Happy Thanksgiving 2013

A very good friend of mine who passed away on September 20th, 2013 remains in my heart and in my memories. I will miss them.

The soldiers, be it the civil ones like Chris Stevens and Sean Smith, or their military counterparts, of whom Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods represent “being all you can be” in not standing down when directed and saving as many lives as they could on September 11th, 2012; or the Navy Seals, Seal Team 6, whose ranks dropped rather quickly in what appears a doomed helicopter flight lacking the normal protocols; or those forgotten soldiers, Jaime Zapata and Brian Terry, foot soldiers at our borders whose deaths appear were caused by guns America's government arranged to be in the hands of “gangsta” drug cartels in Mexico, all of these people are and remain in my mind as those who didn't make it to celebrate another Thanksgiving after their tragic deaths, if not murders, that their families are still waiting for answers only punctuates why it is we, the American People who must remember them.

Of course, in looking at the likely future, my heart and Prayers further go out to those who lost their health insurance. May you stay healthy until you find your way to sue the government for this wrong that they caused to you (the alienation of your Healthcare Rights in the Health Insurance Contract you had) or that you find a suitable replacement if you're willing to just further tolerate another trespass on your rights. I can only hope you pave the road for the 10s of millions of Americans who will likely lose their employer provided Health Insurance coverage next year.

Yes, I am sure many think I am talking about “politics.” Alas, I've expressed realities, truths of this day that we are to be thankful we get to celebrate once more, another year of our traditional American Holiday these many others won't get to see.

Behold, I turn on the computer and go to some online game, and today the chat, as every other day, features “America are [sic] a bunch of greedy pigs,” or “America is Israel's tail,” and other similar vile hate speech. Of course these games are originating from other countries, such as New Zealand, Korea, China, and many others, where none of this is instantly seen as hate speech, as “racism” as though being an “American” isn't claiming a birthright above and beyond ANY anywhere else in the world, these people lodging insults incapable of recognizing people are born Americans and that this is pure and unadulterated racism; unable to appreciate America is a “nation” exceptional to any other, where this birthright is yours irrespective of color, creed, religion, or other division that plagued the world with wars and atrocities for more than the 1776 years of our Lord's Era prior to America's birth on July 4th of that year.

I am an American, and that is what I am thankful for, because, with my other fellow Americans, even when we disagree, I aid and help to the best of my ability because it is the right thing to do. This used to be a British principle, well adopted by the population of America in accepting their being raised to the stature of Sovereign of their nation, of Lawgiver, each a Chief Executive Officer of their own destiny, of their Rights and Liberties, their Freedoms as a private matter of their own management. Just like the Crowned heads of Europe carried on free market trade to the complete exclusion of their subjects, save the noble classes, until America's rise to power, or, of course, until these European Despots, these, as Jefferson describes the King of England in the Declaration of Independence, “tyrannies” figured and still figure they have an upper hand and can dispose of their neighbor's difference and views by just taking their land, their people, and their resources entire. World War II illustrates this persistent view of State educated and dictated reality of recent history, less than a century old and yet persistent.

Yeah, as an American I spent the last few days helping a friend, David Graham, better known as @antikommie with a paper he's writing, a speech he hopes to give one day. First, his computer lost what he wrote. He luckily had a hard copy and scanned it in, but no text recognition software, so I took it upon myself to re-type it in for him, the one talent these old hands still seem to be able to carry on. Then Dave gave me the Honor of Honors, asking me for input. I am sure much of what I added will not be added on to his well done work since I am a bit more verbose than most, and may appear off-point to some extent, at least within the context of what is believed by the audience being addressed. But what could be more important, more American, than to, during this Thanksgiving week, be carrying on what is the normal routine of my day in all I've done since finding Christ and Christ finding me, than to be helping, to be “thankful to be giving,” to a friend who could use a friend themselves over this Thanksgiving Holiday.

America is just this easily summed up as the most generous nation on Earth, a people who love giving what they can, both to Americans and to others around the world such as in the Philippines, where dog is a food menu item. It is this indomitable spirit that led to America’s Freedom and has persisted for more than 200 years amongst the people, irrespective of a government that appears has been dead-set on dictating their collective destinies as though automatons, irrespective of their unique individual desires and right to pursue them. And it is this very spirit that I count on to bring Americans together once more to, as Thomas Jefferson put it, “throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Calm down, this isn't a call for rebellion, as “government” is as simple as the sense of restriction you feel imposed upon you by those who don't even read the laws they allegedly voted “for,” “thrown off” as easily as a person recognizes their thoughts and ideas are still their own. It is a returning recognition of an assertion numerous government agents have testified to regarding the procedure manuals explaining how to do their job, as “merely a guide.” It appears we're finally realizing that if they can come up with an excuse to get away with applying their own discretion to a non-discretionary situation, using some claimed uniqueness required their unique application of the rules to the exclusion of, and as an excuse from, the rules governing their job, this had to originate with We the People and we have a Natural Right to the very same prerogative.

Being an American means to forever be the rebel to those telling us what to do. This is in our American DNA, whether the descendant of a former slave or European subject, we oppose the oppressive, subjective, and humiliating presumption of the lack of any right of cognizant thought in our ancestors. This right-of-opposition continues to prevail and persist amongst us. I submit this is our calling card for unity against the notion of government force being used as a tool of oppression by those who enthusiastically claim authority to govern our very minds (like suggesting what we should discuss on Thanksgiving day with our relatives). It is a simple historical truth of what binds us all as Americans really, and one that we can no longer let ourselves be distracted away from due to uses of today's profanities, such as “racism,” and “wealth,” or the yet to be FCC banned “cracka.” The messaging coming from our Party Political Institutions that profit-in-power by ruling these divisive underpinnings in mind to keep us divided – A conquered people with a broken will to which I, an American, will be a part of no more.

Yes, there are many American heroes and loved ones to remember, some of newsworthy sensationalism, others most will not have any reason to remember but those close to them. Yet, pervading all of these is the very spirit of who America is, the reason for the sensationalism of these heroes to assure a celebration of them, the reason this American finds is the most compelling to be thankful this Thanksgiving Day: Enjoyment of the Freedom to choose one's own path and giving to others if we can.

God Bless you all and thank you for reading as well as sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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