Sunday 11 May 2014

Obamacare Unconstitutional? For 4 years running!

The Pacific Legal Foundation's case is being heard regarding the Unconstitutionality of Obamacare, based on the Origination Clause. Their case was filed in 2013, and was stalled from being heard until now (see for more information).

This posting I am making now is to remind people of this article from November of 2010, " Healthcare Process & Legality� An Indictment Of Progressives In Government,", where I explain the very same thing and include the House Rules that were done in support of Constitution Article I, Section 7 (The Origination Clause).

Later, I penned another article entitled "Son of Single Payer," a letter to John Boehner after he became speaker, explaining how he could use the illegal passage of Obamacare to strike it from the record of ever having been passed at all, -- This would be the House enforcing the exclusivity of this particular clause as it is expected to as a separate body from the Senate.

It is for me unbelievable to be writing numerous articles about this issue in an effort to aid in crafting, and even offering, solutions long before anyone else and have site after site of supposed conservative persuasions, and their leaders, just ignore it, both blog and internet radio. The same, though more expected, goes for the various other supposed "conservative talk radio" personalities speaking to the media hyped politics instead of the genuine right to Freedom that belongs to all Americans, ignoring the need for us to appreciate our inherent birthrights to challenge our government in securing those Freedoms. This mistreatment also includes the many, in fact, majority of Tea Party sites suspending my account for my not espousing their, now apparent, party agenda (in emulation of the Progressive movement apparently), not standing up for Individual Liberty and Freedom and not even willing to hear, let alone embrace, at all the notion of enforcement of the Constitution.

Yes, though I was treated poorly, I do not want to be ungracious about this, to join them in falling from the Grace I'd expect from Christ when He speaks to me, to every one of us after all that happened to Him. So I'll only say it is a tragedy that it took years for a case to hit the courts making the right challenge to Obamacare, one that, if won, will restrain government from taking actions that assume the limits of the Constitution are irrelevant and no one is watching, treating us as though we're all dupes to their loathsome abuse of the legitimate powers of legitimate objects granted to them.

To those who've shown appreciation best they can, thank you for your kindness, and to those who didn't, please review and reconsider, could sure use your help,

To all who read this, thank you for your time and God Bless,

Toddy Littman

P.S. I am no grammarian, a researcher, nothing more.

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