July 4th 2013 Memorandum

Thomas Jefferson's hand wrote well of Freedom, wrote well of our unalienable Rights, including, but not limited to, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, and that all of these are endowments from Our Creator.

Almost 20 years later a group of men gathered together at the urging of Alexander Hamilton to correct an instrument in error after the Declaration of Independence so boldly proclaimed Freedom to be managed by a union of States, though each independent, and laying the foundations for a rightful Feudal taking, by a people of a land free from the footprint of the Sovereign, that final step of claiming a Feudal right over land, and a loophole to which this nation owes its Founders for their sheer grit in asserting, to then assure Liberty through Our Written Constitution, the result of Alexander Hamilton's call to amend the Articles of Confederation.

The world of instruments of legality, of privilege and right, suddenly turned on its head on July 4th 1776 when a People proclaimed their Rights by God, and ushered in the manifest existence of a nation according to the Age of Enlightenment discovery that “man is sentient,” all man, each and every single one of us – helps understand how conception is the moment of birth, the moment when the Life according to our Creator has been endowed, the Creator's creation in existence. Our nation was born of the same cloth, of the same genus.

Freedom's existence is as a child in the whole of time as we measure it, a mere 500 years at best of people in Freedom, and living not as savages but as a civilization in self-government where each Constituent of that government lives in confidence of their Individual Liberty, assured by their written Constitution that the Constituent ratified and thereby Constituted representative (republican) government. This is the “headstand” of instruments of legality as it was unlike the charters of old where the Crown, or some body politic acting like a Prince (Parliament) decreed the rights of those they deem important, while forever maintaining a slave's standard for the serfdom in a persistent existence of peonage at the hands of those decreeing the “rights” of the privileged by patronage – yes the same patronage that lubricates the gears of Progressivism.

So, I say to you all, it is this history without Patronage, without the assumption “some men are sentient, while others are not and need the State, need a collective to manage their lives” that we celebrate every July 4th. Every time we celebrate our Declaration of Independence and the documents that founded America on self-government as the Sovereign principle upon which we based our claim to have this land separate from feudal tenures, feudal rule and the courts of the realm with their presumption of rights granted by the government, is a celebration of our replacing this with a government of servants acting always in support of Our Written Constitution and Declaration of Independence (which is our claim to this land).

Our existence as a nation depends on We the People remembering this foundation of our nation, with the full spirit of what it means to know Freedom, and to well appreciate being able to act upon our own Liberty, to move freely without the constraints of government, to think for ourselves, and be accountable for our own lives, including our wrongs, as a matter of Right, for it is our “Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness” that we live out, our bias a constant in our view of everything; deciding we're not self-serving and are merely benevolent, is a conscious decision, made by one person about themselves and their lives, and remains that person's Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness alone, no matter how many others may join and agree with them. Freedom and Liberty are immediately threatened when this collective of those in agreement makes the effort to force their view on others, to use politics to gain the political means of government and organize these means to take from one class to pay for another class and their ideas.

Please, I urge you as an American to consider carefully where you stand, for there are those amongst us who wish to neutralize all knowledge of our nation's founding by asserting “it's all a left-right paradigm,” who are further urging a new Constitution, who are treating our Founding as out of date and a wrong that needs correction, which for this American is their admission to being an enemy of America (and they are often from another country as well).

I write to you today of what American Soldiers have died for in history. I write to you of what this Nation's Founders meant, intended, and fought numerous wars over. I write to you of the Principles of Freedom that Abraham Lincoln violated and led a nation into Civil War once upon a time, and to tell you that the divisiveness that brought this breach of our Nation is upon us again, and if we do not pay very close attention to what is important, to who America is in history, to what Our Founders did and why they did it, we'll succumb to these assaults, wittingly or unwittingly. Today, the greatest sobriety of all is required, a sobriety that sets aside ego, sets aside the petty concerns of party, sets aside the notion of election as the grand expression of Freedom, and embraces that once again it is time for We the People to rise to the occasion and assure our government reaffirms its sole role as our servant, curtailing, inhibiting, stifling, and ending the falsehood that government is the answer to Freedom.

We aren't the ones we've been waiting for, we're the ones who were here over 200 years ago and still are, as their “Posterity.” The blood coursing through their veins, ours by the mere embrace of their cause, their purpose, their intention, their design, and acting upon this with the full vigor of our heart's desire in Freedom.

Be still no more! Be heard, stand tall, and take action! I will not parse civil means or otherwise, I will not denounce the use of violence, as it would be wrong of me to assume others may not find themselves in a position where this truly is their only means of action to correct the wrongs, save that I do hope it truly is their only means, that I further hope they do not look for an excuse to act in violence for their only moral right to act is if it truly is their only means, their last resort. And do not confuse this with condoning violence, I do not. I hope and Pray violence is not used.

To help better understand why I cannot just denounce violence, just say “do not be violent,” I give you our government's handiwork in violence they've committed by acts (including omission according to their laws) to which none will stand and be held accountable, excusing away the most blatant with, “what difference does it make” statements, as though a Dictator on high who gets to choose what is important to the People, gets to choose the value of “Life” as though another's life (maybe even ours in their view) was endowed to government to decide:

Brian Terry -- http://www.cbsnews.com/

Jaime Zapata -- http://www.examiner.com/

Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glenn Doherty -- http://www.utsandiego.com/

Seal Team 6 Members & those with them -- http://www.defense.gov/releases/release.aspx?releaseid=14728

No answers nor actions to investigate and do anything about anyone who may have been involved; no effort to even discover who had a hand in how any of these people have died as we watch some be promoted, these events treated as though they aren't to be recognized, where Americans -- some who were instrumental in the death of Osama Bin Laden, heroes, were killed -- and yet nothing of accountability, of responsibility for these deaths, to their families nor the American People has come from the government, no accountability whatsoever. In fact, government is fighting all efforts to achieve accountability of any in government who are responsible, the President even asserting executive privilege over Congress investigations of Fast & Furious to stifle discovery of information (Maybe we should be asking the NSA?). This all leaves a bitter taste, one that shouts indignantly that to our government the People are not important in America, that government has arranged for itself alone to decide as our Master what is done in America's name.

So you can see why I, as a responsible person, could not in good conscience claim that violence isn't truly the last resort for someone else. This doesn't mean I condone or encourage its use, for I do not. I just will not pretend it may not be a necessity to someone else to preserve their Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness, some American somewhere else in the world, like Benghazi.

Thank you for reading and please enjoy the Fourth of July 2013 with Honored memories of these people above, may their Spirit be brightened in knowing they haven't been forgotten,

Toddy Littman

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