Sunday 09 November 2008

Iraq: What the World Would Have Never Known

A little something that I ran across that, well, when you look at this, you'll see that our interventions often uncover far worse goings on than we realize. For all the debating and nay saying about Iraq, all the political posturing against the war, there remains a moral purpose that exposes itself, one we may find ourselves in the middle of again in Darfur.

I just....We tend to forget these things, and as has been suggested by Senator McCain during his campaign, we have to be careful not to start thinking in a pre-911 mindset. Our guard has been dropping rapidly and I contend it's due to our being so detached from understanding how civility -- our way of life -- is easily threatened by tyranny anywhere in the world. Our lack of experience with this, even as a visitor to a nation suffering from despotic rule, our not having been born with the "knowledge" of "ones place in society" because one is a Kurd, or is Shiite, or merely not of the noble classes, maybe even just because we aren't a part of the inner circle of government.

Images can shock the conscience and for those who have been against the Iraq war, our continued presence there, and the expenditures made, I submit Old link left in as published]

Sure this isn't our reason we invaded Iraq, however, if we hadn't gone in Saddam would still be in power, or one of his relatives, and, this treatment, this form of "rule," would very likely have continued. In other words, it may not have been why we went in, however, that is no reason to discount its end result, the end of a tyrant family's mass murder spree and other practices of intimidation to "rule."

Some could blame the cause on the west for its mistakes in the creation of the State of Iraq after the British liberated Iraq from the Turks. That very well could be where this problem began. But, in memory of these 400,000 people who were killed, so their death isn't in vain, I'd suggest not looking for someone to blame. Let's stop looking to some conspiracy theory, or other excuse to turn away and fail to face the moral right done by America in Iraq. We need to make exceptional note that these people died and they died at the hands of Saddam Hussein the leader of their country, or those around him to which Saddam turned a blind eye, a power structure voluntarily, pro-actively, kept in place for Saddam's benefit.

Of course many of these people, these Iraqis, were found with bullet holes in the back of their head, though some were not and to me this gives us great reason to consider Sada's account, to take it more seriously: and [UPDATE: Viacom forced previous link dead. Jon Stewart is only other person I know to give George Sada an interview, thus...][However it's been changed, good news is an embed link :].

Note the type of press General Sada recieves. No MSM and, sadly, due to this MSM blackout of anything positive about Iraq , people believe there were no WMD's, irrespective also of the gassing that even liberal organizations are aware of in Iraq, gas that killed 5,000 people in one day. How is that not a WMD?

Add to this the findings announced by this Canadian News Broadcast: It has been edited, however, the original is in the list there, the editor merely highlighted and repeated some things for emphasis.

Anyway, this whole issue just seems to have been lost in the political discussion. I think that's because George Bush did what doesn't usually happen in wars: Bush insulated us from negative impact of the War. Some could say this financial crisis is that result I guess. Hope not though, yet it's....there are higher prices to pay for freeing a nation from their leader who killed 400,000 people, 400,000 citizens and exported WMD's to another country in the Arab world.

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