Saturday 24 December 2011

Subverting Language As A Destabilizer

In the days preceding the printing press and modern media, a clarion would sound the call for citizens to assemble in the village square, there to be apprised of important events by the town crier. This was the only real method of reaching the general populace in times past, which is why the phrase “blow the trumpet” comes up quite often in historical writings, including Scripture.

Jeremiah 6:1, 6:17, Jerusalem is instructed to attend to the trumpet (ram’s horn or shofar) when it is blown to call the people to see the destruction on the horizon should they not turn from their wayward worship. The warning is given, God has placed watchmen to wind the trumpet, charging them with the duty of warning Israel (Isaiah 62:6; Jeremiah 6:17; Ezekiel 3: 17, 33:2, 6, 7, etc).

Their response to the alarm was this… “they said, We will not hear.” Jeremiah 6:17. They refused to heed the call, soothing themselves with their own corrupt counsel. Where they are told to pay attention, take warning, the people’s ears are closed, “behold, the word of the Lord is unto them a reproach (reminder of criticism, censure), they have no delight in it.” (Jeremiah 6:10). Why they eschew the Word of God is plain, it doesn’t condone the worldly works that feeds the flesh, leaving the spirit bereft and unfulfilled.

Yet the people appease themselves with their own advice, their “knowledge” – 6:14 – espousing “peace, peace: when there is no peace.” The people give themselves over to covetousness (avarice) “and the prophet to the priest every one dealeth falsely.” These are clear representations of how those in power spoke lies (Jeremiah 7:4, 7:8-9) and do so even in our times.

In some modern translations of the Bible we see a distortion of language that has augmented the collapsing faith of recent generations. Where in the King James Version the word is covetousness and unjust gain (Jeremiah 6:13, 8:10), in some recent translations (e.g. 2001 Literal Translation) the word has been changed to “profit,” but the Hebrew word used, ‘betsa,’ is clearly related to plunder, dishonest gain.

In fact, all but one usage of the term ‘profit’ in the KJV Old Testament is the Hebrew ‘ya’al,’ which describes something valuable, beneficial, that does good. How does the word in the new translations drop to the very bottom of the barrel to define ‘unjust gain’ as ‘profit;’ i.e. ‘ya’al’ as ‘betsa’?

Is it no wonder why students and fools crowd the streets, reaching the same conclusion that all profit is unjust? There’s but one reason why some modern translations read it thus: their progressive public education which has twisted the idea of profit into something unclean, an act of personal aggrandizement that counters the law, the last commandment given to Moses – “Thou shalt not covet…” Yet by invoking this warped definition of the word ‘profit,’ what is it that the multitudes (okay, few thousands of OWS as opposed to the millions of tea partiers who understand profit) are advocating but that others’ profit (valuable, beneficial earning) be given to the indolent who covet their property – all in direct violation of the Word and what is clear sense.

Profit is not a dirty word, covetousness is, and we are doomed to follow the lies of man if we do not heed that heralding call of the “watchmen” proclaiming the truth.

As Jeremiah said in 7:4, “trust ye not in the lying words…” and 7:9, “will ye steal, murder and commit adultery and swear falsely…?” That is precisely what we, and our children, are being taught by the misdirection, misleading and misinformation of our NEA teachings. It is our duty to heed the call of the trumpet and read the Word, research our founding documents, laws and acts of Congress for ourselves. Not one of the politicians (also products of the progressive education agenda) has the whole answer. Many have all the wrong answers in attempting to make us believe there are bogeymen bankers and corporations forcing us to act against our hearts and wishes and the Word.

The watchmen are responsible to blow the horn, but the rest of us are responsible to hear the call and listen.

A. Dru Kristenev

ChangingWind Ministry

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