Friday 03 January 2014

Jahi McMath Defines Obamacare

First, I find it very necessary to write this article in support of her family and friends, and the love of Christ she lives in through a Christian family that understands Miracles. I have hoped and Prayed for such a Miracle for this 13-year-old who went into a hospital for a routine tonsillectomy but this apparently included some “tissue removal” to help with sleep apnea as well. All of this, according to a Huffington Post article, which I use because this article does well illustrate the brave new Obamacare world we've come into.

Now, understand something, the hospital is exploiting a California Law and exploiting a teenage girl. California is very well known as a Liberal State too, and has been for quite some time. The idea that this girl is in such trouble bothers me, bothers my conscience, because the very idea a hospital will hide behind a law passed by the State in a complete lack of compassion just shocks the conscience, especially a “Children's Hospital.” Christ said clearly, “But whoever shall offend one of these little ones who believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6,, and similarly Mark, 9:42, and Luke, 17:2, ).

So it is as a Christian, American, Tea Party Conservative I write this with hope in exploiting the hospital for giving America a full vision of Obamacare in the future, where bureaucrats who once were able to blame a private insurance company for what they would or wouldn't pay for, now have the luxury, arrogance, and utter government endorsement to make decisions on behalf of their charter and the laws of the State and/or National Government, with no semblance of duty to the patient that automatically extends to compassion for the family as well.

But maybe this hospital's bureaucrat is just making another attack on Christianity, from the Huffington Post article ( and any emphasis here is mine:

Q: Why does her family want to keep her on a ventilator?

A: Jahi's relatives are Christians who say their religious beliefs hold that as long as her heart is beating, the girl is still alive. They have asked a judge to keep her on the ventilator and provide breathing and feeding tubes that would allow her to be transferred to another facility.”

Compounded by...

Q: Why does the hospital want to take her off the ventilator? Even if doctors say she will never recover, why won't they give in to the family's wishes?

A: Two doctors at Children's Hospital and an independent pediatric neurologist from Stanford University have concluded that because there is no neurological activity in Jahi's brain or brain stem, she is dead. The hospital said it cannot continue treating a dead person and is under no legal or ethical obligation to keep her heart beating artificially.

Hospital officials said that parents do not have a constitutional right to determine when to remove ventilation from a brain-dead patient and that a California law provides only for a reasonably brief period for a family to gather at a patient's bedside before ventilation can be removed.

'Sadly and tragically, Jahi McMath has already died,' said Dr. David Magnus, a pediatrics professor and Chair of the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics.”

And to be thorough in illustrating the way government's intrusion into healthcare affects our lives, note this communication that I find puts a punctuating point on Children's Hospital of Oakland's position, from CBS News, and again all emphasis is mine...

The hospital also said it would need to confirm there is "lawful transportation" included in any plan to transfer Jahi, and written permission from the coroner.

Dolan had previously said that before Jahi can be transferred to a nursing home, she must undergo two more medical procedures -- the insertion of a breathing tube and a feeding tube, both of which would be necessary for her long-term care, but which the nursing home is not equipped to perform.

The hospital though had refused to perform the procedures late last week.

"Children's Hospital Oakland does not believe that performing surgical procedures on the body of a deceased person is an appropriate medical practice," said Dr. David Durand, the hospital's chief of pediatrics.”

Life and Death decisions do not need a lawyer establishing the language that can be used nor the legal ramifications of an action of the hospital to be the basis of it performing procedures it knows are necessary to move the patient from their facility – they cannot recognize Jahi McMath as alive after declaring her “legally dead,” and, in every effort to wash their hands of this botched tonsillectomy and/or sleep apnea treatment (where both maybe shouldn't have been performed together) and to make sure that any changes to the physical body do not happen, no matter how helpful they could be, even if not for the patient directly, but for the indirect patient, their family.

I conclude with the solicitation for donations of Children's Hospital Oakland to fully appreciate their legalistic practice of medicine to the detriment of Jahi McMath:

Committed to Children

In 2012 we delivered 139.3 million dollars of charity care and community benefits, and want to continue delivering this kind of care in the future. Because full-service hospitals just for children are extremely specialized, few communities can support one. We need your support to ensure that kids get the care they need, and that life-saving research can continue. Your donations enable us to provide essential services to the children and families of Northern California and beyond.” --

Tax Deductible Government-Run Death Panel anyone?

Thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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