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Occupy Wall Street: Obama Progressive Agenda Marketing Machine

11 Oct : 03:01 Category: OP-ED

A seemingly simple commentary on the so-called Occupy Wall Street, “demands” and “proposals.”

Obama, as we all know, has burned out the bully pulpit with most Americans. And now that he hasn't a super-majority to merely demand his ideas, like healthcare, be forced down the throats of the American People, he's lost whatever chicanery his taking office assumed he could always muster by incantation before TOTUS.

Except, when you look at the scandals, whose tentacles of Chicago-style politics & patronage appear to be able to place the taxpayers of this nation, to place the legal interest of the U.S. Government, subordinate to political special interests. As in Solyndra, there is an appearance of patronage on behalf of a big donor and Obama funds bundler; also, a patronage that extends into the international community of Mexican Drug Cartels, that may have reneged on their quid-pro-quo agreement not to cross the border into America with their violence in exchange for American Arms bought by the taxpayer, if you're willing to look this far, it is one possible appearance of “Fast and Furious;” a patronage that may even be involved in the Arab Spring, a strategic sort based on sympathizing with the Muslims due to Mr. Obama's childhood as a Muslim, (see and this is irrespective of placing our ally Israel in greater jeopardy.

And this brings us to the Occupy Wall Street group, where the patronage, the exchange, is to have them be his marketing arm. Through the unions these groups have become larger, taken on organization, and even have a bank for their money (see This allows them to do what Mr. Obama cannot do: Command minds to listen with an open ear via media attention that Mr. Obama can no longer garner. We hear a number of groups with different ideas, read without the sense of Obama's all too comfortable dilatory speeches in illustrating his intellectual prowess, and without the need for the Democratic Party (as taken over by the Progressive Left) to take the political fallout if it had proposed what Occupy Wall Street folks are actually suggesting.

There are a few examples of their discussions or possible demands posted across the internet and their groups across the country (see, and as some examples).

What I found interesting in watching videos of them is that they are carrying on public assemblies as though a government marketing arm for the Obama and the Democratic Party's Progressive agenda and I believe that this could get ugly very fast.

I, of Pacific Island descent, alleged by the media as “a White Tea Party Racist,” by merely being in the Tea Party, find it interesting in the latter link above, that there appeared to be no people of color who stood up wanting John Lewis to speak at Occupy Wall Street in Atlanta – and the deafening media silence in overlooking this fact, including from African-American Leaders, was rather striking. Apparently the appearance of racism is given a pass when pushing a socialist agenda (i.e. Occupy Wall Street), but is not okay when you're not racist just because you are not pushing a socialist agenda (i.e. Tea Party). It's the old trick of double standards at its finest, one that places blindness, for the good of the cause, over reason in all cases. Emotional at its base, this blindness says that the overall cause will bring about an end that will justify the means, and it’s ironic that George Clooney recently claimed such hypocrisy of our politicians is a part of the message in his latest movie (as seen on USA channel previews of the “Ides of March”). The writers apparently never thought that such a blindness would ever be able to be implemented across a mass of people. And to make sure the illustration of this is clear, so we all know it is absolutely possible, youtube is our friend:

What struck me the most was the “hand signal” idea, instead of clapping, to avoid interrupting the speaker. It was a surreal moment to see this, for, it was the appearance of Germany before the National Socialist German Workers' Party, that we better know as the NAZI party led by Adolf Hitler, took control by an election. What made it more surreal to me is that one only has to take the word “Rich” and replace it with “Jew” in the Occupy Wall Street rhetoric to see the parallel. But there are so many parallels, such as one speaker surrounded by a mass echoing every word said, that to me seems a dangerous opportunity for an Adolf Hitler-like figure to leap onto the stage. Yet another parallel was the extended arms waving in the air, twice the limb and seemingly more animated than the NAZI Salute, yet with that “can you see me” attention seeking to them to make sure their vote is known, while showing the obvious beginnings, footings being laid as they were in pre-NAZI Germany, particularly now, with the Unions (the backbone of the democratic party, whose mantra, no matter how erroneous, being “for the worker”) backing the protestors.

Another video about the seduction of the youth in Germany helps show the youth parallel as well:

You see the right arm extended out as a salute right? How this allows for a showing of approval without interrupting “der Fuhrer?” Striking indeed that socialism has these persistent earmarks, while socialism is the persistent tool to implement bridge-reforms to totalitarianism, to both the extremes of fascism and communism, and their historic oppressive character, identical to the root system that brought about their existence by disdain: feudalism.

But oppression’s bedfellow has always been the laziness of the masses. Not until good men, good people, were willing to stand up for the simple joy of Freedom, of control over their own destiny, the notion that there was a means for them to have their own property at their own pleasure, and be able to believe as they wish without persecution, has freedom from a government of oppression been possible, a freedom we enjoy due to the sacrifice of Our Founders, whose mantle to carry on this noble procession of Freedom for all mankind into the future has been laid at our feet.

The sword of battle, Our Written Constitution and Our Property that illustrates, asserts, and demands compliance of government, to the Will Of The People that is the instituting power bringing about such government as their servant, whose members volunteer to such servitude for the Honor of serving. This is an Honor because it is serving the Will Of The People, which in America is tantamount to Freedom by the mere mechanics Our Founders laid down. The whole design around the Honor of our government to serve Freedom is the guarantee of Individual Liberty.

These, so called 99%, are a mere group of “Classists,” who've bought into every notion of equality being based on wealth and power, without even the slightest scintilla of comprehension that equality is in the heart and mind of the Individual, only executable at Liberty, in a state of existence that assures they can seize opportunity without being limited by government's encroachment and “societal caste,” the very “Classism” they've bought into. Money and Power derive from the result of the choice. Socialism, Communism, and Fascism all testify to this in their failure throughout history, that their Utopian vision, an absolute perfection, requires force as the final means to achieve the Utopia. Use of force jumps to the conclusion of forcing compliance of those who do not agree, and it is this force that is the collusion of wealth and power to destroy the very fabric of humanity so easily claimed a necessity of our being: evolution. This is the reason this Utopian vision is an impossibility, for it rests on a lack of change in mankind to continue to be Utopia, and at no point has any political or economic system reached this Utopian ideal. Capitalism is not pursuing Utopia on a mass scale but by the idea of private property rights and that it is up to the Individual to design and have their own Utopia, to bring their own Utopian vision to fruition.

Stagnation is what destroys Utopia as a destination, stagnation caused by uniformity ad infinitum, a uniformity that extends from birth to death, and disallows thought beyond the scope of the uniform, except to a select few, such as the 15 who controlled the Politburo of The Soviet Union, or today's 24 controlling the European Union, and, in unions themselves, the hierarchy of the union over the worker, designing what is best for the union, not the worker. Always, the limitation of the self-interest of the governing body bubbles to the top in the crucible of politics, while those under the rule of the body are subject to the stagnation of being considered “cared for,” a dynamic that can only be corrected by complaints. This, as the Congressman Lewis video above demonstrates, may never resolve by any sort of deliberative process, but by a speaker falling back to whatever schedule was made previously.

In reviewing the above General Assembly proceedings, I find a parallel to Harry Reid's changing of the rules to avoid voting on President Obama's American Jobs Act, a vote that will fail. Reid's schedule, demonstrated since the beginning of the year, is to table all House Bills while whining about the harm caused by taking no action on the issues they address, and this is his persistent Progressive pursuit to change the established rules toward Government-run Democracy, and away from our Constitutional Republic. Mr. Reid did not hesitate in seizing the opportunity to change parliamentary rules made by Our Founders themselves, overruling the parliamentarian in the House which was meant to guide the body in holding to the precedent procedures of the American Republic. This is a similar “falling back to whatever schedule was made previously,” in using the opportunity for debate as an opportunity to pursue Harry Reid's personal goal to change a 200+ year old precedent, meant to assure the most noble of causes, that the minority in power always have an opportunity to be heard (see Of course, that “minority” tag is only respected by Progressives when applied to the party promoting socialism and Marxist tenets.

America, due to how Our Government was founded as Our servant, always has a chance to change this dictatorial dynamic by government, for Our Government's limited powers, to serve at Our Pleasure, were not granted irrevocably. Let us not ever forget that we can, on Our Own Will in Freedom, affect this government, revoking all aspects of the Constitution that lead government to believe we instituted a government to be the beast of burden this one has become, revoke whatever lead those in government to believe they have a right and authority to be a Den-Of-Thieves by legislative prerogative over the people. We The People can help our government cease from following the course of government-self-interest. It is time now, more than ever, that we return to the republican and conservative principles of a government that is in the constant pursuit of defending their greatest special interest, the smallest minority, the Individual, and that we no longer allow catering to special interest collective “groups” that wish to do away with individuality in the name of enriching the body of their collective and to cause a detriment to America.

Private Property Rights” and “Capitalism” are synonyms of separate disciplines, the former legal, the latter economic, and their protection is bound together by the limits placed on the National Government by the 4th and 5th Amendments:

Amendment IV - “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable...seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place...the persons or things to be seized.” -- I emphasized that seizure is not married to search, to help appreciate the value Our Founders put on our property and property in rights, that this Amendment is a directive to government to carry out a certain and specific process prior to any taking, any “seizure,” of our private property, as a matter of establishing a legitimate government purpose,

Amendment V - “...; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”-- ibid.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

P.S. If you wish to apply a reading of the 4th and 5th Amendments as only applicable to the course of criminal proceedings, I direct you to the last clause of Article V of the germane Constitution, and how this was not related to the dates preceding subclause,

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Weiners Foible And They All Fall Down

17 Jun : 13:17 Category: OP-ED
I am being generous in describing the loathsome character of a man lost in lust of office as a mere foible.

Waiting patiently for his resignation I cannot help but refer to it appropriately: Hyper-reality Cracks as the image meets the man. What else can be said of an image standing there with lips moving, yet, as a matter of course, unheard by those who bought the image he portrayed as meaning, as the definintion of Anthony Weiner in the real. These only recently to discover betrayal through the image they believed in, a mere reflection in the mirror which he, the man Anthony Weiner, sold himself on as real, and subsequently duped others into believing in as well. Betrayal, the absolute means of alienation by all who believe in you, though usually you're the last to know the jig is up, and the con is over – This is what we witnessed in this “Press Conference:”

The hecklers in that crowd are the real Anthony Weiner, the man. Sure some in that crowd were “he's sick” and thus suggesting leniency, as though this is as curable as a simple headache. Reality however spoke again, making sure the image hears that the man, the one people considered themselves as knowing personally, defies the image, expressing outrage in reflecting the reflection of the character they believed he was right back at the image, who continued speaking as though the real, Reality, was not even there.

Thus the surreality of the moment was the fact this multi-term (14 year, 7 term) government expanse liberal operative was merely a sexually depraved juvenile of 15 going on 39, an image developed by pomp and circumstance that educated the man to believe in a right of arrogant action and denial no matter how indefensible.

Made up words, or use of words of art for particularity, is a rather grand demonstration of the truth of all this. “Certitude” as opposed to “certainty,” demonstrating Weiner's image is in charge, and needs to be kept alive through special unique attention.

And now I take a moment to address my silence over this last month.

If you do research or know any researchers you'll also know the frustration of the research effort. I've been at this a very long time in relationship to government, long before it was fashionable to take on government in any manner. And seeing a government that regularly sets at odds with God, always seeming to “nudge” us into some level of submission, of acquiescence to sacrifice Individual Liberty, has been the driving force behind a willingness to be in government's face.

You see, to me, we need to remind them in the least silent and ambiguous way, who is the Sovereign of this nation, who has the Sovereign Power, how this is in direct relation to Our Unalienable Rights, and, that the oppressive nature of power requires it not be wielded by the Anthony Wieners of the World, if Freedom is to be secure. It is the very nature of mankind to succumb to ones own image, as displayed so well by Mr. Weiner's image standing behind the podium, that we have a written Constitution.

Yet, there are many who do not comprehend, let alone appreciate, the compound republic structure Our Founders established with this written instrument of Our Enforcement over government, the Constitution.

As much passion as I have for returning to a nation where the people believe in their country, and place those in office who will serve them well, instead of consistently voting for Barabbas, I am also in agony. It is a rather significant heart wrenching pain to see my brothers and sisters so willing to argue amongst themselves, to even deny the historical record as a matter of fact. And what makes this so very painful is knowing I am watching them be lost in a National Education Association education, in being the image that this order of communist educational union has sought to make them since 1859, they are lost in the ego driven need to be right and assuming argument and debate the means of finding truth. Last I knew, one step in front of the other was a means to walk in a straight line, a binary precession in argument of opposites is just as lineal a path, only this one, due to the lack of holding to history, is a path to oblivion at the hands of narcissistic self-obsession.

May all who've spoken out regarding the dictatorial reign of Barack Obama come to terms with the notion that this is about saving America, and not further compromising our country according to a new ego driven power mongery of lucrativity by politics as a commodity. It's time to put hyper-reality and its images to rest.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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In Osama We Trust Obama

06 May : 13:33 Category: OP-ED
To this day I will not believe Osama Bin Laden is dead. There is not one shred of verifiable information, and with the President showing deference to Islamic Extremists over the transparency due the American People by releasing photos, a transparency he claimed he'd have, there remains a void in comprehension.

Sure, Al Qaeda is marching in the streets, holding up “We'll avenge Bin Laden” signs, but we must recognize that to the Islamic Extremists we are mere infidels, not owed the truth, nor counted as a loss of life when killed by them.

In fact it is only to the Islamic Extremist's mind that Osama Bin Laden is not a murderer, and thereby worthy of an official Muslim burial, (Page 16). Our having a Muslim Cleric at the ready for this operation, demonstrates that the intention from the beginning was the assassination of Osama Bin Laden – America the Mafioso making its true imperialist mark by act of the Chicago-Communist-Politician-In-Chief. What other reason is there to be so prepared and ready to make sure of a proper religious service for Osama Bin Laden? I am utterly beside myself as to why Obama so blatantly shows absolute agreement with the Islamic Extremists’ view of Osama Bin Laden, and their view that we are Infidels subject to slaughter. By merely giving Osama Bin Laden Islamic funeral services, prohibited by the Koran “for murderers,” Obama has single-handedly rendered the 3,000+ who died on 911 as Infidels under Sharia law, at least in the eyes of Islamic Extremists, their view is confirmed.

It is also worth noting that Osama Bin Laden represented jihad, the idea of holy war, at all times, and, because of that, he was not to be cleaned and wrapped in a kafan:

“Special circumstances:

If a Shaheed (martyr) has died fighting in Jihad, his body should not be washed
and he should be buried in the clothes he died in.” – Emphasis mine, Ibid, Page 4.

Kerosene on the flames of Islamic Extremism anyone? Luckily, we could use a few more Islamic extremist enemies, we haven't enough pursuant to some Obama Administration based academia tally. Then again this is likely just “Progressivism” as Obama must accomplish another first for his administration: To be the first U.S. President who achieves hatred of America by the entire Muslim community.

Now of course this is after Obama, all by himself, authorizes a “not war” in Libya, using powers he claimed in 2007 the President doesn't have except under certain specific circumstances,

Please don't let the lack of Congressional Authority confuse you into thinking that authorizing assassination of someone in a foreign country to which they are not the ruler is any more constitutional than the attack on Libya – The “Chicago Way” of thugs and hitmen – finally a U.S. Military policy and “political use” that we all applaud because it was Osama Bin Laden who was killed, irrespective of the Constitutional ramifications, the dictatorial despotic appearance of this if we were to look at it historically.

I am so glad we have a government, and particularly a President Of The United States, we're sure won't ram legislation down our throats, such as government run healthcare with panels deciding treatments, or is making the cost of energy skyrocket, bailing out special interest groups from banks to unions and anything else “too big to fail” in an unholy alliance of mass stock exchange and commodity equity wealth being manipulated and leveraged against the Will of the American People, which would be evidenced by some astronomical debt of 10 trillion dollars or more.

It’s really important none of that has happened, or we'd be ludicrously insane to the nth degree ad infinitum in obliviousness to the Constitutional ramifications of an executive branch authorizing war and assassination all by itself. Applauding the unbridled power of a tyrant on display solely because he did what we hoped for, for a very long time, irrespective of it being “extra-constitutional” powers that our government was never given.

“Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!”

Toddy Littman

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Litanous Littman's Summary Of Reason Using Michael Moore

04 Mar : 00:24 Category: OP-ED
Michael Moore's mantra in persistence, as stated here, thanks to Real Clear Politics Michael Moore On Wealthy People's Money, must be recited for clarity:

“To me the solution is quite simple.

“First of all we're not broke. This country is not broke. State of Wisconsin is not broke. There's a ton of cash in this country, trillions of dollars of it. But it's a finite amount. There is only so much cash, alright?

“What's happened is, we've allowed a vast majority of that cash to be concentrated in the hands of just a few people, and they're not circulating that cash. If you don't believe that, go try and get a loan right now. They're sitting on the money. They're using it for their own stuff...They're putting it some place else. They have no interest in helping you with your life with that money.

“We've allowed them to take that, that's not theirs, that's a national resource. That's ours. We all have this. We all benefit from this, or we all suffer as a result of not having it.

“And, and, I think, that, that, we need to, uh, go back to taxing these people at the proper rates.

“Um, Um, they need to...We need to see these jobs as something that we own, we collectively own as Americans. And you just can't steal our jobs and take them someplace else.”

Let's look at the issues Mr. Moore is bringing up as though all one and the same, when they're not:

“First of all we're not broke. This country is not broke. State of Wisconsin is not broke. There's a ton of cash in this country, trillions of dollars of it. But it's a finite amount. There is only so much cash, alright?”

The national debt clock,, has a rather interesting way of showing what money is committed where, and what is “unfunded liabilities” meaning, where money hasn't been committed. If you look closely there's a significant area of unfunded liabilities that derive from social programs, it's the bottom line in red. As of this writing, the far right 12 digits number is around $110,000,000,000. Yes that's 110 trillion dollars, or roughly 30 times the current proposed Obama budget, and 60 times George Bush's last budget. As you move one more to the right, you see that this is around $1,000,000 due from each household.

These are commitments made by government to the people on the basis of a so called “Welfare Clause,” its name a part of an overall Communist violence to meaning in perversion of a clause intended to consider what is best in the relationship between the States and the National government as it relates to imposition of the Constitution, turning this clause instead into a call for social programs and financial guarantees. This is something the Posterity of the Pilgrims would never do,

Yet, as bad as this is in actual debt, creatively termed “unfunded liabilities” that was even good enough to fool Michael Moore, there is a greater debt looming which takes us to his remaining points.

“What's happened is, we've allowed a vast majority of that cash to be concentrated in the hands of just a few people, and they're not circulating that cash. If you don't believe that, go try and get a loan right now. They're sitting on the money. They're using it for their own stuff...They're putting it some place else. They have no interest in helping you with your life with that money.

“We've allowed them to take that, that's not theirs, that's a national resource. That's ours. We all have this. We all benefit from this, or we all suffer as a result of not having it.

“And, and, I think, that, that, we need to, uh, go back to taxing these people at the proper rates.

“Um, Um, they need to...We need to see these jobs as something that we own, we collectively own as Americans. And you just can't steal our jobs and take them someplace else.”

I do not remember Michael Moore screaming in 2008 when Congress was passing the Bank Bailout. Many may not remember but this law did not pass the House of Representatives. We The People contacted the House and they voted this law down. Our sense is we had dodged the bullet on this 700 billion dollar George Bush socialism program of Goldman Sachs' Hank Paulson.

However, instead Harry Reid, a democrat, did then the same thing they did to get the individual mandate put into healthcare and pass it under “reconciliation” (See blue text, With the bailout bill they took the version of the House bill that didn't pass, scrap it, illegally add non-House originating revenue provisions, and make it a Senate Amendment to a House-passed bill, knowing it would pass, as the House kept what it had already approved, documented in detail here,

Again, I do not remember Michael Moore, or the plethora of Communists moaning and groaning about Harry Reid going the extra mile for then President George W. Bush to get this through for Hank Paulson. Not a peep, nor did they disparage Barack Obama for voting for it, and of course McCain foolishly voted for this bailout.

I must preface this with the fact I believe in American exceptionalism, that our Individual Liberty is a means to breach all limits, and render each and every one of them artificial.

Thus my preference, and admittedly caught up in the heat of the “those bank crooks” moment, that I later realize is erroneous, would still be to have businesses fail when in financial turmoil, no matter how big the business or the turmoil. I like this option as it ends a number of legal interests and mechanisms by construct, that actually can free up our ability to deal with the problem through both marketplace and government.

However, the choice and preference of socialism, of Communism, to move the means of production of money for circulation under a State monopoly, is the method that was chosen. The bank bailout money was used other than according to law, and resulted in a means to keep these debt-ridden institutions in business. If you wish to see the net effect of Mortgage Backed Securities and other derivative style debt, on the debt clock, go to the left and look for “money creation.” Move to the far right, and that 12-digit number, that hovers around $600,000,000,000 is, yes, 600 trillion dollars. Those “wealthy,” of Mr. Moore's loathsome hatred, are on the hook for that amount through the institutions that made the agreements creating the debt.

See, your deposit is one of many ways banks uses to create credit, through lending it to someone else, who then deposits it in another bank, in a cycle that continues over and over. What ends the cycle is that a portion is kept by each bank as a reserve percentage. These are accumulated together when you withdraw the deposit, and reconstitute the original deposit, thus the principle is retained, and this keeps all the loans deriving from it in good standing.

This is also why we used to require a deposit on a home for purchase. Over the 30 days the money is held the 25% deposit would generate the credit issued for purchasing your home. This maintains the solvency of the economy by a separation of mortgage credit from short-term consumer credit.

Jimmy Carter's Community Reinvestment Act and implementations by Bill Clinton, caused government to regulate banks to give loans with no money down. This meant the bank had to find a way to have these loans paid for. Mortgage Backed Securities became the means to assure a repayment of the loan. This system works fine as long as people can pay their mortgages, though it is somewhat illegal, as it causes the paper to be packaged (another one of those “vehicles” in law, a construct) in such a way the loan leaves the possession of the bank from where you took out the loan, rendering them unable to foreclose if you fail to pay. It is worth noting that the design of these systems is to facilitate equal outcome Communist concerns, as often it was through court cases and their settlement that a new banking bureaucracy is created to facilitate special circumstances, and with the blessing of government. Barack Obama and his ACORN case of 1992 appears responsible for part of the Mortgage Backed Security and “second glance” review portion of the design, the case brought on civil rights grounds but settles on financial hardship grounds

As I hope you can see, the choice in 2008 was to either let 600 Trillion dollars become due, that's 40 times our 14 trillion dollar national debt, or, provide a relief mechanism, that was supposed to be the purchase of these “toxic assets,” and ended up the taking of equity positions and dictating bank policies, to begin to institute that State monopoly over the production of money via government's running the banks as an equity owner.

I contend these choices brought about by liberal policies and their union, the BAR Association, were forced options, manipulations by exploitation of natural jealousy over those we identify with luxury greater than our own, “the wealthy,” and the wishful dreams of the NEA educated Utopian rose-colored vision that was drilled into us.

Our government ceased from being an objective, and obedient to the Constitution, governing body some time ago, and opted for government power as a business. Communists have longed for this sort of capitalist leverage by government, and the public collective bargaining and union dissension are demonstrations of their belief in exploiting our government's shift to ruling over people as their benefactor, partner, and sovereign ruler that defines their freedom according to a social justice standard.

Mr. Moore is proven entirely misguided by the following simple statute, a codifying of a pre-existing legal condition of the banking community, Title 12, Section 289,, which explains why the United States Government saved the banking industry, and how it is Moore's fellow Communists, under the guise of Progressive and Liberal ideology, that are holding on to money that belongs to us through abuse of government power:

Thus we all learn the government is the profiteer from the Federal Reserve System, the very government Michael Moore wants to see enforce collective interest in this money, an already collective interest when you read the next Title 12 section:

“The net earnings derived by the United States from Federal reserve banks shall, in the discretion of the Secretary, be used to supplement the gold reserve held against outstanding United States notes, or shall be applied to the reduction of the outstanding bonded indebtedness of the United States under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury. Should a Federal reserve bank be dissolved or go into liquidation, any surplus remaining, after the payment of all debts, dividend requirements as hereinbefore provided, and the par value of the stock, shall be paid to and become the property of the United States and shall be similarly applied.”--

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

P.S. I do have to ask, when an American filmmaker decides to go to Canada, and Cuba as well, to film, whose the one exporting American jobs elsewhere? I believe Moore was spending money in these places that he could have spent in America, and is instead employing people in these countries. Maybe it is the inconvenient truth of Mr. Moore owning stock in Haliburton,, until called on the carpet about his ownership in this outgrowth of Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson's Brown & Root, that leads me to assume he knows he exported jobs to Canada and Cuba but is leaving that out for appearances sake. Pay no attention to the history, it shows the hypocrisy of Communism's assumptions and the pure baseless purpose to bully and force by lie and deception.
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Public Union Collective Bargaining Is Communism

27 Feb : 22:23 Category: OP-ED
Sleep is the only thing to which I can attribute the lack of functional knowledge. Not just any sleep, but a deep slumber, induced by decades of logic dulling, de-inspiration.

There was a time when we would spend days, weeks, even months to write what we meant to say, sometimes needing to rely on our memory of the last time we spoke to someone in person, or impression alone from previous correspondence and having never met who we're writing to.

The degree of value to each word is significant. Penmanship was of great importance to impress, but for personal matters, no one really gave a damn. Letters, yet, would find their way into the newspaper, often part of a tragic story or communications effort.

Literacy was somewhat rare, and of course those who relied on literacy for their livelihood set their designs upon promoting the necessity of education as a want in common, and naturally welcoming education.

In Europe this was the Monarch's interest, eventually. The Church took up teaching without asking permission and royal protest was answered with, “Your Majesty, your subjects will be more loyal when they know the difference between right and wrong.” This achieved the Monarch's assent and eventual financial aid.

In its own way this is the birth of the imbecile. Imbeciles became the excused as they could never say “I understand the charges against me.” This achievement, a new civility, but not without a price.

In America there is no subject class. The Citizen is the student. It takes little imagination to see how education becomes the eventual target of our demise by competing interests, who each take their turn through educational establishment, teaching us the good of submission to the varying degrees of control.

The first, and for purposes of this paper, are the teachers themselves, the educated using education as a weapon (

“Who would champion the nation’s teachers? State education associations existed in 15 of the 31 states in the Union, but there was no national organization to serve as a single clear voice for America’s teachers. Until one day in 1857, when 10 state associations sent out “The Call,” an invitation to the nation’s educators to unite.”

Here is what they refer to as “The Call”:

The 1857 invitation to form the National Teachers Association:

“Believing that what has been accomplished for the states by state associations may be done for the whole country by a National Association, we, the undersigned, invite our fellow-educators throughout the United States to assemble...for the purpose of organizing a National Teachers Association...We cordially extend this invitation to all practical teachers in the North, the South, the East, and the West, who are willing to unite in a general effort to promote the general welfare of our country by concentrating the wisdom and power of numerous minds, and distributing among all the accumulated experiences of all; who are ready to devote their energies and their means to advance the dignity, respectability and usefulness of their calling; and who, in fine, believe that the time has come when the teachers of the nation should gather into one great educational brotherhood...”

It is worth noting the Communist Manifesto is circa 1848 ( Collectivism and the denouncement of capitalism and incrimination of those who believe in one having a right to their own property had already begun. Educators, “teachers,” would have been aware, if not knowledgeable, of the great work by a renowned economist such as Karl Marx.

Thomas W. Valentine was the President of the New York National Teachers Association who made the above invitation, and this collectivism at the State level had already taken shape amongst these associations.
Their capacity to gain leave from the legislature to form their associations at the time is indicative of their recognition of themselves as a special and unique interest. Of course a big part of the NEA's power came in wanting to educate slaves as well. Noble indeed, but politically pressing across a well-established line, and thus making the organization a political operative according, not to the Constitution and American principles, but to the Communist Manifesto:

“In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things.

“In all these movements they bring to the front, as the leading question in each, the property question, no matter what its degree of development at the time.” Which in 1848 would include slavery, the very issue challenged by the education of slaves sought by the NEA.

I bring this to your attention because there is a first blush reflex to believe the NEA was acting in a noble cause. However, in light of the basic purpose of the Teachers association being for the teacher, not the student, as noted by their discussion of their own history, it would seem, on deeper review, this NEA interest in slaves was a political activity to establish their political weight as a special interest voice.

So if we look at a few more pieces of the Communist Manifesto, we see why “democracy” is what we're being told America is over and over, and the Constitution as the source of our rights:

“Finally, they labour everywhere for the union and agreement of the democratic parties of all countries.-- Emphasis mine.

There's a clarity here in us having a “democratic party” now, isn't there. Just the existence of this in the United States of America is the statement that communism has been at the root of this party since its inception. I do not care what party it once may have been or what parties it formed from. The name settled on and effectuated for a long-standing period of time is the name they wish, the name that even the Communist Manifesto adopts succinctly. There is no longer any wonder why our education system teaches that “America is a democracy” and our President and government generally refer to our nation in the communist tenor of “Our Democracy.”

Historically, when people have written of government, there is a certain hypocrisy, one that is consistent to the Communist Manifesto as well. J.J. Rousseau, and many others, had trouble with making sure the law is a matter of objective reason. These authors seemed to always end up with: Some particular individual or entity deemed above it all; a “Divine.” J.J. Rousseau and others referred to them as “The Lawgiver.” In Communism, this person is merely the “Communist” with the mystery of knowing, and what they know to be regarded as always what is for the benefit of the Communist cause.

The NEA appears to be vying for this position as Communist. Their consistent position at odds with the Will of the People, even now assuring these strikes are taking place, is to pursue the position already held by Barack Obama, though Communism can have many Communists. A “Communist,” pursuant to the Communist Manifesto, is described thus:

“The Communists are distinguished from the other working-class parties by this only: (1) In the national struggles of the proletarians of the different countries, they point out and bring to the front the common interests of the entire proletariat, independently of all nationality. (2) In the various stages of development which the struggle of the working class against the bourgeoisie has to pass through, they always and everywhere represent the interests of the movement as a whole.”

As is well documented by the incapacity of the Communist economic model to sustain itself (the fall of the Soviet Union, and China adopting free market principles as historic examples) there is also a certainty that the “politburo,” or central committee of Communists, ends up operating according to free market principles amongst the rest of the world. One could think that, if united, they'd become uniform, however there are always regional differences and as long as any one pursues additional power, there will be activity amongst the leaders that subvert their supposed objectivity and only establishes elitism.

This definition of a “Communist” directly from the manifesto, based on their description, is identical to J.J. Rousseau's and other historical writers so called “law giver” who brings down or sets down the law of “common interest.” “Objective” is to say without any specific interest, without any subjective view, and “common interest” is synonymous to this idea.

Obama will regularly refer to “our common goals and interests.” Healthcare is a perfect example and, “the common good,” our American adaptation by someone in government wanting to justify their actions, technically another synonym with “common interest” as a Communist tenet.

Now what probably has been entirely overlooked in the establishment of class by communism, will be the following statement from the manifesto as a sort of dialog:

“You are horrified at our intending to do away with private property. But in your existing society, private property is already done away with for nine-tenths of the population; its existence for the few is solely due to its non-existence in the hands of those nine-tenths. You reproach us, therefore, with intending to do away with a form of property, the necessary condition for whose existence is the non-existence of any property for the immense majority of society.

“In one word, you reproach us with intending to do away with your property. Precisely so; that is just what we intend.

“From the moment when labour can no longer be converted into capital, money, or rent, into a social power capable of being monopolised, i.e., from the moment when individual property can no longer be transformed into bourgeois property, into capital, from that moment, you say individuality vanishes.

“You must, therefore, confess that by "individual" you mean no other person than the bourgeois, than the middle-class owner of property. This person must, indeed, be swept out of the way, and made impossible.

“Communism deprives no man of the power to appropriate the products of society; all that it does is to deprive him of the power to subjugate the labour of others by means of such appropriation.” – Emphasis mine.

Communism intends to do away with the middle-class. A class structure of 2 classes is created under Communism - though they deny the “Communist” is a class - the Communist and worker (history demonstrates in the Soviet Union and China, this is the very structure that comes about, a return to a feudalistic structure antecedent to the guilds from which the manifesto begins economic history.)

The flaw to Communism is an assumption of status quo.

In the same way Obama believes in Cap & Trade, claiming revenue increases, and overlooking the fact businesses will change the way they do business or fold up altogether, Communism assumes ownership and property as specific limited things of measure.

Invention and the varieties of property, be they rights in property, or property in rights, are vast and unlimited.
Our government, and even ourselves, by adopting these more limited definitions, have been a very significant factor in the development of communism in our own nation.

Until we come to terms with our inventiveness being such a significant means of production as to expand the entire notion of property, and that it is through freedom we continue such invention, and thus the limits of our capacity and capability are unlimited, communism will always be a threat to mankind. Monopoly is only possible through abuse of individual liberty, and communism, as it says itself:

“[1]When, in the course of development, class distinctions have disappeared, and all production has been concentrated in the hands of a vast association of the whole nation, the public power will lose its political character. [2]Political power, properly so called, is merely the organised power of one class for oppressing another. [3]If the proletariat during its contest with the bourgeoisie is compelled, by the force of circumstances, to organise itself as a class, if, by means of a revolution, it makes itself the ruling class, and, as such, sweeps away by force the old conditions of production, then it will, along with these conditions, have swept away the conditions for the existence of class antagonisms and of classes generally, and will thereby have abolished its own supremacy as a class.”

1. Admits the entire of all production will be brought into a monopoly, a state monopoly, like the Postal service already is in the United States.

2. I take issue with this, as it assumes that all organized power is of one class for oppressing another. This just isn't true. Some power is organized for the sheer fact it is more beneficial when combined, more efficient and effective. Sometimes people who feel it should not be so organized take issue with this and claim injury, however, history has proven that the organizing of energy power has been and continues to be of greater benefit to the whole. Our national grid of electric power is layers of public and private interests, more expensive than we'd like, and yet, rather generous, forgiving, and dependable. Yet no one is forced to be on the grid. Improvement is always possible, and it may take a lot to get ideas of those outside of the grid ownership to be heard, but, I submit, this is mostly due to the current communistic adaptations of our governments and ourselves in allowing them these leniencies, and not due to the companies and their greed, at least not entirely. Bandwidth for Internet use, is another example.

3. Utopian hope at best. The Soviet Union proved this isn't true. Favoritism was common, organizing power to achieve specific ends, having places like “Siberia” (or the Gulag) to send people to, and prisons remaining in existence in communist society, demonstrate their lack of achieving Utopia. Technically, if we apply their argument as true, they incarcerate and hold members of the proletariat. This would seem to be entirely opposite of the class-less society they are claiming to bring about. In light of the idea each Communist, “ always and everywhere represent the interests of the movement as a whole,” what is the worker’s role but as subjugated labor on behalf of the Communist? If they cease to work, are they denied food? Threatened? Put in Jail? Again, the existence of prisons in communist countries answers this directly.

It is time to know America, to know Our Republic for which it stands, to appreciate the opportunity for ourselves, our children, and the World, that America in freedom represents. Our Founders saw themselves in us, in the future of this nation as it unfolds. To beat this present foe, we have a duty to know ourselves, to know Our America, and set aside the education, the indoctrination and propaganda that the self-interested, for their own opportunity in a world changed, want us to believe and to stay asleep.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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Democrat Presidential Re-Election Campaign Union

18 Feb : 23:09 Category: OP-ED
We might as well call it as we see it.

This President is demonstrating, not only a socialist continuum of mind, but a Marxist penchant for “workers unite” (as well as by speaking himself to announce he too, as President of the United States, is a “demonstrator” using the Bully Pulpit on behalf of the Wisconsin Public Employee Union Protestors in support of his party denying the people of the State of Wisconsin an active government of their own election.)

He's further notified the State of Wisconsin that Barack Hussein Obama has no challenge to his conscience whatsoever in abandoning the government of the State of Wisconsin either. That this decision appears to be made entirely on the basis of party and ideology, to instead have the national government's executive branch support the public employees unions and their demand of a guaranteed retirement paid for by someone else, is Obama again demonstrating his unswerving support of redistribution of wealth, continued assumption the Government Treasury doesn't belong to the People who paid into it for use of government in exchange for the benefits of government, and full support of Wisconsin State Government growth to be dictated by the Public Employee Unions, and not the November 2nd 2010, Will of the People.

President Obama has time and time again shown he and his administration have absolutely no concern for the Will of the People nationally, and now, he is willing to abuse his national office to demonstrate the same lack of regard for the People of the State of Wisconsin. Obama's actions are in defiance of a People whose desire to manage their own affairs conflicts with President Obama's desire to have the National Government's purse strings, by bailouts, dictate outcomes, and control the States thereby. For Obama it's merely the continued foisting of higher costs upon the people for sake of his persistence as a far left ideologue, and calculated risk to cause the crises his actions further manifest.

The Democrat Party doesn't have the means and money, or the support of the people today, as November 2nd demonstrated. The desperate attention-seeking exercises of the unions, like the prostitute strutting their wears on the street corner, is necessary for the leader of their party (President Obama) to exploit and use, erroneously exacerbating long-standing resentments, in order to demagogue our republican form of government as the oppressor; to make us question the rightness of denying workers their pay for sake of our rights to our own property to assure payment of our own debts and invest in the future for ourselves and our loved ones.

Obama and the Democrats are abusing the limits of Our Written Constitutional to impose their political campaign and self-interested view that these organized labor unions, which hold $2,500,000,000,000 of paper, commodities and investment in our equity markets, are the equivalent of children who haven't been fed and are featured in an old Sally Struthers' commercial about world poverty.

The principle being exploited, that the democrats made sure to disregard in the 2008 election: incumbency of party, this is not the time to vote in someone new as we're in a war and/or crisis. And through their overzealous, arrogant and abusive illegal use of power outside the Constitution, to bring us to believe our only option is revolution to oppose these ideological organized labor protestors.

Starting with the foreign crisis it is very good to know this was initiated by Wade Rathke community organizing in Egypt,, and explains the Obama Administration choosing at the onset to use non-committal language that allows them to “bob and weave,” avoiding any accountability and assure their message is able to be caste as consistent to the outcome, an outcome they'll claim resulted from their actions and was their idea as well.

We cannot hold Obama's Administration accountable for a laissez faire handling of Egypt unless the outcome is proven preventable and far different than what the people of Egypt wanted, and, making a commitment would have resulted in a different outcome. Thus the power of not making an absolute commitment.

A notable observation is how it appears the President favors the Shia side of Islam [UPDATED: Apparently since the Muslim Brotherhood is Sunni, this is reversed yet...]. Obama is, of course, to always take a side, and always the side of those preaching oppression by an oppressed - the Shiite of Islam [which appears to now be the Sunni of Islam] - as they are ripe to Marxism, to organize under the banner of “labor.” [Yet the following truth of this exception remains...] Exception Iran, where the protestors are incidentally Sunni and were not organized by activities of Wade Rathke, and thus Iran's is a genuine movement for freedom from Shiite-instituted Caliphate driven tyranny. Of course in Bahrain, amazingly, Sunni and Shiite, who hate each other, protest together, yet the regime itself is Sunni and our Fifth Fleet calls Bahrain home. Indonesia is also a Sunni government, and has had recent Shiite-led protests. [Saudi Arabia is Sunni run, and their issue is Al Qaeda, so apparently Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are at odds, which leaves one to then question the killing of Osama Bin Laden (Shiite), Libya (Gaddafi's leanings unknown to me), and why we aren't doing anything about Syria.]

In reviewing domestic crisis it must be noted these are more easily exploited. Busing people in to support the side chosen by Obama, in his effort to choose the winners and losers, to dictate the outcome, as has been done in Wisconsin by the Obama Presidential Re-Election Campaign, an employing of the means to assure the end He, a mere President of the United States and not Governor of Wisconsin, wishes to see. It is rather telling of Obama's supposed “pivot to the center” being an erroneous and imbecilic delusion in light of his announced and acted upon support of the Progressive Public Employee Unions. I say Progressive because the union's collectivism is certainly representing Obama's heralded middle class, a Marxist noble class of labor in communism, yet, the website of the largest Teachers' Union, the National Education Association, promotes Saul Alinsky and the power of organizing and radicalism, Note there is no real love for liberals by Alinsky, that the collectivist activism is merely just another means to justify the radical's end, as leader.

Thus the pains of the entire landscape of America are strained by a National Government whose executive branch holds to failure in enforcement of a constitutional guarantee to the States, of which the State of Wisconsin is a member in the Union of these 50 States:

Article IV, Section IV of The Constitution for The United States of America

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.”

And the President has decided to make the national government a party, in the event of a later insurrection in Wisconsin as well, with his support for the unions a means of saying he, Barack Obama, as President of the United States, will not call out the national guard to assure the safety and security of the lawfully elected republican leaders of Wisconsin. Though I can all but promise he'll call them out to secure the situation should even one union member even be touched by Wisconsin Police, no matter what their probable cause or eyewitness account of a crime being committed in their presence that they, as police, must stop.

President Obama, the head of the Democrat Party, and thereby the “Democrat Presidential Re-Election Campaign Union,” continues to don the hat of Chief Community Organizer of strife, and all incidents become crises necessary to be exploited and assure desperation of the people of the United States.

May America, which God Blessed from inception to even come to exist, be able to restrain herself from taking action against what appears to be a coordinated insubordination by the Democratic Party in Wisconsin and our President of the United States, putting party first. Their actions are against a long-standing republican form of government in Wisconsin, and is the encouragement of insurrection and rebellion by these public employees akin to a Mob Boss (Obama) and his generals (Democrat Senators in the Wisconsin Legislature) telling their organized crime family (the union) what to do. Let us hope we can, over these next 2 years, withstand this persistent assault of political terrorism carried on by Progressive Insurgents from within our own government. These have a necessity to instigate division by controversy that mandates their favor of all but the rule of law in accordance with Our Written State and Federal Constitutions, the latter containing the enumerated and thereby denied general powers of a national government.

I'll leave you with direct illustration of where the modern calls for violence in this nation have derived and in particular from tentacles of Obama and his friends in apparent retro-expression of the usefulness of “Dixiecratism” and their Klu Klux Klan manner to reach an end, justified by whatever means employed. Theirs is to exploit any and every semblance of reason, no matter how truly noble, and force a re-alignment with the more easily youth marketable, rose-colored glasses, socialist Utopian vision of collectivism and Marxist communist beliefs:

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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Protest Of Glenn Beck Peddling Panic

04 Feb : 20:45 Category: OP-ED

I am just as upset about Beck exploiting fear and flaunting panic as anyone else.

Progressives and their cohorts are the most kind hearted and loveable people you'll ever meet, with such philanthropic and benevolent goals, far beyond the reach of classical liberalism's emancipation of man. Just ask this Latina from the United Farm Workers:

And luckily Beck is entirely wrong to think that a group that aligns with such methods and takes them out on a Hispanic woman and her constituent farm worker's union, would, for an instant, do so to any others they disagree with, particularly with racial overtone:

Well at least we know Beck has to be wrong about the world's wealthiest elite, especially those whose biographies explain they are of Jewish descent and know the meaning of Nazi occupation,

Clearly the above Beck videos and articles cited show it is without any doubt, as some have so accurately put it, “Beck's modus operandi. He starts with what are usually well-reasoned premises or historically accurate facts, but then he extrapolates conclusions that are wildly exaggerated, conspiratorial and hysterical. His product is Panic...” Yes clearly from the videos and article cited above Beck's product is panic, and it is not Frances Fox Piven's product of calling for violence from the left that is an impetus of panic. I am just glad Beck put this before us for our consideration, to see the connections of it all:

<[Please note this video has been updated with a new one due to Youtube removal of original.]

Now if you noticed an absence of Beck from all of the above, whatever you do, don't panic. These are merely educational aids for Progressives, necessary to hopefully get passed the bulldog Alinsky organizational training they have, that is also openly carried on and promoted by collectivist unions, [UPDATE: National Education Association removed the original NEA web link shortly prior to endorsing Barack Obama, however, captured in web archives, make sure you read this page, link no longer works-->] It is just Great to see your union steward at the local school is studying Saul Alinsky to better train the union members teacher under their care in collectivism, patronage, and the “breaking of conservative necks.” But there's no violent rhetoric there, no anti-conservative bias either, I mean, nothing better sums up “emancipating man” than Saul Alinsky speaking about the Liberal, “Liberals may then timidly follow along or else, as in most cases, be swept forward along the course set by Radicals.” Warms the cockles of the heart of those who would be arrogant and elitist enough to think that Glenn Beck is peddling panic.

And Glenn Beck is alone in what he's saying as a commentator. Those who suggest any agreement of meaning and message to Infowars' Alex Jones, are oblivious to Jones being Beck's polar opposite. Infowars regular ignorance of Minuro Yamasaki and architectural history demonstrates a reliance on lacking any basis in facts whatsoever. Jones is also regularly and conspicuously "left" out in leftist journals when his fingerprint Infowars positions are the specific positions of a deranged Arizona shooter:

“He [Jared Loughner] became intrigued by anti-government conspiracy theories, including that the Sept. 11 attacks were perpetrated by the government and that the country’s central banking system was enslaving its citizens. His anger would well up at the sight of President George W. Bush, or in discussing what he considered to be the nefarious designs of government." -- Page 3 here,

Note the ideas Loughner held are in perfect alignment with Alex Jones, and in contrast to Glenn Beck, yet not one word of Jones is even suggested as a possible source for Loughner's information, irrespective of Loughner's regularly making Youtube videos to promote his points. And of course, in stark contrast to the Mainstream Media's overwhelming, overzealous, and absolutely inaccurate blaming of Sarah Palin's “lock and load,” and the right in general.

The videos above noted and Soros antisemitism demonstrate the right isn't the impetus of a reason to be concerned, and, for some, to panic. Instead these demonstrate, unequivocally, that it is the left and its continuing the Dixiecrat model of racism, bias, and central control-- accessed by Progressives as though a Soul-mate connection to the Liberal psyche-- which has resulted in the need for Beck and others to apply themselves and speak out. Progressives are an enemy to America, they have no love for our country as they are merely radicals who love chaos. Destroying Individual Liberty is their goal, knowing full well that “Individual Liberty” and “America” are synonyms, and antonyms to “social justice.”

What must be said: The right isn't anti-government, we're pro-government according to the Constitution. We see the Constitution as our saving grace, our instrument of power over government according to its language, purpose, intention, and design. We know that we don't have power over a cabal of elitist bankers, whether they exist or not in the capacity that the anti-government left wants to promote in their anti-capitalist continuity (Title 12 Section 289). We understand that the left appreciates and embraces that the entire Federal Reserve question comes from Eustace Mullins, a socialist, who was writing The Federal Reserve Conspiracy (grandfather to The Creature from Jekyl Island) as Legal Guardian for Ezra Pound, a British socialist who hated America and capitalism. We conservatives recognize this fact is to be ignored by Alex Jones and the rest of the anti-government, and anti-constitutionist leftist peddlers of misdirection, for sake of keeping their cover and being a source of confusion amongst the right.

The conservative knows we have power over government through the Constitution, and Beck, in waking the people of this nation up to this fact of our power in Individual Liberty to as many as possible throughout the political spectrum, those who aren't lost as zombie followers of a Progressive (radical) self-serving agenda, is Beck pursuing the key to our sole nation of free people in self-government in the re-establishment of a government “deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Speaking out against Mr. Beck without the facts of those who are actually fomenting fear, hatred, and driving leftist panic to pressurize the situation, due to their realizing the people of this nation are waking up and not buying the “social justice” line, is to merely express your blindness to being led around by your nose when a Progressive agrees with you and promises you more than you have, ignoring all else in religious Faith in their convictions.

If you can't see the forest for the trees, try this, it might help you, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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Progressive Brute Force Marketing: Egypt

01 Feb : 03:04 Category: OP-ED
Quick Summary History

First we need to take a moment to remember those Brits taxed to pay Soros Profits of $1 billion in 1992,

Though their lives were nowhere near as catastrophically affected as those of Rosia Montana, Romania, which also affected a gold mining company in Canada,

Rosia Montana is one of the best exposés of the use of propaganda under the guise of philanthropy that are perpetrated by George Soros,

Of course somehow, once again, the company is at it to re-open this mine, a company Soros originally backed,

Last Year

We look now at Brazil because of Petrobras, a “government run” oil company. Glenn Beck has mentioned that the oil rigs would pick up and leave to go to Brazil where the largest oil find of high quality oil since Saudi Arabia has been discovered (50 billion barrels),

Soros sold his shares in Petrobras,

Please note the date of the article, August 17, 2010, disclosing Soros’ divestment of all of his interest in Petrobras. It may appear this is due to Glenn Beck and others exposing Soros’ Petrobras interest shortly after the import/export bank authorized $2 billion in loan guarantees to develop the Petrobras oil discovery, a loan guarantee that President Obama could have stopped but did nothing about. But I think there are additional reasons Soros did this, read on.

The White House Chief of Staff today is William Daley, of the Chicago Daley Machine run by Richard J. Daley, Jr., well-known Progressive family who've made sure Chicago had a democrat mayor in office for over 60 years. Patronage is how you do business in Chicago or you don't do business at all. William Daley is a principle at JP Morgan Chase.

Many have touted this appointment as pro-business, and it certainly is, showing also that while the “evil bankers” are to be attacked, their mostly Progressive-run boards are to be promoted and taken in by the government at every opportunity-- exposing the feigned Progressive anger at banking in general that immediately disappears when Progressives are running the banks.

And now we'll look at JP Morgan Chase and Soros’ divestment of his interest in JP Morgan Chase,

Note the date of the article, August 16, 2010, and even its mention of the Petrobras sale as well, so almost the same time, and reporting just how much Soros sold:

“The New York-based hedge fund [Soros Fund Limited, LLC], which oversees $25 billion, sold about 2.4 million shares of JPMorgan during the quarter, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission today. Soros had 107,500 shares valued at $3.9 million at the end of June.” – Ibid.

So that's...36 bucks a share and...Let's see x 2.3 million (approx.) equals $828 million. Well that's incredible now isn't it? He's completely divested of Petrobras about a month after Beck exposes him, and Beck will get due credit for this, but also Soros has divested himself almost entirely from JP Morgan Chase as well.

Rahm Emanuel is predicted to leave the White House in June of 2010, The predictions he'd leave just after the elections is almost accurate, the likely outcome of the election known by October,

It appears Soros did all this portfolio maneuvering shenanigans in August to make sure his links, not only to Petrobras, but also to JP Morgan Chase do not appear on anyone's radar because JP Morgan Chase has a substantial 8.21 million share interest in...You guessed it, Petrobras,

Through a websearch, I found myself at similarly formatted information for JP Morgan, You can even look at the activities of William Daley in their insider activity link,, not that I found anything suspicious there.

First Conclusions-- It appears by the record of events and timeline that William Daley of JP Morgan had been picked for the position of Chief of Staff around June of 2010.

It further appears that George Soros is washing his hands of the oil industry, even to financial ties, in order to assure no appearance of substantial interest that could be considered an impropriety for new Chief of Staff William Daley. There can be no more embarrassment of the White House after Glenn Beck made sure the world knew of Soros’ relationship to Petrobras. But this is not the grand point of Soros’ actions.

Substantial Conclusion-- What is missing? The value of this “pro-business” choice, William Daley of JP Morgan Chase, that he intends to foster the green energy business, notable in relation to Soros by the articles about Massachusetts biofuels company Qteros that Soros has been backing, and

Understand that since the collapse of the Carbon Credit Exchange, noted here,, and bound to fail due to the unsustainability of the global warming inconvenient falsehood being so blatant, there is no longer a marketable argument by science for green energy, at least as a large-scale consumer shift. The only argument they have now is price. So long as oil is forced over 60 bucks a barrel there will be pursuit of “green energy” by the marketplace itself.

This all comes together by the fact William Daley of JP Morgan Chase has a chance to make a substantial amount of money for the company if Brazil's Petrobras, that they have 8.21 million shares in, were to go up substantially. Venture Capital rule of thumb is 4 to 5 times the amount of investment as the return on investment. It is worth noting that Wellington Management Company is also a JP Morgan Chase principle and has their own 9.86 million share stake in Petrobras.

A rather simple way to accomplish a forced and able-to-be controlled increase in price is by control of the Suez Canal in Egypt. The result is the ability to limit the amount of oil that can be shipped by Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil source of a quality of oil not found elsewhere, except now off the shores of Brazil.

Thus, with the simple SEUI promoted rioting of “Egyptians” ( that is embraced by everyone who saw this 30 year rule of Mubarak as a dictatorship, while our government, in the midst of all of this, is painting the entire picture as a pro-democracy movement, a single act of protest by the left now has fulfilled their greatest enviroterrorist erotic fantasies: They now have a very high likelihood of the ability to 1) make energy prices “necessarily skyrocket” as Obama said would happen under his energy policy through abusing the Suez Canal, which leads to 2) assuring energy prices stay artificially high which causes 3) a willing financial pool to afford alternative “green energy” development 4) and with the higher oil profits the unionized labor shall ask for raises as well as have more in their union ranks as people are hired. All of this further redistributing wealth to collectivist union administrators who hate capitalism and the nation who discovered it, America.

Brute Force Marketing at the expense of a country and their people is the persistent fingerprint of Soros “The Man Who Broke The Bank of England” by his manipulation of markets to force the situation to be however he wants it. In Illinois this is called “The Chicago Way.” In Russia this was the means of the Politburo under the Soviet Union. In the feudal era and before, this was called “The Divine Right Of The Sovereign.” And, in all cases, it's merely use of force for the profits of power and wealth, better known as the institution of slavery, that Soros is now attempting to define as “philanthropy.”

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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Litanous Littman: Smell of Progressive Insurgence Is In The Air Over Egypt

28 Jan : 21:39 Category: OP-ED
Isn't it interesting that we've not done anything in the 30 years of Mubarak's rule?

And today we're making Open Society Institute style calls for “democratic reforms.”

We're also saying “the people of Egypt will take care of this themselves.”

All of the above are the the tone and manner of Soros, SEIU, and their Progressive friends.

They target nations that our government hasn't stood up against for being oppressive, to then ignite mass protest to which the United States fails to be responsive.

This causes the gray area of difference between what the people ask for, and what the government actually does, and thus, sadly, de-legitimizes this type of protesting.

I do not put it passed a group that appears to have made the Tucson memorial, a memorial that includes the death of a 9 year old child, a pep rally for Obama, to instigate this type of situation.

Remember, “The ends justify the means,” and “never let a crisis go to waste” go hand in hand with Frances Fox Piven promoting violence of the likes we are seeing in Egypt today.

The increase in fuel prices is the only thing providing support to develop alternate fuels. If gas were 2 dollars a gallon or less, the higher cost of alternative energy and its development would be the path of greatest resistance.

As the global warming theory, whose only inconvenient truth is that it insulted the intelligence of the people, is failing, there is a need to keep those gas prices up, to steer the world toward the carbon credit scam that makes money for a few and the governments they are head of or influence.

We have a duty and obligation not to just assume this is a pro-democracy movement, in the sense of the use of voting as part of the process of a legitimate republic that is formed by the people, such as America has.

Make no mistake, I have no doubts the people have been oppressed, but, I doubt organized protest explosions from place to place, that do not include suicide bombers are anything but SEIU, ACORN and Soros, along with the rest of their ilk.

Also, our politically inclined President will easily put out this line about the people taking care of it themselves and describing the protestors as “pro-democracy” as that makes certain we can't hold Obama accountable for lack of any meaningful response, and failure to take action, or later note his lethargy once more.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman
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The Left, The Right, And Jared Loughner, The Confused

12 Jan : 18:26 Category: OP-ED
The reality that is possible when one plays Julian Assange with a gunman's information, is, that you will come across misrepresentations such as the first controversial WikiLeaks video, the one that misrepresented our soldiers taking out a group of terrorists as though these were just innocent people on the street. This video caused a variety of confusions, misdirected the entire noble cause of information release along with the truth of the matter, stifled many on all sides of the issue in their certainty of their point of view, and animated the extremes in their points of view while the rest of us suffered a mass gestalt effect.

A disconnect of involvement occurs when the entirety of information goes beyond the threshold of processing, the numbness of shock at information one doesn't want to hear combined with the fact the information is overwhelming and often reflecting multiple views.

For what has come forward from the FBI, whose White House has a stake in this matter, at least if the reports are accurate from the store Jared “Loughner” bought the gun from, that Mr. Loughner passed a background check.

So far, it seems Mr. Loughner was an activist who worked on Gabrielle Giffords campaign, at least according to the FBI who found a letter he had in his safe from Mrs. Giffords, and this seems a rather accurate suggestion that they knew each other as a matter of fact.

This would preclude Mr. Loughner from being a Tea Party member unless a vast conspiracy of such a thing is in occurrence, which Eric Holder's FBI would surely want to find and prove, to impugn the Tea Party.

Somehow a Jared “Laughner” has a Facebook page, that many looked up, as this was the name that somehow surfaced during the initial development of the shooter's identification, and a Facebook page of that name exists to this day, but, with information contrary to what was on it only days before, when someone immediately decided to check Facebook for the name after hearing it on the news.

It would seem the person sharing the images of the original page is willing to take on the Julian Assange role in regard to editorializing the existence of the account, as well as suggesting other meanings for the images:

“The name "jared laughner" was originally reported as the shooter. I looked this up on FB and found the page as you see it in the pics. It was changed to the FB page you can see now with the tea party affiliation Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and others including at this time a picture of the killer. I can understand the... ripping of the right. The left has been doing that but why was this page up in the first place and so far left in its original post? The pics are what you see. I don't think the page belonged to the shooter. It had nothing on it about the American Renaissance thing he belonged to, anarchy or friends, has a misspelling of the name, ect. BUT, the creator of that page should be investigated for a connection to this character. The page seems like a memorial of some sort. When the nut was captured and not killed, it changed to this slander of the right. As long as that page stays up I will keep the pictures of the ORIGINAL page available.”

I submit the links to you now that the confusions, and their variety of possible generators, including yours truly, are identified, in hopes this aids processing this information more easily, so you can arrive at your own conclusion:

Here are the images that appear to be of the original Jared “Laughner” page, with one noting the date of 1/8/2011, if I am reading it right. For me the moire pattern in the images is consistent with a photographed cathode ray tube monitor and the rounding of the corners as well, and thus I believe they are genuine, here is one image with the link following:


And here, is the page as it is now. One of the comments was “how can a guy in jail accept my friends request?” I have no idea if today that “phone call” you're allowed, includes “one website access,” or “one email,” to assure you can contact someone after arrest according to the modern medium of the day,!/profile.php?id=1105353407&sk=wall

My Conclusion From This Confusion

Of course I am of the belief the former images are accurate, but I am not of the belief they were a tribute to the shooter. Remember that I said I am a possible source of confusion and read on.

I submit that these images indicate a high probability he didn't act alone, due to them being consistent with the name originally reported in the news, but misspelled, and yet, being the right individual in fact.

Thus Jared “Laughner” is a form of alias for Jared “Loughner,” and could have been one that others who think similarly to him knew him by, say if he had to sign his name to a pledge or wrote something down in communication amongst them.

But if this page was put up right after the shooting, then, it would seem this was done by someone who intended this Facebook page entirely to confuse, and, no matter their persuasion variety, they should be prosecuted for it to the full extent of the law.

This investigation of Jared Loughner is a murder investigation due to the death of Federal District Judge, John Roll, and if this Facebook page is pure fiction, it only provides aid to Mr. Loughner's defense. So, if bogus, the person who originally made this Facebook page is aiding and abetting Mr. Loughner, a co-conspirator after the fact, and the putting up of the page their admission of agreement with Jared Loughner.

If Mr. Loughner did not act alone, then this Facebook page combined with the misinformation of misspelling his last name, “Laughner,” is evidence of that as a matter of fact, and that would further be based on this site having been put up before the shooting, and not from an IP address, MAC ID or other identifiable device that Mr. Loughner would have access to and could have used on the internet.

If nothing else, this is just someone who, setting aside all compassion for John Roll's death, and the condition of Gabrielle Giffords to, instead, see what knee-jerk reactions they can get from both sides. An amazing world of the absolutely callous and calculating individual of reprehensible conduct that we live in.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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