Available newsfeeds

Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal Video Opinion-updated dailey
Forex Daily Currency Daily Rate Update FOREX.com's Market Updates summarize key takeaways and their potential impact on upcoming price action for the Tokyo, London and New York trading session
Newsbusters RSS Feed  
Forex Trading Newsletter FOREX.com's Weekly Strategy - Updated every Friday with the latest commentary on the foreign exchange market by Brian Dolan, Chief Currency Strategist.
Yahoo Finance - Gold Industry Yahoo daily news feed regardign the Gold Industry
Invetstors Business Daily (IBD) Editorials Another wonderful source of world information and news on the economy.
Investor's Business Daily (IBD) Audio Editorial Audio of editorials. No OP-Ed and guest editorial.
Fedsmith.com - Newsfeed for Federal Employees This one seems to have financial as well as basic news articles for federal employess, very informative.
Fedsmith TSP - The equivalent of 401(k) plans for Federal Employees. More financial information sources.
Yahoo Tech Ticker If you are interested in what's happening in tech these days, this is pretty cool.
Financial Management Service (U.S. Treasury) Publications RSS I've found this interesting in understanding how our goverment looks at things.
Financial Management System (FMS) Programs & Services This is a good place to start with the FMS but oh well it ended up second.
Citizenlink (Focus On The Family website) Citizenlink