Thursday 08 May 2014

Climate Change, Democracy, & Slavery

Here they go again, the very same collectivist manipulators whose ability to agree, to have a consensus amongst themselves and use the force of government (history shows the majority of governments agreed with and kept slavery a form of industry since before the time of Socrates), to tell us a long drawn out fable, irrespective of the true climate change: people are no longer willing to accept stupid.

You won't find me pushing the “I'm right, you're wrong,” or, “they're stupid” position. Yeah, in my solid belief people have a right to believe whatever they want to believe, an unalienable Right to the solace of their own mind, body and Soul, I am very hesitant to take the absolutist argument route.

However, as a Conservative who knows climate change is a constant called “the weather,” I will recognize the extreme weather as something to review that historically this isn't anything new. But, if something comes to the forefront in the course of the whole Global Warming investigation, irrespective of Global Warm... Er... Climate Change being a fraud, that reveals much that's ignored, much that's apparently not useful to using the narrative's governmental purpose as an excuse for limiting our freedom by further intrusion into our lives, but proves there truly is a great threat to the existence of mankind, I am going to take this stand.

You see, to deny extreme weather may be a foolish thing. In the whole of our Solar System, our true environment since the Sun is an important part of the continued existence of life on this planet, we have not had much capability to have in-depth knowledge of neighboring planets.

This is why the corruption by President Obama, Liberal EPA spending, University, Union, and Business predatory use of scientific grant money in patronage to achieve a slavery to environmentalism – the funding meant to cause a Democratic consensus in the scientific community's body politic – has brought a clarity to me of what all these agenda seekers, whose agenda apparently is more important than mankind, have intentionally ignored.

We'll start with this article about Mars “Mars is Melting” is the title, Note that this is from NASA, yes, those scientists we pay to make such discoveries and analyses have come to announce the fact of this article's title. Now, I don't know about you, but when I see 2 planets in one Solar System are having climate issues, I'd tend to believe it's very unlikely (due to our lack of any regular travel, population, or activities on Mars) that anything man is doing on Earth is causing any sort of climate change on Mars or otherwise, but we haven't enough data to begin to claim we've paid attention to Mars that long. However, this is the beginning of this very short, factual, scientific story, to which I have no need to quote the article's contents, the title speaks for itself, and it is NASA after all.

So to end our torrid short drama of facts that began with saying the fable of climate change and its agenda-driven authors are seeking slavery by promoting what they know is wrong, goes now to a 3rd planet. Yes a 3rd planet in our Solar System affected by climate change, Jupiter, “Jupiter's Great Red Spot is Shrinking,” Fascinating isn't it that a scientist at Liberal Berkeley is being ignored. But maybe the Sun's light and the atmosphere around it aren't important to life on Earth, as that would be rather necessary for it not to be a part of the Earth's environment right? But, au contraire, as the great fable that Obama's politicos sensationalize as a “report” to achieve changing the subject from the Obama “Stonewall, Lie, and Spy on the American People” Administration being uncovered for these very things, we come to the grand power grab and lie after healthcare: Global Warm... er... Climate Change, AGAIN!

I say lie because.... Well, you ever heard of the Heliosphere? It's essentially a level of atmosphere around the Sun that helps protect our planet, Mars, Jupiter, and the other planets in our Solar System from Cosmic Rays, (Cosmic Rays are explained here,, and, no, I did not read the whole thing in detail, however it is here for reference and is comprehensive to defining Cosmic Rays and the history of their study, so it's a good read for the far more scientific minded than myself.)

The Heliosphere is produced by the Solar Wind, that has been losing pressure,, which, of course, has correlative affect of Cosmic Rays reaching a 50 year high, – Be ready for more correlations to come!

I want to share this article, that naturally, and probably, due to the likely source of the research grant for it deriving from funds featuring a proposal with the words “global warming” in it, makes every effort to relate cosmic rays with chlorofluorocarbons (“CFCs”) while yet explaining much of their assumptions remain unexplained, and ignoring the Heliosphere in their supposed “analysis,”

So, here we are with 2 planets in our Solar System with known extreme changes to their climate – polar caps melting & a massive hurricane shrinking – with obvious correlative that they both lack using the words “climate change” in their report (and that does correlate with them likely not being funded by climate change advocates as these reports do directly evidence the extreme weather notion is not terrestrial to the Earth alone) with perfect shameful Liberal hypocrisy in ignoring that wonderful Berkeley scientist and this fact: 3 planets in total in our Solar System show climate change.

Add in that they have known and studied Cosmic Rays in relation to CFCs, while studies on the Solar Wind and Cosmic Rays show likely changes in our Sun, and all of this, all of it, occurring during the very same time period that man is being blamed for extreme weather and government is, naturally, jumping through every hoop to embrace this idea, of course, for the government expansion and revenue generation it may provide to government and no other reason. Does this blaming of man at any level make sense in light of other planets in our Solar System being affected, heated as their polar caps melt, or a supposed hurricane suddenly shrinking as it is on Jupiter? Does this make sense in light of the knowledge of the Heliosphere and Cosmic Ray relationship?

Too bad I'm not done, let's go one more in the about 2 pages I am writing here regarding the ignored group of true environmental variables of the Cosmic Ray variety, “Cosmic Explosion Blinds NASA Satellite,” Note that this Cosmic Explosion of a Gamma Burst, they surmise was from 5 billion years away.

Thus we can conclude delicacy is the state of our existence, of our planet's persistence in a universe of untold and unknown possibility, to which we are lacking even a “pion's” worth of knowledge amongst all of mankind (pions, small particles first detected in Cosmic Rays, ). This renders it impossible for any definitive method to conclude extreme weather is caused by mankind. Observationalists will say “it is scientific observation,” ignoring the formula of assumptions predicated on variables to the exclusion of the unknown that is the entirety of that observation, and to the ignorance of every scientific observation I've just cited, to blindly ignore that we can and, by “science,” fool ourselves into claiming as fact whatever we want to believe, for whatever self-interest, politically or financially that we'll gain, simply by assuming and rationalizing (limiting) our view to the context of those self-interested beliefs – which appears to be what this article has well illustrated about the so-called scientific community and climate change scientists.

When science loses its objectivity, and government's interest is to exploit that departure for government's purposes, science and the bureaucracies that use it are a means to slavery for sake of their funding – because politicians & their parties want to keep their seats of power and exploit the bureaucracy.

I'm just glad Russia's President Vladimir Putin is invading the Ukraine because of his passionate concern over extreme weather and to force them to adhere to climate change standards.... Alas, I digress.

Thank you for reading and sharing this, God Bless,

Toddy Littman

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