Wednesday 20 August 2014

Ferguson, Missouri's Big Government

Yeah I am going to tread into what is considered “taboo” because the likes of Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson already have. You see when these people who thrive on racism show up in a small town to promote their issue, whether true or not, they're setting the rhetorical stage for Black America. Sure, many may see these race baiters and hatemongers for who they really are, for their use of the term “Reverend” as a license to espouse an association between skin color and ideological lock step in perfect exploitation of their cultural differences in being Black – using their skin color as their pass to be hateful, to race bait, and claim their obsession with racism as righteous – because racism is their only claim to fame. Today they show up to define racism as a never ending, never-to-be-redeemed from, form of guilt to be enforced upon every non-black person if any one of them had a non-skin color/ethnicity issue with someone whose appearance by skin color happens to be black.

I guess I already started my crossed the taboo line by calling out the truth of these people. After all, this is Reverend Al's opportunity for redemption from being a genuine “Uncle Tom” in the eyes of the African community in America for having been an FBI informant (notice how that story has faded).

But the bigger reason for all of this by these so-called “reverends” and all these other outsiders going to Ferguson, Missouri and creating unrest is what is illustrated by the facts of Ferguson, Missouri.

You see Ferguson, Missouri stands with Detroit, Michigan in emulation of big government ideology. For all the upset that Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson can gin up amongst the 80% Americans of African Descent population in Ferguson, the reality is that the government there is primarily Liberal Democratic Party Politicians (just like Detroit). Their philosophy about taxation and government giveaways are based on Progressive ideology, and, I submit so, too, the fact the police department in Ferguson is not reflective of the population of the town as far as racial make-up is reflective of the political community and KKK origins of the Democratic Party.

Now, of course, Detroit had a government that more reflected the racial make-up of the city but the Democratic Plantation mentality, the “Government will provide from the spigot of taxation, regulation, and government growth,” just like “the Master will provide from the spigot of taking your labor (taxation), whipping you if you don't perform (regulation), and will seize your babies to be slaves (Plantation Growth)," all remains intact between the great and small of Progressive Government.

Thus we find Michael Brown's death isn't by the hand of the officer who pulled the trigger, isn't due to his skin color in the eyes of that officer, and isn't a tragedy due to Mr. Brown's race or even that he was unarmed, but because those who sell “Utopia is just around the corner of organizing our community” have interfered with the People-at-large to the point the Ferguson City Government took up military arms to protect their power and Progressive Plantation. This is the point of a small town like Ferguson, Missouri, where the community has had election after election for generation after generation only to continue to have a police department that doesn't reflect the racial make-up of the community, and is therefore by choice of that community. So it is no wonder at all why the Ferguson Police Department took advantage of the so-called “military surplus” to gain military items that, by being used domestically, are the militarization of a police department and the Federal Government creation of a “backdoor” in exploitation of their funding of so many States and their smaller political units (County, City, Village, etc.) to get around the Constitutional Art. I, Sec. 9 prohibition against standing armies stated thus, “To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years” (Emphasis mine.).

And all of this explains the importance of ideology in who is elected to serve in office at every level of American government, even more so than party affiliation.

Many Republicans are ideological Progressives identical to Democrats as they are for gun control, are for amnesty for illegal aliens (those who violated the laws of America by crossing our borders without permission), and are for “gay rights” as a means of using government force to assure privileges that government recognizes by a legislative enactment will be enforced upon the People-at-large as a requirement of how they carry themselves in society, irrespective of their religious beliefs, irrespective of their personal right to choose for themselves and live their life as they wish, to have their own right over their own conscience. Political Correctness has no place in legislative enactments unless we the People are saying to the government we wish them to “think for us too,” that we want to return to the full loathsome 2nd (second) class citizenry of slavery!

I urge every person or individual of African descent and Black member of the American People to look closely at the state of their anger toward society, set aside the emotion itself, and then take the time to find out the source of the agitation, and I mean from the very beginning, for I am certain that in almost every instance you'll find its source is government. This should be obvious in the continued promotion of racism as a problem, with Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson seizing every opportunity to exhaustively, though erroneously, assert racism persists as an institution in America. There is no institution of racism but instead an institution of hate by the likes of Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson who are the epitome of the residual hate caused by the institution of slavery which originated from Feudal Liberal Socialist Tribal Altruistic Europe (even Plato's dialogs of Socrates Republic from 2400 years ago show slavery as an institutional norm of society).

I submit that you take a moment to consider embracing the ideology of Conservatism: Limited Government, where the Constitution is viewed as the instrument to achieve this purpose. You see using a Constitution to limit government is an American idea of American origin and is the standard of the State Constitutions and their respective smaller political units of Villages, Towns, Cities, and Counties to correspondingly be of the same limited intention to assure protection of the smallest and most vulnerable minority, the Individual. Ferguson, Missouri and every small town that took advantage of the so-called military surplus exemplify Liberalism, Progressivism, and how big government Politicians and a society who has accepted this as “normal” is the cause of death of an American by a police officer.

Thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

P.S. “Military Surplus” appears to be the new oxymoron when viewed in relation to our almost 18 trillion dollars in national debt. This so-called “military surplus” should be sold to each State, City, County that wants them and the United States Government should require, as part of the “requisition process” for these local government units, to put a bond issue on their local election ballot which would assure that the local community of the People-at-large decide if their government should be militarized, and, due to the tax authorized to pay the bond back, would place this military surplus's ownership in the hands of each member of the local society with an owness to the People who paid for them!

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