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Obama Agrees With GOP at Retreat

?Well actually President Obama is agreeing with the American People without knowing it. Just go to the following link and scroll the video to 40:19 and let it play.

?(if you can't view the video here is the link at YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5vOMIN673A)

?You’ll find President Obama arguing with Dr. Tom Price from Georgia, that HR 3400, the Republican Healthcare Proposal that does all that the President wanted but "without raising taxes one penny," is, according to President Obama,.....

? “just not true, you can’t structure a bill where suddenly 30 million people have coverage and it costs nothing.....It’s not enough, if you say, for example that we’ve offered a healthcare plan....Specifically it’s gotta work. There has to be a mechanism in these plans that I can go to an independent healthcare expert, and say, ‘is this something that will actually work?’ Or is it boilerplate?”

?Isn’t that what we’ve all been saying while Reid and Pelosi have pushed for as much nationalization of healthcare as they can in both of their bills and with the President saying the bills "save money" or are "deficit neutral?"=

?But to exacerbate the intellectual elitism of our Progressive President, Obama further argues against tort reform, citing a lack of significant savings, “....But the CBO, or other experts, say to me, at best this could reduce healthcare costs, relative to where they are growing, by a couple of percentage points, or save 5 billion dollars a year, that’s what we can score it at, and, it will not bend the cost curve long term, or reduce premiums significantly, then you can’t make the claim that’s the only thing that we have to do.”

?Intellectual elitism is established here because Mr. Obama demonstrates a perfect lack of understanding of tort reform in regard to the healthcare issue. Arizona, for example, has a lack of medical doctors available to take care of patients. The reason is that the cost of liability insurance has left it virtually impossible for doctors to carry on business with a profit. This shortage of doctors drives the price of healthcare up due to the basic laws of supply and demand and is why the doctors we have are able to be profitable. Thus the ratio of doctors to patients can’t be increased without sacrificing the success of the current doctors and, at the same time, the opportunity for new doctors.

?Of course in typical lawyer fashion, Obama knows nothing, and needs to have some expert of one kind or another tell him what will or won’t work, and, that verification is how he derives if what is proposed will work or not. To me this reliance on experts is one hell of an opportunity for lobbyists.

?Let’s imagine if we could get twice as many doctors as we have competing in the marketplace for residency and the market of people who need medical care, and prices would come down. Of course then government would have no reasonable basis to claim a need for government to control healthcare merely to assure 15-30 million people are covered by a medical policy (5-10% of the entire population of the United States). This is an inequity to suggest, let alone pass, a law to displace the comfortable consumer market of current healthcare that is enjoyed by 90% of Americans merely to assure 10% or less have a means to get healthcare. I believe the term “over reaching” is in order, but another more juvenile yet appropriate term could be used here “unnecessary drama.”

Our economy is fragile enough as it is, and proposing this type of reckless legislation, legislation that does not even impute the impact of tort reform on the equation, is a very quick way to destabilize what little we can see with any sort of stability, as even a bad system has predictability, and thus is one less area of worry, one less thing to think about in the midst of worry about ones employment, eating, feeding their family etc.

?Lastly, of course the idea President Obama put forth, "that it costs nothing" is in telling counter-distinction to "doesn't raise taxes a penny" and reveals that Mr. Obama feels taxes are indicative of cost, the notion that government is the answer and must spend, must have a cost, for there to be any "meaningful change," and without such cost, it is just the status quo and what we've done for 8 years, irrespective of private enterprise being the engine of America for over 200 years in fact!

?Thank you for reading,

?Toddy Littman


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