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Move Your Basis of Comparison to The Unthinkable

17 Jun : 15:10 Category: Post Election 2008

Rush Limbaugh brings up the most valid point when trying to discuss matters of import to our nation with other people, "Who would have thought our Auto Industry/Banking System/Media [or whatever other industry] would have been by one man, Obama?"

Nothing could have been said more accurately of people who think this man means well for our nation. They ignore the facts of a tripled deficit, of how many people have been denied health care in other nations where the government runs the private sector out of providing health care through being the low ball provider, these are also unaware of the situation where 50,000 workers jobs are saved at GM at a cost of more than 400,000 each (while 20,000 lose their jobs in other plants); and that Obama, along with the rest of the democrats, even before taking office, felt it important to gain a constantly rising stake in GM is owned by the National, United States, Government that of course, as a matter of control, was necessary prior to bankruptcy--as such interest in GM would assure the government could call the shots in bankruptcy from all sides, as an interested party, as a regulator, and as the judiciary.

Yes it's time to make a proper comparison: Obama doesn't wish to resurrect America, his actions in national defense and foreign policy demonstrate a perfect hatred for what our Founding Fathers intended of America and built; Obama's lack of capacity to recognize women's rights and what has happened positively on their behalf in America emphasizes this point domestically, particularly when taken with the economic situation which puts us all at odds with each other, places our mutual trust in jeopardy because we aren't sure who is merely trying to con us along into a new game to survive; Obama's continued showing off, boasting by actions of taking his wife out at our expense, and with full knowledge our nation is in trouble; Obama's "gift" as he described it to Harry Reid, and willingness to stand behind CIA Director Leon Penetta (George Soros' best friend in anti-gun advocacy) demonstrate the internal power struggle between Obama and those who supported him achieving their agenda and seeking to oust those who would at all threaten the democrat veneer of invulnerability that Soros has paid a King's ransom to achieve.

Thus we find ourselves at a necessity to recognize a friend of the State is in the White House, at the expense of our nation, that, like Gorbachev, Obama's policies are poised to sacrifice the United States of America to World Wide Socialist interests of all extremes, including communism. That this nation isn't regarded highly by he or any who serve under him, and is instead, what Phil Donohue describes as "a nation run by greed" and to be trounced into the ground because of this label. Nothing of the achievements of mankind in the freedom the United States of America has offered to the individual, a nation people have died to get to from every socialist to communist nation on the planet, seems to mean anything to the likes of Obama, Soros, Donohue and the rest. The greed they believe belongs to the United States alone, as though it never existed under the previous to capitalism, feudalism, the socialistic unions who are again raising oil prices worldwide by being the customer the speculator knows will buy their paper, or socialist nations like Cuba where Fidel is estimated to be worth around 900 million dollars, all are to be ignored, and the entire idea of greed attached to the idea of Capitalism alone and the United States. And of course we can't forget the sale of almost 1 trillion dollars of assets to China whose current success is based on allowing capitalism to flourish in some business quarters, and is paying for government businesses that have and continue to run in deficit--Geithner was begging China is protecting it's own self interest (capitalism) and wanting a means to guarantee what it spent, also infamously known as "greed."

Ask yourself if this ideology and the actions to implement them is the work of any friend of the United States of America, a nation that single-handedly destroyed feudalism (better known as capitalism at a world equity level as distributed between royalty), and the feudal tyrannies that had sprung from it which oppressed people of all ages, races, religions, etc., save those of "blueblood" origins. The decentralization of equity from under the [censored] of a Central Sovereign Reign of Government by Prince, Princess, Noble House or Otherwise, is the exact act capitalism carries out. And it is this very exact act that those believing in the myth of Marxism, and it's socialist tenets to the point of Stalin's communism, are pursuing and promoting worldwide.

The consistency of their actions, and ours, is assuming the basis of comparison is that these leaders give a damn about anyone but themselves and their own agenda. Hasn't this been proven from time immemorial to be wrong? I mean, the general people have only been looked at as capable of their own decision making since The Age of Enlightenment and The Reformation. Are those who oppressed us for thousands of years before that going to be proven right by our unwillingness and arrogant pride setting aside reason in the face of the fact? Do we continue to send them the message we are incompetent and unable to recognize even your agent to re-establish the political means of feudalism as a worldwide government order? So far it would seem we've no interest in recognizing the basis of comparison with Obama, liberalism, and the institutions of national governance of the nation as a whole: Destroy the United States of America so there is a means to achieve a world government order in the nature of Stalin's Soviet Union.

This is the basis of comparison to apply to Obama and his policies, to liberalism and George Soros. Their actions are destructive to the very fabric of the nation's Sovereign Equity being distributed amongst the masses by Equal Opportunity, to fail or succeed. Sure many have corrupted this over time, and they should be held accountable, they've defamed the idea of capitalism, however, note that also, many of these believed we should have remained under the Crowns of Europe, and never have been a nation, their gains made, much like Soros, to be used to undermine the very machine that produced their wealth--yes it's this nation's fault they were a success, and their guilt for their own actions, is what they wish to make amends for, by kicking out the rungs of the ladder others can climb behind them, and damned the consequences to individual liberty, the idea of freedom, and self reliance, self determination, that even the U.N. recognizes as a human right.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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14 May : 08:58 Category: Post Election 2008
Yes it's been a while and I hope you'll appreciate a noble cause as the purpose for my departure,‭ ‬for my incapacity to appreciate a real world hell bent on ignoring history,‭ ‬ignoring the past and,‭ ‬instead,‭ ‬attempting to change the future by,‭ ‬per se,‭ "‬voting for Barrabas.‭"

You see....

1‭) ‬Even though French intellectuals such as Jean Francois Lyotard moved away from their far left tenets to denounce the capacity of the‭ "‬Liberal Elite‭" ‬through the meta narrative of science having only itself to claim as witness to its legitimacy‭ ‬– The‭ ‬Postmodern Condition:‭ ‬A Report on Knowledge,‭ ‬twelfth printing‭ ‬1999‭;

2‭) ‬Even though Jean Baudrillard explains the simulacra,‭ ‬the hyperrealty created by our lost referentials through modeling which reality compels‭ ‬itself to conform to,‭ ‬referentials which are lost to resurrections of these references in these models that no longer compare themselves to anything,‭ ‬no longer carry contrast and thus are devoid of meaning,‭ ‬a means to deny the sentient free enlightenment reformation individual,‭ ‬again,‭ ‬their capacity to be sentient--buying by impulse our modis operandi,‭ ‬just as the shopper in the mall‭ ‬– Simulacra‭ & ‬Simulation,‭ ‬USA‭ ‬2000‭;

3‭) ‬Even though Albert Jay Nock has written most eloquently of how,‭ ‬throughout history and irrespective of nation,‭ ‬governments have been the gutter,‭ ‬the sewer source,‭ ‬for assuring these above means are always at the disposal of power through claims of‭ "‬efficiency‭" ‬and‭ "‬what's best for the community/people/nation,‭" ‬and that shifting the sense of authority is what these means carry out,‭ ‬that these means are used purposefully to shift equity from the hands of the people‭ ‬(whose authority to have such control derives from The Enlightenment‭) ‬to government,‭ ‬to a centralization of equity and liquidation of civil ownership by society‭ ‬go permissible uses issued by government along with their rules to retain such use--a re-branding of the same political means under feudal society,‭ ‬under the guise of‭ "‬equality,‭ ‬or‭ "‬equal treatment of all‭ ‬peasants,‭" "‬government distribution‭" ‬of that which the individual produced and government took,‭ ‬property that,‭ ‬again,‭ ‬due to The Enlightenment,‭ ‬belongs to the individual--the inherent effect of a constant losing of property,‭ ‬of authority,‭ ‬the rewards of one's own hard work a lessening of their belief and use of their sentience,‭ ‬or better said,‭ ‬an acceptance of‭ "‬normal,‭" ‬of‭ "‬conformity,‭" ‬of not‭ "‬making waves‭" ‬irrespective of this most certain‭ ‬trespass‭ –‬ Our Enemy The State,‭ ‬1973‭ (‬original copyright‭ ‬1935‭); ‬and,

4‭) ‬Even though Robert Lefevre has well published the replies to his letters explaining the illegality of those elected due to the self-contradictory capacity of office to the entire U.S.‭ ‬Congress‭ ‬– The Power of Congress‭ (‬as Congress Sees it‭)‬,‭ ‬1976,‭

there remains a lack of understanding of what government means:‭ ‬merely the collective organization of the political means,‭ ‬the power of influence and taking of aggressive action of gain,‭ ‬from the people for government's own purpose,‭ ‬that of more influence.‭ ‬This is the defining purpose and meaning of government throughout history,‭ ‬and America through capitalism was to change this dynamic forever.

But you see the first‭ ‬2‭ ‬authors above give us one aspect of the reasons for this persistent pursuance of the individual:‭ ‬The limitation of independent thought,‭ ‬of the type of thought that the notion of freedom derives from.‭ ‬One cannot want to be free if they cannot think independent of the self-legitimizing‭ "‬institutions‭" ‬of thought,‭ ‬of invention and‭ "‬acceptable theory,‭" ‬the rule-makers of what reason derives of based on its capacity to support a‭ ‬metastatement of legitimacy as a reference referencing the metastatement as it's means--a round robin of‭ ‬exhaustion leading to‭ ‬acquiescence if ever challenged due to an entire‭ "‬community‭" ‬agreeing by political processes as to the‭ "‬pronounced‭" ‬scientific theory,‭ ‬anything else has no official meaning and thus generates no funding potential in grants.

For example,‭ ‬the terms‭ "‬to study the effect of widgets on global warming‭" ‬will garner more reviews of a proposal and thus more opportunity at multiple funding sources than any other catch phrase of the reviews of these things for funding at universities,‭ ‬corporations,‭ ‬and,‭ ‬most important,‭ ‬government bureaucracies.

Now by models and hyperrealities which appeal to our convenience and nothing else‭ (‬much like the channel changer can change the mood based on the show being viewed‭)‬,‭ ‬we lack the willingness to consider what is occurring as anything but‭ "‬good‭" ‬for us.‭ ‬Speed of achievement being the divine measure of what is or is not efficient within the so-called,‭ "‬bottom line,‭" ‬a term of phrase to invoke mathematics and the notion that there is some sort of precise engineering at work--perhaps‭ "‬social engineering‭?"

In light of the loss of reference,‭ ‬the liquidation of the signs and meanings of signs from history,‭ ‬many of which carry lessons of moral character,‭ ‬how can one deny for an instant that social engineering is all that is afoot now,‭ ‬and,‭ ‬precisely because we've rolled over so easily,‭ ‬we've said by‭ "‬permissible‭" ‬protest,‭ "‬We cannot fight city hall.‭" ‬That is the sound bellowing from the megaphones in simultaneity with the notation of injustices and reasons we must band together to be here in this government‭ ‬permitted protest,‭ ‬their venue to allow us to vent without paying ANY mind to what we've had to say but what is to their advantage,‭ ‬to their justification as government.‭ ‬Yes the government adopts the analyst approach,‭ ‬to only hear in what we say what they can suggest a solution to as‭ "‬our‭" ‬problem,‭ ‬that we have to change.‭ ‬This is the whole mechanism of the‭ "‬intelligence‭" ‬community as the term is used in government isn't it‭? ‬To gain insights into enemies,‭ ‬and a free people are the enemy to government's purpose,‭ ‬as far back as history goes,‭ ‬whether in mythical writings or tablets from Mesopotamia,‭ ‬the consistent purpose of government,‭ ‬from it's inception throughout various economic models and regimes including today.

Thus,‭ ‬why the importance of at least electing those to power who believe in limited government,‭ ‬particularly acclaimed Constitutional Scholars who recognize the words of the‭ ‬10th Amendment for what they say and not as an interpretation subject to their whim and the political balance of the U.S.‭ ‬Supreme Court which was intended from the very beginning not to be subject to any politicization.

And now we come to‭ ‬4,‭ ‬where the Congress of the United States,‭ ‬consisting of both House of Representatives and The Senate,‭ ‬through the‭ ‬17th Amendment to the United States Constitution,‭ ‬become one body of popularly elected representatives with the sole purpose to liquidate states‭’‬ rights,‭ ‬to liquidate the influence of the nation's diversity upon the actions of national government.‭

The Federal Reserve Act liquidated the Several States‭'‬ independent treasuries and valuation,‭ ‬the‭ ‬16th Amendment,‭ ‬thereafter,‭ ‬provided the authority of the National Government to use the‭ ‬3rd party note structure of the Federal Reserve Act as a licensed use subject to the National Government's scrutiny as revenue--a gain derived from use of the note as a loan,‭ ‬a‭ "‬legal tender.‭" ‬And finally the‭ ‬17th Amendment,‭ ‬where the Governors of each of the several states appointed their‭ ‬2‭ ‬Senators pursuant to the Founding Fathers‭'‬ design to assure the states had a weighty say in assuring legislation that passed the House as the will of the people would then receive proper review to assure it did not impinge on state rights while also not granting the national government too much power,‭ ‬changed National Senatorial seats to a popular elective process.‭ ‬A final blow in liquidating the political influence of the state on national affairs,‭ ‬and a decisive blow against federalism.

Taken together can you see how we got here‭? ‬Can you see why the national government has a budget that is‭ ‬50%‭ ‬higher than we had when prosecuting the Iraq War‭? ‬Can you see how this will automatically result in more currency afloat,‭ ‬and going into the coffers of unions and other enemies of capitalism who are using the system against itself to achieve access to the political means‭? ‬However,‭ ‬can you also see how this undermines the very weight of value of our nation,‭ ‬to the point of implosive destruction,‭ ‬to where the endless torment of the demise of our individuality and freedom will bring us to look to the very same people who brought it upon us to fix it‭? ‬Can you see that we are being drawn into‭ "‬puppetdom,‭" ‬to be mastered by our servant government,‭ ‬a servant government‭ ‬meant not to provide‭ "‬programs‭" ‬but to assure our individual goals are met,‭ ‬and thereby,‭ ‬our individual liberties‭?

Why‭ ‬"Vietnaganistan,‭ ‬Yippie‭?" ‬you ask,‭ ‬well this era was the era of‭ ‬implosion,‭ ‬of inward reversion and liquidation of the references that made America an industrious country,‭ ‬that time when people chose to invent,‭ ‬to design,‭ ‬to make their own destiny.‭ ‬Now many hope for this or that or the other government program/grant/contract,‭ ‬fully programmed to rely on government,‭ ‬for their sustanence,‭ ‬their future,‭ ‬their‭ "‬meal ticket.‭" ‬The‭ "‬Yippies,‭" ‬the narcissistic‭ "‬street theatre‭" ‬artist who,‭ ‬through their parents‭'‬ money,‭ ‬weren't in the war,‭ ‬but,‭ ‬bored and lacking self esteem,‭ ‬saw an opportunity to gain the notoriety they had always wanted,‭ ‬oddly,‭ ‬by denouncing what saved them from being subjected to JFK's Vietnam,‭ ‬again,‭ ‬their parents money,‭ ‬derived by capitalism.

However while wearing their precious‭ "‬peace"signs,‭ ‬these‭ "‬yippies‭" (‬Chihuahua like I assure you‭) ‬were more than happy to spit in the faces of our soldiers coming home,‭ ‬to throw feces at them,‭ ‬and even knock them off their crutch or throw them out of their wheel chairs.‭ ‬How peaceful.‭ ‬How much more arrogantly perfect could their demonstration of self-absorption be,‭ ‬to hold soldiers accountable for a war the politicians chose to manage,‭ ‬soldiers who were drafted or had to go to prison if they did not want to live other than in the United States of America in rejecting their draft notice,‭ ‬and,‭ ‬all the while Washington managing and politicizing the war for government's purposes.‭ ‬Let us not forget those soldiers,‭ ‬whose time to heal and be welcomed by all of us as our American Brothers for a job well done in fighting for our country with honor no matter the outcome of the war they had little to do with starting,‭ ‬managing,‭ ‬or finishing.‭ ‬But also,‭ ‬let us not forget the ongoing situation in‭ ‬Afghanistan,‭ ‬and now Pakistan,‭ ‬where Russia failed to achieve success with an army even better suited by growing up in the region to succeed.‭ ‬Vietnaganistan is our next Vietnam if Washington,‭ ‬does not provide everything our soldiers need,‭ ‬any shortfall in the amount of troops,‭ ‬or other support requested by the commanders on the ground IS Vietnam all over again.

In closing,‭ ‬I hope you find those books and review them for yourselves.‭ ‬It has been an honor to share their titles with you and please do thank every soldier you see,‭ ‬every soldier you run into,‭ ‬as I have committed to do with something like this:

‭"‬Thank you for your service,‭ ‬for all that you have done for me and my family.‭ ‬We owe you a debt that can never be repaid,‭ ‬and please do extend and share this thank you with all in your family who have sacrificed as well as you,‭ ‬for we owe them just as well.‭"

They need to know and hear in no uncertain terms that we,‭ ‬the people,‭ ‬do not begrudge them their service,‭ ‬whether drafted or not,‭ ‬that we recognize their sacrifice was not a sacrifice alone but by family,‭ ‬neighbors,‭ ‬friends,‭ ‬and whomsoever that soldier was important to,‭ ‬and their absence while serving noted.

May God Bless us all,‭ ‬thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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Post Election-Observations-Feb 04 2009 Press Briefing

04 Feb : 15:18 Category: Post Election 2008

2 weeks and Approval Rating 30 points down

I found a few things interesting yesterday watching Gibbs at the press briefing, bulldog he usually is, Gibbs cut this one short and even showed frustration with FoxNews directly after they, along with a host of others (which I found miraculous as tears of blood from a statue), were questioning the new White House ethics standards and asking about the vetting process.

Apparently in the "new age of transparency," the vetting process is so secret it's not to be discussed, one of the items chosen by President Obama to not be transparent, (maybe they water board them :p ), and if anything is asked about vetting one phrase is to be repeated, "I'm not going to spend the day looking in the rear view mirror." Analogy applicable how? I mean, are they saying a process they yielded 5 nominees with tax problems isn't to be discussed and reviewed? Maybe it's more successful and this is proof of it....They'd know that though wouldn't they, so, this greater than reluctance to discuss, to basically "not confirm or deny any aspect of the vetting process but to say there is one," is because?....*cricket chirps ad infinitum*

It was really very interesting to see one of the reporters actually throw back at Gibbs his familiar line to shift focus, "Let's step back and look at it this way," using the phrase in unappreciated diffusing jest when Gibbs appeared a bit tense, and this only added to the tension. One of the African-American reporters was very frustrated and she spoke for the rest of them, "we are asking about the vetting process and it is the process we want to hear about," and Gibbs replied the same "rear view mirror" stone wall reply, must have been 8 to 10 times or more previous to this woman's statement of frustration.

2 weeks into the Presidency and Gibbs is upset. It appears he suddenly learned that insulting the press, as Obama did in impromptu meeting with them shortly after taking office, or pushing back at them, when they almost entirely looked with a blind eye during the campaign, will come back to bite you like nothing else. 86% approval upon inauguration, 55% yesterday. 30 point drop in approval during those 2 weeks. Of course one could easily attribute that to the unrealistic expectations of those who voted for him, and, the unrealistic promises made as well, which easily could combine in a rather swift deflation of approval. Let us hope, for the sake of the country, that this trend doesn't continue, and, that it is due to the President learning his place, as a public servant who answers to us, according to his limited powers in the Constitution.

Another, and likely more telling moment, was by a reporter that didn't know the commerce secretary, Judd Gregg the Republican Senator and 3rd Republican on Obama's Cabinet, had been named just before the White House Press Briefing. My apologies but I didn't accurately hear the name this reporter asked so I am not going to try to guess, it went by very fast, but the question was something like this, "Did President Obama pick John Doe for Commerce Secretary as recommended by Senator Daschle?"

The idea Mr. Daschle made a recommendation wouldn't be an issue, except, it resembles lobbying for that person. The further question arises as to if they who were recommended by Daschle work in the Health Industry, where Mr. Daschle, the 1998 advocate for punishment of breaking the tax laws "to the fullest extent of the law," is known to not have reported 1 month of earnings, some $85,000. I mean the man made 5 million dollars in the last 2 years, and to most that's "lobbyist pay" as the job description Daschle gave was "to consult on strategy" regarding legislation his clients were lobbying to effect.

But of course if the new Messiah and his Apostles such as Gibbs says it isn't lobbying, well, they certainly wouldn't lie....again. We all know that getting away with lying doesn't encourage it in the least. Ask any repeat offender at any prison, they'll assure you this just can't be true, that a man's word his his bond, and, should you not be able to find your wallet after accidentally bumping into a man in New York who is the spitting image of Bernie Madoff, it's pure coincidence. :p

2 weeks in and the press is frustrated, the white house is frustrated, and the people are seeing business as usual, including the usual "I have a list of people that I'll give you who assure us we have the highest ethical standards of any President ever before....," and in regard to waivers, "....they recognize the need for waivers to assure we can get the most qualified person." The list, eventually stated, consists of two names, again said quickly and only once during the Press Briefing, but yes a whopping list of 2 people. In most circles that is stretched with, "I have a couple of names," or "a few names," "couple" implies up to 3, "few" implies up to 5" and is a grouping phrase to make the actual 2 look bigger, usually done "I have a few names, these two come to mind right away." This is not done "I have a list of names," which asserts at least 10 or more, and likely broken into categories with a group of pending names that haven't signed on, sort of like the 31,000 scientists who've signed on to the petition stating they do not agree with the Kyoto protocols: Now that there is a list! But that list means nothing to Al Gore and therefore must mean nothing to Obama....and the significance again of a list of names claiming "the highest ethical standards of any president before" that consists of 2 names is?

Apologies but highlights of the press briefing, that shed light on some other reasons Dashle may have left, a briefing where Gibb's felt the need to repeat the "highest ethical standards" theme of the week before, along with the unwillingness to discuss the GS-15 vetting process in character with some mythical Army press briefing about UFOs, Roswell, and Area 51, just left me unable to leave out the hypocrisy of presenting 2 names and claiming those a substantial list that demonstrates this White House has the highest ethical standards while ignoring 31,000 that emphatically dispute the Kiyoto protocols. To me, to leave this out, is to further ignore something significant over giving significance to something presented that is being so presented purely as diversion.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman
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Obama's Reign-Global Warming

28 Jan : 19:47 Category: Post Election 2008

Global Warming, Al Gore's Pen and Paper RPG

Well....cooling or warming, it would seem our cycle of data collection isn't long enough to arrive at any sort of conclusion.

However, if there is a warming trend, as has seemed to be evidenced at a Solar System level with the polar caps of Mars melting, it appears our .5% of manmade Co2 production is just enough that we are spilling out all over the galaxy....

Or, on the other hand, maybe, just maybe, this is a solar occurrence, a larger cycle initiated by smaller ones from that chemical ball of light in the sky, our Star, that seems to be ignored by almost all of science as any sort of generator of heat, especially as a source to be checked out first.

Now if that happens to be the case, that this is a Solar event, it would appear our efforts are being focused inaccurately. For instance, I do not see us even thinking of double and triple projected roofing systems for our homes, engineered for us to survive, or how about tires made to withstand the increase in heat that an irradic Star could produce. Nor do I see the repeal of prohibition to using lead in paint, which would provide a level of protection from radiation (makes ya wonder of the skin cancers increased dramatically after that prohibited use).

See it's a peculiar consideration to try to think of an offset for the Sun, this thing that's the size of 10,000 Earths and provides those solar winds and dust that our clouds come from.

Thus far it appears the jury is out, or at least still deliberating, in regard to if there is global warming, but should they come back and finally at least agree there is a global warming trend, they'll likely have found it's from the Sun, not our minuscule .5% contribution to annual global Co2 output.

The trouble is we'll have wasted so much effort, our infrastructure rebuilding will be so under engineered to survive because we were busy listening to a "Tennessee Flim Flam Man" use his weight as a former political figure, his expertise at rhetoric as a former lawyer, and incompetence as a scientist to point everyone in another direction. Science embraces it so easily because the term "global warming" is the catch phrase of charities and "governments" streamline give away of grant money worldwide.

I can say that at least Mr. Gore will provide an alternative in financial cost to government regulatory schemes, similar to the pollution credit system to which carbon credits are modeled after. Makes you wonder if Bernie Madoff had anything to do with these designs. This is particularly true in Mr. Gore being poised to have a 1 trillion dollar fund that he controls in 10 years when the "sheep of Washington" (as in the dollar) vote for whatever Mr. Gore can make their bleeding heart whine about in perfect dramatic liberal fashion, and that keeps the dependent society looking to government to save them from ever needing a leash again.

But did anyone expect different from the "George Soros Open Society Muppet Theater of United States Government?"

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman
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Area 51....What? No Executive Order? No Press Conference?

25 Jan : 12:49 Category: Post Election 2008
Area 51 may be nothing, except a controversy of transparency.

So to all those who aren't sure about Area 51, or who believe the transistor came from alien technology, and those who believe we are a derivative of some alien design, their race "creating man in their image," I submit it's time you spoke to the new leader of the free world who has boldly stated time and time again "a new era of transparency is at hand." Let's get to the truth about Area 51 and all this alien stuff once and for all, let's have "a walk-through tour" by Mr. Obama, featuring Leon Penetta as our host for our "intelligence first Area 51-Groom Lake Facility Guided Tour."

I mean, if Area 51 and Groom Lake, the radioactive material storage facility in the mountains outside of Las Vegas, the High Frequency Active Aural Research Program (HAARP), or Clinton's ECHLON program (SIGINT), are off-limits, then apparently transparency is merely an empty claim, a term used to accentuate those things Mr. Obama believes the American people should know about -- that he picks and chooses at his whim what is subject to "the new era of transparency."

Come on wackos, let's get to the heart of the matter here, is it transparency or a sort of projection of selective memory, similar to Mr. Obama insisting U.S. troops, featuring one of his relatives, "freed Auschwitz" as he has on 2 occasions 5 years apart. One the very speech he gave against the war -- neat how it features more than one delusion. And the other a Veteran's Day speech, where I guess he felt, and by election has been proven correct, that Veterans feel honored when lied to as he spoke of his uncle who helped free Auschwitz. This is all noted here and features both instances.

At least he didn't again try to convince us the Kennedy Family helped his father come to the United States from Kenya in 1959, before JFK had met with the person Mr. Obama claims in his autobiography made the arrangement, noted here in the Washington Post.

In light of Mr. Obama's recollections, even after understanding they are entirely mistaken, to only repeat them with a new relative as their "hero" an apparent attempt at example of his "intimate" knowledge of the subject by such 3rd person relative, it only seems fitting that questions about Area 51 and other similarly situated information be sought to assure a complete ushering in of "the new era of transparency."

We might even ask him to remove the seal on President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King's records that have been sealed for 75 years. We may learn the truth about The Grassy Knoll and Martin Luther King's request to repeal the Emancipation Proclamation on the grounds it created a 2nd class citizenship in the United States (Something I ran across for one weekend at The National Archives in Washington, D.C., a Western Union communication from Martin Luther King to John F. Kennedy on display but without any reproductions available; I was told the King Family threatened to sue and that they agreed to allow the display for only those 2 days, without any copies, and that it ends that weekend by one of the staff there after I had inquired to get copies of this communication.).

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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Obama's Hokey Pokey

05 Dec : 23:47 Category: Post Election 2008

Haven't wanted to say much until some semblance of what his cabinet make up will be had been formed and announced, and all I can think of is....

"You put your right foot in, you pull your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about. You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around, that's what it's all about! You put your left foot in, you pull your left foot out, you put your left foot in and you shake it all about. You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around, that's what it's all about!"

Just so Obama isn't it.

He ran for office with his left foot in, then pulled his left foot out, then shook it all about kicking everything that was in his way including Hillary Clinton out. Then "spread the wealth around" came about to assure the full torturous left foot shaking up of everything, not that the wealthy can afford anything now since their wealth is based on credit and that's in the tank but the vengeful socialists of the electorate who demonize any wealth (Ayers dedication of his book to Sirhan Sirhan is the perfect examply, Bobby Kennedy apparently was one of the rich that Ayers wanted to die along with all the rich, Ayers hasn't apologized for this at all.).

However, as President-Elect, Obama keeps on Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. He also has discussed Iraq, and uses his pat, I lied but won't admit it line, "as I've always said, withdrawal will be based on the commanders on the ground in Iraq," and Hillary Clinton is his choice for Secretary of State. Clearly Obama has put "his right foot in" and only with the Attorney General nomination of Eric Holder (of Mark Rich fame) has Obama "pulled his right foot out." I honestly can't wait for his next round of choices, let's see if he "shakes it all about" too.

Now this may seem like a big joke but considering Obama's Saul Alinsky training due to his ACORN past (discussed here: this is the exact means to keep everyone in his cabinet so miserable that they'll do something to change their condition. The consummate community organizer, Obama is making sure his "cabinet community" is as well triggered by his every nuance as those who voted for him and are having second thoughts after seeing the cabinet choices.

Of course this all brings me a warm fuzzy feeling, a smile of elation because I think Mr. Soros may have been taken advantage of here as well. Just wait until the bailouts begin for every industry "that is necessary for our infrastructure goals," not that our infrastructure doesn't need repair, but that with these infrastructure programs the unions gain, and they have little fondness for an arbitrager like Soros, who has brought entire nations to their knees by manipulating their currency and resources.

So from the steel workers union, to the welders union, sheet metal union, concrete pourers union, and every possible union job that could be had, infrastructure is their favorite word. Translated it means "jobs for 10 years and more" and an expanse of union pension funds as well. Unions, the tax exempt organizations which have billions in assets and trillions under their control, with no stock, and that cannot be bought out, are about to see their wealth grow by 10 fold. This might better explain the sudden concessions the UAW is willing to give to the Big 3 Automakers regarding the job bank where workers could be unemployed and continue to receive 90% of their pay for up to 4 years without doing little to nothing. Gotta love those union negotiators, so willing and ready to spend the company profits without any benefit to the company. And we wonder why the Big 3 are before Congress looking for a bailout?

Maybe with the holidays and the constant assaults on Christmas I am jaded and out of sorts, then again, look at the California Government Employees Union Pension fund balance, located here: it's on the right there, today I think it shows around 179 billion dollars. Yea that's billion with a "B." This is the same group that the Governor needs to make sure to make payroll for in California, you know the governor that is asking Congress for a 15 billion dollar bailout?....Ahem!

So let's all celebrate the new American Labor Union Socialism that every decent Americans is looking forward to observing from their new home in Australia! :p

Thank you for reading.

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Post Election-Obama-Racism

07 Nov : 15:31 Category: Post Election 2008

Obama = Liquidation of the "Racism" Brand

I've come to know that vengeance is what spoke on Nov. 4th 2008, a vengeance of debts long past the responsibility of anyone alive today, a vengeance of those who feel Bush was conservative personal subjection, along with exploiting the great white guilt. This is true along with the voices of the generally uninformed votes based solely on racial lines (

Yet too those who've made it an issue to make claims about race, they are in more fear now than ever before.

The stigma of an African-American President is gone and the white guilt, the wonder if we'd ever vote an African-American into the office of President of the United States vanquished. Of course so to goes by the wayside the guilt trip of "you racist," its authority liquidated in an instant with, "I voted for Obama, for the first African-American President, what's your point again?"

Those who saw this election as a turning point if this man is elected President, as the "change" they needed, didn't anticipate this immediate liquidation of their most sacred battle cry to get an ACLU lawyer to take their case for free. Now they must fear, they must fear that if Obama does what they believe he'll do for them, at the expense of others (the vengeance) then they've entirely lost their 150 year old right to whine except by force, except by perpetration of the very act that led to the history they want righted.

Those who hated Bush also lost their mantra of abuse on those at work they disagreed with and often hated merel because they were the boss and made more than the employee. Now the employees know they'll be getting a piece of the bosses paycheck, that the boss is penalized. They best not complain about the raise they don't get next quarter due to the boss needing to pay the government a tax so that employee can get their $500 check from the Federal Government.

What will effect these employees most is that small business will make capital equipment investments to replace the employee at every turn. Capital gains elimination makes investments in this equipment far more valuable than an employee with their benefit packages and matching social security outlay, as well as the expense of employee management.

If Obama tries to do all he's said he will, this will be the worst 4 years for America while being the most entertaining. What's interesting is how the truth of the liberal choice is setting in, that they rolled the dice on an unknown who may make their life worse personally as well because of all their weighty arguments and claims that were liquidated in one night's passage.

This is why it's best that in future elections, vote your conscience while paying attention to why people vote for those you disagree with, come to terms with voting for who you must to assure the least experienced, most idealistic, and most charasmatic alone, do not make it into the White House.

America's will as a people didn't speak but the will of vengeance, an undercurrent we did need to ground, finally had its way, and that ends an era of reverse discriminatory victimization of another class of innocents.

Thank you for reading.


Read my story in, "Gold Baron" the book by A. Dru Kristenev. Find out how we arrived at this juncture, posting about the news of the day, sharing the results of my research with you. Available here in the CWO Shop!

Indeed, "Reason is the heart of freedom..."
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Your Vote - Sold for $600 Million!

04 Nov : 22:34 Category: Post Election 2008
That is the headline that should be on every newspaper tomorrow, for the clock is getting turned back to just after the Civil War, or at least before the 1986 Tax Reform Act.

The electorate so busy taking out vengeance on conservatives has forgotten the devil is in the details, they haven't any care or concern with the tax shelter haven that Obama has promised to create for the billionaires who assure him a means to have this much money to buy our election.

All they had to do was appeal to the anger of the last 2 elections. No one cares about the issues, about the 500 billion dollars surrounding Obama now, his friends so long as he gives them the benefit they seek: Tax Shelters.

I guess when liberal education breeds and raises Godless liberal values into every aspect of existence it only stands to reason that the people of a nation have no reason to care about their country. Personal narcissistic interest takes precedence over anything else. I'd site history but what's the use. Many an American will have died in vane in a few short years, and those who believed will continue to believe even while all that's meant anything of America is evaporating from existence.

But I guess there is a pride to being angry and then the sacred right to vote when all the nation's people have been bought for 600 million dollars and sacrifice the Foundation of America.

Should this trend continue throughout the night I am certain the left will enjoy this moment, but moreso, they will enjoy it into the years, for they never admit wrong doing, FannieMae and FreddieMac have proven this.

Hang on folks! Here comes Carter's 2nd term!

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