Sunday 26 October 2008

PR02-Gold Baron: Novel Twist on World Events

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Summary: An innovative approach to addressing the possible consequences of the 2008 political season… ChangingWind.Org is an interactive website drawing very real insights from an astute character extracted from a fictional book, “Gold Baron,” who takes a solid stand on the events unfolding daily on the political and economic stage.

October 26, 2008

Real world events set the stage for a novel’s insight into a racist campaign

The internet is a tool and it is a source of entertainment. While younger Americans more and more have abandoned the traditional book in favor of the LCD screen to seek both information and enjoyment, it’s time that the two were networked in a format that entices readers to both. ChangingWind.Org is a website where fictional characters expound on the real-life issues confronting us right now, today. The innovative, interactive site gives readers the opportunity to read a novel of timely impact while connecting the dots to what’s really being established under our very noses.

The new action novel Gold Baron doesn’t rely on shoot-outs and car chases alone to draw the reader into the complex story of misinforming, message massaging, misdirection and just plain intimidation of the electorate. The story careens down a wild and woolly trail throughout the West as the characters do everything in their power to research the shady connections of some of the candidates and get the information to the voting public.

Gold Baron draws on the rich personal histories of the characters to address the issues of the 2008 campaign, one that has been littered with rank charges of racism emanating from the party sponsoring a candidate of color. A Native American journalist and a legal researcher, the epitome of the Southwest’s ‘Heinz 57,’ join forces to uncover the truth at the risk of their lives.

The words of a conscientious news reporter, Solana Greyfisher, tells the tale of how important the real story is behind the manipulated images and misleading sound bites that reverberate across the airwaves. She doesn’t pull punches and neither should the current press…

“The denigrating comments about Eddinger’s status as a Viet Nam vet could backfire on him, too,” added Solana. “It’s nonsensical to place your bets on the fact that having an African father will give him more standing than someone who has served their country and been a P.O.W. If his campaign is assuming that all minorities will automatically flock to their banner because we are ‘downtrodden,’ it’s not likely to happen that way. People forget the proud heritage Native Americans have of serving as modern day warriors. My grandfather, many of my uncles and some aunts served this country. The democratic mantra disparaging the armed forces goes against a proud Native legacy of fighting for freedom, first against the U.S. in the past and then as part of this country’s citizenry.

“Sure, we’re sovereign within the borders of the United States, but we are also representatives of this nation’s history, creating a strong link between the ancestral heritage of the land and modern times.

“You know what really ticks me off is the mantra that simply because the man is African-American, anyone who dares to vote for someone else is automatically painted as a racist,” she fairly seethed at the presumption. “Skin color hasn’t a damn thing to do with whether or not someone is qualified for a job, let alone the presidency. If that were the criteria then I’m just as qualified to run this nation.”

“Don’t underrate yourself,” smiled Toddy. “I’d venture to say that you’re far more qualified than Kasili if it came down to basics of understanding what this country stands for and what real freedom is.” He reclined in the seat. “I’ll bet you can balance a checkbook, too and I’d lay money that Kasili probably hasn’t even had to do that much in his stunted experience. I’d vote for you any day.”

Go to ChangingWind.Org to check out the blogs by the Gold Baron’s legal researcher, Toddy Littman, and op-eds by the author.

Get your copy today and read for yourself how easily the public is drawn toward celebrity and refuses to engage in the due diligence we need to cast an educated ballot. Even as this election cycle draws to a close, the moral remains valid in order to retain the integrity of America’s past as we move forward into the 21st century: Pretty lies do lead down a false path to ruin, as the author, A. Dru Kristenev, says. It’s up to us to follow the facts and the money to reach a conclusion that will best serve this country’s future.


Brief Bio Information: Kristenev is a former journalist from a major suburban area who has taken to story telling. Working with a gifted legal researcher, Gold Baron was conceived as a way to reach people who have become wearied by the media barrage. All inquiries may be made through the website media relations.

A limited number of press copies of Gold Baron will be available for review.

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