Memorial Day Apology to The Fallen

What I ask every American who reads this to consider is: How do we say we're sorry for America as it is today? These are the words that come to mind, a list that is not exhaustive by any measure:

- We're sorry Soldier that we let you down?

- We're sorry Soldier that the truth of what the fallen fought for has been commercialized by those that are in denial we have enemies, and/or think our enemies aren't intelligent?

- We're sorry Soldier that we see no way to put an end to how we've treated you but the next election irrespective of us repeatedly voting in those who fail to take their Oath seriously?

- We're sorry Soldier for voting in the most dishonorable people and not putting much into researching the candidates, and thereby failing to give the greatest weight to the sacrifice of your life?

- We're sorry Soldier we wasted yours and your fellow soldiers' blood spilled while we politicize your existence, your life, your death, your survival? We're sorry Soldier we're so petty as a people and you died in vane? We're sorry Soldier we're ready to throw your sacrifice out as though a meaningless gesture and do not recognize our callous disregard?

- We're sorry Soldier to your family for their lives to be lived in the persistent pain of your loss and that all we have ever given is lipservice and lousy representation, consistently disgracing your life and loss?

- We're sorry Soldier for the United States of America coming to be because of Freedom and that you died for Freedom?

- We're sorry Soldier that your American ancestor Soldiers believed in themselves, in America, and in Freedom as we who live today would never do?

None of these will do for they do nothing more than unnecessarily state the obvious. Yet, how do we apologize? We the People are why the Soldier fought, why they died or were injured, and why America still exists as a nation on the world stage. So, how do we apologize, especially with so many things we must apologize for to our fallen, to America's ancestry of Freedom loving patriotic militias and military? How many are we apologizing to that our apology only insults and diminishes their death, their reason for fighting, their commitment to America? How many ways can we undermine ourselves through such apologies that do nothing about the wrongful politicized use of the word, “War” (i.e. “War on drugs,” “War on women,” “War on poverty,” etc.) while some media campaign to get rid of the word “bossy” is taken up by those who claim to be so concerned with language and so-called “political correctness?”

The closest I can come to an apology worth saying:

“Soldier, I want to apologize to you and your family, your brothers and sisters in arms, as well as thank each of you, for giving the ultimate sacrifice for a nation who hasn't been all that good to you. You have a greater heart than I do in giving so much. I am so sorry We the People haven't made sure your fellow soldiers who returned have healthcare. We haven't made certain of their ability have gainful employment when they leave the military. We haven't made sure to welcome as heroes those who return home from every war, that they are received with open, gentle, and appreciating arms, especially those drafted for war as they were in Vietnam. We, Soldier, are a wretched people who didn't fight for Freedom as you who died or your fellow soldiers that were injured, and we haven't appreciated that simple fact that you did so for Freedom, or we wouldn't carry on like school children and wrongfully treating the firm soil founding our nation with the seeds of heinous political weeds, fertilized by hate, and watered with your blood. We do not deserve your sacrifice. In all candor We the People do not deserve the founding of our nation Soldier for we don't even know, let alone appreciate, what America stands for: Freedom.

“And that Constitution, Soldier, that you took an Oath to, I can't apologize enough for electing those who take an Oath little different than yours that then appear to find every way imaginable to destroy your purpose in fighting. Soldier, the only way I can explain this is that political parties and their power have become the greatest offenders of America, they wrongfully seize every opportunity to diminish and undermine the value and security of Freedom assured by the very Constitution you swore to uphold and defend, and did fight for!

“We the People have failed you, Soldier. We have failed your self-less sacrifice in your self-interest of the future of America, the country we, and it breaks my heart to say, seem to share in name only. You, brilliant Soldier, know America defines the future of the world, that Freedom as a fundamental part of the life of an Individual, is a Principle that would be lost around the World without America; that this is our Founding Principle, the whole point in our American experiment in self-government that established the notion of Individual Liberty by a written Constitution Limiting Government's power, a fundamental of Freedom that most Americans don't know or have forgotten.

“I for one know that We the People owe you Soldier, owe you, your family, and everyone who served a great debt we have, so far, only repaid with our ignorance of you. We ignore your death but for sake of a day we can crow about it with other Americans who crow for sake of the comradery of having something different to do – our boredom and not the celebration of the Freedom you fought for is our unworthy self-interest on Memorial Day. When we remember you we do not cry over the loss of your life or limb for sake of our Freedom and make a meaningful vow of difference in the future. And, Soldier, most of the time we've ignored the whole point of war and why America goes to war for sake of the latest gadget, television show, or youtube video. No this isn't to blame technology, it is to blame us for our curiosity being more important than to remember those who died and why they died! Our testament to your sacrifice is to equate your death with our existence in a meaningless littany of, “so we can enjoy this technology” and not a meaningful rememberance of your reason, so America and its people continue to thrive in Freedom! To know these conveniences and take for granted, just assume, they would be here without your Noble work as America's Soldier is foolish, and, at best, a most indirect way of appreciating you who we should be learning the genuine meaning of Freedom from for what you gave for our country, for it is in your sacrifice we find the meaning, the true value, of American Freedom.

“It is all of these things and more that I genuinely apologize for to you Soldier, and that I vow I will do everything I can to make sure your sacrifice, the sacrifices of every soldier, are not relegated to talking points of parties whose ambition of power is their only purpose in ever caring about you. Whether the fallen or injured Soldier, you deserve our efforts to assure your Freedom from America's politicsI It is time Americans stop seeing a budget line-item where an American Soldier fighting for Freedom who has died or is injured is the only one that matters and that Americans make it clear in the most uncertain terms that politicians and bureaucrats will see pink slips and public obliquy for ignoring you, the American Soldier.”

Thank you for reading and sharing this, God Bless you,

Toddy Littman

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