Merry Christmas America

Yes, it has been a while since I've written anything, so I want to post what a friend of mine, Arlen Williams, shared with me some time ago, and feel free to stop it after a minute or so:

I share this because the story goes, at least as I understand it, that this man singing about Jesus' Blood is a homeless man who was recorded and Gavin Byars noticed it was exactly on pitch and built the music around it.

Now to hear this man sing of Jesus' Blood is to listen to a man exclaim his Faith without reservation, without letting anything of the world remove him from where his heart stands, where his Soul resides.

This triumph of a person over all that could be seen against them, all that could be seen to their detriment, and all that would be used to judge them, to stand tall in their pride and conviction, in their love of Christ, of God and His Sacrifice, and in the most true form of our purpose as God's Companion by His Creation, is a monument to Faith as essential for mankind to exist.

This man and the song he sings with all the love, joy, and certainty of Christ's Love for him would not be possible but for the birth of Jesus Christ in every aspect of mankind, as that's the only way our knowledge of the Son of God and all He did for us would be so easily able to raise a homeless man to full knowledge of the wealth he has in his being, in his being loved by God through Christ's love for him.

Christ is why I've done all I've done, why I've written all I've written and said all I've said, especially over these last 4 years. Though some celebrate December 25th as the Birth of Christ, there isn't one Christian, and this man's song testifies to this entire, that by their Faith, by their Prayer and will to stand and be counted as a believer, as a servant by love of Christ for all He did, that we celebrate Christ's birth every moment, by every seeking of His guidance, of His comfort, ever affirming of His conviction toward us that we affirm in serving one Master, He who freed us from the burdens of mankind's forgetfulness and the world's persistent assumption of taking over for God as though He is absent from His creation, from we who He made to be his companions.

So I hope this is received with the Love and Blessings I wish for all of you, that my testimony of affirmation to Christ because He is here for all of us, loving thy enemies as well, that your love of Christ, of God, and appreciation for all He's done for us will be excited, accented, and rejuvenated, for I take it as a great Honor to join you in celebrating, praising, and loving Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Son of God on this and every day.

May God be with ye always,

Toddy Littman

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