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Minimum Wage Not a Liberal Issue

17 Nov : 23:36 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

I've heard Liberals expressing a lie, that the Minimum Wage laws passed November 4th represent Liberal ideas being passed on the same day that the Republicans took 9 seats in the Senate and won governorships across the country.

Here's the spin going on: That if you're for a Minimum Wage you're a Liberal and believe in big government.

Now, this is true, in part, when we are speaking to the idea of a National Minimum Wage. A Minimum Wage required by the National Government is Progressivism at its finest. There is no Interstate Commerce relationship, no fort, arsenal, or magazine (as in munitions depot) involved, yet those who misread, misstate, misteach, misunderstand, and often all with open and notorious Progressive intention to misrepresent, the Constitution for the United States of America, will claim there is some right of the National Government to set wages in the States.

Now, as to how Minimum Wage is not some great Liberal idea, let's look at States and their sovereignty.

Each State competes with other States, for jobs, for businesses to locate in their State, and to essentially assure each State has their own unique character. As such you have 4 States whose electorate on Nov 4, 2014 set a Minimum Wage in their state, each one at a different amount as their respective State Minimum Wage.

So now let's consider the effect. If I live in a State with a Federal Minimum Wage, which is lower than in another State (thus this is a State's Rights Issue), I might move to the State with the higher wage, though I might look at their tax rate, and if they have property taxes, or for that matter if they have any income tax at all!

Minimum Wage as a State issue, where it is meant to be, is where the States regain a portion of their sovereignty through their competitiveness, which will breed ingenuity, and invention in State government.

Now if one considers the National Minimum Wage, who is America competing with? Is it so America can have a higher Minimum Wage? Really? $10.50/hr is $420/wk, $21,840 per year. What country would you move from to the United States to earn this amount? The dollar is worth half to England, about the same as Australia, and is worth less than the Canadian dollar! That about does it for the English speaking free western countries. The point being that this isn't enough, even without it being taxed much, if at all, by the State and Federal government, and they'd likely qualify for an Obamacare subsidy, meaning they'd be getting a higher raise than the $10.50 an hour, more like $11.50 to $12.50 an hour.

However, my numbers are wrong in light of Obamacare, as most of these same workers would be working a 30 hour work week (as though this is the larger point of Obamacare, to make the work week shorter, that whole European leisure time thing), so it's more like $315/wk, $16,380, and thus even less appealing to a foreigner, but worse still, assuring less tax revenues to the government, as this amount would be even less likely taxed, if at all, and that Obamacare subsidy (where you and I pay for their insurance premium) even more likely to occur.

The point, I hope is well illustrated, that the Minimum Wage as a National Political Talking Point, is just that, and only that. It has no place in the National Government at all, nothing good for America is taking place, and, in fact, this makes those unemployment numbers all the worse. For now, our government needs, since the income tax is a Progressive tax, even more people employed by at least 25%, likely 50%. This makes me wonder if this is why Obama and the Progressives decided to push raising the Minimum Wage in the first place, to try to shore up the National Government's tax revenues since Obamacare is causing part-time employment. Interesting to see how the two may be related, isn't it? How the Cloward and Piven strategy comes to the surface, whether intended or not?

Funny how what we were told isn't true... AGAIN!

But what do we expect from those who call eugenics “a woman's right to choose” under the facade of abortion (see, or ignore the productive banker descendant of an African Slave to claim the Civil Rights Act necessary, (see, and ignore the 1957 Civil Rights Act, passed by the Republican Party, (see, or who have told us Our American Founders were, “just a bunch of rich white uncaring slaveholders,” (see Federalist 38, where ending slavery is listed as a reason to pass the Constitution, and Federalist 42, where Madison explains regret for the 20 year delay to end slavery, Article I, Section 9,, and have taught us sacrifice and charity are synonyms while teaching us how bad banks are, so we draw the conclusion of insatiable greed, irrespective of the United States government taking the profits of the Federal Reserve, a private institution (see 12 USC 289, and to see privacy of Fed 12 USC 284,

Surely there's more, but I figured I'd keep the list short and show how often this spin of the truth, subtle as it may seem, is the Progressive constant.

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

P.S. If you voted on November 4, 2014 to limit the long arm of Uncle Sam, I urge you to share this with your Congressman, Senator, Governor and State Legislature. It's time the National Government in Washington, D.C. got out of the business of destroying State's Rights and cease from disturbing the relationship of businesses to their local and State governments.

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Utopian Pets: The Progressive Imprinted American

06 Oct : 15:41 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

I find too many want to underestimate this situation and have little appreciation for the seriousness of it, which I've found many do see but marginalize any answers too pursuant to the rubric of media's promoted “issues.” A stifled America with Progressive Archie Bunker at the helm while “Meathead” Rob Reiner explains true Communism, these are the images of character portrayals of stereotypes deemed accurate by Hollywood. Carroll O'Connor playing the role of a working class blindly patriotic to their country irrespective of O’Connor’s real life socialist ideology and beliefs making it impossible for him to appreciate America's principles that are the foundation for such patriotism (see, and search for “liberal” twice in a row), Archie eventually acts out some irony that shows he's had a change of heart, a backslide from his patriotism that he may never verbally admit. Such is the story and its theme as impressed, burned, and imprinted on the picture tube and an audience enthralled with the depiction as though some sort of realistic anything, which the youthful portion of the audience mirrors as reality. And from that time show after show written to appeal to the “middle class” carries these elements, to which I must now defer to a famous and well-known author and conservative activist to explain.

“Prior to the American Revolution, through centuries of feudalism and monarchy, the interests of the rich lay in the expropriation, enslavement, and misery of the rest of the people. A society, therefore, where the interests of the rich require general freedom, unrestricted productiveness, and the protection of individual rights, that should have been hailed as an ideal system by anyone whose goal is man's well-being.

“But that is not the collectivists' goal.

“A similar criticism is voiced by collectivist ideologists about the American Civil War. The North, they claim disparagingly, was motivated, not by self-sacrificial concern for the plight of slaves, but by the “selfish” economic interests of capitalism – which requires a free labor market.

“This last clause is true. Capitalism cannot work with slave labor. It was the agrarian, feudal South that maintained slavery. It was the industrial, capitalistic North that wiped it out – as capitalism wiped out slavery and serfdom in the whole civilized world of the nineteenth century.

“What greater virtue can one ascribe to a social system that the fact that it leaves no possibility for any man to serve his own interests by enslaving other men? What nobler system could be desired by anyone whose goal is man's well-being?

“But that is not the collectivists' goal.

“Capitalism has created the highest standard of living ever known on earth. The evidence is incontrovertible. The contrast between West and East Berlin is the latest [at the time of this article] demonstration, like a laboratory experiment for all to see. Yet those who are loudest in proclaiming their desire to eliminate poverty are loudest in denouncing capitalism. Man's well-being is not their goal.

“The “under-developed” nations are an alleged problem to the world. Most of them are destitute. Some, like Brazil, loot (or nationalize) the property of foreign investors; others, like the Congo,

slaughter foreigners, including women and children; after which all of them [these countries] scream for foreign help, for technicians and money. It is only the indecency of altruistic doctrines that permits them to hope to get away with it.

“If those nations were taught to establish capitalism, with full protection of property rights, their problems would vanish. Men who could afford it, would invest private capital in the development of natural resources, expecting to earn profits. They would bring the technicians, the funds, the civilizing influence, and the employment which those nations need. Everyone would profit, at no one's expense or sacrifice.

“But this would be “selfish” and, therefore, evil – according to the altruists' code. Instead, they prefer to seize men's earnings – through taxation – and pour them down any foreign drain, and watch our own economic growth slow down year by year.

“Next time you refuse yourself some necessity you can't afford or some small luxury which would have made the difference between pleasure and drudgery – ask yourself what part of your money has gone to pay for a crumbling road in Cambodia [important at time of this article] or for the support of those “selfless” little altruists of the Peace Corps, who play the role of big shots in the jungle, at taxpayers' expense.

“Altruism is not a doctrine of love, but of hatred for man.

Collectivism does not preach sacrifice as a temporary means to some desirable end. Sacrifice is its end – sacrifice as a way of life. It is Man's independence, success, prosperity, and happiness that collectivists wish to destroy [bold & italic emphasis mine].

“Observe the snarling, hysterical hatred with which they greet any suggestion that sacrifice is not necessary, that a non-sacrificial society is possible to men, that it is the only society able to achieve man's well-being.

“If capitalism had never existed, any honest humanitarian should have been struggling to invent it. But when you see men struggling to evade its existence, to misrepresent its nature, and to destroy its last remnants – you may be sure that whatever their motives, love for man is not one of them.” - Excerpt from Los Angeles Times article by Ayn Rand, 1962.

To which I find necessity to summarize in parody of the shows essentially playing on and originating from the space race between the Soviet Union and America, “Freedom, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Progressive cruise ship Utopia, to seek out new unicorns and new fairy civilizations, to boldly go where every dictatorial tyranny in history has forever gone before!” Spoken in perfect Captain Ahab/Socialist Patrick Stewart fashion.

I bolded the sacrifice paragraph because Progressivism, the collectivist central-government-will-help-you fiction tale, is a literal effort to take us back, before Christ.

As a Christian, and as America remains a Christian nation demographically for the most part, we know Jesus Christ was the last sacrifice, the last lamb; we know the Kingdom of God is at hand; we know our treasure is in Heaven, to which God is thereby declaring so too would be any sacrifice (by inference since treasure and sacrifice are opposites) if Christ had not been the last sacrifice! Yet we sit and argue the issues the media tells us are important. We aren't paying attention to our individual, our neighbor's all the way up to our nation's departure from the principles, the founding principles of this nation, the exception that makes America exceptional!

These principles, that we have so far left behind as anything more than a litany, are the same ones that led to Our Founders' departure from what is described by Ayn Rand in the first paragraph above, and the very tyrannical oppression she so well described is what will return without capitalism, irrespective of the Progressive self-named branding as “the new Utopia by sacrifice to those who assume to impose Utopia on you by force for your own good” -- a World's “Dear Leader.”

So many of you loved the movie Atlas Shrugged, well it's time to recognize that Ayn Rand wrote novels to help educate people on the ideology, epistemology, and overall appreciation of capitalism as a synonym for Freedom, which it is. By article, paper, book and finally movie, I've appreciated Ayn Rand's view that one who cannot own and dispose of their own property as they see fit, who cannot operate their lives under objective laws, laws that assure no one (including government) can take their property from them by force, is also no longer a person in Freedom. If government oppresses the people every 5 years, are they free? Does that change if it's 50 years, or 100? Rather, it is certain evidence of the state of Freedom and also a certain illustration of American government oppression as a matter of fact.

And while you, the unprincipled, blame the corporations, claiming “government and corporations are the same people,” the result is an ever-growing government (expense) and tax rates in conversion of private property to government's use as their (government) solution for your blame of a segment of America's private property holders, those evil corporations and their evil private property investors including union pension funds. Such is the way of government's justification for controlling our use of our own property – from local permits based on “uniform” laws to our National Government crossing the boundaries of the four corners of the Constitution as amended by the Bill of Rights as well, irrespective of the agreement each member of our government proactively agreed to by their Oath of Office and are bound by their Oath of Office, an oath breached by government every time its power of force (by expectation, complacency, or in fact) violates a limit imposed by the Constitution.

But what do we expect of a government who sees that their Master, We the People, has lost all semblance of knowledge of the Principles of America's founding, of why America is a nation that guarantees Freedom, where government is the tool to assure Individual Liberty by objective acts in support of these solely original & exceptional American Principles? It is in this that, “America is a nation of laws and not men” and not in pursuance of subjective party agendas and ideologies entirely inconsistent with the one-and-only Law of the Land: our Written Constitution for the United States of America.

....Wait, nevermind. We have to discuss something trivial to show how easily our NEA Progressive educations, with their mental and psychological triggers that we've come to know from such an education in the “truant officer” enforced school setting, are still effective mechanisms to get us to accept every march away from America's foundation of Freedom and toward a Progressive Collectivist Tyranny over every aspect of our lives worldwide.

I must say in sarcasm, whatever you do, memorize whatever statistical information you have so you can interject it as objection to any actual solutions, while having none to offer, in saving our country... No, actually, in saving our culture, one of Individual Liberty, Freedom, ingenuity, and the genius responsible for 90% of the actual progress of the entire race of mankind, our proud American economic system of Capitalism, though ever becoming more and more mixed due to “conservatives” pumping the same America Killing Jim Jones Cultist Liberal Kool-Aid down our throats, just more slowly, yet still marching in the same direction toward a Progressive tyranny by an all-powerful Central Government.

A simple illustration of America's affect in freeing the world is in naming the feudal tyrannical Crowned Heads ruling the world today and compare that to 1500 (1492 when Columbus arrived). This decline in feudalism is the direct result of America's revolution and original Constitutional design genius of making the people their own lawgiver through the republican principle of representative government (for the first time in history, an exceptional feat) with the power of the purse and imposition of taxes, powers solely residing in the House of Representatives. It is this message, the one of government that is the servant of the people, that brought so many to America, knowing they could seek out their own opportunity and attain their own Freedom as an objective government-protected certainty.

And now back to the unprincipled meaningless banter over media promoted and government endorsed political party fund-raiser talking-point “issues” that achieve nothing but reinforcement of those good old NEA triggers as our nation marches Left...Left...Left, Left, Left, Uncle Same now a one-legged slave soldier determined to make oppression work as a tool to free mankind...

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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The New World Order

02 Aug : 19:37 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

There are times you know when you've discovered a great pair of hands to deeply untangle history, and in my absence, waiting for an inspiration to write from Christ, I reappear with what He gave me.

I was reading Federalist 45 and kept reading a sentence in a paragraph that doesn't lack reason but somehow I was feeling clouded about:

... We have heard of the impious doctrine in the Old World, that the people were made for kings, not kings for the people. Is the same doctrine to be revived in the New, in another shape that the solid happiness of the people is to be sacrificed to the views of political institutions of a different form?...” --

And then it hit me, the “Old World” is the world before our nation which is the first to use the republican principle of representation, where the People, and not some Caesar or some appointee of some sort, are the Lawgiver. Article I of the Constitution is primarily about the powers of Congress, which is a balance between the representatives of the People (House) and the representatives of the State Governments (Senate).

The House is the sole origin of “Bills for raising the Revenue” (Art I, Sec 7) because it would be We the People asking to pay a tax for something, a particular purpose to which our servant government would enact legislation to achieve our will. This balance (prior to the 17th Amendment) was to insure the National Government couldn't be used by either of these parties, the People or the States, to undermine each other. The Senate's “advice and consent” is to aid the passage of a bill, not rewrite it or block it if the House doesn't agree, as “advice” is a statement of what can be changed to achieve “consent” where the Senate passes the House Bill to raise Revenue, meaning where the State Governments agree with the Will of the People and will submit why not if they don't so the Legislation can be reworked. A system to assure the People control their taxes and not the States or a government just looking to take money from the People, oppressive tyrannical government.

Now the point to this is that the “New World” is the United States of America. And, in fact, the “New World Order” is our founding documents, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and our written Constitution for the United States of America.

Why is this so important? Because this nation, a nation established on Individual Liberty and Freedom, unalienable Rights and that the People are the Sovereign Power, is what these documents explain is the New World Order. America is what changed thousands, tens-of-thousands, of years of people in some sort of subject servitude, assumed a “people made for kings” worldwide. Wars were fought over resources, not just to establish commercial relations, but to actually take the land, take the oil, take the people, all as the spoils of war for a Crown's will, a will that told us their will is ours and should we disagree, the rack, dungeons and other misery would befall us until we comply or die. Subjects in servitude to a Crown without any right of our own, that is the Old World Order of Feudalism, the ultimate expansion of Tribal right, of a collective society, a community organized by a Crown and their minion nobles, their wealth usually gained by patronage or bribery, and never the right of a peasant subject – an oppressive tyranny that the New World Order of America alone began to unravel.

This clears up something very important because the conspiracy folks want to run around claiming it's a conspiracy of the Illuminati, which I submit is an argument against leaving the Old World behind, that all this conspiracy talk is mere propaganda to marginalize the New World Order that America alone represents as the pioneers of Republican government. This Sovereignty of the People, of the Citizens, of the Constituents who Constituted America is appealing to people in countries around the world and why those who wish for Freedom legally come here as it is easier than trying to change their homeland, and yet, a remainder in their nation of origin desire to be the same “We the People...” in their own country, to do what we did so their nation lives in Freedom.

This epiphany has proven to me that all this conspiracy stuff is an ineffective and diluting insanity, likely propped up by those who want to destroy the American will to get us to believe in mysterious organizations running the world. I find it obviously directed from somewhere when the Italian term Illuminati shows up in the Catholic Encyclopedia as the scribes who would translate biblical text, and were awarded “illumination of the first character in their work” (the enlarged and ornate “O” in “Once upon a time” from older fairytale books offered as an illustration). This Catholic Church Encyclopedia definition is the entire meaning of Illuminati.

So, while conspiracy theories are promoted and people fear “Agenda 21,” as though they elected the U.N. to office as a supreme ruler over them, acquiescing to any assumption of power the U.N. erroneously claims by fearing their actions; and people buy books and listen to talk shows, youtube videos, etc., becoming enthralled with the conspiracy and spouting it all as facts proving some point, the reality is they have no control over another person's anything except through the force of government, and our remedy entirely lies with holding those who took an Oath to uphold the Constitution accountable, by elections and more, whatever civil course it takes to enforce the Constitution and our Sovereign authority over our government. Anything else is allowing the fear of boogie men who have been defined for media sensation and the self-aggrandizement of their promoters to rule our lives.

See, while none of these so-called Conspiracies exist there does remain those who want to destroy America, who hate this country for how it was founded, maybe in the interest of those Old World Order families who lost so much in the founding of America, in the establishment of a New World Order. Who knows, but these destroyers who will not move to a country that has the very government they wish America to be in destroying her (and we should ask why is that? For the answer reveals it is because they just want to destroy America and don't care about being Communists or Socialists, etc., it's all about hating America for them) will exploit our every abdication of our right and authority, using government to force whatever will destroy America, for they view the New World Order as a wrong, as though Freedom and Individual Liberty represented by the fruits of one's labor and their means of protecting it are a digression of mankind.

This is what is revealed when you realize America is the New World, and our means of Freedom the New World Order through Republican Government, by a written Constitution to achieve the Consent of the Governed referenced in the Declaration of Independence when ratified by the People; that also Constitutes our Will, our terms and conditions for the existence of a national government; that is to be violated under penalty of Amendment and enforcement of Our Will, even by again revolting against tyrannical and oppressive government that is our acknowledged Duty and our Right as set forth in the Declaration of Independence, the true document forming the Union by Apostolic Pledge:

We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

This is what our Heroes of our wars fight for. This is the New World Order that the Progressive movement in all its claims of inclusiveness, efficiency, and promises of what they'll give you if you believe in what they promote wants to destroy, and replace with a regression, a reversion back to the Old World Order of centralized power, of those who rule by a claimed right, a right they'll present today in their use of technology to show their superiority, be it the technology of psychology, of intelligence gathering, or of propaganda, they'll use all and more to assure that people will come to a point in their lives of willingness to submit to being a victim that needs government, the centralized Old World Order to save you, to be your Master as you choose dependence over Independence!

Thank you for reading and sharing this, God Bless,

Toddy Littman

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Climate Change, Democracy, & Slavery

08 May : 01:25 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

Here they go again, the very same collectivist manipulators whose ability to agree, to have a consensus amongst themselves and use the force of government (history shows the majority of governments agreed with and kept slavery a form of industry since before the time of Socrates), to tell us a long drawn out fable, irrespective of the true climate change: people are no longer willing to accept stupid.

You won't find me pushing the “I'm right, you're wrong,” or, “they're stupid” position. Yeah, in my solid belief people have a right to believe whatever they want to believe, an unalienable Right to the solace of their own mind, body and Soul, I am very hesitant to take the absolutist argument route.

However, as a Conservative who knows climate change is a constant called “the weather,” I will recognize the extreme weather as something to review that historically this isn't anything new. But, if something comes to the forefront in the course of the whole Global Warming investigation, irrespective of Global Warm... Er... Climate Change being a fraud, that reveals much that's ignored, much that's apparently not useful to using the narrative's governmental purpose as an excuse for limiting our freedom by further intrusion into our lives, but proves there truly is a great threat to the existence of mankind, I am going to take this stand.

You see, to deny extreme weather may be a foolish thing. In the whole of our Solar System, our true environment since the Sun is an important part of the continued existence of life on this planet, we have not had much capability to have in-depth knowledge of neighboring planets.

This is why the corruption by President Obama, Liberal EPA spending, University, Union, and Business predatory use of scientific grant money in patronage to achieve a slavery to environmentalism – the funding meant to cause a Democratic consensus in the scientific community's body politic – has brought a clarity to me of what all these agenda seekers, whose agenda apparently is more important than mankind, have intentionally ignored.

We'll start with this article about Mars “Mars is Melting” is the title, Note that this is from NASA, yes, those scientists we pay to make such discoveries and analyses have come to announce the fact of this article's title. Now, I don't know about you, but when I see 2 planets in one Solar System are having climate issues, I'd tend to believe it's very unlikely (due to our lack of any regular travel, population, or activities on Mars) that anything man is doing on Earth is causing any sort of climate change on Mars or otherwise, but we haven't enough data to begin to claim we've paid attention to Mars that long. However, this is the beginning of this very short, factual, scientific story, to which I have no need to quote the article's contents, the title speaks for itself, and it is NASA after all.

So to end our torrid short drama of facts that began with saying the fable of climate change and its agenda-driven authors are seeking slavery by promoting what they know is wrong, goes now to a 3rd planet. Yes a 3rd planet in our Solar System affected by climate change, Jupiter, “Jupiter's Great Red Spot is Shrinking,” Fascinating isn't it that a scientist at Liberal Berkeley is being ignored. But maybe the Sun's light and the atmosphere around it aren't important to life on Earth, as that would be rather necessary for it not to be a part of the Earth's environment right? But, au contraire, as the great fable that Obama's politicos sensationalize as a “report” to achieve changing the subject from the Obama “Stonewall, Lie, and Spy on the American People” Administration being uncovered for these very things, we come to the grand power grab and lie after healthcare: Global Warm... er... Climate Change, AGAIN!

I say lie because.... Well, you ever heard of the Heliosphere? It's essentially a level of atmosphere around the Sun that helps protect our planet, Mars, Jupiter, and the other planets in our Solar System from Cosmic Rays, (Cosmic Rays are explained here,, and, no, I did not read the whole thing in detail, however it is here for reference and is comprehensive to defining Cosmic Rays and the history of their study, so it's a good read for the far more scientific minded than myself.)

The Heliosphere is produced by the Solar Wind, that has been losing pressure,, which, of course, has correlative affect of Cosmic Rays reaching a 50 year high, – Be ready for more correlations to come!

I want to share this article, that naturally, and probably, due to the likely source of the research grant for it deriving from funds featuring a proposal with the words “global warming” in it, makes every effort to relate cosmic rays with chlorofluorocarbons (“CFCs”) while yet explaining much of their assumptions remain unexplained, and ignoring the Heliosphere in their supposed “analysis,”

So, here we are with 2 planets in our Solar System with known extreme changes to their climate – polar caps melting & a massive hurricane shrinking – with obvious correlative that they both lack using the words “climate change” in their report (and that does correlate with them likely not being funded by climate change advocates as these reports do directly evidence the extreme weather notion is not terrestrial to the Earth alone) with perfect shameful Liberal hypocrisy in ignoring that wonderful Berkeley scientist and this fact: 3 planets in total in our Solar System show climate change.

Add in that they have known and studied Cosmic Rays in relation to CFCs, while studies on the Solar Wind and Cosmic Rays show likely changes in our Sun, and all of this, all of it, occurring during the very same time period that man is being blamed for extreme weather and government is, naturally, jumping through every hoop to embrace this idea, of course, for the government expansion and revenue generation it may provide to government and no other reason. Does this blaming of man at any level make sense in light of other planets in our Solar System being affected, heated as their polar caps melt, or a supposed hurricane suddenly shrinking as it is on Jupiter? Does this make sense in light of the knowledge of the Heliosphere and Cosmic Ray relationship?

Too bad I'm not done, let's go one more in the about 2 pages I am writing here regarding the ignored group of true environmental variables of the Cosmic Ray variety, “Cosmic Explosion Blinds NASA Satellite,” Note that this Cosmic Explosion of a Gamma Burst, they surmise was from 5 billion years away.

Thus we can conclude delicacy is the state of our existence, of our planet's persistence in a universe of untold and unknown possibility, to which we are lacking even a “pion's” worth of knowledge amongst all of mankind (pions, small particles first detected in Cosmic Rays, ). This renders it impossible for any definitive method to conclude extreme weather is caused by mankind. Observationalists will say “it is scientific observation,” ignoring the formula of assumptions predicated on variables to the exclusion of the unknown that is the entirety of that observation, and to the ignorance of every scientific observation I've just cited, to blindly ignore that we can and, by “science,” fool ourselves into claiming as fact whatever we want to believe, for whatever self-interest, politically or financially that we'll gain, simply by assuming and rationalizing (limiting) our view to the context of those self-interested beliefs – which appears to be what this article has well illustrated about the so-called scientific community and climate change scientists.

When science loses its objectivity, and government's interest is to exploit that departure for government's purposes, science and the bureaucracies that use it are a means to slavery for sake of their funding – because politicians & their parties want to keep their seats of power and exploit the bureaucracy.

I'm just glad Russia's President Vladimir Putin is invading the Ukraine because of his passionate concern over extreme weather and to force them to adhere to climate change standards.... Alas, I digress.

Thank you for reading and sharing this, God Bless,

Toddy Littman

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Law of the Partisan Utopia Land

30 Apr : 12:33 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

As the political parties and their agendas are the means to an end, a justified means as Democrat begets Liberal who begets Communist, and as Conservative begets Republican which begets Progressive Lite, the People are stuck with a society without the objectivity required for any semblance of governance, self or otherwise. “Objectivity,” politically, has become a game of wordplay where the object is to keep the subject something other than the entirely one-sided view that government knows best.

Case in point: Obamacare.

We've heard them say it over and over again, “Obamacare is the Law of the Land.” Anyone else get the memo that Obamacare is Constitutional Amendment 28? Yeah, I didn't think that happened either, those Amendment things are pretty obvious as they require quite a bit to be done:

Article. V.

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.” -- Emphasis mine,

Yeah it's a high hurdle, one that one party having super majorities in both houses of Congress can't accomplish either, you know those first 2 years of Obama's Presidency when they passed Obamacare but didn't increase minimum wage (the big divisive White House whine of 2014), or address immigration reform, nor balance the budget and create a downward government expense trajectory by efficiency, transparency, and all the other empty promises of Barack Obama.... But they did pass Obamacare, a mere Legislative enactment subject to likely repeal as The Affordable Care Act was entirely a partisan enactment without one single opposing party vote. I'm sure glad Al Qaeda is on the run or Obama'd be a total failure, well, save that he'll be “flexible” with Putin after the 2012 elections.... Anyone else wondering if that was about the Ukraine and Crimea? At least we're not leading from behind and Putin knows not to violate the border of a Sovereign state that was once the possession of the Communist Soviet Union and take part of the country. No, I am not trying to emphasize anything nor set forth one “smidgen” of sarcasm, that's just not something I know how to do (some things are just irresistible, though obviously saving the lives of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods wasn't one of them for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, and/or David Petraeus. But hey, if that's what it takes to get a Christian arrested for exercising their Free Speech by making a youtube video trailer who are we to question the government, right?)

Luckily, I didn't digress or this article would be a complete waste of time. You see, all of these things brought up go to the same Democratic Party/Barack Obama issues: partisan agenda and politics of power.

For Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, their sole party's most government power expanding effort has been to have government be the source of and creator of a right, and Obamacare is the enactment of the U.S. Government granting healthcare as a right by mandating purchase of insurance coverage (that's the scheme of the thing).

However, and this is the point of all of this, there was this person Iran chose to send to the United States as their U.N. Ambassador, Hamid Aboutalebi, who it appears had some involvement with the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis that occurred under the former worst President of the United States Jimmy Carter, and this led to something very rare indeed: A unanimous, absolutely bi-partisan and fast-tracked piece of legislation that is summarized as banning access to the United States by barring issuance of a visa “to any nominee to the United Nations deemed to have engaged in terrorist activity.” I repeat and emphasize this act unanimously passed both houses of Congress! (

Now, if it isn't clear yet, Constitutional Amendments need a larger than majority vote to be amendments to the Constitution, both by Congress, 2/3, and when Amended by the States alone or in approving an Amendment proposed by the national Government, 3/4 (38 would be needed today to Amend the Constitution).

Obamacare was passed solely by a partyline vote, and though there were Democrat supermajorities in both Houses at the time, these were not passed according to the threshold to Amend the Constitution (or I am sure we would have had “The Obamacare Rights of Fairness Amendment” instead).

So now, in reviewing the vote count for this legislation to ban Hamid Aboutalebi, it was passed by a greater threshold than a Constitutional Amendment requires, a unanimous passage with 0 against threshold by both the House and Senate, the entire Congress, yet, Barack Obama doesn't for an instant see this obvious criteria to what makes the Constitution alone the Law of the Land, the Article V threshold being achieved and surpassed as a showing that the object of the Amendment's purpose is something well beyond party politics and ideological difference.

How, other than political gamesmanship, does Barack Obama miss the absolute clarity to a piece of legislation having nothing to do with the government borrowing, spending, taxing, and/or expanding, having received unanimous approval by the entire Congress, a certainty that the threshold of being “Law of the Land” has been surpassed, and though not an Amendment, the unanimity assures none would argue with the mandatory and non-discretionary enforcement of this law by the public servant in the Executive Branch, the President of the United States? By Barack Obama, the Progressive Community Organizer from Chicago, making sure that Barack Obama has the final say, even if the entirety of both parties agree to something:

Acts of espionage and terrorism against the United States and our allies are unquestionably problems of the utmost gravity, and I share the Congress’s concern that individuals who have engaged in such activity may use the cover of diplomacy to gain access to our nation,” Mr. Obama said.

But he said presidents also have a duty to defend their constitutional turf — in this case, the right to decide who is accepted as an ambassador.” -- Emphasis mine,

United as is possible is what a unanimous vote states, a certain assurance to the office holder of the Executive Branch who is to enforce the law that the legislation is, as written, self-executing and intended to be enforced as an unequivocal statement of the Will of the People, of America, to be regarded with no less power than the Constitution itself, easily affectionately it could be referred to as the “Law of the Land” as neither the political parties nor the people are in dispute over the law.... Which begs the question: We cannot say the same for Obamcare now, can we? No, but the label... oh yes, they'll put the label “Law of the Land” on Obamacare. And the President, well there's no advisory to Obamacare, by a signing Statement. Instead he unilaterally just changes the regulations to accommodate the latest regulatory scheme to replace whatever legislative (and likely constitutional) scheme they can't make work according to the express terms of the law as passed by the Democratic Party alone. You see the lack of any sense to government, by tautology and holding partisan agendas in higher esteem than the unanimity of the political parties, as though a disdain of even this most rare occasion of the members of Congress carrying out their Constitutional Role as a united voice of the People as a whole?

Maybe this will better illustrate this, using the whole idea of “Progressive logic” we'll apply the same method used for the IRS “Progressive Income Tax.” Okay, so if there is any measure by which Obamacare can be called the Law of the Land, the Article V Standard of the Constitution (3/4 of the States' approval required) would be an exponential increase in import, the “tax” of a Constitutional Amendment as the Law of the Land, which, thus applied again to an act of Congress specific to the Constitutional Requirement of National Defense, Foreign Commerce, and the concise meaning of “general Welfare” that barring issuance of a Visa to those who are and remain a threat to the United States is, we are witnessing another exponential increase of import to the supreme power in weight of authority of the Ted Cruz law barring Visas due solely to the lack of any opposition amongst those who do the legislating, and to which there is no margin for question, rebuke, or discretion whatsoever by those charged with faithfully executing the laws of the United States (the whole point of an “Executive Branch” is not as a second guessing, over-mind conscience as to whether the representatives of the people, who it takes quite a bit to get to agree unanimously on anything, really mean what they passed without any objection amongst themselves as a body. There is no greater authority than the People whose voice is their representatives when the volume of their voice is as one voice – unanimous. There is no power in the Executive Branch to pick and choose what is done by the representatives of the People and providing that their Will is to be ignored or “advisory,” particularly when unanimous, unless, of course, we're saying the most wealthy can legitimately decide only to pay the taxes they want to pay (in staying with the IRS Progressive Income Tax illustration).

You see, though the President has certain powers regarding objects within the sphere of the Executive Branch according to the Constitution (the United Nations didn't exist in 1789), if you look closely at the news articles, Hamid Aboutalebi is being nominated to be Iran's Ambassador to the U.N., not the United States of America. The need for a Visa is a technicality so this Ambassador can travel to New York when required for United Nations Business. Don't get me wrong, I am glad Ted Cruz sponsored a bill in the Senate to effectively ban issuance of a visa to nominees of rogue nations with questionable history and intention who have intimately associated with our enemies – terrorists – a bill that was expeditiously taken up by the House and on President Barack Obama's desk in record breaking time. But to what discretion – loss of power paranoia – is Barack Obama acting up with a tantrum as though being denied any powers regarding receiving Ambassadors? I mean, is Barack Obama also President of the U.N. or is this the overactive political meddlesome imagination of a narcissistic Community Organizer who tried to hide that from us by naming his dog “B.O.?”

I bet you're glad I didn't digress again, phew, it was a close one!

Thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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Lois Lerner's 5th Amendment “Right”

06 Mar : 20:41 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

The 5th Amendment is intended as a limit on government. So, when a government employee asserts not testifying on the grounds of this as a privilege or right, it is as though the Constitution “granted” a right to the People by the Constitution, which, by their assertion is actually an immediate statement of the entire public spectacle of the Congressional hearings on the IRS misconduct as a dog and pony show by all who fail to appreciate the directive, and informative, language of the 5th Amendment.

First, why I say without any reservation that the 5th Amendment is a limit on government and not a grant of rights from We the People, is that it is pure comedy to think we'd be granting ourselves limited rights by our ratification of the Constitution, which, in fact, is what instituted the government with its limited rights and powers to specific objects in the National sphere. This is what “We the Posterity” are required to know -- American People who appreciate the Founders intent and purpose of the Constitution, “Constituents” today, and anyone not appreciating Our Founders purposes for the Constitution has no capacity to be a Constituent (i.e. Those not naturalized and having learned the Constitution as a matter of their civic duty to uphold as a Constituent).

Using the actual statement of the Preamble to the Bill of Rights I submit this original intent and purpose, and the irrefutable evidence the Bill of Rights repeat and further elucidate the limits of the rights of government and their limitations in relation to the American People, the terms and conditions of the consent of the governed to institute a national government. (Note all emphasis is mine, though it may not display on some sites where this is posted):

“THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.” --

And now the 5th Amendment itself:

“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

Note that the limitation of government compulsion of a witness to testify against themselves is specifically reserved for “any criminal case” which means the government isn't limited in scope of compulsion of a citizen to testify in a hearing of one of the houses of Congress, or in any other civil investigative matter (as even administrative hearings are civil matters, and not criminal matters).

So, to help appreciate the perversion that's been done to this limit on government we must first recognize this fact, that there is no statement to suggest in any way that this limit on government is a privilege or grant of some right to the people, (It is most notable how there is no “declaratory statement” of something like, “the following right not to be compelled to be a witness against himself is hereby granted by this Fifth Amendment to the Constitution” or anything similar in the preamble to the Bill of Rights.) especially one that would require a Citizen to voice/assert such right for such limit to be imposed on the government. It appears a theater is created by a person making the assertion of their right, versus asserting that the government has no right to ask, that it is limited by the 5th Amendment from pursuing them any further. But see, then the lawyers haven't anything to argue about, and the government no ambiguity it must overcome, to then use the very Supreme Court created by the Constitution to expand government. No, instead the citizen disavows the Constitution's imposed limit on government in exchange for testifying to the legal fiction of some “Constitutional Right” or as a privilege asserted according to the Government's interpretation of the document executed by the People to form the government on the Peoples' terms to assure the legitimacy of American government (see “consent of the governed” in Declaration of Independence,

The Constitution (as the 5th Amendment is part of the Constitution itself as a ratified Amendment), the only Law of the Land in fact, specifically dictates to government “No person shall.... nor shall,...” etc. Shall is a commandment, that when preceded by “no person,” “nor,” or some other object, the shall is to apply as a mandatory prohibitive, it is a Constitutional commandment upon the institution being constituted to express without any uncertainty those things that are absolutely forbidden to be done, with particulars/criteria for imposition of this limit, such as “in any criminal case,” stated thereafter, which naturally also explains this to the institution being constituted when these acts of government, such as compelling testimony, are not prohibited.

With the prevailing belief, the perversion of our Constitution as though granting rights to the people explained, I now take you to Lois Lerner's “I invoke my 5th Amendment right” on advice of her counsel. I hope you all send a copy of this to Darrell Issa for the first thing he must do is declare “these hearings are an exercise in American civics and the civil process of government, that, though the testimony presented can be used by the Justice Department if they were to pursue a prosecution of Lois Lerner or to subpoena her to testify in prosecution of someone else, this hearing is not a criminal case, and, that she has one more chance to testify before the committee in the interest of the public good and general Welfare” or, Mr. Issa should continue, “I will hold her in contempt of court by using the judicial civil process of the Federal District Court personally to gain her testimony.”

This would mean Eric Holder isn't going after her for criminal contempt of Congress, and that she could be subject to being held in jail until she is willing to testify in a courtroom. Mr. Issa should move for a Lis Pendens against all of Lois Lerner's assets and forms of income as they are all subject to lien and being frozen, justified thus: “Miss Lerner's funds appear to have been commingled with activities she herself has decided she cannot speak about without fear of criminal prosecution, and, according to the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine, as well as the well established doctrine of Fraud Vitiates from U.S. v. Throckmorton, her income derived as a government employee of the IRS, a department of the United States Treasury, may have all been derived from these corrupt and illegal activities during her tenure at the IRS, including, but not limited to, those funds in her retirement and pension accounts, as well as any personal investments she has made. This would also include her residence and/or any premises for which she has used these funds to pay to occupy. I am compelled to seek that this court freeze her assets as she hasn't indicated there was no other information sharing during the course of her employment that did not lead to illicit gains from insider trading, or using her knowledge of the tax code and pending IRS investigations and cases to determine what investments she would pursue and what investments she would avoid including in her investment portfolio. Any of these is possible until Miss Lerner has cleared up the specifics of her activities relating to targeting specific groups and their individual members who, so far, proved to all be American Citizens and did nothing in violation of the law but were penalized in asserting their elective and political franchise rights. Thus, Miss Lerner’s entirety of wealth falls under suspicion of corruption and I have no choice but to assume a general application of the law until such time as Lois Lerner testifies to the specifics necessary to make specific application of the law, which, by her testimony, she may demonstrate she is not a party to, but that, without reasonable testimony or evidence that has been thoroughly investigated and reviewed by myself and the House Oversight Committee I have no choice as a Congressman, who has sworn to uphold the Constitution and, as a public officer who cannot let a crime be committed in my presence, but to pursue Lois Lerner's Assets and sources of income in a civil court case in hopes of attaining her testimony, testimony that I hope includes evidence that will clear her of any wrongdoing or shows she had little choice in the matter. In fact, I would be glad to find that Lois Lerner is a victim of the situation that she's already admitted occurring as part of an apology for wrongdoing she later claims she didn't do as this whole investigation was initiated by Lois Lerner carrying on a public 3rd party discloser that waives all of her 5th Amendment protections in regard to the issue she was apologizing for, and in fact shows Lois Lerner went to great lengths to expose apparently for the positive public relations purposes of such an apology from the IRS, that however remains a direct admission by Lois Lerner through that 3rd party disclosure of questionable and suspicious activities that actually occurred when she was employed by the IRS and representing the United States Treasury.”

Long and probably a bit verbose? Perhaps, but to the point, and not letting another Obama agitator get away with using their government badge, their “shield,” as a means of avoidance for being held accountable for corruption that's transpired and that this government employee is, at minimum, a witness to.

You see the perversion? A government employee asserting the 5th Amendment to limit, to even obstruct, the government's ability to intrude into their life, while, when they were an IRS employee they authorized and appear to have been part of a scheme to ignore the 5th Amendment limit on government in relation to 501 (c) (4) applicants who, as directed by law, were voluntarily applying for recognition to assure they could legally participate in America's political process. Lerner's plea of the 5th Amendment is a perfect Alinsky mockery of America's system of government.

To emphasize, just imagine if you asserted the 5th Amendment to not file a tax return, as the 1040 says right over where you sign, as a form of agreement and considered your declaration by signature:

Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have examined this return and accompanying schedules and statements, and to the best of my knowledge and belief, they are true, correct, and complete. Declaration of preparer (other than taxpayer) is based on all information of which preparer has any knowledge.” --

Continuing the emphasis, that last part is a legal disclaimer inserted by the IRS to hold tax filing preparers harmless from audit for doing another person's return, setting up the IRS presumption that the preparer only used the taxpayer's information that they had knowledge of (i.e. provided by the taxpayer), “ Declaration of preparer (other than taxpayer) is based on all information of which preparer has any knowledge.” Whatever you tell them is all they are responsible for, and any omissions, the common prosecution is for failing to state amounts of income subject to tax, by your signature you're liable but the preparer is not unless you can prove you told them and can prove they failed to include the amount (Of course such disclosure to the preparer is a 3rd party disclosure and deemed a waiver to your assertion any 5th Amendment “right” protection, in government's interpretation of it).

Lois Lerner's 5th Amendment Right, the one the rest of us don't have when it comes to filing our taxes or applying for a 501 (c) (4) recognition, would also not result in our receiving paid leave from our job – we're treated worse than an IRS officer who violated the most well established boundaries of IRS limits and we're not even a part of a scandal to use the IRS to deny some Americans, Constituents, their unalienable Right of political franchise!

Am I the only one that can see this abuse of the People's desire to do what's right being doubly exploited by the very means of government excusing government actors who have a desire to do what's wrong, and that it appears the rest of those in government want them to get away with it to set a precedent against the people that only leaves us with less gumption to assert our rightful power as the Sovereign Authority (see Founder & Supreme Court Justice James Wilson,

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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Obstruction of Freedom of Speech

21 Nov : 14:20 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

Question: Can a policy of the United States Senate violate the Constitution?

The Progressive 17th Amendment states:

The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote. The electors in each State shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the State legislatures.

When vacancies happen in the representation of any State in the Senate, the executive authority of such State shall issue writs of election to fill such vacancies: Provided, That the legislature of any State may empower the executive thereof to make temporary appointments until the people fill the vacancies by election as the legislature may direct.

This amendment shall not be so construed as to affect the election or term of any Senator chosen before it becomes valid as part of the Constitution.” -- Emphasis mine,

So what does this mean? This means that Senators represent the voices of their Constituents in their State. I repeat: Senators represent the voices of their Constituents in their State.

The First Amendment is rather certain in stating how Congress (both Houses) cannot abridge the Freedom of Speech of an American:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” -- Emphasis mine,

For Harry Reid to change a rule after 200 years, after being the sole tyrant to decide what bills passed by the House will reach the Senate floor (2010 partial list of House Bills Despot Senator Harry Reid ignored,, and one bill he took up when it was politically favorable,, is for Harry Reid to reserve the sole right of filibuster to himself, as his actions are to filibuster for partisan purposes the 2010 election, and, in so doing, to silence the voices of the American People. Senator Reid doesn't have this right, and, to be sure Harry Reid is the epitome of “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” In a court room he'd be an exemplar of the meaning of this phrase. I hope the new dictionaries take up this idea and post his picture next to “corruption,” as a defining image, the icon of it.

Steamed? Yes I am, because the Progressives wanted the States to give up their original right to appoint State Senators and they did, ratifying the 17th Amendment so we have 2 popularly elected Houses of Congress (which makes no sense) and the State governments lose their representation in the National Government (which assures the People can't use the National Government to destroy the states). But, now that this popularly elected body isn't functioning as it did when Harry Reid had 60 votes to pass whatever he wanted, while the House was the same, in a grasp for unending power, Harry Reid puts forth a policy change to the Senate Floor to remove the voices of the American People who voted in the minority party in the Senate.

Liberal, Independent, Conservative, Democrat, Republican, etc., I do not care what affiliation you have, there is no excuse for one person to assume and assert this much power, especially when it is not granted to them by the Constitution. May we all finally recognize the dangers of centralized power in reviewing Harry Reid, that we cannot trust people to be reasonable, Honorable, and act with integrity when it comes to the powers they were given by the Constitution, for they will seek to claim that these powers are far more encompassing than they actually are, relying on our laziness and being uninformed as pavement to be walked on in their Progressive path to Tyranny.

Thank you for reading and sharing this, and may we cease being footstools to these presumptively powerful and act to enforce our written Constitution,

Toddy Littman

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GOP Endgame: Cave!

16 Oct : 21:07 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

I have 20 minutes to write and post this, probably won't make the deadline before the House vote but I have to to try.

The title says it all doesn't it? I mean, the GOP and Republicans frustrated with Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee over the idea “there is no endgame” of de-funding Obamacare decided to abuse them directly about it, which translates: “You are sacrificing the party for principle? Are you crazy? Listening to the People is a bad idea! We aren't supposed to uphold our campaign promises and Oath. Who do you Freshman Senators think you are challenging us senior statesman? We're gonna take you down now,” as they speed dial Karl Rove to get together a strategy of surrender, the American People are appreciating the 21 hour filibuster that said, “I am upholding my campaign promises and my Oath of Office, Party be damned.”

This is, at least to this writer, what appears to have happened, for the GOP and Senate Republicans made no effort to take advantage of the goodwill Senator Cruz's filibuster brought. No, nothing. Nada! Zip!

The so-called “Conservative” party failed to embrace nor use Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee's putting their politics aside for principle, the GOP failing to come to terms with the fact the People of the United States of America want honest, objective, and Honorable representatives, and not politicians scrounging for their cut of the American Taxpayer pie (with ice cream, whip cream, and a cherry on top).

The travesty isn't that Washington D.C. did this, but is instead how their actions show they don't care about their Oath or the Constitution it is intended to assure they preserve and protect, and isn't this mirrored by the very situation with the World War II Veterans' Memorial and failing to pay death benefit based on some legal interpretation of a law authorizing it, or any of the other myriad political stunts to emphasize a shut down when the political result will be yielded in spite of the actual pain caused to Americans? And consider these stunts were done to those of our U.S. Military and their families whose loved ones all took an Oath of their office as Soldiers to do the very same thing as every member of our government!

Rest assured the “Affordable Care Act,” Obamacare, was never intended to work, never intended to achieve anything but what the Progressive movement has been doing with vigor for the last 5 years with a Partisan President in the White House: 1) marginalizing Constitutional requirement for our laws, 2) assuring acceptance of “Faith and Credit” Taxation, as a tool of destruction, and 3) to destroy private American Wealth by government waste that is ignored, for example, and

Thus, the more absolute tragedy in all of this: The American People don't even realize that the Progressive agenda of destroying America by destroying our private wealth is all that Obamacare serves!

May we come to terms with our error and take up the mantle of Our Founders, to be the Posterity they envisioned, one of Free People in self-government with objective, Honorable, representative servants, and not a people destined to embrace subject servitude to self-proclaimed “leaders” from on high and their protection.

Thank you for reading and please share,

Toddy Littman

P.S. Apologize in advance for errors, omissions, typos, etc., for this wasn't edited at all.

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Obama, Military Budgets, & Veterans

11 Oct : 13:10 Category: Finance, Economy and Government

First, we must open with Obama's views on military spending:

I am the only major candidate who opposed this war from the beginning [Iraq War] and as President I will end it.

2nd, I will Cut 10s of billions of dollars in wasteful spending. I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems. I will not weaponize Space. I will slow our development of future combat systems. And I will institute an independent Defense Priorities Board to insure that the Quadrennial Defense Review is not used to justify unnecessary spending.

3rd, I will set a goal of a world without nuclear weapons. To seek that goal I will not develop new nuclear weapons; I will seek a global ban on the production of fissile material, and I will negotiate with Russia to take our ICBMs off Hair-trigger Alert, and to achieve deep cuts in our nuclear arsenals. --

What must be said: The Iraq War ended according to George Bush's arrangements via a Strategic Framework Agreement in 2008 that was brought about due to Iraq expressing to the U.N. in 2007 their desire to have the annual extensions to U.N. Resolution 1511 to 2008 be the last time (

And, no, I am not going to go over the entire video as the 2nd point made by Obama is the one of import to Americans during the Progressive Shutdown (suggests Twitter hashtag “#ProgressiveShutDown”).

I'd imagine this chart of the budget for the Missile Defense Agency when reviewed for the years Obama has been President, the top row the President's annual budget “requests,” will best illustrate Obama's Hypocrisy, I'll simplify however by summing the total, which is $41.9 billion. Now remember, Obama said “I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems.” Obama's 1st year in office he allocated $9.3 billion to an agency explaining itself as follows:

The Missile Defense Agency

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is a research, development, and acquisition agency within the Department of Defense. Our workforce includes government civilians, military service members, and contractor personnel in multiple locations across the United States. We are focused on retaining and recruiting a dedicated workforce interested in supporting our national security.

As we develop, test, and field an integrated Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS), the MDA works closely with the Combatant Commanders (e.g. Pacific Command, Northern Command, etc.) who will rely on the system to protect the United States, our forward deployed forces, and our friends and allies from hostile ballistic missile attack. We work with the Combatant Commanders to ensure that we develop a robust BMDS technology and development program to address the challenges of an evolving threat. We are also steadily increasing our international cooperation by supporting mutual security interests in missile defense.” -- Emphasis mine,

I emphasized that text to correlate the hypocrisy of what Obama said to the American People, to illustrate Obama's bald-faced lie as a matter of fact, and this is just one scintilla of what can be found if We the People look for the information. You see I have no trouble with what the MDA does, nor that President Obama has chosen as President of the United States to assure they have a budget of, on average, $8 Billion per year for Ballistic Missile Systems Development. But, Presidential Candidate Barack Obama sold the American people with an appearance of conviction and sincerity in touting a lie to gain the anti-war vote and exploit our tiring of the Iraq War, and it appears this was solely for those political points and purposes, nothing more, not one scintilla of actual conviction in practice to his 2nd point in the video above.

Which takes us to the government shutdown and telling the American People it's those Republicans who are at fault, which, to say accurately would be said something like this, “Those Republicans and Tea Party Conservatives who pass bills to fund the rest of the government, including the Veterans, that I, Barack Obama, as President of the United States, will not negotiate with, those people passing those bills are the ones obstructing government and putting the Faith and Credit of the United States in jeopardy, not me and my not negotiating with them, don't blame me for what I do, or in this case don't do, it's always someone else at fault.” Words have meanings and “not negotiate” is directly correlative to “obstructing” as an act of obstruction. Passing bills to appropriate funding where they deem fit is the Constitutional Right and Power of the People's House as the lower chamber of Congress to do according to the Constitution, and cannot be viewed in any way as an obstruction because they don't appropriate for something they didn't deem fit. Thus, it appears blindingly obvious that the rhetoric spoken by our President is just another campaign to promote another lie for the continuing saga of political purposes in the Narcissistic Adventures of Barack Obama.

So now, about that $500,000 “death gratuity” being denied 4 Soldiers and 1 Marine's family, It comes down to this: It is unbelievable that a President who lied about what he'd do to missile development and convincingly sold the end of a war arranged by his predecessor as his current administration's doing cannot find the means as Commander-In-Chief to make sure the families of our fallen are treated with dignity for the sacrifice of their direct blood and treasure of priceless value. These soldiers and their families are asking a mere pittance for the “credit” they extended us in the life of their loved one, they are a creditor far more worthy than China or anyone else. What greater moral obligation to “our creditors” is there than paying our soldiers according to what we agreed to for them?

But, I guess when you have a President who would lie, cheat, and steal for his “political career” alone you can't expect much of him that isn't an immoral adventure in narcissism, I mean, if paying the families of these dead soldiers could give Barack Obama a boost in the polls he'd surely do it, that if the soldier didn't have to die to pay them $100,000 Barack Obama would be paying it instantly -- exchanging the money for their vote. That's the way of the Welfare system isn't it?

Thank you for reading and please share this article,

Toddy Littman

P.S. Apologies for any difficulties in reading this as I was unable to have it proofread prior to posting.

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Response to DNC Re: Debt & Boehner

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No, I don't represent America, but if there were ever something that needed a reply it is the current pushback by the Progressives in the Democratic Party (almost all of them) and their multi-front brushstroking.

October 6th, 2013 Special Ops is sent into a foreign country to get the leader of Al Shabab and carrying on some other military operation in as well (didn't get the details), all signed off by the Nobel Peace Prize Winner of 2009 Barack Obama, yet, we were all told we could do nothing to help Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods in Benghazi Libya September 11th, 2012, all the while we had drones overhead videotaping. Hi there, Barack Obama! You didn't think anyone would point out the obvious hypocrisy in this? The obviousness of the political purpose of sending soldiers into harm’s way during a government shut down when the Progressive Democrat “Commander-in-Chief” is having domestic approval troubles and uses the military to raise his approval rating? But, of course, he fails to send out the military when it's a Presidential Re-Election and the campaign rhetoric of that same President regarding his foreign policy and relations would be brought to the forefront of being questioned by the American People. Instead, no one is sent to save American Ambassador Chris Stevens, his aide, and the two CIA annex operatives who rushed to help our Ambassador against orders to stand down, placing their entire careers in jeopardy.

Yes, while the DNC wants to claim something to the effect of “Boehner is holding America's debt hostage until defunding of Obamacare and other Tea Party demands are met,” (DNC Response not posted to their website at the time of writing this article) the reality is that the U.S. House, the popularly elected body of the U.S. Government since 1789 Ratification of the Constitution, has had and remains the sole body of right and authority over appropriations, and no, this wasn't affected by the 14th Amendment (See, and

Now, I wrote the above paragraphs one after the other on purpose, because if you think there is no relation between the issues, my hope is that you'll see the political angle is all that mattered on both counts, that Barack Obama views the military as a vehicle for political purposes and getting domestic political agendas passed by affecting the popularity ratings polls in his favor. Benghazi, Libya September 11th, 2012 is a travesty that deserves the transparent and “open government” the Democratic Party claims is its hallmark on its own website,

Now, since the line of political purpose is obvious, let me share the rest of the obvious debt and debt ceiling lie the Democratic Party is laying out.

First, The House has been passing a budget since 2010 and Senator Harry Reid has failed in his duty to join in and complete one. This means the government doesn't have a set of figures to compare their spending to as an official “budgetary spending limit.” Now the political usefulness of this is that no one can go into the media spotlight and say these magic words, “We spent 68 billion dollars on food stamps last year, that's 50% over budget” or whatever amount it would be over budget IF THE GOVERNMENT HAD A BUDGET!

Next, when the GOP took the House in the 2010 elections Senator Harry Reid began his obstruction of the operation of our government, using his Political seat for his Progressive Democratic agenda and going against American Objective Representative government, causing the United States government to operate almost identically to a Politburo Soviet-style Party government structure, with Harry Reid as Chairman.

This is most notable when you look at what the House passed just for that 2011 year, and how anything that was not available for a political use by Harry Reid and the Democratic Party’s pursuit of their political agenda was not brought to the Senate Floor. Read examples of the actual record of this taking place that has been ignored by everyone, it seems… followed by One man, one Senator, the “Majority Leader,” has kept bills passed by the House from reaching the Senate Floor, let alone any opportunity for them to reach the President's desk. And it appears this is all done so that President Obama will never be held accountable for his signature or veto, Harry Reid using the Senate as a political bulwark for almost 5 years now to assure President Obama is subject to as little significant and newsworthy political scrutiny as possible, if any.

If a Democrat Congressional Super Majority of 2009-2010 that didn't even read the bill they passed on party lines, going so far as to call the Affordable Care Act a spending bill in order to make it subject to the rules of “Reconciliation,” then has their Majority Leader bring that bill to the Senate floor (with VP and President of the Senate Joe Biden at the ready to overrule the Senate Parliamentarian if the procedure is questioned) their idea of open government is a fraud and a sham, and their Obamacare “law” a fraud that had no business before the U.S. Supreme Court, for the Constitution and procedures of government in support thereof render such a “law” null and void.

This is the truth of Obamacare, this is the reason Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are heroes in enforcing our Constitution. What the Democrats are upset about is that the American People are questioning the Progressive agenda and those who support it as the actual outcomes of their actions are hurting people in their real, not academia imagined, lives. In fact, people are actually questioning the DNC's illustrious Barack Hussein Obama's actions and convenient plausible deniability. The aforementioned military actions signed-off by President Obama affirm this fact. The need for the DNC to pounce on Speaker Boehner's appearance with George Stephanopoulos trying to foment hate and insisting the Tea Party, who isn't even a political party but has supported, at best, 15% of the total Representatives in Congress, are responsible for a shutdown that is entirely due to one man in the Senate, Harry Reid, in his intent to protect one man in the White House, Barack Obama for the last almost 5 years!

The U.S. House has passed bills to fund the entire government but Obamacare, and it is their Constitutional right and role, that apparently “Constitutional Scholar” Barack Obama wasn't aware of or maybe he prefers to ignore:

No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.” -- Constitution Article I, Section 9, Clause 7,

Which, has a prior certainty of the power vested in the House to make sure the Senate and the President know who holds the power of the purse:

All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.” -- Constitution Article I, Section 7, Clause 1. Ibid.

Never amended, never changed, never was the U.S. Senate given the right to originate taxes (government “Revenue”) as it did in HR 3590, the Affordable Care Act via Max Baucus and his committee. Never was the President given power to determine the taxes nor national debt of the United States. No, not at any time has the Constitution been amended to strike the sole and exclusive right of The Peoples House as the originator (as an invention is “originated") in the idea of being taxed or spending the money in the U.S. Treasury. This is why the Constitution itself is the express Will of the People, retaining powers to the People that those in government ignore at their political peril, or at least, that should be the outcome.

The Obstructionist Extraordinaire in Washington, D.C. is U.S. Senator Harry Reid, who cannot objectively represent the American People and only sees Party and Political purpose as the reasons to allow the bills passed by the People's House to see the light of the Senate Floor. It is time to remove the longest standing obstacle to objective, reasonable, Honorable, and responsible American government, Harry Reid of Nevada, as Majority Leader while assuring Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is defeated by a primary challenge so we're not stuck with another moderate GOP/Progressive shill.

Thank you for reading and please share this,

Toddy Littman

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