January 22 -- March for Life Front Page Note

A Special Note for January 22, 2009, from the Director, Toddy Littman....

Please remember, today is March for Life Day! :)

It was 35 years ago today that the U.S. Supreme Court legalized murder and assumed there were no civil rights in the unborn -- something liberalism embraces while claiming civil rights as an ACLU mantra of authority to pick and choose the cases that merit such recognition (particularly murderers on death row), the criteria being if the case promotes liberal causes, you know, the freedom of some over others in class subjection. How else do you explain a government's reach into the womb, as though their wisdom of the creation and species known as man is omniscient, to then claim a criteria for this species survival based on "viability," and, irrespective of State Laws recognizing life as precious, as an opportunity for those who are given life and such an opportunity that cannot be denied by anyone else?

Liberalism, and its feudal roots of central government that dictates from its elite noble castle as a prince "on high" to the "parishes" and their myriad serfs without any rights, is the only explanation for a departure from civilization and reason in favor of a cannibalistic, tribal, barbaric, backwards, emotional and self indulgent re-statement of "survival of the fittest" as a judicial decree under "might makes right" federal government enforcement. Just amazing to consider this occurred 35 years ago in a land claiming to be governed by law, law which our Founders intended to primarily be a result of reason with a slight mixture of ideological and political favorings.

This "viability" is something Obama exploited in his speech against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (i.e "previable"), when, then Illinois State Sentator Obama, rose to speak against this Bill which protected those babies who survive a botched abortion -- the ones that died in closets per the mother's wish to have an abortion, the child's breathing or heartbeat apparently not meeting the U.S. Supreme Court criteria to deem them "alive" and worthy of protection as a U.S. Citizen in Obama's view.

The transcript of this verbal exchange with link to the original Illinois State Archive, is in this pre-2008 election article.

May God have mercy on us for being so complacent, compliant, and ready to be abused by our own, and more importantly, to assume we are ever in the position to be the abuser of others. You'd think those who have no religious belief due to the Dark Ages and the Crusades would do all they can not to repeat those mistakes, however I guess their lack of having Faith in anything, and thus no knowledge of the experience as a heartfelt memory, are bound and destined to repeat the mistake once more with exception of not having a God and moral values, platonic or otherwise, as a purpose.

Please see http://www.marchforlife.org/ for more information on the March For Life.

Thank you for reading and may God Bless you all,

Toddy Littman

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