A Perfect World

Every system of government is meant to create a perfect world by its designer. Now some may think that's a reference to unicorns, rainbows, and world peace, however this is normal when imagination defines what context hasn't provided yet.

Name a King, Queen, or Noble who was trying to be the leader of and design a government that fails so they can be killed. Ooo, the chirping crickets indicate the answer: None.

Now, as this King, Queen, or Noble method of government was the dominant form of government, at least by structure, whether in Europe, Asia, or Africa demonstrates that,what is known as the Feudal System, is a form of government that ruled the Earth.

The reason for this, is it created a Perfect World – perfect in the minds of those who ruled. Eventually these became neighbors (as tribes grow) or another nation converged upon their border after conquest of those who never ventured. Often, this neighbor would appear on the border with soldiers, always ready for conquest, usually for resources but sometimes merely for the fame of conquest, and the spoils of confiscation. The Perfect World was constantly in a state of war, and always for the politics of the time, rarely over anything of any meaning, until the Crusades.

The Crusades are where emotion led the heart into battle after battle, each side out to vanquish the existence of their foe because its view corrupted the minds of their subjects (their people). Countless lives lost in each pressing their Perfect World upon the other.

Eventually the philosophers – who would be paid to pontificate on the way man thinks and the ways of wisdom to the King, Queen, and Noble classes that would use the information to control the masses; the artists and performers – who would be commissioned to paint artwork and stage presentations for public display to depict specific messages from the King, Queen, and Noble to their subjects, the illiterate masses, and inspire the people to compliance, to appreciate their subject servitude or fear rebelling against it; and lastly the Church – who is the core of this government, this structure and design of a Perfect World, required to certify that the King, Queen, or Noble is the rightful ruler, the heir by bloodlines that assure the religious context of morality that this iteration of the Perfect World is true (flies straight according to its history) – all of these would come to realize their efforts are in vain, are imperfect in a world where one rules many, and there are many “ones” who rule many, using this government structure, a model, for the single purpose of accumulating power. Yes it took recognition of their own selling out, their own conscience, to bring about this change we know as The Age of Enlightenment.

The great risk was those people who “passed” the edge of the world (It was flat then, remember? Obviously, this was a perception caused by the understanding of a lack of survivability, whether real or not, of ships that did not return, with courses assumed accurate as well.). These Plymouth Rock folks, in the 1600s, began trying to join into some sort of nation of their own, pressing the power of the Church over governments and asserting that the limits of man are defined by what God gave each and every one of us, which today we know as Individual Liberty, (Connecticut 1639, http://www.bartleby.com/43/7.html and Massachusetts, 1641, http://www.bartleby.com/43/8.html). Thus begins the bold idea of the need for a divestiture of the institutions of Feudal Rule – individual and bureaucratic body Princes who decree State imposed Government by Centralized Power that is achieved through conquest and confiscation that also serves as their pedigree of Sole Authority – and an end to that power being understood as a right of omnipotence, at least in their Perfect World, of that King, Queen, or Noble.

Of course the old habits of being a dependent, a subject in servitude assumed unable to govern yourself and regularly shown the same by those with greater numbers of soldiers or orders under seal of someone else who does, do not die quite so easily. Yet, over time, especially with the principles of the Age of Enlightenment sweeping Europe at all levels, as evinced by the Glorious Revolution and British Bill of Rights of 1689 (A bloodless revolution said to have led to the end of the Divine Right of Kings, though they offered the throne to the brother of the King removed, http://www.victorianweb.org/history/Glorious_Revolution.html, http://www.chsbs.cmich.edu/timothy_hall/bofr/bofrbkgnd.htm and http://www.montauk.com/history/1689_bill_intro.htm), people were recognizing that they want to make their own decisions about their own lives, that with so much of the corruption, war, and violence based on doctrinal differences of belief, the Institution of the Church must be liquidated, its survival subject to the marketplace like any other decision one makes in their own life.

This was the grand difference in direction that became American government, and a new set of parameters of Limited Government by design of the People who carry this out as an act of self-Government, recognizing the republican principle (representation) combined with democratic methods of voting, would be the best method to achieve a Perfect World, one where government is the servant and not the Master. They even went so far as to hope that ratification of the Constitution and Article I, Section 9, would result in the end of slavery by 1808 (see Federalist 42, Madison, http://thomas.loc.gov/home/histdox/fed_42.html).

However, in all cases, even where the People are, for the first time in history, the Lawgiver of what will be the laws that the people shall be willing to be obedient to (The United States of America), the Perfect World suffers failures, corruptions, and misdeeds by a lack of one simple principle, irrespective of the numbers of those who serve in government, what branch they serve in, or their wealth: Honor.

Honor and its related virtue of Integrity, that naturally knows a willingness to Abstain for the greater good, ever exercising due care to objectivity and judicious application of reason to achieve a solution; it is the lack of this mind, the lack of this servant's heart quality of those who are in office that makes all the parchments, protests, wars, and bloodshed for a Perfect World as we know it today -- one of living out one’s life on one’s own terms – an endless desert of waste and abuse under the jack-booted heel of those who've assumed power and are unopposed by those who unwittingly repeat history apparently for the sake of retaining their ignorance.

The followings of people, our good faith character of trust, is that “substance” that a King once would eat out of us by carrying on his own agenda and knowing those who follow have already volunteered, while those who don't will be forced to follow or perish. It is this very lack of Honor that will forever destroy all good intention, all proscribed and prophylactic limits, for this is that lust for the very power that corrupts, the wanton selling out of one’s Soul for sake of being the leader of a dream that the abusive, the twisted and maniacal among us will see their chance to rise and rule, to manipulate and legislate, to “man-age” us into oblivion – Their leadership the very evidence the dream is unattainable and will always be only a dream.

When do we say, “NO MORE” again to our oppression for another's pursuit of the impossible dream? That answer lies with you.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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