ability to learn from history to better our future is lost.

We have a government that claims it is run by the Parties (Democracy) and not the Constitution, (Republic), where the Constitution is used only when expedient to a political party's agenda in election, and is discarded for Party agenda when governing the nation, subjective Political Party Agenda and Ideology paramount and superseding the Constitution. No one is free in this situation, as the limits imposed on government are thrown out the door for what can be sold for politics, the exact situation Our Founders wrote the Constitution to assure wouldn't happen.

About “Slavery”...

A person subjected to another's whim, their children born as possessions of another, people wrongfully treated as livestock, bred to be larger, to be stronger, women used as surrogates for sex, raped, and often delivering a progeny that a Master resents.

Tell me what I don't understand about slavery, as every race, even sects of religions have been subjected to it. I'll mention islam to get it out of the way, though its gift of virgins admit it fails to recognize itself as a spiritual Faith,, however their brainwashing has led to Sunni and Shiite fighting and enslaving each other for centuries. But let's talk about the White Slave Trade, of the Irish, Irish slavery is so well forgotten by those trying to racialize and Americanize slavery that an author is writing a book about it, Should we look at the Chinese, and why, after World War II and before Mao killed 50 million people (who wouldn't be Communist slaves), the people accepted slavery to a government of their own nationality as opposed to the Japanese as their Masters?

So now, let's talk about “solutions.” Would a new Master end one’s slavery? Answer: No. So why would anyone who is against slavery agree to the terms stated in 14th Amendment Section 1 of the Constitution? I mean, what could be worse than not just a Master, but a Master with full coercive power, the power of imprisonment & sentencing to death?... The power of drafting you into an army for a war you don't agree with?... The power to take your property because of a mistake the IRS refuses to hear the explanation that someone else used your social security number to buy a house, sell it, and make a hefty profit on which the IRS now says you owe taxes? Can you see how this doesn't explain voting for big government, a government that costs more, a government that taxes us to the point our labor is slavery almost no matter what our rate of pay is?... Ya think this might be why there's a lot of illegal gang and drug business (unreported income) going on?

But this is what happens when government leaves its legitimate perch and purpose: Objective function, according to the Constitution, to assure protection of the smallest minority, the Individual -- this is what Liberty means. This explains Freedom is assured by those who Constituted, We the People, and to which we are the descendant as “Constituents” regardless of color, religious belief, etc. as Americans. And all it takes is our embrace of America, of American culture, of Capitalism to appreciate our Individual Private Property Rights; appreciate that our control of our destiny is only safe when it is in our hands to decide, and not by another's “handouts,” government's intentional lie to obscure the truth that those giving something for free are exploiting our weakness (see,, even if only for a moment in ours or our nation's existence. Government, like any other Master, is quite a bit like a drug dealer, inviting someone to a party to “try out this stuff,” never imbibing themselves with it, but watching their prospective mark become an absolute addict in a few weeks, leeching the addict of every dime they have in a few weeks. A new payment plan is proposed by the addict - the drug and dependence are so intense - slavery in prostitution or some other abuse to pay for the drug and maintain the addiction. What must be said: This is what, “No Justice! No Peace” means, for the peace is no less the peace of a Chinese slave who appreciated a meal and their wage of access to the opium den.

Ain't it grand to see how easily we are duped, we are sucked into an addiction, to slavery, by what's “free?”

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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America's Founders End Slavery 1789

02 Dec : 22:26 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

The moment a President issues a proclamation and America amends its Constitution, deeming classes and an ethnicity of people as wards of the State, and, a Civil War is claimed as though caused entirely by this, is the moment America's national government corruption sees daylight.

Call me racist, call me anything you want, if reason is responded to with such emotional defenselessness, it is at that point the reason is affirmed true.

So let's dig in....

James Madison wrote so eloquently in 1788:

“It were doubtless to be wished, that the power of prohibiting the importation of slaves had not been postponed until the year 1808, or rather that it had been suffered to have immediate operation.” he continues...

But it is not difficult to account, either for this restriction on the general government, or for the manner in which the whole clause is expressed...

It ought to be considered as a great point gained in favor of humanity, that a period of twenty years may terminate forever, within these States, a traffic which has so long and so loudly upbraided the barbarism of modern policy;…

“that within that period, it [slavery] will receive a considerable discouragement from the federal government, and may be totally abolished, by a concurrence of the few States which continue the unnatural traffic, in the prohibitory example which has been given by so great a majority of the Union....

Happy would it be for the unfortunate Africans, if an equal prospect lay before them of being redeemed from the oppressions of their European brethren!” -- Emphasis mine.

This is the clause in the Constitution Madison is referring to:

“The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight [1808], but a Tax or duty may be imposed on such Importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each Person.”--

What I just cited is James Madison explaining what the Constitutional Convention did by this clause in the Constitution, that the Convention agreed to end slavery and that this is why this clause even exists in the Constitution.

Now for the emotional part, James Madison used phrases that all you folks who came to racist assumptions about Our Founders should be falling all over yourselves to ask forgiveness for being wrong about, such as “unfortunate Africans” and “European brethren,” phrases that absolutely contradict the public education depicted “callous and uncaring white slave owning American Founders.” Remember that Madison said these things to aid in getting the People of America to ratify the Constitution in 1788. Let that sink in, please. Let your mind appreciate that more than a majority of America's Founders (reference to Members of the Constitutional Convention) and the American People (or Madison would not have made an emotional heartfelt plea this way) were against slavery when the Constitution was passed. This is the unabashed appreciation for the Federalist Papers and their purpose, for the anti-Federalist Papers and their contribution, and for the depth of thought and consideration made by Our Founders in the course of the Constitutional Convention.

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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Trickle Down Lawlessness

24 Nov : 22:43 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

As I write this Obama came on the television, the man who goes against the Constitution to cause #Shamnesty, slavery by patronage of 5 million illegal aliens who will now be dependent on government by what government grants them. Obama is the beginning of the situation.

You see Obama's on the television regarding the Ferguson Missouri verdict, his opening comment laughable, if not so cynically arrogant, “We are a nation of laws.” To then explain how America needs another reform, “to reform the criminal justice system.”

Apparently President Obama didn't actually see the Ferguson Grand Jury decision presentation by Prosecutor Robert McCulloch explaining a key fact that had been misreported from the beginning as to why Darren Wilson had confronted Michael Brown.

Officer Wilson was on a call and received a radio broadcast explaining a robbery, that the suspect had stolen some cigars from a nearby convenience store. We had all seen the video but all accounts ahead of time said Officer Wilson has no idea Michael Brown had stolen those cigars from that convenience store. Well Officer Wilson decided to head toward that convenience store and another police report came in, that the offender, “had a red hat and yellow socks,” and while driving Officer Wilson sees 2 people in the middle of the street, one carrying a handful of cigars and wearing a red hat and yellow socks:

What many will not accept is that police are very organized. You see these radio calls are to alert officers to act, called “hot pursuit” when a crime has just occurred and they are looking for the suspect. Officer Wilson found Michael Brown in a position that you'd think Michael Brown would have avoided having just stole these items from a local convenience store, a crime against his community, let alone the stealing of private property and ignoring the private property rights of the store he stole them from.

Michael Brown decides to fix his mistake, but not by confessing and agreeing to return the cigars, hoping for the officer's leniency not to arrest him. No, instead, Michael Brown attempts physical confrontation with a police officer. This is the moment Michael Brown agreed he's a menace to the community, a scofflaw and with an arrogance only rivaled by President Obama, that Michael Brown fully intends to defy the Officer's orders, to deny a man his peaceful existence to do his job as a Police Officer and earn his pay, a decision Michael Brown made based on his initial decision to steal.

While Progressives will belittle “trickle-down economics” under Reagan, Michael Brown and the protesting mobs prove Progressives have perfected Trickle Down Lawlessness under Obama, and, by President Obama's comments, he further proves he does not care about the facts.

In the Michael Brown case, it is proven without any doubt, that there is nothing wrong with the criminal justice system, there is no need for reform; just like healthcare needed no reform, a few changes to achieve what the people actually wanted, but not government reform and a take over; just like Immigration didn't need an executive action reform, but does need legislation that achieves what the American People, especially those who waited years, even decades to be US citizens, want.

But a verdict in Ferguson, Missouri, that the Dictator in the Oval Office disagrees with, irrespective of the facts of an arrogant thief having defied the police who were acting entirely with probable cause to stop the thief in the street, President Obama seeks community organizing reform to fix it. Michael Brown shows what he thought about community intervention by how he treated the store clerk/owner in the video now didn't he?

Barack Obama is at the top of the Lawlessness food chain, and as his political popularity has eroded, out of desperation, Obama has chosen to exploit the death of Michael Brown for the sake of politics whether there is any merit to doing so or not. Making Obama's first statement, “that we are a nation of laws” a meaningless gesture of pure arrogant and defiant sarcasm, a contempt for the American Justice System as it is. I don't agree with every bit of our justice system, but I also know one must not steal from another, use force and intimidation to deny them their rightful pay for what I took, to then flaunt the theft walking down the street with the items in hand, taunting police and the community, “Just try to stop me.” But what do we expect criminals to think when the Government is not obeying the law, even before Obama's immigration “Executive Action?”

As I've said before, Michael Browns death was by big government,

I pray Michael Brown's family finds peace over this tragedy so many are exploiting for themselves.

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

P.S. Normally I'd have what I wrote edited, so if this was difficult or awkward to read, my apologies, I just felt I had to post this as soon as possible as someone has to rebut the President's exploitation of Ferguson as a “crisis not to go to waste” with the fact that tragedies need to end, the families deserve to suffer as little as possible, not to be exploited and have their tragedy prolonged by politicians (or “Reverends” for that matter) and their need for a photo op.

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Net Neutrality, Another Government Lie

23 Nov : 15:18 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

As was once true of those wanting to chase opportunity to, “go west young man,” so the Internet has been, as its capitalized name indicates, a new frontier, vast, uncontrolled, almost entirely free of government's encroachment, and certainly filled with every type of individual. Apparently, we all like and want Freedom.

It is no secret that most using the web are simply individuals browsing, listening to music, playing a game, or watching a movie, while many businesses pay for higher amounts of bandwidth for video conferencing and virtual shared workspaces. Obviously I am an old computer person, who may not be up with the latest lingo on these things, but the idea has been there since the beginning. The first software development business I started with 4 other partners, was based on a game editor, and eventually we became the marketers for one of the first games that 2 people could play across their Hayes 300-1200 baud modem from their home (before the Internet existed). And, naturally, I envisioned a potential for a game that can be in every convenience store and people pay a quarter (which was the going rate for a game in a convenience store at that time) to play against other players for 10 minutes, and able to win extensions of play time, knowing we would have to devise a server to do so. Oh, the infancy of the idea of Massively Multi-player Online (MMO technology), though I certainly was not its inventor, just the systems person who drew schematic after schematic for idea after idea before they had a name let alone an acronym. Now I recognize that once a stable (standard) networking environment is established, there are those who will do all they can for their own self-interest as opposed to, instead of in conjunction with, others’ self-interest in the same industry and field, self-interest that includes doing wrong, where the least worthy businesses seek to make government their silent partner because government will solicit them to do so (in one form or another).

I've read the erroneous assumption that Internet Service Providers are a “natural monopoly” and, therefore should be a utility, mostly due to the idea that Internet access is as necessary as sewage disposal. Of course, this assumption included praise of government making its arbitrary and capricious rules, to which businesses like Comcast (but somehow not Netflix) are beholden,

In the end, Net Neutrality is just another layer of anti-Capitalism and a Communist China styled takeover of the Internet. Netflix is portrayed as the victim, Comcast as the villain, and the government as the “neutral arbiter of what is best for the Internet,” a domain not owned by anyone.

One could say, “Well, if it's entirely free then Comcast is the villain.” No, this isn't the case because the Internet, as a domain is something we access for a cost that we volunteer to pay. And just like we have to be willing to pay so, too, must the ISP be willing to pay, with investor money (who they would be a fiduciary to), their own money, or a government program (as was put in the failed stimulus bill to assure broadband to every small town in America). The last of these is where the government, and political parties who believe in government control over the Internet, believe they'll gain public sentiment for Net Neutrality/Government's takeover and control of the Internet.

No one, especially government, cares about the Capitalist (Private Property Rights) component of investors and the businesses that use their money. You see, not long ago Comcast announced a merger with Time Warner, CNN (I believe associated with Time Warner) explains the blow by blow, but note it is in 2010, 3 years before the Comcast merger announcement I am pleasantly surprised at an article explaining the costs to Comcast, and that helps explain the request by the content deliverer for Netflix to Comcast was 50% more bandwidth, Netflix content bandwidth jumping from 20% to 30%, meaning that other uses by Comcast customers, would be less efficient and have slower delivery, and significantly lag. Comcast would be the one getting beat-up by customers, and therefore would be forced to invest in new equipment with the cost coming out of their pocket because Netflix, a Mark Cuban company, wants a free ride on ISP's dimes.

Understand that cable companies, like anyone else who has to do construction of anything, has to get permits and assure proper legal use of easements, since cable companies are usually given a chartered monopoly by the local City, via an ordinance. This is how they have an easement to work on lines etc. Note that permits required might be required from County, and State as well as the City government agencies, this usually takes a year or more, but can take as many as 3 or more years. And usually the process includes legal fees for attorneys involved, and any environmental impact studies, as well as 3rd party liability insurance, all adding to time-to-live delays and could render the effort a waste – And this is the most important point of everything I've written thus far....

What must be said: Technology gets cheaper over time.

There are regular contests to determine the highest prime number,

Why is the highest prime number important? It is prime numbers that are used to encrypt and decrypt all those bits in our computers and throughout the Internet, and, therefore, are the ways we end up with faster processors, faster memory access times, higher and higher storage on hard drives, to name a few uses (I remember when a 5 Megabyte drive was insanely expensive, and today we're talking 3+ Terabyte drives). Primes are how we squeeze larger amounts of information into smaller spaces, how IBM has regularly broken record after record in bits it can write to 1 inch square of hard drive substrate. This same tech is why we can go from MFM (8 bit tech) to today’s Serial ATA (SATA 64 bit) drives, and why we have keychain “thumb drive” device storage of 256 gigabytes and more.

And it is this same prime number encryption that will increase the speed of the Internet, so long as we get a modem that can process the encryption and decryption fast enough to not diminish returns, explaining ADSL, ADSL2, etc. (A very detailed explanation getting into the decryption and encryption,

This, also, is why your encrypted files on your computer are decryptable by ANY government agency, as they can use the much higher prime number key that the drive was originally formatted in to decrypt all data, as the higher prime would control.

All of this is to exploit binary (bit) exponential mathematics.

The Binary for 32,768 is 0000000000000001,

and for 65,535, 11111111||11111111 accumulating all 16 bits

The 24th bit represents 8,388,608” for a total of 16,711,680.

The 32nd bit represents 2,147,483,248, for a total of 4,278,190,080.

The 64th bit represents 9,223,372,036,854,780,000.

Large-scale base encryptions are 2048 bits, done in ways well beyond my mathematical education and/or comprehension. But to have 64 1s represent 18,374,686,479,671,600,000 is far more efficient for a processor to calculate than the original base 10 value.

I wrote much more than I expected to illustrate this because it helps understand how the highest prime number that can be decrypted and encrypted by a machine at speeds faster than the blink of an eye is how computers have more storage, more speed, and more bandwidth on the Internet – They are “computers” after all.

One may think that the sooner someone employs a higher prime number in the technology we'll have an instant increase, they'd be right except for the speed of the technology has outpaced, until recently, the return on investment on the hardware that a business like Comcast has invested in. They may find creative ways to deal with that but the fact is it'll still take that wonderful permit time to get the new hardware installed, so the company may have to wait for 2 or 3 iterations of a new higher prime number before making the investment, so they can assure paying for what they had (not wasting the customer or their investor's money) and buy something that will outlast its cost when deployed in their network, including customer modem and street level device upgrades.

The base value for communications across a wire is the basic “Tariff” value telephone companies must guarantee, 2400 baud. In the days of “56k modems” we were using compression (prime numbers) to put more data through, encrypted-to-decrypted, to get higher bandwidth. Until Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) there were no higher speeds on a copper wire, and even now the much higher 20 megabit speeds are a challenge, as opposed to all fiber optic cable (synthetic polar bear hair), which naturally has a higher base baud rate, and therefore, a greater benefit from higher prime numbers.

Moot is what all this renders Net Neutrality, as the prime number encryption technology is being used wired and wireless, and there is no longer a local ISP monopoly on access, or soon the ones granted by Cities will be meaningless, however, let us hope the businesses jump 4 or 5 iterations, I'll explain...

I am no fan of Comcast, though you might have thought I am. If I recall correctly Comcast was the first American company to seek foreign “cap” models, and put a cap on bandwidth use, and I don't believe in that because there are “aggregation” methods similar to telephone aggregation which is how we ended up with the old 5 cent a minute calling cards. How it works is a company can sell the non-peak excess bandwidth they have here cheaply to a company elsewhere, say in Australia, New Zealand, or another more broadband limited country. These sales would offset any used “excess bandwidth” built into their system during peak time. The idea of any ISP having bandwidth caps seems more like they are coming up with a way to assure business customers bandwidth that may never be used and is therefore just wasted and is just plain wrong. A company like Comcast could exchange bandwidth with a company elsewhere for their unused bandwidth as well making each have to spend less on infrastructure until the investment is most advantageous for their company. So, to me, Comcast brought this on themselves by having bandwidth caps, however, that doesn't grant Netflix a license to exacerbate the situation, so I write.

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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Minimum Wage Not a Liberal Issue

17 Nov : 23:36 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

I've heard Liberals expressing a lie, that the Minimum Wage laws passed November 4th represent Liberal ideas being passed on the same day that the Republicans took 9 seats in the Senate and won governorships across the country.

Here's the spin going on: That if you're for a Minimum Wage you're a Liberal and believe in big government.

Now, this is true, in part, when we are speaking to the idea of a National Minimum Wage. A Minimum Wage required by the National Government is Progressivism at its finest. There is no Interstate Commerce relationship, no fort, arsenal, or magazine (as in munitions depot) involved, yet those who misread, misstate, misteach, misunderstand, and often all with open and notorious Progressive intention to misrepresent, the Constitution for the United States of America, will claim there is some right of the National Government to set wages in the States.

Now, as to how Minimum Wage is not some great Liberal idea, let's look at States and their sovereignty.

Each State competes with other States, for jobs, for businesses to locate in their State, and to essentially assure each State has their own unique character. As such you have 4 States whose electorate on Nov 4, 2014 set a Minimum Wage in their state, each one at a different amount as their respective State Minimum Wage.

So now let's consider the effect. If I live in a State with a Federal Minimum Wage, which is lower than in another State (thus this is a State's Rights Issue), I might move to the State with the higher wage, though I might look at their tax rate, and if they have property taxes, or for that matter if they have any income tax at all!

Minimum Wage as a State issue, where it is meant to be, is where the States regain a portion of their sovereignty through their competitiveness, which will breed ingenuity, and invention in State government.

Now if one considers the National Minimum Wage, who is America competing with? Is it so America can have a higher Minimum Wage? Really? $10.50/hr is $420/wk, $21,840 per year. What country would you move from to the United States to earn this amount? The dollar is worth half to England, about the same as Australia, and is worth less than the Canadian dollar! That about does it for the English speaking free western countries. The point being that this isn't enough, even without it being taxed much, if at all, by the State and Federal government, and they'd likely qualify for an Obamacare subsidy, meaning they'd be getting a higher raise than the $10.50 an hour, more like $11.50 to $12.50 an hour.

However, my numbers are wrong in light of Obamacare, as most of these same workers would be working a 30 hour work week (as though this is the larger point of Obamacare, to make the work week shorter, that whole European leisure time thing), so it's more like $315/wk, $16,380, and thus even less appealing to a foreigner, but worse still, assuring less tax revenues to the government, as this amount would be even less likely taxed, if at all, and that Obamacare subsidy (where you and I pay for their insurance premium) even more likely to occur.

The point, I hope is well illustrated, that the Minimum Wage as a National Political Talking Point, is just that, and only that. It has no place in the National Government at all, nothing good for America is taking place, and, in fact, this makes those unemployment numbers all the worse. For now, our government needs, since the income tax is a Progressive tax, even more people employed by at least 25%, likely 50%. This makes me wonder if this is why Obama and the Progressives decided to push raising the Minimum Wage in the first place, to try to shore up the National Government's tax revenues since Obamacare is causing part-time employment. Interesting to see how the two may be related, isn't it? How the Cloward and Piven strategy comes to the surface, whether intended or not?

Funny how what we were told isn't true... AGAIN!

But what do we expect from those who call eugenics “a woman's right to choose” under the facade of abortion (see, or ignore the productive banker descendant of an African Slave to claim the Civil Rights Act necessary, (see, and ignore the 1957 Civil Rights Act, passed by the Republican Party, (see, or who have told us Our American Founders were, “just a bunch of rich white uncaring slaveholders,” (see Federalist 38, where ending slavery is listed as a reason to pass the Constitution, and Federalist 42, where Madison explains regret for the 20 year delay to end slavery, Article I, Section 9,, and have taught us sacrifice and charity are synonyms while teaching us how bad banks are, so we draw the conclusion of insatiable greed, irrespective of the United States government taking the profits of the Federal Reserve, a private institution (see 12 USC 289, and to see privacy of Fed 12 USC 284,

Surely there's more, but I figured I'd keep the list short and show how often this spin of the truth, subtle as it may seem, is the Progressive constant.

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

P.S. If you voted on November 4, 2014 to limit the long arm of Uncle Sam, I urge you to share this with your Congressman, Senator, Governor and State Legislature. It's time the National Government in Washington, D.C. got out of the business of destroying State's Rights and cease from disturbing the relationship of businesses to their local and State governments.

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Utopian Pets: The Progressive Imprinted American

06 Oct : 15:41 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

I find too many want to underestimate this situation and have little appreciation for the seriousness of it, which I've found many do see but marginalize any answers too pursuant to the rubric of media's promoted “issues.” A stifled America with Progressive Archie Bunker at the helm while “Meathead” Rob Reiner explains true Communism, these are the images of character portrayals of stereotypes deemed accurate by Hollywood. Carroll O'Connor playing the role of a working class blindly patriotic to their country irrespective of O’Connor’s real life socialist ideology and beliefs making it impossible for him to appreciate America's principles that are the foundation for such patriotism (see, and search for “liberal” twice in a row), Archie eventually acts out some irony that shows he's had a change of heart, a backslide from his patriotism that he may never verbally admit. Such is the story and its theme as impressed, burned, and imprinted on the picture tube and an audience enthralled with the depiction as though some sort of realistic anything, which the youthful portion of the audience mirrors as reality. And from that time show after show written to appeal to the “middle class” carries these elements, to which I must now defer to a famous and well-known author and conservative activist to explain.

“Prior to the American Revolution, through centuries of feudalism and monarchy, the interests of the rich lay in the expropriation, enslavement, and misery of the rest of the people. A society, therefore, where the interests of the rich require general freedom, unrestricted productiveness, and the protection of individual rights, that should have been hailed as an ideal system by anyone whose goal is man's well-being.

“But that is not the collectivists' goal.

“A similar criticism is voiced by collectivist ideologists about the American Civil War. The North, they claim disparagingly, was motivated, not by self-sacrificial concern for the plight of slaves, but by the “selfish” economic interests of capitalism – which requires a free labor market.

“This last clause is true. Capitalism cannot work with slave labor. It was the agrarian, feudal South that maintained slavery. It was the industrial, capitalistic North that wiped it out – as capitalism wiped out slavery and serfdom in the whole civilized world of the nineteenth century.

“What greater virtue can one ascribe to a social system that the fact that it leaves no possibility for any man to serve his own interests by enslaving other men? What nobler system could be desired by anyone whose goal is man's well-being?

“But that is not the collectivists' goal.

“Capitalism has created the highest standard of living ever known on earth. The evidence is incontrovertible. The contrast between West and East Berlin is the latest [at the time of this article] demonstration, like a laboratory experiment for all to see. Yet those who are loudest in proclaiming their desire to eliminate poverty are loudest in denouncing capitalism. Man's well-being is not their goal.

“The “under-developed” nations are an alleged problem to the world. Most of them are destitute. Some, like Brazil, loot (or nationalize) the property of foreign investors; others, like the Congo,

slaughter foreigners, including women and children; after which all of them [these countries] scream for foreign help, for technicians and money. It is only the indecency of altruistic doctrines that permits them to hope to get away with it.

“If those nations were taught to establish capitalism, with full protection of property rights, their problems would vanish. Men who could afford it, would invest private capital in the development of natural resources, expecting to earn profits. They would bring the technicians, the funds, the civilizing influence, and the employment which those nations need. Everyone would profit, at no one's expense or sacrifice.

“But this would be “selfish” and, therefore, evil – according to the altruists' code. Instead, they prefer to seize men's earnings – through taxation – and pour them down any foreign drain, and watch our own economic growth slow down year by year.

“Next time you refuse yourself some necessity you can't afford or some small luxury which would have made the difference between pleasure and drudgery – ask yourself what part of your money has gone to pay for a crumbling road in Cambodia [important at time of this article] or for the support of those “selfless” little altruists of the Peace Corps, who play the role of big shots in the jungle, at taxpayers' expense.

“Altruism is not a doctrine of love, but of hatred for man.

Collectivism does not preach sacrifice as a temporary means to some desirable end. Sacrifice is its end – sacrifice as a way of life. It is Man's independence, success, prosperity, and happiness that collectivists wish to destroy [bold & italic emphasis mine].

“Observe the snarling, hysterical hatred with which they greet any suggestion that sacrifice is not necessary, that a non-sacrificial society is possible to men, that it is the only society able to achieve man's well-being.

“If capitalism had never existed, any honest humanitarian should have been struggling to invent it. But when you see men struggling to evade its existence, to misrepresent its nature, and to destroy its last remnants – you may be sure that whatever their motives, love for man is not one of them.” - Excerpt from Los Angeles Times article by Ayn Rand, 1962.

To which I find necessity to summarize in parody of the shows essentially playing on and originating from the space race between the Soviet Union and America, “Freedom, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Progressive cruise ship Utopia, to seek out new unicorns and new fairy civilizations, to boldly go where every dictatorial tyranny in history has forever gone before!” Spoken in perfect Captain Ahab/Socialist Patrick Stewart fashion.

I bolded the sacrifice paragraph because Progressivism, the collectivist central-government-will-help-you fiction tale, is a literal effort to take us back, before Christ.

As a Christian, and as America remains a Christian nation demographically for the most part, we know Jesus Christ was the last sacrifice, the last lamb; we know the Kingdom of God is at hand; we know our treasure is in Heaven, to which God is thereby declaring so too would be any sacrifice (by inference since treasure and sacrifice are opposites) if Christ had not been the last sacrifice! Yet we sit and argue the issues the media tells us are important. We aren't paying attention to our individual, our neighbor's all the way up to our nation's departure from the principles, the founding principles of this nation, the exception that makes America exceptional!

These principles, that we have so far left behind as anything more than a litany, are the same ones that led to Our Founders' departure from what is described by Ayn Rand in the first paragraph above, and the very tyrannical oppression she so well described is what will return without capitalism, irrespective of the Progressive self-named branding as “the new Utopia by sacrifice to those who assume to impose Utopia on you by force for your own good” -- a World's “Dear Leader.”

So many of you loved the movie Atlas Shrugged, well it's time to recognize that Ayn Rand wrote novels to help educate people on the ideology, epistemology, and overall appreciation of capitalism as a synonym for Freedom, which it is. By article, paper, book and finally movie, I've appreciated Ayn Rand's view that one who cannot own and dispose of their own property as they see fit, who cannot operate their lives under objective laws, laws that assure no one (including government) can take their property from them by force, is also no longer a person in Freedom. If government oppresses the people every 5 years, are they free? Does that change if it's 50 years, or 100? Rather, it is certain evidence of the state of Freedom and also a certain illustration of American government oppression as a matter of fact.

And while you, the unprincipled, blame the corporations, claiming “government and corporations are the same people,” the result is an ever-growing government (expense) and tax rates in conversion of private property to government's use as their (government) solution for your blame of a segment of America's private property holders, those evil corporations and their evil private property investors including union pension funds. Such is the way of government's justification for controlling our use of our own property – from local permits based on “uniform” laws to our National Government crossing the boundaries of the four corners of the Constitution as amended by the Bill of Rights as well, irrespective of the agreement each member of our government proactively agreed to by their Oath of Office and are bound by their Oath of Office, an oath breached by government every time its power of force (by expectation, complacency, or in fact) violates a limit imposed by the Constitution.

But what do we expect of a government who sees that their Master, We the People, has lost all semblance of knowledge of the Principles of America's founding, of why America is a nation that guarantees Freedom, where government is the tool to assure Individual Liberty by objective acts in support of these solely original & exceptional American Principles? It is in this that, “America is a nation of laws and not men” and not in pursuance of subjective party agendas and ideologies entirely inconsistent with the one-and-only Law of the Land: our Written Constitution for the United States of America.

....Wait, nevermind. We have to discuss something trivial to show how easily our NEA Progressive educations, with their mental and psychological triggers that we've come to know from such an education in the “truant officer” enforced school setting, are still effective mechanisms to get us to accept every march away from America's foundation of Freedom and toward a Progressive Collectivist Tyranny over every aspect of our lives worldwide.

I must say in sarcasm, whatever you do, memorize whatever statistical information you have so you can interject it as objection to any actual solutions, while having none to offer, in saving our country... No, actually, in saving our culture, one of Individual Liberty, Freedom, ingenuity, and the genius responsible for 90% of the actual progress of the entire race of mankind, our proud American economic system of Capitalism, though ever becoming more and more mixed due to “conservatives” pumping the same America Killing Jim Jones Cultist Liberal Kool-Aid down our throats, just more slowly, yet still marching in the same direction toward a Progressive tyranny by an all-powerful Central Government.

A simple illustration of America's affect in freeing the world is in naming the feudal tyrannical Crowned Heads ruling the world today and compare that to 1500 (1492 when Columbus arrived). This decline in feudalism is the direct result of America's revolution and original Constitutional design genius of making the people their own lawgiver through the republican principle of representative government (for the first time in history, an exceptional feat) with the power of the purse and imposition of taxes, powers solely residing in the House of Representatives. It is this message, the one of government that is the servant of the people, that brought so many to America, knowing they could seek out their own opportunity and attain their own Freedom as an objective government-protected certainty.

And now back to the unprincipled meaningless banter over media promoted and government endorsed political party fund-raiser talking-point “issues” that achieve nothing but reinforcement of those good old NEA triggers as our nation marches Left...Left...Left, Left, Left, Uncle Same now a one-legged slave soldier determined to make oppression work as a tool to free mankind...

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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The New World Order

02 Aug : 19:37 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

There are times you know when you've discovered a great pair of hands to deeply untangle history, and in my absence, waiting for an inspiration to write from Christ, I reappear with what He gave me.

I was reading Federalist 45 and kept reading a sentence in a paragraph that doesn't lack reason but somehow I was feeling clouded about:

... We have heard of the impious doctrine in the Old World, that the people were made for kings, not kings for the people. Is the same doctrine to be revived in the New, in another shape that the solid happiness of the people is to be sacrificed to the views of political institutions of a different form?...” --

And then it hit me, the “Old World” is the world before our nation which is the first to use the republican principle of representation, where the People, and not some Caesar or some appointee of some sort, are the Lawgiver. Article I of the Constitution is primarily about the powers of Congress, which is a balance between the representatives of the People (House) and the representatives of the State Governments (Senate).

The House is the sole origin of “Bills for raising the Revenue” (Art I, Sec 7) because it would be We the People asking to pay a tax for something, a particular purpose to which our servant government would enact legislation to achieve our will. This balance (prior to the 17th Amendment) was to insure the National Government couldn't be used by either of these parties, the People or the States, to undermine each other. The Senate's “advice and consent” is to aid the passage of a bill, not rewrite it or block it if the House doesn't agree, as “advice” is a statement of what can be changed to achieve “consent” where the Senate passes the House Bill to raise Revenue, meaning where the State Governments agree with the Will of the People and will submit why not if they don't so the Legislation can be reworked. A system to assure the People control their taxes and not the States or a government just looking to take money from the People, oppressive tyrannical government.

Now the point to this is that the “New World” is the United States of America. And, in fact, the “New World Order” is our founding documents, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and our written Constitution for the United States of America.

Why is this so important? Because this nation, a nation established on Individual Liberty and Freedom, unalienable Rights and that the People are the Sovereign Power, is what these documents explain is the New World Order. America is what changed thousands, tens-of-thousands, of years of people in some sort of subject servitude, assumed a “people made for kings” worldwide. Wars were fought over resources, not just to establish commercial relations, but to actually take the land, take the oil, take the people, all as the spoils of war for a Crown's will, a will that told us their will is ours and should we disagree, the rack, dungeons and other misery would befall us until we comply or die. Subjects in servitude to a Crown without any right of our own, that is the Old World Order of Feudalism, the ultimate expansion of Tribal right, of a collective society, a community organized by a Crown and their minion nobles, their wealth usually gained by patronage or bribery, and never the right of a peasant subject – an oppressive tyranny that the New World Order of America alone began to unravel.

This clears up something very important because the conspiracy folks want to run around claiming it's a conspiracy of the Illuminati, which I submit is an argument against leaving the Old World behind, that all this conspiracy talk is mere propaganda to marginalize the New World Order that America alone represents as the pioneers of Republican government. This Sovereignty of the People, of the Citizens, of the Constituents who Constituted America is appealing to people in countries around the world and why those who wish for Freedom legally come here as it is easier than trying to change their homeland, and yet, a remainder in their nation of origin desire to be the same “We the People...” in their own country, to do what we did so their nation lives in Freedom.

This epiphany has proven to me that all this conspiracy stuff is an ineffective and diluting insanity, likely propped up by those who want to destroy the American will to get us to believe in mysterious organizations running the world. I find it obviously directed from somewhere when the Italian term Illuminati shows up in the Catholic Encyclopedia as the scribes who would translate biblical text, and were awarded “illumination of the first character in their work” (the enlarged and ornate “O” in “Once upon a time” from older fairytale books offered as an illustration). This Catholic Church Encyclopedia definition is the entire meaning of Illuminati.

So, while conspiracy theories are promoted and people fear “Agenda 21,” as though they elected the U.N. to office as a supreme ruler over them, acquiescing to any assumption of power the U.N. erroneously claims by fearing their actions; and people buy books and listen to talk shows, youtube videos, etc., becoming enthralled with the conspiracy and spouting it all as facts proving some point, the reality is they have no control over another person's anything except through the force of government, and our remedy entirely lies with holding those who took an Oath to uphold the Constitution accountable, by elections and more, whatever civil course it takes to enforce the Constitution and our Sovereign authority over our government. Anything else is allowing the fear of boogie men who have been defined for media sensation and the self-aggrandizement of their promoters to rule our lives.

See, while none of these so-called Conspiracies exist there does remain those who want to destroy America, who hate this country for how it was founded, maybe in the interest of those Old World Order families who lost so much in the founding of America, in the establishment of a New World Order. Who knows, but these destroyers who will not move to a country that has the very government they wish America to be in destroying her (and we should ask why is that? For the answer reveals it is because they just want to destroy America and don't care about being Communists or Socialists, etc., it's all about hating America for them) will exploit our every abdication of our right and authority, using government to force whatever will destroy America, for they view the New World Order as a wrong, as though Freedom and Individual Liberty represented by the fruits of one's labor and their means of protecting it are a digression of mankind.

This is what is revealed when you realize America is the New World, and our means of Freedom the New World Order through Republican Government, by a written Constitution to achieve the Consent of the Governed referenced in the Declaration of Independence when ratified by the People; that also Constitutes our Will, our terms and conditions for the existence of a national government; that is to be violated under penalty of Amendment and enforcement of Our Will, even by again revolting against tyrannical and oppressive government that is our acknowledged Duty and our Right as set forth in the Declaration of Independence, the true document forming the Union by Apostolic Pledge:

We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

This is what our Heroes of our wars fight for. This is the New World Order that the Progressive movement in all its claims of inclusiveness, efficiency, and promises of what they'll give you if you believe in what they promote wants to destroy, and replace with a regression, a reversion back to the Old World Order of centralized power, of those who rule by a claimed right, a right they'll present today in their use of technology to show their superiority, be it the technology of psychology, of intelligence gathering, or of propaganda, they'll use all and more to assure that people will come to a point in their lives of willingness to submit to being a victim that needs government, the centralized Old World Order to save you, to be your Master as you choose dependence over Independence!

Thank you for reading and sharing this, God Bless,

Toddy Littman

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