Racism's Liberal Oppression Today: Bogus White Privilege

For all who don't know, I'm not white. Had to get that out there to help Liberals better appreciate their Progressive KKK roots, especially when they attack me on twitter and elsewhere.

I grew up in a household where Father would tell me, “you have to work twice as hard as that white guy if you expect to get a raise, if you expect to get anywhere in life.” To anyone born in the ever continuing dramatic saga of the Black and White unnecessary controversy over race who isn't white, these words, or something very similar, were heard throughout their household. In fact, I'd figure both Mother and Father explained this to their daughters, though maybe not as directly until recently.

The sad part to the race point of this is that no one explained this is the kerosene to the flames of racism.

Imagine being a boss, hiring all the best qualified people who, for simplicity, happen to all be men, but some are black and some are white, and some are otherwise. Amongst them all, only the white guy doesn't seem to be complaining about the other guys; only the white guy isn't screaming for equality of some odd sort; only the white guy isn't saying “well, that guy there [who isn't white either] isn't being asked to work an extra shift, so why ask me? I put in my 8 hours,” even though the boss offered to pay time and a half and buy dinner someplace nice, too.

You see the dynamic put in motion that today is being called “white privilege?”

To Liberals the white guy isn't complaining because “he's already got family that's well off,” or, “because he doesn't really need the money” for the unsaid previous reason, or “because he can get a job anywhere.” The reality is that bosses hire people to make money for themselves and their company, and do not care about color of skin. The more expense the employee takes on, the more difficult it is for the boss to make money on them, though Alinsky based Progressive education has diluted this successful industrial model that was based on the right of property ownership being something we all wanted to assert for sake of our own survival, family, and future (see http://web.archive.org/web/20090423190627/http://www.nea.org/tools/17231.htm to appreciate the Alinsky delusion through Progressive edu...er...indoctrination).

But, this notion is more than the prevailing model, obvious from the screams for a higher minimum wage, on the same basis as above just with different nomenclature. “Formulas for erosion of Freedom” is what I'll call it because their entire basis is in empowering government over Individuals exercising their Liberty. Heinous? Certainly, and wrong, entirely wrong, as well for them to think a government that so easily, so perfectly, knee-jerks to hoop-jumping for their selfish, greedy, and inconsiderate desire is doing so for their benefit; that a union who offers to sponsor them in some way or is affording their leaders or the Anonymous hacker group's involvement is all benign dis-interested involvement.

See, as in the employer hiring all those people above, all but one of the competing interests was taught to take a “you against that guy” attitude since they were knee-high, a “monkey pile” (for lack of a better term) without one bit of coordination amongst the monkeys piling on the white monkey, but to their detriment without even knowing it.

This same effect is those wonderful Soros dollars floating into Occupy bank accounts, though, of course, not with any direct connection, any direct links, sort of like Obama and his NSA relationship, or regarding Benghazi, Fast & Furious Holder, etc. To help illustrate duping at its finest, the Individuals think they're standing up for something through a grass roots movement, while the reality of these other involvements, these influences, and their dupes that hi-jack something best said in their own words, http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2011/10/11/.

This is the constant of Soros reflexivity, “the difference between reality and what is perceived.” But of course Soros isn't the only one using race or anything else to promote an equality he doesn't really believe in.

Consider Bill Gates and your Windows computer....Now that phone call to support about an error message, gets you the reply, “oh that's an unimplemented feature, you need to download this patch to implement it.” Bug converted to “unimplemented feature” and no matter how irate we are over it, we buy the next Windows, don't we? Windows becomes our stable white guy who we have to have to run our computer, while the other programs competing for hard drive space and our attention, those are those other workers, the other flavors of mankind that have to work twice as hard to be as appreciated as Windows and yet are the reason we upgraded, to not lose them.

Is anyone understanding the variety of subtle and overt means being used to destroy our appreciation of quality people? Of quality Products? Of quality of life? Of quality of society? And all over numbers, those precious “numbers that never lie,” as though statistics is an art-form of truth. Maybe to the extent you can massage them to say whatever you want them to say and claim a truth of them, but beyond that merely a tool for the ultimate snake-oil for the handful of “leaders” who can't be servants to those who trust them, who can't be fiduciaries to the value placed in their hands, be it Freedom or a tangible item, their ability to be servants is solely as a liar, their eye is on conversion, conversion of power, conversion of wealth, conversion of the Age of Enlightenment and man's sentience into an agreement to be ruled by the iron fist of dictation in dependency.

This is the point of “racism,” of “white privilege,” of “raise the minimum wage,” and if you missed it: All of these things are just like the other in that they aid us in accepting a diminution of our God Given Individual Unalienable Right to Self-Determination, something every Christian knows as Free Will. But hey, what do we expect from those who support a practice born of genocide and branded as “abortion?” (see http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389x5545890.... But, I digress.

If these links are familiar to you, yes I've used them often on Twitter, Facebook and otherwise, but maybe I haven't so concisely explained this one degree of the 360^3 effect across the myriad spheres surrounding our situation to connect dots that would otherwise appear unrelated.

Now, I'm going to take this another step, to further illustrate the hypocrisy of it all.

I am also not black. But I have no problem calling Democrat Congressman James Clyburn an Uncle Tom, or any other African who is American by birth only due to adopting the foreign ideological mental condition of Marxism and its subset Liberalism, http://changingwind.org/index/comment.php?comment.news.132. You'll find I had a lot of respect for the man, well, at least until he decided to attack Tim Scott (I didn't say “Senator” because Clyburn's race attack is a personal one, attacking the man). Interesting how that Racism that bound people by the color of their skin finds a weakness in ideological difference, pretty good evidence to the point of racism etc., I brought up above right?...er...Left?...Wait, that's not ummm.....Alas, I digress again.

My purpose is to help save my country from the subjectivism of agendas, especially foreign ones (Marx and Engels weren't Americans). But hey, who am I to agree with a Russian former KGB agent, http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x32cxf_yuri-bezmenov.

So now the fundamental question: If I use the n-epithet on an African in America as described above (as that would likely be the only place I'd use it, an African-American, who appreciates and understands Our Founders, understands they wanted to end racism per Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution which sets out a means to end slavery in 20 years as explained in 3rd paragraph of Federalist 42, http://thomas.loc.gov/home/histdox/fed_42.html; understands that the KKK was and remains the identical Democratic Confederate Party, the Democratic Plantation of today – an equal opportunity party of oppression by government privilege; understands that Martin Luther King wasn't talking about protesting in the streets to trade one Master for the other, from State to National government, in determining the rights of an Individual in American society of any color; understand that Freedom through Individual Liberty can only be guaranteed by limiting government from becoming a 3rd party agitator and interference between people, and that this is the point of the Constitution for the United States of America and that they are We the People in every way, that their ancestry is irrelevant to their Individual Liberty pursuant to a working Constitution enforced upon the very government it created... and I could add more, well I'd never think for one second to speak poorly of or to these Patriotic and genuine Americans for they are just melting pot Americans to me for they understand like me, like this Asian Conservative who is writing this: The most powerful and most important minority is the minority of 1, the Individual!), Liberals would say I was a racist? Liberals would contend that somehow my ancestry that came to this country in the 20th Century was responsible for slavery? Liberals would be unable to see the fallout from their black-hates-whites (and vice-versa) branding of slavery? Liberals cannot see how a group of people of different colors decided to make the least pigmented their scapegoat for a Feudal Worldwide Democratic (majority rule) acceptance and institutionalizing slavery of people of all colors since before Socrates (400 B.C.)? Pray Liberals can soon understand that since this is how it has realistically worked out for the erroneous race equality propaganda since the Civil War that the same holds true for every leftist, Marxist, equality talking point they adopted for face value, that it is not about what it claims and has at its root a divisive and destructive anti-American purpose.

And now back to your regular, Politically Correct, everything will be as it was, follow the boxed definitives you were educated to believe in, Common Core Standard programming for your mind....

Thank you for reading and sharing this, God Bless,

Toddy Littman

P.S. So long as the “n-epithet” remains something regarded as, what Whoopie Goldberg called, “a term of endearment,” deemed acceptable by one race in use amongst that race, the erroneous theory of racism (“You ethnicisist!” doesn't have the auditory quality of hate and name calling “racist” does.) will be kept in tact with all the hate that goes with it on every side, and, it will negatively influence and frustrate every effort for genuine Freedom for every American Individual, that Our Founders and every Patriotic American would love to see for every nation and People on Earth – kinda explains the whole bogusness of “islamaphobia” in context of Sharia law, http://www.gaypatriot.net/2006/11/27/gay-holocaust-in-iran-4000-killed-and-counting/.... Oops, I forgot to take my anti-digression pill.

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