Abortion's Revelation of Slavery

Abortion, the idea of “a woman's right to choose,” carries with it a great revelation, one that explains immediately that this idea has nothing to do with abortion.

You see, when the State, the Government, be it by legislation, executive order, or court decree, especially by National Government, uses some institutional legal term such as “previable” to parse out an authority to hear a case where the facts and the law do not carry any concern under the National Constitution, there is only purpose for it: To Expand Government.

In this instance, it is the government defining a fetus, by a test of being “previable” or not, as property of the mother, to be discarded at her whim, and on the idea of all the, at the time, back alley abortions and coat hanger caused deaths of women. The trouble is that these incidents are wrong, wrong in every way, abortion is wrong to this Christian who knows Jesus Christ knew my name before my parents were born. But the greater wrong is that the moral decay of both doctors and people, to assume to end the pregnancy rather than accept the responsibility for their sexual “freedom” and the resultant need to then raise a child, is well overlooked as the true definition of abortion: indicia of the moral decay of society.

So, as a matter of course, the State, the government, when given a chance to be the arbiter, to be the nanny-decider of the moral code of society, takes up the cause and devises a mechanism so barbaric that it breeds generations of people who discard life, which Planned Parenthood describes as a “tissue” to be thrown into the trash. “Life,” as an element of what “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed” with, is no longer held in high esteem by those already alive, and all of it because of a return to a feudal standard of subject servitude, of slavery, and solely in abortion's case for the purpose of death, entirely brought about by the Progressive movement. For it is by abortion that the previable test was invented by the U.S. Supreme Court to determine a baby is that tissue -- as a form of property held by the mother -- without missing a beat in establishing the feudal fiefdom element, and without any due regard to 50% of the property belonging to the father.

Jodi Arias was convicted of 1st degree murder, after 1.8 million dollars was spent on her trial solely for the arrogance of prosecutors. I say this because Arias would have settled for 2nd degree murder with a chance at 40 years in prison as the plea deal due to the aggravating circumstances, and submit that this would have been justice for Travis Alexander 4 years ago without a trial that will only become a commercial opportunity for the prosecutor and Jodi Arias. But because of that 1st degree murder conviction, again because of the United States Supreme Court, a jury is required to decide if she gets the death penalty. To be clear: Jodi Arias, upon conviction for 1st degree murder is a ward of the State, belongs to the State of Arizona, and yet Arias will receive more rights than an innocent unborn baby. Is Jodi Arias viable at all? I'd say not. The Prosecutor, one who pursues cases like this and therefore has a reputation for them, who takes pictures with admirers of his knack for winning death penalties against murderers, in his need to pursue 1st degree murder to uphold this reputation, won his case, and, at the same time, assured Jodi Arias receives the protection of the United States Supreme Court in determining whether or not she receives the Arizona death penalty.

Of course Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor with a very capable lawyer, who stands charged and may soon be convicted of murdering fetuses that were born alive, he too, like Jodi Arias, is receiving the benefit of a trial and a jury to determine his fate, unlike when he may have played god with a pair of scissors, convinced that he is applying the United States Supreme Court standard of viability with absolute accuracy, and irrespective of his Hippocratic Oath.

Should we look at the rights being received by Dhokhar Tsarnaev, a man whose citizenship wasn't by birth but by grant from the United States government? At what point do we recognize that his citizenship is revocable, subject to the conditions determined at the time the Constitution was ratified, known as “good standing,” and recognize that merely being suspected of carrying out the Boston Marathon bombing is grounds to revoke his citizenship?

But Congress, the media, the legal system and its presumption of grants to the people from the Constitution, etc., will have no part in this discussion whether for Dhokhar Tsarnaev, or any other person I've just mentioned, at least not on the part of the injustice that these cases show for the unborn, for the regard of a baby as a baby, as an innocent of which 100s will not be the character of any one of the 3 people I've mentioned above. No! We cannot show respect for the good of our society, for the overall good people that we are, who may well beat-up ourselves daily for what we view as our own skeletons, yet treat others around us with dignity and respect, never letting our own troubles have a significant affect, if any, on others and our lives go on until we die of natural causes. That we live this kindly, this gently, as a people unless we're wronged (such as Oklahoma City, 9/11/2001, The Boston Marathon Bombings) is a testament to that very fetal innocence being what makes Americans viable. We aren't plotting the downfall of another nation for sake of some form of religious law or establishment of another form of government, of justice, etc. No, we live out our lives with a goal of happiness, materially sacrificing to be sure for a spouse, a child, or family emergency, yet knowing that it is by what we produce and can accumulate that we've been able to help others, that by helping ourselves first we can help others, or there will be no one to help. This is the American knowledge and American way, one that every person listed above and myriad others in prisons across America or who've died by death penalty, have exploited (or are alleged to have exploited in the Gosnell case), in mockery and ridicule. All of the harm caused or alleged of these people, the fathomability of these activities, and the idea that they could be carried out without anyone caring or knowing, is entirely the cause of the Progressive movement that needs to break down the “moral fiber” of America, assaulting the moral principle with the only institution of force and oppression of individuality left standing: The State.

This is the natural and historical use of government, of the State, and why the Church was part of the Feudal system, and yet the patronage corruption rendered both institutions incapable of government without oppressing to the point that war and poverty were all they, or their people, would ever have as memories and a legacy. This might help explain the underlying reason America has a written Constitution where the people dictate what constitutes the idea of government, establishing and ordaining the specific terms and conditions of that government's existence in a revocable (amendable) manner, always with noted specifics to convey that every object of such government is specific, thereby limited, for it is by a constitution followed by the government, without looking for “loopholes,” that we assure that each American is not subjected to the historical oppression of centralized power embodied in a government who educates our morality to infuse our trust in them to decide matters that undermine our very right to believe as we wish.

Freedom exists from inception, not because a mother chooses not to abort, but because a mother has the Grace and Wisdom to recognize that she and the father need to pay the price for their choices, that this is responsibility, and that the baby is a gift. Anything else is un-American for it is to go against God-given Individual Liberty and adopt Civil Liberty in acting upon a recognized right in the mother by an agency of government, a privilege granted by a government to treat your child as property, a daisy-chain of slavery starting with government. Is it any wonder Progressives will do anything to defend abortion?

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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