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Dru-Who's Crying

13 Nov : 01:31 Category: A. Dru Kristenev's Op-Eds

November 12, 2008

Who’s Crying Now?

It’s uncanny how gloating is second nature to some when elections go their way and yet if they suffer a setback in one arena, they are out in droves protesting about ‘injustice.’

I speak of the gay community in California as they have made it their mission to make everyone miserable after Proposition 8 met with strong approval by voters in that state, determining that marriage between those of the same sex should be denied.

I am not taking a stand one way or the other on the proposition, only addressing the actions of those who lost the vote on their cause célébre. What is most interesting is that when a liberal cause goes down in flames at the polls, the protesters line the streets crying about the unfairness of it all. It’s understandable that the gay community might be upset at the result of the vote, however it is odd that when they don’t get their way it’s considered protocol to harass the organizations and churches that supported the initiative.,0,7790800.story

Were the tables turned and the 57 million voters, who were unfortunate enough to not see their candidate ushered into the oval office on inauguration day, vociferously protested the outcome of the election, they would be vilified by the press and the base who backed the winner.

Put it into perspective. When supporters of liberal causes throw a tantrum because they don’t get their way, it’s acceptable. In fact, even the ‘Governator’ will come out to cry along with them and call for the courts to overturn the will of the people. However, if it were conservatives raising a ruckus because they were distraught over a relatively close vote, the press and liberals would be yelling that they should put up and shut up. And on the whole, I would agree.

I may be one who may not have been ecstatic over the outcome of Tuesday’s election, but the votes have been counted and we must now move forward. The gay community should do the same, as should anyone who is unhappy with the final tabulation, witness the elections of 2000 and the hanging chads. Election day should not be about vengeance, however much some would make it so. Grow up, get a grip and learn to deal with elections without turning to demonstrations or fraud to make certain of a win by any means.

The other point that should be made is that the homosexual community has the chutzpah to compare their experience of occasional discrimination to that of racism. Nowhere in the history of this nation have homosexuals suffered the iniquities of slavery nor have they endured systematic murder or pogroms as have many peoples throughout time. I realize that this is not a politically correct statement, however truth trumps political correctness.

This country is built on equal rights for all, not special rights for some because they are different. Every individual is treated equally under the law. ‘Feel good’ ordinances devised for popularity’s sake cause nothing but divisiveness. Emotion is inappropriate where the law is concerned… and where votes are counted.

A. Dru Kristenev
Author, “Gold Baron,” a novel of political intrigue, world markets and presumptive power brokers based on research of the underpinnings of real-time political and global financial maneuvering, and who’s instigating it.

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Dru-How Many

05 Nov : 17:52 Category: A. Dru Kristenev's Op-Eds

November 5, 2008

How Many Times…

Well, it’s done. The exultant shouting has just begun and the mobs have no idea what’s been ushered in, America. We tried to warn that the Candidate Obama is not who he appears to be, but a media packaged ‘reformer’ promising ‘change.’ Just as other leaders in history who came into office riding on the wave of emotion and acclaim, Obama has been swept into the White House with a little over half the electorate’s support and amid the documented abuses of voter registration, rampant fraud and polling place intimidation in cities like Milwaukee and Philadelphia.

We’ve witnessed the herald of what the future holds. How many times must we relive history?

I will speak out now while I still can. I cannot sit idly by to wait for the brownshirts to arrive at my home, i.e. the new civilian defense force that President-Elect Obama expects to arm and send into the streets. Why he announced that we even would need such a force may become apparent all too soon. In order for him to enforce the new socialism and silence defiance, they would be necessary.

I have never been one to despair when it comes to the political arena, but America has finally shown how lazy we truly are by allowing ourselves to be bamboozled by celebrity, sound bites and glitz, opening the door to socialists. No longer at the door, now they are in office and are ready and willing to destroy what is left of the great plan our founding fathers put into effect. Secular Gnosticism.

Obama has maligned the Constitution as a “tragedy” of stating what government should not do for the people. It was crafted as a masterpiece to limit government in order to ensure our freedom. Half of this nation received what they asked for (including those who voted for Ron Paul, Bob Barr and the lot), only now it will be on the backs of the middle class as they are brought to their knees while the new nobility rises to control and disassemble the dreams of those who earn their keep.

If one believes that they are entitled to others’ wealth, then they have invited the dragon inside. They will receive less and expect their neighbor to give more. Watch what has happened in all the countries that allowed socialism a foothold, their economy has suffered and their standard of living has diminished.

Unreasonable hate fueled this election. Rage burned in the hearts of those who believe they deserve the fruits of others’ labor and all now will suffer for that shortsighted selfishness, because that is what it is. “Me first,” said half of America. “Take care of me,” because they believed the producer has no right to enjoy what he has earned, instead he should support the laggard.

Unless we realize how foolish this decision has been to allow the “spread-the-wealth” mantra to corrupt this great nation, the descent into folly and destruction has arrived. Change is what Obama promised. Oh, and he will stand by that promise. The problem is that half of America was not listening when he told us exactly what that ‘change’ means. It is not the equality as Dr. King hoped for our future, and I was present at his delivery of his “I Have A Dream” speech. It is the institution of economic slavery, suppression of free speech and the collapse of the American Dream (witness the comeback of the Fairness Doctrine, stated taxation policies, expanded government and entitlement programs). Socialism has been proven a failure in every historical example, from Athens to the USSR.

We have been warned. Only now we must be ever more vigilant to protect what is left of our freedom and turn the tide at the next opportunity. If we still have the voices to do so.

A. Dru Kristenev
Author, “Gold Baron,” a novel of political intrigue, world markets and presumptive power brokers based on research of the underpinnings of real-time political and global financial maneuvering, and who’s instigating it.

Check out for fully researched blogs by “Gold Baron” character, Toddy Littman. The first innovative and interactive website of its kind.

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04 Nov : 05:30 Category: A. Dru Kristenev's Op-Eds
November 3, 2008

Politicians, Their Words and What They Mean

This should make us all think about the men behind the words that are being spoken. What is being said; does it actually make sense; what will it mean to every American and how much do we truly know about those men who speak. Even Tom Brokaw acknowledged to Charlie Rose, October 30, 2008, on PBS that he knew very little about Senator Obama. I know. I watched the interview.

A strident voice accompanied by soothing promises that only projects the image of knowledge is the vehicle by which a people may lose their freedom. History is plain as we hear again the voices that have swayed millions in the past with words filled with promise but empty of meaning. Or is it that the meaning was veiled, or was it indeterminate? Use the context of history to judge today. If we do not then we are guilty of allowing inequity to resurface here, in America, as it did in Germany, in Russia, in Cuba, in Zimbabwe, in Kenya and any number of places, geographically and in time.

Someone is listening.
The actual letter:

We should judge leaders by their words and not what is said about their words or what someone else thinks their intent is. Note the difference between what we want to believe is being said and what truly is (or is not) said. We do ourselves and our country a disservice if we prefer to overlay politicians’ words with our own explanations of what they should mean.

Example Definitions: Capitalism = Selfishness; Socialism = Sharing (Obama).
True Definitions: Capitalism = Productivity; Socialism = Redistribution (McCain).

Sharing cannot equal Redistribution. Sharing is Charity and comes from the heart and conscience. Redistribution is government-controlled theft that introduces class discrimination and conflict, not equity.

Selfishness does not equal Productivity. Selfishness is taking what one believes they deserve (Redistribution). Productivity is creative endeavor to care for oneself, family and Charity (Sharing).

In truth, Capitalism = Sharing and Socialism = Selfishness, the exact opposite of what voters are being told by Senator Obama.

Listen well, weigh the differences and see whose plan is sensible and whose doesn't add up… literally.

A. Dru Kristenev
Author, “Gold Baron,” a novel of political intrigue, world markets and presumptive power brokers based on research of the underpinnings of real-time political and global financial maneuvering, and who’s instigating it.

Check out for fully researched blogs by “Gold Baron” character, Toddy Littman. The first innovative and interactive website of its kind.

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Dru-Couldn't Watch

31 Oct : 03:17 Category: A. Dru Kristenev's Op-Eds
October 30, 2008

Just Couldn’t Watch…

Nope, I just couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the rehashing of the how terrible life is in America, how awful times are and the incredible inequity of it all that threads through Obama’s rhetoric in his infomercial.

Sorry, but the constant harangue of Obama and how we are all living miserable lives under the thumb of, who does he blame? Oh yes, a corrupt Republican system.
Hmmm, makes you think. Makes you wonder.

How is it that Wall Street goes bust after the Congress has been directed (or should I say misdirected?) by the Democratic majority for two years and the filibustering Democratic minority for six years previous and Obama would try to lay that at the feet of hamstrung Republicans?

It is most bewildering that any Americans would pay even the least bit of attention to the falsehoods about mismanaged finances that Republicans tried to restrain in 2005 when the inevitable crash of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were heralded by none other than Senator McCain and his colleagues. Those same office holders who did their damnedest to plug the leak they saw springing from the dike then were forestalled in their efforts by, you guessed it, the Democrats. Barney Frank, Joe Biden, Maxine Waters and the rest who said that there was no problem… they were so certain that we could continue to rob Peter to pay Paul for time immemorial.

Now, I ask you, who is it who has no clue about economics? Not the Republicans, or most of them, anyway. No, they understood then that we were headed for the precipice. It was the Democrats who refused to see disaster looming in the distance and forced us to continue down the ill-fated path. That same path that has left us, say the latest reports, in an economic ‘downturn.’ The terminology is meant to strike fear into the hearts of voters and make us, incorrectly, assume that the Republicans are the cause. I charge you to use those practical gray cells God put between your ears to pay attention and note that at every turn, our Republican president was either blocked or coerced by liberals in Congress. I don’t give him a pass but I will also not fall for the lies that he has driven this economy. He has not, liberal Congress and outside influences have.

And the Democrats have the gall to recline in their LazyBoys and tell us that they are the ones who can help us out of the hole they dug? The one where we are half buried by their malfeasance, trying to scrape our way back to the surface? We should trust them who allowed the indulgence in the first place?

Think about it. Obama and his cronies tell us that they can save us by taxing us more and giving handouts to those who barely contribute, or don’t at all, to pay for the services they receive. Since when did we throw away the wisdom that told us there was no free lunch?

This is a nation built on the premise that hard working, productive individuals enjoy prosperity, not layabouts who wish on a falling star. No, life is not fair and wealth is not everyone’s right, but it is everyone’s right to work and create wealth.

Don’t allow Obama and his spread-the-wealth programs to strip us of our hard-earned gains. We give of our hearts, as it is the nature of Americans to be generous. Don’t be swayed by fair language that would have us believe that government is our savior and politicians are our shepherds. Government cannot replace God. It is a tool of the people to be used seldom thereby ensuring individual freedom, not to bestow anything on the free individual. For once government assumes the role of benefactor, it no longer serves, it rules.

So, no, I could not listen to Obama’s flowery words that would try to convince me that I am not capable of providing for myself and my family… that government’s duty is to provide for me. And I beseech you not to listen either.

America stands to provide opportunity not entitlement. So take the opportunity that is here and, as the Good Book says, “be fruitful and multiply.” And, deny Obama what he believes is his right… to reign.

A.Dru Kristenev
Author, “Gold Baron”

Check for more op-eds by A. Dru Kristenev and excerpts of the author’s new book, “Gold Baron.”

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A. Dru-Obama & Biden's Message

23 Oct : 20:05 Category: A. Dru Kristenev's Op-Eds
The Obama Will Be Tested?

When Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden made the supposed gaffe of telling America that this country could expect to be tested if Senator Obama becomes President Obama and we won’t like his response, we should listen up.

"Watch, we're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy."

Biden has just told the American people that we will not like the consequences and that we should be prepared to give him a pass as he implements measures that will make folks unhappy. If you were listening you will hear that he is telling us that they will use the situation to take action that will not only be unpopular with the public but will probably negatively affect our way of life. One possible conclusion? That the expectant Obama administration already knows that a “test” is on the horizon and they have plans to deal with it by cracking down on the populace. How could they do that? Martial law comes to mind.

Overreaction? Possibly, but not out of the question. Why do I say that? Because the spread-the-wealth redistribution plan, that Obama envisions, can only truly be implemented full force by using force. I don’t mean to alarm everyone, but read between the lines. No, you don’t even have to read between them. Read the black print.

They are saying expect a test. They are saying not to get upset at the new Obama administration’s action to deal with it. They are saying that we should give them our support no matter how dreadful the consequences of said action.

Look at history. How often have leaders around the world been voted in on the platform that they will improve the lot of the citizens by ushering in socialistic measures? (Remember Germany’s depression and the collapse of the Weimar Republic – Hello, Hitler? And the National Socialists, i.e. Nazis?)

The promise is always to soothe the hard feelings of the beleaguered by giving them a leg up through receiving wealth that is generated by others. The problem has been that once the wealth is redistributed and no one is producing more, the recipients become anxious and angry. Why? They were promised to receive what they need to survive, but when it dries up, where are they to go? The system no longer supports the opportunity or aspiration to produce because anything they create will be seized by the government. Hence, production of wealth will disappear. It follows that the distribution of wealth will disappear because there will be nothing to hand out. In Nazi Germany’s case, they looked beyond their borders for the wealth and resources they required.

Any number of African nations have suffered precisely this fate. And the only way that government could retain control was the use of arms against the citizens. Examine how countries that had relied on the failed communistic plan have had to turn back to capitalism in order to pull their economies out of wallowing ruin.

Even when the crisis is internationally “generated,” as Biden suggests, the result is the same… to impose action that limits the freedom of the populace, whether it’s to fight an outside enemy or guard against one inside our borders. Wealth will then be garnered to fuel the government rather than the people’s needs despite Biden’s assurance that financial help won’t be needed, and how would he know unless ‘the test’ is a foregone conclusion? Either way, wealth is redistributed into the hands of the State.

Biden’s admission is undeniable that Obama is sure to be tested. Why then submit ourselves to a pointless exercise? Especially in light of the fact that there is another choice where no test is required.

Obama’s plans will destroy the fabric of this nation’s productive essence. It will unravel the good, solid work ethic that has pervaded our society and built this nation into the strong bastion of freedom that has stood as a bulwark against despotism worldwide. No, not every battle has been the right battle, but do not discount the righteous fights that have engaged America. This is one.

A. Dru Kristenev
Author, Gold Baron

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Purchase your chador now…

23 Oct : 20:00 Category: A. Dru Kristenev's Op-Eds
Don’t wait! Purchase your keffiyeh, chador or burka now!

Okay, perhaps that’s a bit overstated, but when you put together the obvious pro-Islamic leanings of the democratic presidential candidate, perhaps it’s an indicator of where this country’s foreign policy would travel under his guidance.

Despite an after-the-fact disclaimer by an Obama campaign worker (just like every other disclaimer that has been delivered when he has been caught in an untenable situation, i.e. untruth) of a comment by Jesse Jackson, sr., addressing Obama’s stance on the so-called injustice suffered by Palestinians at the hands of Israel, it is evident that the candidate favors Islamist issues over that of other nations and religious or ethnic constituencies. Jackson stated that the U.S. would, in effect, abandon Israel as an ally in favor of the anti-Zionist (anti-Semitic) nations with a history of less than just usage of their own countrymen (see ongoing sectarian battles and shariya law).

When a video of Arabic children singing the praises of the ‘messiah’ hit the internet and the Obama campaign has been receiving a huge amount of funding from Palestine and internationally (yes, it has been tracked to Palestinian/international sources), it makes you wonder whose candidate this man really is. Who does he truly represent?

He likes to identify himself as a “citizen of the world” when he is supposed to be a citizen of the United States first. However, even that is in contention and is being challenged in the courts by former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General Philip Berg, a democrat.

When Obama’s paternal grandmother says faithfully, along with other family members, that she was present at the birth of her grandson, Barack Hussein, in Kenya it raises the question of his loyalties. Of course, this also brings into doubt whether or not Senator Obama is eligible to hold the office of President were he not to be a citizen born within the United States or having the proper certification of being the child of an American citizen born overseas.. This alone may not be enough to lift eyebrows, but when Obama is feted and praised so highly and funded by the Muslim world, we should take this into consideration as to who this man favors most… the United States or foreign interests.

It is of interest that Obama is pushing hard for the passage of a bill that would have the United States underwrite the global poverty-stricken populace by supplying funds via another tax earmarked for the United Nations. We have not been idle in sharing our wealth with others less fortunate the world over for decades, but charity should not be mandated and government largesse cannot replace charity given from one’s heart. Bureaucracy is nothing if inefficient in handling other people’s money and it is always unacceptably unaccountable. That practice is simple redistribution of wealth, stripping each hard-working American of the product of their sweat in order to reward those who, often enough, refuse to produce. In our world, it’s called an entitlement or victim mentality.

The old adage of teaching someone to fish rather than handing them your catch teaches people to take responsibility for themselves. It has been proven over and over again that rewarding idleness begets idleness. In the same vein, rewarding terrorist activity by recognizing terrorists’ demands, and even granting them, begets more terrorism.

So, get your wardrobe ready, not only will you be handing your hard-earned money over to an international redistribution scheme, but you just may be expected to give up your personal belief practices in the name of political correctness and world ‘peace.’

Let responsible capitalism reign…

A. Dru Kristenev
Author, Gold Baron

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