November 3, 2008

Politicians, Their Words and What They Mean

This should make us all think about the men behind the words that are being spoken. What is being said; does it actually make sense; what will it mean to every American and how much do we truly know about those men who speak. Even Tom Brokaw acknowledged to Charlie Rose, October 30, 2008, on PBS that he knew very little about Senator Obama. I know. I watched the interview.

A strident voice accompanied by soothing promises that only projects the image of knowledge is the vehicle by which a people may lose their freedom. History is plain as we hear again the voices that have swayed millions in the past with words filled with promise but empty of meaning. Or is it that the meaning was veiled, or was it indeterminate? Use the context of history to judge today. If we do not then we are guilty of allowing inequity to resurface here, in America, as it did in Germany, in Russia, in Cuba, in Zimbabwe, in Kenya and any number of places, geographically and in time.

Someone is listening.
The actual letter:


We should judge leaders by their words and not what is said about their words or what someone else thinks their intent is. Note the difference between what we want to believe is being said and what truly is (or is not) said. We do ourselves and our country a disservice if we prefer to overlay politicians’ words with our own explanations of what they should mean.

Example Definitions: Capitalism = Selfishness; Socialism = Sharing (Obama).
True Definitions: Capitalism = Productivity; Socialism = Redistribution (McCain).

Sharing cannot equal Redistribution. Sharing is Charity and comes from the heart and conscience. Redistribution is government-controlled theft that introduces class discrimination and conflict, not equity.

Selfishness does not equal Productivity. Selfishness is taking what one believes they deserve (Redistribution). Productivity is creative endeavor to care for oneself, family and Charity (Sharing).

In truth, Capitalism = Sharing and Socialism = Selfishness, the exact opposite of what voters are being told by Senator Obama.

Listen well, weigh the differences and see whose plan is sensible and whose doesn't add up… literally.

A. Dru Kristenev
Author, “Gold Baron,” a novel of political intrigue, world markets and presumptive power brokers based on research of the underpinnings of real-time political and global financial maneuvering, and who’s instigating it.

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