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NSA, Target, & Hackers – A Civil Rant

25 Jan : 16:34 Category: 2014 Election

As a man who has been involved with computers for almost 4 decades, a question arises regarding these 3 unrelated parties, where Target is obviously interchangeable with Neiman Marcus, but so too is, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and every institution of government or private enterprise where we've had to give them identifying information of some sort.

We're told that the problem is that our credit cards don't have a “smart chip,” and that hacking in Europe is far less prevalent because of this. However, I think hacking needs a bit more discussion.

Some hackers make money on information by using it, more often they sell the information in seconds, or divulge it to a group, on Internet Relay Chat (or something similar). Then all these people use the information to buy some things they resell upon delivery.

What is overlooked, or often not considered when thinking about hackers, is the more valuable market: to find information that has more than pristine credit. Certainly credit has become a means of identity, but there are other mechanisms of identity as well, such as dental and birth records, or if the primary information ties to more than one social security number (which is common in say a GS 15 and above job). What I am explaining here is the purpose in hacking a Target and then a Neiman Marcus, to then hack a government agency, and it is important to note that of the hacking attempts caught or thwarted, the general rule is that this is 1 of the 10 hacking efforts that have been caught. So when someone says “we've had no hacking attempts that we know of” regarding, they've told you there have been at least 9 successful (undetected, uncaught, and unthwarted) hacks every day.

You see, by having data from different sources, and then using it to access even more data (the recent fake Target phishing e-mails to the very customers hacked Christmas 2013 are examples of that effort) these databases can be correlated to find those records that lead to profiles that can be sold to the likes of the Mafia, Terrorists, and a variety of government “intelligence” organizations such as our CIA. Those profiled identities that are in another country can be used by an agent to be that perfect persona for a mission, with all the social security numbers, dental records, and medical history, finger & hand prints, retina images, facial bone structure necessary for that person to completely take over another's entire life, to be them by the most generally used identifying markers our systems use (though most don't go to more physical investigation if the person can answer the questions properly such as filling in the proper social security number that is privy to those certain GS 15 individuals), currently with the exception of one being able to have another's DNA if identifying a person were taken to that extreme.

Thus we arrive at the consideration of the “how,” and I submit again the article of how the surveillance of us was begun on a worldwide scale via the agreements that instituted the NSA as we know it today in 1956, This is to show how the legal framework was established between governments to achieve immunity for spying on their own citizens, the beginning of a mindset of a right of intrusion upon the sanctity of a person's home for the sake of “national security.” Of course all of this is hush-hush stuff, that, as you can see from the NSA website about the 1940s UKUSA/BRUSA agreement that had to be declassified,

The Echelon Program under Bill Clinton was based on this very system of surveillance, one that had no means of being brought into a courtroom until the Patriot Act's provisions of civil and criminal liability (see and

So now that we are reasonably informed as to the history of the NSA and the valued targets of data mining by hackers, we arrive at the necessity of backdoors in the most widely used product on computers: Microsoft Windows (From 1999 via Echelon exposer Duncan Campbell,, 2004,, Windows XP – note one can get an image of the install cd/dvd on the web and burn it themselves to use this one; windows Vista and 7 by using Linux,, and, of course, Microsoft is reacting to reports they worked with NSA to build these in for Windows 8 – which appears a really feeble argument when you look at this history since 1999 of backdoors that have been in Microsoft Windows,

Now, consider Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and their ownership in Skype as well when reading this:

“Rapid7, a security company, said it was a zero-day exploit making Internet Explorer 7, 8, and 9 vulnerable on Windows XP, Vista and 7 systems. Computer users can experience attacks if they visit a malicious website, which hands over privileges to the attacker. The attacker can run code of his choice in the context of the user. The attacker can delete or add files or change registry values. Security experts, like Rapid7, are advising business and general consumer users to avoid Internet Explorer until Microsoft issues a patch. Rapid7 offered advice for Internet users to switch to other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox while waiting for a security update. HD Moore, CSO of Rapid7, said, though, that avoiding the browser might not even be enough, as many applications rely on the IE engine to render HTML.” -- Emphasis mine,

So we've got software on our computers that can grant others the ability to affect our computers, even place bogus evidence of wrongdoing on our computers that “hackers” can gain access to from holes that no one seems to have known of on another iteration of Microsoft Windows that adds in the features necessary to hide government hacking surveillance accesses? While the ultra-Liberal Bill Gates and his Foundation with his wife seek and promote their benevolence, the software that's undermining our privacy and that aids and abets the government in stealing our money (a 5th amendment violation by government as they are using the bandwidth we pay for to spy on us without just compensation) is the engine of their generosity.

And yet, and this is the most aggravating aspect of this whole situation, the NSA, who monitors 5,000,000,000 cell phone calls a day, hasn't piped up at all as to who hacked Target, and Neiman Marcus, while the cost of this hack is said to be around 18 billion dollars so far (which would suggest this hack qualifies as economic terrorism, meaning it is something within the purview of the NSA's executive agreement-originated authority and should have been mined from the metadata of the 2013 Christmas buying season, right???). So what do we need the NSA for again??? Hello? *rap on skull* McFly???

Thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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“If You Don't Like Your NSA Surveillance Plan, I'll Just Keep It!”

19 Jan : 20:00 Category: 2014 Election

“If You Don't Like Your NSA Surveillance Plan, I'll Just Keep It!”

As I listen to Joe Trippi keep describing those on the far left as “Civil Libertarians,” the blatant disconnect of: Limited Government = Civil Liberty, that Liberals persist maintaining as a personal blind spot, just oozed out of the television.

While Obama, oh so intransparent (or is it “un-” or maybe “non-?”) Obama, explains some “new” NSA guidelines by the mechanism of drama and speech to the nation, I couldn't help but realize it is time we must recognize Obama for his greatest achievement: Obama is the man who makes Bill Clinton's Monica Lewinsky scandal of Hillary being unwilling or unable to maintain an exclusive intimacy with her own husband – Marriage incompetence – look like an MTV mini-series.

Let us take on Obama's Healthcare Debacle first....

Of course we're all aware of what was ranked the biggest lie of 2013,, but we may not be aware of his informing us those “30 million Americans” aren't going to be insured for free...

On the 20th of February 2010 I posted this article,, in hopes that shining a light on Obama admitting Obamacare will have to cost more (be a tax) to afford putting 30 million people on insurance company rolls would help even the most immersed Liberal “Civil Libertarian” to recognize that Obamacare is that used car that will cost you more than 5 times the sticker price and Obama is the salesman whose commission of book deals and speech fees when he leaves office is the only reason he smiles (Bill Clinton has received 500,000 a speech,, and There's also this one, which suggests the Federal Reserve’s “Quantitative Easing” was Bill Clinton's idea told to Obama by way of a $500,000 Kuwait Bank speech, Of course Hillary is following in hubby's footsteps, $200,000 per speech, It's a good thing Bill and Hillary don't qualify in the minds of those Liberal “Civil Libertarians” to be that horrible “1%” or “.1%” for that matter.).

Now it is 2014 and what's so amazing to me is the last year there were numerous scandals; the IRS abusing its authority to over-scrutinize anything that appeared to be Conservative by its name alone; The revelations of the Obama Administration's ineptitude leading up to and regarding the night of the Benghazi Libya Attacks of September 11, 2012 where Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods were murdered by Al Qaeda affiliated groups in an act of terrorism against the United States; The largest number of Navy Seals killed in a helicopter crash (most from Seal Team 6, the team that killed Osama Bin Laden) that the AP took up to report but few in the “mainstream media” have paid even lip service to,; The Obamacare website costing $600,000,000+ opens October 1st and fails, only to cost additional money and still, to this day, does not work right (something finally well-covered by all media, likely because it is an uncontainable display of complete and utter government incompetence by central planning design); and of course the NSA scandal where we're told they didn't “wittingly” collect data on Americans who weren't the target of warrants issued by the FISA “court” -- a panel that meets behind a vault door without notice or any representation by the person being targeted and whose “public records” generally require a FOIA request (the modern day Star Chamber) – irrespective of NSA now admitting to collecting 5,000,000,000 cell phone records every day. All of these and more that I can't even recall, the year's Obama abuse of power scandals that we've discovered or know anything about is such a blur, yet each was met head-on by Progressive President Obama giving another dramatic speech of well acted outrage (though clearly feigned compared to the record of action after the speech) with still unfulfilled promises of accountability. But only one of these has been given another speech, the NSA issue which was brought to light by Edward Snowden, a certain Liberal and likely even part of a larger group of public disclosure media “Civil Libertarians” whose purpose is to leverage a President to obey those who paved his road to election and remind him that he can't use the likes of George Soros to get into office and then ignore his whims.

But I stray from the point, which is that the NSA was picked out of the rest of these scandals which are being ignored, just as the Fast and Furious gun running scandal has been frozen by the “intransparent” Obama Administration and President Obama's asserting executive privilege over the information subpoenaed by the House of Representatives in carrying out their Constitutional Mandated Function of oversight of government operations – House of Representatives of the People, who are taxed to pay for government, naturally, are charged to oversee the use of that money. And why was the NSA Scandal picked? Because the premise of the NSA issue, the believed underlying, underpinnings of its core as presented by the press and assumed true by the public to be the Patriot Act, enacted under George Bush. Obama is going to soon set forth how when he came into office that this whole NSA machinery was put already in place by his predecessor, and then explain how there is only so much he can do, that even as President, he, Barack Obama, can't undo the NSA systems in place. This is why he is urging Congress to be involved, the NSA scandal was chosen because it lays a perfectly divisive political trap.

So, I, to help uncover the trap before many stumble upon it and find themselves caught in the whole garbage-angle narrative spin of the “mainstream [Progressive] media” (and our educations) that Obama is using, I submit the truth of the NSA and overall worldwide government surveillance program via links to a previous article. This article uses the NSA disclosures (by links to the NSA website) of a declassified document from the 1940's detailing this Nation State agreement that created a legal mechanism for countries to spy on their own citizens without being the perpetrators of that spying, the facts and official record of how this surveillance was started. The disclosure also includes a 1956 amendment to the agreement which is where the NSA, as we know it today, was created,

What this means is that these Obama guidelines, the so-called changes to the NSA as delivered in a dramatic (media event) speech by President Obama, is as trustworthy as his Obamacare promise of, “if you like your plan you can keep it, period.” See, it's not about what he said but why he said it, which the last 5 years has proven is to play on the divisions of Americans who aren't part of the National Liberal Collective Minds for Communist Progress known as the Democratic Party – divisions in ranks of those who oppose them are “a crisis to never let go to waste.” Breaking down the American People (via agitation) is the persistent necessity of the Community Organizer to then be the political operative to bring them together on the organizer's terms and with the organizer now having a means of influence on those who have the power, eventually absorbing their ability to wield their power on their own by using the nudges of settlement by the various interests as leverage – facts of the past used to influence the course of the future -- for why the opposing parties should settle with their opposition irrespective of the whole controversy being contrived, agitated, and made a public spectacle by the Community Organizer. “Politician” and “Lobbyist” are synonymous with “Community Organizer,” in fact one could say the Community Organizer is the evolved perfection of these.

My suggestion is to avoid the trap of controversy over any of this, for it's just a controversy amongst 2 political parties who are seeking the use of the power the other gained while Americans weren't looking, their actions have spoken millions, even billions of words to their true nature, intention, and purpose, and a deafening silence to the Will of the American People. There is no dispute that almost all of those today in Washington, D.C. have shown that serving the American People has not been their ultimate interest in seeking office but, instead, to carry out the agenda of their ideology/party and wield the power of government expanded by the other party, and to expand that power further when their party is elected on more empty promises.

Oh, and to all you Occupy and other money haters out there, government uses money to achieve this expansion and influence (the truest sense of the term “bribe”). So, hope you're over your Utopian belief in the nebulous “fairness” through government whose sole interest is the power and influence that Politicians -- a group who has no problem being despotic -- can wield over everyone and anyone as a new opportunity to rally the obedient closer to voluntary servitude at an exchange price of more empty promises that they never intended to, nor can, deliver. This is the definition of your “social justice” by the actions of the government you think will deliver you from what you hate, when they are biggest addict and user of the drug aspect of money.

Thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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