Monday 13 February 2012

Robo-Signing & Robo-Voting Hypocrisy of Obamacare

And now a political message from President Barack Obama...

Now, if you will, watch this charade played out on youtube, for instance via the LA times:

Or let's watch CBS News sensationalize this deal, luckily it's the first story in the broadcast:

Youtube is loaded with videos about this issue.

But what is really striking, of all of this, is what CBS reported of the President Obama's own words:

Some of them didn't read what they were signing at all. That's your stake, your claim on the American Dream. And the person signing the document couldn't take enough time to even make sure the foreclosure was legitimate.”

Now how is it that “robo-signing” is such a heinous act? Let's remember carefully, accurately:

And let us not forget John Conyers:

Where is the outrage and feigned cries of scandal couched in “touchie-feelie” emotional “awww that's so sad” propaganda “journalism” looking for those veterans who won't get Medicare after it is cut $500,000,000,000 by the “Affordable” Care Act? Where are the sarcastic headlines by the mainstream media that goes something like “Affordable Care Act Has No CLASS,” where the decision of Sebelius shows she cannot find a way to implement the insolvency certain provisions of this small piece of what can be affectionately termed “Obamacare?” A complete exacerbation of actual outrage in fact is in knowing, now that this allegedly passed (more on this below) piece of legislation is considered a law, that the Supreme Court could mandate Sebelius implement the CLASS portion of the law as written in the unread “Affordable Care Act.”

Yeah, wouldn't that be something, if the Supreme Court required, in order to uphold Obamacare and its provisions, that “the entirety of it must be carried into effect, due to the legislation having no severability clause.” And this is clearly something the Congressional Research Service is well aware of, though not quite ready to see as part of the upholding of the Affordable Care Act by the Supreme Court, And MOST IMPORTANT in what is missing from the zealous decrying of “robo-signing” as a heinous illegal act of banks seeking “huge profits,” is the lack of outrage and deafening clamor over the insensitivity, no, the incompetence, of Congressmen, Senators, and, the final “check” to overzealous legislation and the need to pass Constitutional Muster, the President of The United States, who, together without reading legislation, have made laws for those lawyers to work out work-arounds (such as the robo-signing to undermine the mortgage laws)! Not a peep over government, as a body, failing to read Obamacare, failing to take the time to read legislation put before them, and thereby indicating such has likely happened before, even to the point of being “business as usual” in Washington, D.C. Isn’t that exactly what Conyers said?

You see, this wouldn't be an issue except that this absolutely includes our “he's-so-intelligent President” who cared little to discuss the process of Obamacare, and has, at no point, said he has read the very bill he put his signature on, with, of course, much fanfare, resulting in Obamacare often ascribed to President Obama as “the cornerstone of his legacy.” Yet, by the mere “passage” of it without reading it, Obamacare is a piece of legislation that carries out the common derivative purpose governments of one or many have come to conclude of themselves over time: dictatorial use of force.

To this researcher, now turned blogger, it is an outrage. The United States Government is so interested in raw power, irrespective of them certainly finding themselves managers of great amounts of cash, to the point of using the capital concerns of the masses via taxation and mandated spending of an Individual's money on government or whatever government compels you to use your money for, it uses sword-wielding coercion to tear asunder the very principle of Individual Liberty. That is the point of a government who hasn't read legislation it is voting on, and “signing into law,” and is particularly true about Obamacare which empowers the IRS to go after someone for their lack of having health insurance, for standing up for their Individual Liberty by failing to buckle to force and pay for a product or service the government says they must buy.

But of course our economic troubles are merely the product of the banks, of “robo-signing.” You'd think that, since this was the widely held belief of the Progressive Left at the time of Passing Obamacare -- the same Progressive Left who brought us “Occupy Wall Street” -- that they'd have learned from that experience, to comprehend that what Obama is now using to characterize the much envied banks as proven villains is exactly what his Super Majority Congress of 2009, and President Obama himself, failed to do before voting and signing the legislation: READ THE BILL, READ OBAMACARE! Of course we hear nothing from “the 99%” regarding Obama's robo-signing of Obamacare nor the “robo-voting” of his Super Majority Congress. It's not hard to see how this President is able to claim the authority to alone determine when the Senate is in session or recess.

Another fine example of many yet to come, again related to the voted on, ascribed, and signed by the President, Obamacare, is the recent issue with Catholic institutions affording payment for abortion, something that has been a cornerstone of what the Church stands against since Jesus Christ (Matthew 18:10, where the President assumes some simple government legerdemain will solve the issue, via the insurance companies providing birth control to those who work for churches and other institutions that are religiously opposed to abortion. This President is treating their Spiritual and sincerely held religious beliefs as though it were a pet's chew toy in a word game tug-of-war. This President, who didn't read Obamacare, somehow concludes that deferred and indirect payment, stamped by legal & bureaucratic approvals of government, trumps the religious conviction of an Individual and/or their institutions (those “persons” also putting money into PACS), and that their unalienable Right to believe as they wish and act upon that belief, so long as they do not trespass upon another's same Individual Liberty, even in application of the limits of Government to the Atheist, is somehow within the government purview to regulate. Of course, the profit to government, and especially this President, is the sheer power to tell another “you will provide this or we'll come down on you with the power and force of government.”

So much is this so that Obama's Attorney General and Department of Justice defend the healthcare law as a tax, irrespective of it having never gone through the mandatory constitutional parliamentary procedures and Congressional Practices that would define it as a tax, and create the legal nexus the DOJ is asserting, at least according to the Constitution and the House Rules in effect at the time, But that's the way robo-voting and robo-signing IS now, isn't it Mr. President? (Not that you'd read this blog either!)

Now, I'd say a President and a Congress of Progressive Democrats who “didn't read what they were signing at all” and “couldn't take enough time to even make sure the,” in this case, “pending legislation was legitimate” is an unforgivable and heinous act of systemic abuse, assuming government corruption by violation of the Supreme Law of the Land, Our Written Constitution. The corruption, a form of perpetuity with a legitimacy based entirely on the size of the majority held by the party controlling all three branches of government.

I mean, which is worse, big banks who wrongly hired people to rubber stamp foreclosures, or, a House, Senate, and President who rubber stamp what's put before them knowing that during a super majority it will be to assure the expansion of government, these people setting aside all tests for legitimacy, of which there is only one test, at least according to the Declaration of Independence:

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed...” -- Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

No, instead, we had a Democrat super-majority that, without any respect to the election being based on rhetoric exaggerating shovel ready solutions for our economy, assumed their party agenda was now what the People wanted. Stimulus Bill, Obamacare, and Cap & Trade pursuits done without even the slightest focus on the most important thing to the American People since our economy tanked in 2008: jobs.

What is it when a group of elected members of Congress and the President, who take a strikingly similar Oath of Office to the one our military takes regarding upholding the Constitution, then “robo-vote” and “robo-sign” their names to legislation they haven't read that affects more than 300 million people, and generations of Americans to come? Especially when it appears this means of passing legislation is a rather regular practice of their “august body” that isn't explained away by self-proclaimed exigencies as grounds for failure to read legislation. A body of “government” as a whole that assumes their legislation, once “law,” is enforceable by the very President who signed it without reading it, is a government assuming the audacity to hold Americans accountable under these unconscionable votes of our “dignitaries” in Washington; those masquerading as representatives of the People while entirely lacking even the slightest sense of humility that a public servant should have to each one of us as their Master, self-evident in their lack of being Honorable enough to at least read-the-bill before they vote on it or ascribe their name to it. I guess “ignorance of the law” IS an excuse when it comes to being the Legislative body and President who pass the “laws!”

It must be remarked that Congress and George Bush failed this same Declaration of Independence legitimacy test in passing the bank bailouts,

Ah, but how foolish of me. No! No! No! No, it's only the banks and these paper mills they created to robo-sign documents that is wrong. How dare the banks create these MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) entities, you know, the ones that resemble the numerous bureaucratic alphabet agencies of public employee union folks who back each other up even when they're wrong, inaccurate, acting without any legal authority, enforcing legislative “enactments” that don't even qualify as laws as they were never passed by the processes mandated to be legitimate by Our Written Constitution... Yeah, the nerve of those banks, really!

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

P.S. Just makes you wonder what laws they've done in this way and when this began, doesn't it? But our saving grace, if we ever choose to accept our role as Masters of our nation, is the Constitution's own self-voiding clause, where we do not need any Court to determine the meaning of the language at Article VI, Section 2, “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof;... shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.” You can see why they didn't want this criteria requirement of Our Written Constitution to be subservient to any interpretive shenanigans now, can't you? To explain, cases start in lower courts to get to the Supreme Court -- “Judges in every State” includes district and circuit judges as well -- thus, even the Supreme Court is precluded from any interpretive measure in regard to this clause that Our Founders put into Our Written Constitution to assure that We The People would enforce this instrument of Our institution of Government, wisely always questioning anything this Government claims to be a law as to whether it was a conscionable act of government, a “constitutional” act, to have the force and effect of the same. This is an enforcement we seem to have forgotten is our unalienable Right to pursue, as a matter of Our Individual unalienable Right to the pursuit of Happiness.

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