Monday 15 August 2011

Thank God Ron Paul Didn't Win The Iowa Straw Poll

Yeah, I know he could win the caucus in the future, and, I submit, that would be an unrecoverable error. The following are my reasons why “President Ron Paul” would be a mistake.

A Quick History Of Socialist Ron Paul

Mr. Paul's position on war is Jane Fonda's, she recently reminded us of this in 2007, Ron Paul's position on the Federal Reserve Bank is the same as Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and, Democrat Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez (some, with whom I agree, considered him a Communist) served 19 terms (38 years), 15 of which his re-election was based on Fed bashing,, and let us not forget Mr. Paul’s recent “good buddy” on the House Banking Committee, Alan Grayson, and

It is important to note that Grayson was defeated in 2010, after other activities that he carried on, more accurate to his character, such as this House Floor appearance in support of Obamacare, This video is revealing, where Mr. Grayson the sitting Congressman decides to bring up the “career politician” issue regarding his opponent who beat him in 2010, Mr. Grayson appears to have been the pioneer for the more recent fallacious attacks on the Tea Party as Terrorists, and referring to S&P's actions as the “Tea Party Downgrade,” irrespective of Standard & Poor’s assessment proving that the Tea Party position to cease deficit spending, and cut the debt by $10 Trillion in 5 years is accurate & reasonable,

Of course, now S&P is under attack by the Senate, as noted by the Huffington Post, And of course, Mr. Sanders is involved, berating S&P, or so it appears, as the link to Mr. Sander’s government newsroom website isn't working at the time I write this, so I found what purports, but I cannot verify, to be a quotation of part of what he released, and this is cited on numerous Progressive & Liberal blogs:

“I find it interesting to see S&P so vigilant today in downgrading the US credit rating. Where were they 4 years ago when they, and other credit rating agencies, helped cause this horrendous recession by providing AAA ratings to worthless sub-prime mortgage securities on behalf of Wall Street investment firms? Where were they last December when Congress and the White House drove up the national debt by $700 billion by extending Bush’s tax breaks for the rich?” --

I sure am glad Mr. Sanders is not politicizing the downgrade at all. Mr. Sanders abhors the wealthy, and believes what property you have, and that you want to leave to your children, should be subject to inheritance taxes,

1st Conclusion Drawn

This is what must be said about Ron Paul at all costs, that, let alone Ron Paul's agreement with Jane Fonda about war, Ron Paul is completely in bed with the Socialist, Liberal, Communist, and Progressive hating of banks, and the wealthy, for the same reason the Progressive left hate ‘em: banks are an icon of wealth & the wealthy, useful for class warfare propaganda. Ron Paul doesn't care that banks are actually private Individual Wealth being held in a private institution (12 USC 284 “Codification,”, away from government, nor that this is the identical position of Our Founders in keeping our property out of government's hands, away from their knowledge as well.

The record of our Government is replete with how accurate and reasonable Our Founders were. Just step back and review Social Security, Welfare, FannieMae, FreddyMac, Amtrak, the U.S. Postal Service, and a host of other Social Programs that were enacted under a perverse definition of “general Welfare” as referred to in Article I, Section 8. You'll also notice that all of these “social programs” have had their name and funds used for political purposes after government created these institutions, as though they were created for their political use, and not as something wanted by the Will of The People, all acts of violence against Our Written Constitution by our government in usurpation of Our Constitution. Many may not realize what $2.4 Trillion in revenues and $3.6 Trillion in expenses, translates to revenues of $95,000/second, spending around $115,000/second. In 1 hour that's $342,000,000 in revenues, $414,000,000 in spending, the spending mostly to keep these failed and ever-growing programs paid, irrespective of some being exponentially beyond the scope of their anticipated use and purpose, both in cost and social requirement, such as to have electricity, a telephone, municipal water, a driver’s license, etc.

And Ron Paul has the audacity to promote the “need” for earmarks “to assure accountability,” blaming the Executive Branch and/or the Federal Reserve, I say audacity for a second reason, because his entire premise is that the government borrows from the fed for every dollar printed. His earmarks for his constituents merely add to that debt, “money being printed out of thin air” according to this premise of the Fed, Thus it would appear Mr. Paul is either, inconsistent in his beliefs, or that his entire Federal Reserve line is rhetoric, propaganda, and done because it successfully kept him in Congress for three decades, and he believes it'll get him into the White House. I am sure his followers were very upset to hear Mr. Paul say in the debate “well, we can't get rid of the Fed,” entirely contradictory to the group who follows him in the idea he'll get rid of the Fed.

2nd Conclusion Drawn

In the end, I find a Progressive, destroy America pattern coming from Ron Paul, the whole “Blame the rich,” “blame the banks,” “blame another branch of government,” and “don't take away my constituency money-delivery credit card” (earmarks for Mr. Paul). Mr. Paul sure sounds a lot like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democratic Party that was mentioned in the Communist Manifesto:

“Finally, they [they Communists] labor everywhere for the union and agreement of the democratic parties of all countries.” --

Not so funny how Ron Paul has more of substantial import to the social make up of America in common with the Communist Party than Our Founders' views. Sure he stands for the 10th Amendment, to the point that he would use the 10th Amendment protection of State's Rights to justify the Federal Government not doing anything to stop a State from becoming a Muslim State and governing itself under Sharia Law. This was brought out in the exchange with Rick Santorum where Santorum mentioned any State could legalize polygamy then, and Mr. Paul did not deny this, only further asserting State's Rights. Of course Mr. Paul hasn't mentioned the key to State's Rights is in their governments’ having representation in the Senate as Our Founders set up the check and balance between State and Federal power originally by State appointment of their Senators, repealed by the Unconstitutional 17th Amendment which violates the last clause of Article V.


I am sure the Ron Paul supporters will dismiss the above entirely, blindly following the man in the same way they blindly believe the myriad myths about the Federal Reserve, myths that have been great for those promoting them, particularly commercially active sites, selling conspiracy and the end of the World, some also selling precious metals. However, I'll cite a small portion of 12 USC 289 in hopes that maybe, just maybe, one of them will listen:

“The Federal reserve banks shall transfer from the surplus funds of such banks to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for transfer to the Secretary of the Treasury for deposit in the general fund of the Treasury, a total amount of $3,752,000,000 in fiscal year 2000.” --

Not only does the U.S. Government take the profit from a private entity, but they take an exact dollar amount, and this statute is amended for the exact amount every year to take the profit of the previous year into the United States Treasury. So this means Congressman Paul, Michele Bachmann, and Mr. Gingrich, and Rick Santorum, have all been a part of voting on this annual amendment. Thus, the truth is to find out how they determined to vote the way they did, for, this would mean an audit is done annually by the Congress to arrive at the exact amount.

Of course, this is in addition to when a bank is publicly held, as then its books and records are audited regularly, in fact this holds true for any publicly held corporation, meaning: sold on public stock exchanges. The SEC rules require solicitations to be less than certain values, in both money and numbers of people that can be solicited, even for a private corporate offering.

So the idea there is no audit of the Federal Reserve is absurd, as each Regional Federal Reserve Bank is owned by banks in their region and are entirely privately held, the government owns no stock in them at all. Some find this bad, I find this to be private enterprise and private business at its finest. In a way this explains the constant need to undermine the banks, the successful push to pass the bank bailout that initially failed, that Progressive Democratic Senator Harry Reid went to so much trouble to save, even though it was proposed by George W. Bush via Secretary of Treasury Hank Paulson,


Since our government doesn't own our central bank, as socialist nation governments' own their central banks, the only way to effectuate the subject servitude of socialism in America is for the government to buy into the private corporations who own each of the regional banks, at least until the anti-rich, anti-bank, anti-private property, anti-wealth agenda is agreed to amongst the constituents of both parties. Ron Paul is the certain person to advocate the left’s views while claiming to be on the right.

Should the day come that the Fed is abolished, I believe government will show us how stupid we are, by becoming our bank, by government just taking over to manage our savings, checking, and investments for us, I mean, our knowledge and desire to protect our own property, to know what that means, and that our property isn't some “public excess” of the State, has eroded and almost entirely diminished in “it's a patriotic duty to pay taxes” and assumptions government is entitled to the money. Taxes are paid for performance by government to carry out and act of Our Will as our servant. These government employees could start with upholding their Oath for Civil Office, as a soldier upholds the same Oath for Military Office. The lacking of our knowledge of this is how a socialist nannystate is made, and the Will of The People, merely an agreement to subject servitude at the Government's pleasure and whim, because Government says so.

I hope and Pray we vote with wisdom and knowledge of these things this next election, and make sure not to let the sheep-in-wolf's-clothing, Ron Paul, become the next Dictator-In-Chief, who'll do all that Barack Obama has done and more when it comes to lack of national defense, allowing the growth of Sharia Law in America, and creating even more uncertainty in the economy, through pursuing the Federal Reserve, going after “those fat-cat bankers” and “greedy Federal Reserve,” you know, “the rich,” as President of the United States.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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