Cultural Differences

Cultural Differences Not Racism

This is going to be hard to discuss, but, in light of Al Sharpton’s comments on O’Reilly about the Tea Party slogan, “Take our country back” being a racist slogan, I find this necessary. Of course Bill failed to address that issue, and ended up losing the argument.

Racism is the card pulled from the bottom of the deck as a knee-jerk reaction. I find it in the psychological disposition of victim because a victim is always justified in whatever they do to get out of the position of feeling the victim, even when such position is a persistent driving force, to where there is no time they are not a victim.

Apparently Al Sharpton didn’t know of Lloyd Marcus, or doesn’t regard Michael Steele as being non-white due to not agreeing with him, and this is the crux of the matter.

Al Sharpton is not right in the sense of racism, but he is right in the sense of culture.

The culture that came about from the way our nation was set up by Our Founders, is an American culture. This culture changed from time to time due mostly to innovations until the early 1900s, and then it began to change for a different reason: government imposition.

Of course this change wasn’t telegraphed to people abroad who speak a different language and live differently. So they come here and often have to “fight for their due,” so to speak.

African-Americans were largely brought to America after being sold by their tribes, which Emmitt Smith discovered is still going on in Africa to this day.

What this explains is the difference in culture. Americans want to keep their culture, which by changing due to innovation, this means became a significant part of the culture itself, circular and inclusive.

Our President today embraces a state of mind from his cultural background, surrounded by radicals, particularly racist African-Americans on the south side of Chicago, Mr. Obama has been imprinted with the cultural mindset of these people, “the white man owes me.”

This is not to say President Obama is making sure they get what is owed to them, in the sense of reparations, etc., but it is to say that his actions are filtered through the prism of the culture he came to know very well in building his political regime.

If you are unaware of Chicago being considered the African-American nation’s capital or it’s Vietnam War Protester roots, or the melding of the civil rights momentum with the anti-war movement, then you may not be familiar with the Chicago 7, the yippie movement and the influences these people have today using the very capitalist system they denounced.

Mitch Kapur, famous maker of Lotus 123 who sold the company to IBM, was one of these very people. Today he is wielding his wealth in every way to help with engineering a culture appreciative of central power. Mr. Kapur is a principle in the development of 3D virtual worlds where the company dictates all terms of service and the entire mechanics of the world.

This demonstrates that routine in a culture can imprint a way of thinking, a way of approaching things that tends to become a predatory imposition on another culture. Now, in light of the root of the predatory culture being based on victimhood, the race card must be pulled out to defend the right of that culture to impose itself.

Again, this is how Al Sharpton is right, but his being right is of no significance because it is derived from the same victimhood culture. The idea that Al Sharpton actually said that the word “our” in the phrase, “take our country back” is “obviously racist” is a perfect demonstration of the persistence of victimhood, always watching like a paranoid conspiracy theorist, for that innuendo as a “fact” to play “gotcha” with.

We Americans want our American culture that took root based on America being a free nation, for all people to come and join and become an American in more than name but by being a part of our culture. All cultures are welcome so long as their goal is not to eradicate our history, the basis of the American culture, and instead is to find the compromises necessary to accommodate expression of theirs or that of their ancestors host country as a part of the American culture.

This, my friends is a large component of the battle before us, and it is necessary we recognize this in order to do justice for those who are from another culture and assume it’s purely racial due to their defensiveness of being different to the founders of this nation.

Again this is a difficult subject to broach but it must be done for the sake of our friends who are from a different culture that haven’t come to appreciate America for itself, for its foundations and meaning in a world history that was significantly changed merely by the founding of this nation.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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