Soros: Obama's Current Economic Terrorist Connection

The following is taken from "Council Common Position 2001/931/CFSP of 27 December 2001 on the application of specific measures to combat terrorism" of the EU. Found here

'Persons, groups and entities involved in terrorist acts' means individuals, groups and entities on whom there is accurate information proving that they have committed, are attempting to commit or are facilitating the commission of terrorist acts.

'Terrorist acts' are defined as intentional acts which may seriously damage a country or international organisation by intimidating a population, exerting undue compulsion of various types or by destabilising or destroying its fundamental political, constitutional, economic or social structures...."

United States Senator Barack Obama is involved with an actual world wide economic terrorist, one who continues to perpetrate his heinous economic crimes at the expense of the people of the nation he targets. This terrorist remains as free as Osama Bin Laden, maybe they've even joined forces. I mean who else could hide Osama?

I just concluded that George Soros is an economic terrorist of worldwide reputation after reviewing the following:

The Atlantic:

And the Asian economic trouble in 1998 as well:

Mr. Soros of course has his "way with his words," similar to Senator Oblahblahblahma:

"In his book, Mr Soros denies claims that he started the crisis as a "wholly unfounded". He admits Soros Fund Management foresaw a crisis and "shorted" the Thai bhat and Malay ringgit - agreeing to sell stocks of the currencies it did not yet own.

Instead he blames the international financial system and argues that this is one of the reasons why it needs to be more tightly controlled. Given that belief it is understandable that he should be surprised to be subjected to a barrage of insults during a recent debate the opponents of with globalisation." (Emphasis mine, typos and grammatical errors in original.)

And to review his involvement in Rosia Montana, Romania: [updated: this link no longer works, and I have no replacement for it] and

And finally to why Soros is actually a convicted Economic Terrorist:

So Senator Obama's campaign has taken money from a person known worldwide for their willingness to attack other nations governments through their currency, and purely for personal enrichment, a portion of which ends up as a donation to the Obama campaign.

I must submit that I am not convinced that our current economic woes were not spurred on by something George Soros, or his group of 70 other billionaires and millionaires who formed the Democratic Alliance, has done on the world economic level.

In my opinion their leveraged economic holdings are enough to distort the values of our currencies, and spurred on by Soros and his claim of philanthropy in spite of what he's done to the people in Rosia Montana, Democratic Alliance is what makes Soros even more dangerous than Obama, the candidate Soros is privately funding.

The whole integrity of capitalism rests on the reasonableness and honorable dealings of the nation using that economic system. We all know this has been the area of erosion in our society, honorability by good use of reason and acting with integrity, deliberate acts of good because we know what "good" means, what "doing the right thing" means. These meanings are clouded today by endless argument without deliberation, by empty argument based on what others have done in the negative being certain proof that all are guilty of the same thing, an actual use of guilt by association. The whole greed on Wall Street argument was this, and would have succeeded to plant the doubts of capitalism and the idea we should all be successful until the light of FreddieMac and FannieMae's administrative chaos was revealed -- that the source of acting dishonorable for personal gain and arranging agreements with unclean hands was in fact these once upon a time wholly government agencies.

Soros is the epitome of the worst of those who gain wealth and believes that his decisively immoral conduct as an atheist and believer in power alone is the natural course of anyone who gains as he did. Though I am sure many would agree this is true I suggest they look at the education they've received so they can have an opportunity to recognize this "truth" is based on a life educated in the evils of those who have more than you do, the promotion of class warfare, jealously and essentially the entire basis of Obama's campaign.

So while the left believes Obama is so benevolent, it's merely a mirror image of his most powerful mentor George Soros, the "philantropist."

More references:

And a group wanting to expose the relationship of Soros and his environmental bullydom by the environmental bully organizations:

Incidentally this last item is a page out of Rockefeller's handbook and how essentially Chevron gained ownership of the Alaskan pipeline, formerly owned by a multitude of investers (10,000 I believe) for 10 cents or less on the dollar: They were harassed by lawsuits from environmental groups that Rockefeller had made large charitable contributions to. This went on for years while people's money was tied up in the pipeline without any return, so of course they eventually sold.

Thanks for reading.

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