Wednesday 29 October 2008

Obama to ACORN Leaders: "Let's Shape Oval Office Policy Together." [UPDATE: Video was updated due to lost youtube link, this is the new one,]

ACORN's reward is pretty clear now isn't it. The 20 billion from the $700 Billion Bailout doesn't matter for sure. Obama wins, they'll get everything they've been after.

I mean here is a guy, Obama, that spends 2 years making campaign promises that everyone believes, political rhetoric that no politician follows through with.

But the fact that over the course of 20 years Obama was surrounded by, acted, and had at least a three year friendship with a thief, terrorists, Black Liberation Theologists, Muslim leader, or was studying angry black poetry, people do not think this is an indication at all of who he really is or what he really believes in and stands for. As much as people like to pretend there is deep racism, there is a deeper reverse racism of extreme import in believing this man who has said virtually the same thing for 2 years to us in running for President, and yet those same people will not assess, let alone believe, his actions of 20 years, tantamount to the proverbial stink that attracts the low life flies.

Even here, seeing the video above where Obama invites the Community Organizers, the ACORN portion of which are being investigated in 11 states, to help him make policy "before my inauguration," while we also know about the 20 billion dollars for ACORN in the first version of the $700 billion dollar bailout, those who are following Obama's illustrious psych, the will of The Obama, will not shake the spell of their own hypnosis.

I say their own hypnosis because Obama hasn't defined "change," and, in fact, added "that we can 'believe' in" in order to emphasize the need for us, for we Americans to see what we want to see in what he has to say, to "believe in." The last thing he wants is for us to truly look out, to look at what he says, to apply reason and realism, to recognize what's possible, what's practicable. See if we do that then we might actually look with a serious tone at what he does, who he knows and what he has done with them. We may actually carry on in a cynical questioning and interrogating manner. We might even start to wonder if he's hiding something solely because he doesn't answer, defies our inquiry, or merely dismisses it with an erroneous yet plausible explanation.

The Obama requires that so many could care less because it is that dream in their head that they think, that this politician is going to deliver them whatever their vision, this is a dream they must believe so strongly that they cast away the reality of The Obama's acts and deeds in fact -- His words about the unborn, his Faith being racially charged(even by name), Obama's use of the the image of, Che Guevera, on the walls in the entry of some campaign offices in more Hispanic populated areas.

What's so horrible is the American People's lack of interest because they are so mesmerized by their own dream, by their projection of that dream as what Obama said to them, and it has left them unable to see Obama isn't being open, isn't being transparent. They cannot see The Obama is already breaking his promises to those following him and has been for quite some time.

Does anyone realize how easily Obama could release his medical file and put to rest any question of where he was born? Do they realize he is the one perpetuating this as a story and giving it legs? And, that Obama is doing this to maintain their illusion of him? To suddenly be open, transparent, and deliver genuine honesty destroys the mystery that mesmerizes and has become known as "The Obama" -- People expect presents from mythical characters, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Santa Clause come to mind.

This lack of interest is so extreme that some American People could care less that Obama had was adopted by his step father in Indonesia and, that according to that particular country's law and international custom, Obama lost his citizenship in fact, that he is ineligible to be the President of the United States, no matter where he was born!

It's absolutely sickening to see posts of people saying "what have those rich bastards ever done for us?" This is a clear sign of the way Obama's message is being received. These people appear to believe that whatever they have just appears, is just manifest from thin air without even the slightest inkling of all the people whose effort is invested in doing anything and are thereby compensated. These are Obama's most precious disciples. No wonder they need sub-prime loans and a "spread the wealth" program -- they need the deeds of others to justify their existence -- No will of their own, only a will driven by whim and want to be able to force others to provide for that whim.

What's worse is that these people think because whatever class of people they target do not want to give what that class of people worked hard for to these obedient disciples and their truly "whimsical" desire, that we are in some sort of competition with them over our own property! Did any of you ever think we'd see anything like this going on amongst our own people? That any who fend and afford for themselves, and who afford what welfare there is (libraries, schools, hospitals, police, fire, etc.), administered by the government there is, would be accused of not giving enough to those who do nothing to contribute to their own wellbeing, those who take full advantage of the welfare we pay for already? Those of you with children are well familiar with this syndrome: The audacity of the spoiled rotten.

In less than 2 years time, should he win, after most if not all of those with wealth have left the United States, oh great liberals, who and/or what class by your definition will you turn on to afford your sustenance and meaning in providing for these spoiled rotten you've catered to in achieving power? Let me guess: A new tax on the "upper middle class?" And once there are no more of those left, who will be next? I must say however that this is a truly "progressive" plan which makes absolute sense since time and time again you haven't proven any interest in the success of America on the terms and conditions of our social contract and its creators, The Founders of this Great Nation. No you are too worried about that person living in a cardboard box merely because they claim inequality and act on that belief by choosing to continue living in those condition versus taking personal steps to no longer be subjected to their own victimized condition. This even after I bought them breakfast, you bought them lunch and someone else bought them dinner! -- All of us hated for such acts of kindness, as though flaunting the "inequality" by our generosity.

No your interest is in the manifest similarity to your belief that .5%, the man-made contribution to Co2 in the atmosphere, is running rampant destroying the atmosphere, you are running rampant using expenditure for the poor as justification of your existence. Your over developed sense of government solutions combined with over zealous lack of consideration and lack of self-control consistently impressed by delusion onto everything and everyone you can which, by this very incompetence, creates the worst possible situation -- FreddieMac and FannieMae ring a bell? How about unemployment and economic welfare that some believe they are owed as a professional courtesy known as "entitlement" for the rest of their lives? Programs and systems that give the fish away but never teach anyone how to catch them, how to build a boat, how to rig a net, where to cast that net, and how to end up with a thriving international marine livestock company that can be sold for the moral gain capital intends -- "The laborer worthy of their hire."

And all of this is to occur while we, who loathe the government being in any aspect of our lives, are supposed to hand over an even greater portion of our reward and on the basis of trusting government to allocate it "fairly?" We who do not want the government in anyone's life and just want to live the life of American promise, to live in freedom, to be left alone. Instead, however we are apparently to be persecuted for sake of this "whimsical" cause of those who will not choose to lead an industrious life, to be their own hire. We once called people like this "nobles" for their extraction of wealth from the rest of us was solely because they say so, because they claim to be entitled, owed. Of course it was by force of arms, however, it was a claim made on subjects solely because because of what the subjects had: Productivity, a sense and drive of survival. This results in some having great property or resources, not as a matter of greed but as a matter of good management of that sense of survival, and not that they wouldn't share these things with others but because the nobles were suspicious of those who haven't done anything against them, have more than they do without using force of arms to extract it. Liberal or conservative the $700 Billion Bailout should have helped us see that none of us want to pay for someone else's failed choices, for their lack of productivity, be they banker or self, ideological impoverished naive. Yet somehow there is this calling to The Obama to deliver to us what we believe he promised, what we believe he meant irrespective of what every politician throughout time immemorial has delivered on this very same promised dream.

Understand I speak from the gambit of these "classes in society." I do not loathe helping out in any of them and, in fact, look forward to it. To me, as a Christian, helping out is our calling. Hold that against me if you must but understand that God through Christ is how I learned to fish instead of survive from the crumbs of the Master's table, and I have no interest in overthrowing God nor anyone else who has so much more than I. What others have is no one else's business save recognition of it as goal and inspiration. And it is in this that our nation, a free nation, was born, free by the equity being amongst us all if we are willing to take the bull by the horns and earn for our own, driven by our knowledge of the success of others. It is our choice by a path of productivity to has as much as we wish -- Our labor, our reward, and our decision on how it is used. That applies to everyone, Oprah, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, the Hollywood Elite and Rupert Murdoch, and those who choose to rely on these people's monies as providers to them, can testify to this system being a successful opportunity that is available to us all, liberal and conservative alike.

Make no mistake, it is this system, capitalism, that has led to our having freedom and afforded us the means and ability to keep it, that has given all of those that I just names above, fame, fortune and their capacity to create spectacle, to be spectacular.

Obama through association with many of these people, has joined this club of the spectacular as well. Capitalism has proven to be the background of the bleak picture that The Obama has painted of the present state of America. He's rendered an image that portrays and proclaims the failure of capitalism irrespective of it having produce more than 600 million dollars for his campaign. I find this claim of our economy in the worst condition since the The Great Depression dubious. How could anyone who has privately raised more than 6 times the money of their publicly funded opponent claim that our economy is in such dire trouble and even suggest this dire condition a certain prescription for "change," and, that capitalism, "trickle down economics," has failed?

Ask yourself why any of these people of substantial wealth, including Obama's campaign and it's more than half a billion dollars, would want to destroy the very system and means that has thus far elevated them. You'll either arrive at the knowledge of Obama's "change" lie and discover your personal delusions, or, wonder why Obama and the rest of them haven't put all their great wealth in one big account, published the account number, and password under the caption "Take What You Want Until I Am Poor!" And lastly you might discover that Obama's "change" is a radical departure from what has made and kept this country great for 232 years, and, that the lie is every premise he is posing for why such a departure is necessary at all, that it's been an agenda he has been committed to even before the economic conditions had become as he has claimed they are ( while being more than willing to accept 600 million dollars worth of donations.

Another feature of the central core of Obama backers worth $500 billion dollars when taken together, is the question of their interest in supporting Obama. I mean even Obama has said, "no one likes higher taxes," and if we calculated 3% of 100 billion dollars, this is the amount of additional tax Obama has said he will impose on these very wealthy, we recognize they will pay an additional 3 billion dollars. Now understand that 3 billion dollars privately invested by these same individuals yields far more in jobs, credit generation, and contribution to the economy than by government distribution to those who will merely spend it locally -- The short duration of a redistribution, though initially of slightly more impact, will dwindles as it is used up, whereas this amount invested privately in a long term enterprise one of these magnates of wealth is in charge of will be most directed to it's most efficient use in achieve of similar or greater returns than these people have known in the past, this is their drive and ambition, their success and livelihood, something they know well enough to have amassed such large personal fortunes.

Know that they are not trying to fool you into thinking they are conservatives.

I submit that if you've never personally seen a politburo, or a Noble Class before, guess what: The core contributors to the Obama Campaign, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Oprah Winfrey, Union Leaders, and the Hollywood Elite, will be installed should their candidate happen to win. These people and groups each have respectively accumulated mass fortunes under capitalism and they do not give a man 600 million dollars, just because they like him. It would be absolutely foolish to believe they do not want anything from him. That is not how they amassed a cumulative net worth of 500 billion dollars amongst themselves together.

While most who support Obama project, stamp, and emboss their ideas, their beliefs, onto the image of each utterance of "change" from Obama, those elite wealthy and liberal Americans who have so much wealth they could have single handedly bought AIG, Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual and Wachovia, did nothing. Note that politically this assures the dramatic effect of negative impact on the incumbent party and their nominee John McCain, as well as assure government intervention (socialism). These elite liberals line the pockets of The Obama for their own purposes: To secure promises in their best interest, promises whispered amongst each other privately in the back rooms of Hollywood and San Francisco homes and hotels hosting plush, exclusive, $25,000+ a plate dinners, promises most people didn't pay to attend nor could attend, and, that result in their exclusion from reaping the benefits of.

This is what you who support Obama sacrifice America for. I will wager you're as proud of America right now as Michelle Obama has been most of her life, at least you should be, I know that from the above right now I am.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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