Sunday 23 October 2011

American Businesses, Government, & Banks, It Is Time To Occupy Main Street

Rant & Record Of Obama's Science Of Agenda By Incompetence

The folly of President Obama is well documented, the most astounding first in history of a man, whose actions to politicize the debt ceiling (by failing to raise it when his party controlled both chambers of Congress), resulted in America having a lowered credit rating for the first time in history.

Of course, Barack Obama waiting until the last minute to tell John Boehner on July 22, 2011, “I'd like an additional 400 billion,” inserted into a deal already standing at 800 billion in revenues, leading to Boehner walking out, was just one more of the necessary acts of feigned seriousness, fashioned for press consumption to disseminate to a people in despair as “fundamental transformation” infiltrates the psyche with images of Hugo Chavez running America.

All of this a perfect agitation by our Progressive-Terrorist-In-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, and his minions, who have no idea they are following the lead of Bill Ayers, Barack Obama might know, if he had a moment of objectivity within the stunning gray matter, claimed to be of such high intelligence, he can confuse his grandfather and uncle when first making political points in 2008,; or in stunning repeat performances of the former Harvard Law Review President, Barack Obama demonstrating his natural-born knowledge of the English Language and being educated in America, October 26, 2009, & February 4, 2010

I could go on but, his economic programs of “nudging” the people to capitulate to being ruled and abandon their own self-government, and the disastrous conditions this has caused worldwide, well, the minions on Wall Street and elsewhere, show the result of Obama's tactics to get elected, the notable similarity illustrated here from 2008,

Real Solution: National Government Must Cut Current Actual Spending Immediately

Cut Current Spending. This cannot be said enough, and I submit that Thomas Jefferson well knew the meaning of the “general Welfare clause” when he said the following in his 2nd Inaugural Address.

Jefferson starts by explaining how taxation works in America, all emphasis hereinafter, unless otherwise noted, is mine:

The remaining revenue on the consumption of foreign articles is paid chiefly by those who can afford to add foreign luxuries to domestic comforts, being collected on our seaboard and frontiers only, and incorporated with the transactions of our mercantile citizens, it may be the pleasure and the pride of an American to ask, What farmer, what mechanic, what laborer ever sees a taxgatherer of the United States? These contributions enable us to support the current expenses of the Government, to fulfill contracts with foreign nations, to extinguish the native right of soil within our limits, to extend those limits, and to apply such a surplus to our public debts as places at a short day their final redemption...”

Jefferson then addresses the fact that many in Congress wanted him to open the national treasury to spend upon items that were objects solely within the province of the States:

...and that redemption once effected the revenue thereby liberated may, by a just repartition of it among the States and a corresponding amendment of the Constitution, be applied in time of peace to rivers, canals, roads, arts, manufactures, education, and other great objects within each State. In time of war, if injustice by ourselves or others must sometimes produce war, increased as the same revenue will be by increased population and consumption, and aided by other resources reserved for that crisis, it may meet within the year all the expenses of the year without encroaching on the rights of future generations by burthening them with the debts of the past. War will then be but a suspension of useful works, and a return to a state of peace, a return to the progress of improvement.”

I am of absolute certainty that the man who penned the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, who helped frame the Constitution, and was speaking at the inaugural address of his second term to serve in the office of President Of The United States, was well aware that there is no general Welfare clause, that his requirement of an amendment to the Constitution for the government to spend on these things expresses what is wrong with Washington today, as such amendment has never been introduced, let alone made to Our Written Constitution.

We do not need new tax plans. We do not need to be thinking over how to pay back the debt we've incurred, for, it was incurred erroneously and wrongfully, by those who assume an immunity for their actions that doesn't exist.

I submit that, once removed from office, they should have this debt charged upon them by a Constitutional amendment, and that those we borrowed from, snookered as a Bernie Madoff patron, should be told to collect it from him, from all who went to all this trouble to escalate the debt in their perverse need to agitate others, people who cannot be content and appreciate happiness, who assume something must be fixed when few are complaining, and often their complaints are merely complaints derived from their own desire to pursue laziness. Laziness is an apparent virtue according to union employment where “doing enough not to get fired until you get tenure” is the goal of ones lifetime, and that the teachers subject to such employment principles through the National Education Association and other teachers’ unions, are daily held to submit toor become unemployed, and unemployable with their teaching credential. The reason being that unions have a State granted monopoly on who can teach, and taking dues from those who aren't even in the union, and also making sure they are the first to go should a union teacher need that job.

What stability is there in this? What life lesson, based on the life led by a teacher, is being taken into the classroom?

Many often cite Mayer Amshel Rothschild regarding money:

Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws” --

Let us apply that similarly to education of a nation of free people:

Permit me to issue and control the education of a nation and I care not who makes its laws”

Yet few care about this aspect, of State deficits based on public employee union benefit contracts made when the economy was in better condition, and States could issue tax guaranteed bonds to pay for the escalated benefits they promised, apparently seeming to want to give some sort of “education reparations” in redistribution of the private wealth of citizens to educators via “Education Bonds” (see A great example out of California, to comprehend how this is entirely out of hand at the State level,

Now, To Liquidate The $600,000,000,000,000 In Derivatives

Anyone unfamiliar with “depreciation,” please read the first couple paragraphs here,,,id=137026,00.html.

Essentially “toxic assets,” these bundles of derivatives and mortgage-backed securities, have so many contractual problems due to legal fictions and legal vehicle manipulation that the default or other undermined legality of the initiating paper (loan) placed them in legal limbo, unable to be bought, sold or maneuvered, except by painstaking review of every single document, at a cost of $1500/hr and up for the lawyers to do this work.

This stifled an ingenious bank system that was created to pay for the loans government requires banks to make through the Community Reinvestment Act and other government regulations, required loans for no money down, no interest, no proof of repayment, and even no proof of citizenship. Banks have a legal fiduciary duty to their bond and shareholders, that is only 2nd to the duty to their depositors, but are altogether one duty to make sure not to lend out the depositors' money and place at risk of the investors' investment.

However, due to the number of defaults caused by institutional investors and their first time union investment in crude oil futures in 2007, that chased the price up to $150 a barrel (see , and left people without enough to pay their mortgage, we had a “financial meltdown.”

I see no reason, since they are merely paper contracts and aren't being paid for, to not temporarily allow these “toxic assets” to be included as property subject to IRS depreciation schedules, though this won't go over well with “Tax-The-Rich” Obama, OWS, or many Ron Paul supporters, this will allow the banks to depreciate the value of these toxic assets by 20% per year, and post this against their profits for the same year, or 25% per year, should they want to accelerate extinguishing these assets permanently.

This would cause the banks to not have to hoard what money they can get, preparing for this $600 Trillion market to fail, and that, more than anything, would thaw credit worldwide. Of course this goes against the designs and plans of Bill Ayers, and his surrogate Barack Obama, and would mean America wouldn't fail; that a world order of socialist “Utopia,” paved by a road of oppression, gulags, and old food, won't happen; that Individual Liberty will not be replaced by collectivism that is soon supplanted by elitist despotism and mass murder when boredom sets in, but that's the nature of what is denied when America persists, and continues, as a free nation.

By these two simple measures, We The People again Occupy Main Street: 1) national spending is brought within its Constitutional Limits and thereby government is brought within the confines of the Constitution, no longer using money as a means of dependence and slavery; 2) State governments regain areas of their control and opportunities for revenue that they possessed when joining the union “on equal footing” with the original 13 colonies; 3) Our economy is loaded with banks looking for investment opportunity, looking for places to put their newly available credit to foster growth, jobs, and more investment; 4) The grip of government over how we live our lives is returned to Constitutional limits through Capitalism, that Christian use of Private Property Ownership in Individual Liberty to assure a self-governing society, communities that need no national intrusion to take care of themselves.

This is what happens when the Sovereign, the American People, flex their muscle through the pursuit of opportunities and invention that we can take full advantage. We again look to the future as an opportunity in and of itself, hoping soon to know once more that tomorrow will be a better day, because the encroachment of government and its need for a collective mass in subservience to rule over, and the manipulations thereby, are over.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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