Tuesday 11 June 2013

Obama's “Shuck & Jive” Immigration Reform

It's no secret that almost 80% of Latinos voted for Barack Obama.

However, what they might not know is that U.S. Senator, Barack Obama from Illinois, voted against the 2007 Immigration reform bill, and it is noteworthy that Senator Menendez, joined Senator Obama in making an Amendment to change the 2007 efforts at comprehensive immigration reform.

It's clear that the “guest worker program” is viewed as a form of amnesty, and I submit that I agree with this fact.

However, Barack Obama did not disagree with the 2007 Immigration Reform Act because of the guest worker program, as some have said. Instead, and to me this is worse, Barack Obama opposed the program because it would use a points system to value skill and that immigrant's value to the economy in the legal immigration system (the current pathway to citizenship) to determine who to issue a visa to. Thus, Obama's objection was about the visa program, that it would move away from the emotional appeal of immigration, to unify families, and instead would be used for the more realistic purpose of immigration: to have people who fulfill skills in jobs America needs done, and that, so far, Americans haven't been pursuing employment in, at least not at the wages an immigrant worker will work for.

One can easily see how the immigrant is a slave of sorts, especially the illegal one, and yet, it must be recognized that this was true of many an Americans' ancestry, many during the 1600's and 1700's coming to this country as an indentured servant, with a 7 year contract to do whatever they were told by another person in exchange for that person taking them to America. Of course the literally, and legally existing, slave, a remnant and holdover of the Feudal Institution of it by Europe, is another example, though not a voluntary immigration, it remains an immigration for the children of slaves.

Indians were never of this class, an amazing recognition of their assertion of certain sovereign rights, rights that they apparently abandon the moment they have land that they didn't go find themselves, nor fight other Indian Tribes to keep. A self-imposed destitute condition due to a reliance on treaties with the U.S. Government, and amazingly ignored as another time Government promises aren't kept, and illustrating a long history of Washington D.C. incompetence, long enough to explain it cannot be fixed by elections.

Now, returning to Barack Obama and the 2007 Immigration Reform that would have had a guest worker program 5 years earlier and provided a pathway to citizenship then, below I give you some excerpts from his speech. I have been looking for the whole thing, but ended up with this editorialized version being all I can find, so far anyway, here's a few passages from it, link to “the whole thing” as far as I can find, is at the end:

“I have serious concerns about this new experiment in social engineering, not only because of the lack of evidence that it will work, but because the bill says that the new points system cannot be changed for fourteen years.

“For that reason, I come to the floor today, joined by Senators Menendez and Feingold, to offer amendment 1202 to sunset the points system after five years. I am pleased that immigration experts, religious organizations, and immigrant advocacy organizations have all endorsed our amendment.”


“And they support the amendment because the new points system shifts us too far away from the value we place on family ties and moves us toward a class-based immigration system where some people are welcome only as guestworkers, but never as full participants in our democracy.”


“Our current immigration system delivers the lion’s share of green cards – about 63% -- to family members of Americans and legal permanent residents, while roughly 16% of visas are allocated to employment-based categories.

“The bill before us would reduce visas allocated to the family system in order to dramatically increase the proportion of visas distributed based on economic “points.” Once implemented, these new economic points visas would then account for about 40% of all visas, while family visas would account for less than half of all visas, with the remainder going for humanitarian purposes.”

Lastly, but most importantly....

“We are Americans. We do not have a caste or class based society, and we do not need a caste or class based immigration system. -- http://usliberals.about.com/od/extraordinaryspeeches/a/ObamaImmi_2.htm

First, to the illegal immigrants, I want to apologize for now President Obama's focus on legal immigration (some 200,000 to 400,000 visas issued annually) during this 2007 effort at immigration reform, and his ignoring the 10+ millions of immigrants who are not legally in the United States of America and violated our Sovereignty, but have affected the cost of the nation and government so as to require being addressed with a special, one-time opportunity to be legally present in the United States of America. This, apparently, was not as important to Senator Barack Obama as those applying for visas, and his effort to change the point system by an amendment that was defeated became the reason Barack Obama voted against the bipartisan (12 Senators, 6 from both sides) effort at immigration reform, which would have made it politically neutral if done. Understand I do not agree with this approach, and though Obama helped this fail in 2007, he didn't agree with me to do it. I explain my position here, http://changingwind.org/index/comment.php?comment.news.194.

One must note the heinous hypocrisy that while Americans are going to be subjected to Obamacare, a law that wasn't even read by half the people who voted for it while the President will say “we are a nation of laws” in regard to what the government does regarding Citizens of the United States, that then this same government, including President Obama, are willing to set aside the law that government imposes on those who come to our country without our permission, illegally crossing our borders.

What must be said: ANY amnesty/path to citizenship causes a slavery effect, intended or not, to the party that made it happen. Thus Obama's denial of immigration reform in 2007 was for party, his speech was about the visas issued and Obama did not (in what I can find of his speech) speak to the 10+ million illegal immigrants that the People of this nation are affording out of America's humanity. Again, I am not for Amnesty [slavery] of any kind. The point of this article is to explain Obama has been for it all along, but, for all you Illegal Immigrants Obama's caveat to Immigration Reform is: so long as it is his party alone that does it, that gets all the credit for it. There is an essential need in Liberalism that is based in socialism (not the original Liberation from government) to keep a crop of “minorities” consistently supporting the Democratic Plantation, irrespective of it only acting for the ideological agenda of socialism, without any concern for these “serfs,” these “slaves” -- their perfect caste system, the same one Karl Marx envisioned of “worker” and “Communist.”

You see, Barack Obama explains “We do not have a caste or class based society” to attack any effort to reach immigration reform that wouldn't have been bipartisan because Obama wants the Latinos voting for Democrats (and I am not a republican, but an Independent Conservative, yeah a Tea Party Conservative).

When you return to the debates put forth in the 1st term of Obama's Presidency you find efforts at universal healthcare taking precedence over Immigration Reform, particularly when the President had super majorities in both houses. This also stands true for the failure of the President to cause policies out of Washington that reduce uncertainty and aid businesses in having rational purposes to invest, to pursue their self-interest and create many many many more jobs.

I say “rational purpose” because Obama's articulations of “the 1%” and “the rich” or “those making over $250,000 a year” is the very revealing articulations of Obama asserting a personal, self-made, not “with a single hearing or public examination” (keep reading) “points based system” of judgement of those people that Obama has caste in a negative light for their willingness to be wealty. Whatever the criteria, by percentage division, using a term of class separation, or the numeric tally of the income someone makes being thrown in others faces, they all are an effort to stimulate anger from jealousy. It appears that President Barack Obama reserves the right to have his arbitrary, capricious, arrogant, and personally chosen points based system as the sole criteria for who should pay more or less taxes, or who should have their deductions reduced in half to pay for Obamacare. Yet, in perfect hypocrite fashion, Obama is stating above, in 2007, that these things don't exist and how they shouldn't for legal immigration, while ignoring those who are here illegally entirely.

Therefore, and thank you for reading to this point in this article, to tie this all together neatly I must close with this quote from the same speech, one that I find should be haunting Barack Hussein Obama every day of his life from now on:

“Religious organizations and immigrant advocacy groups also have endorsed my amendment because the decisions about what characteristics are deserving of points -- and how points are allocated for those characteristics -- were made without a single hearing or public examination.” -- Emphasis mine, Ibid.

Excuse me,...Mr. President, what about the lack of public hearings of umpteen provisions of the 2000+ page Obamacare? What about the lack of any “hearing or public examination” of the deserving of Nebraska of exemption, or Louisiana's payoff, or the voluminous bureaucratic waivers given to Big Labor and Big Business? None of these, was heard in public forums, the criteria of any of it remains undisclosed, seeming to be of “top secret” clearance, to which none will “confirm or deny” except that the payoff for a vote happened. Yet, I shouldn't be surprised now should I since few, if any, read Obamacare from beginning, voting for their political agenda, http://changingwind.org/index/comment.php?comment.news.155, irrespective of the fact they are our representatives carrying on an unconscionable act that will be enforced on Americans, http://changingwind.org/index/comment.php?comment.news.210.

Please understand Mr. President that if you had put this all on C-span as you promised, and if you had told your party to read the bill as the American People demanded, then you would be consistent with your gripe about the 2007 Immigration points system, at least as stated. But no, you failed Mr. President, and this whining in 2007, almost prophetic when viewed with your whining that's gone on the last 4 years and continues over every issue that's important to socialist agendas, has led me to understand the new Obama “Campaign d'Socialist America,” that your tactic is to be....Drumroll please....: Emo-In-Chief.

The kids know the knee-jerker who is making more out of things than they need to, and simply out of a need to feel powerful and control something, you Mr. President have proven by this consistency of your personal emotional hypocrisy being regularly on display for the world to see to be the absolute best emo, so long as it meets your political ideas, Constitution, Truth, Honor, be damned, oh great emo master. Now realize, it's another first, no other President has been Emo-In-Chief, you should be proud.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

P.S. Longer than I wanted this to be but I must add, the only thing “cool” about Barack Obama is his lack of interest in illegal immigrants, except as a political resource to embarrass his opposition. Those who come to America from Cuba, Venezuela, and other socialist countries may be well familiar with this Obama tactic. Might be time to stay in your own country and take a stand there, just ask and I am sure America and Americans will be glad to help you have your nation in the freedom your people demand and deserve.

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