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9-11-2001 America's Missed Opportunity

As of September 11th, 2001 America was pulled into a war by the genuinely fictional hand of allah, a collection of letters that I will not capitalize for a very simple reason: allah is not of a Spiritual realm at all, and as far as I am concerned is not even a formal name of an entity. I arrive at that conclusion by a simple knowledge, the fact that procreation is a physical act of man in the current, the existential, reality. I'd hope this would quickly expose islam as the fraud it is, its followers unaware they are serving as slaves for the promise of virgins, the promise of a sexually gratifying experience in perfect islam misogyny and that would only have meaning in the existential physical reality. I submit to you that the entire idea of islam is a current world enticement system similar to the games played by “confidence men” better known as a conjob. When a physically present reward is promised AFTER YOU DIE by a statement from General Mohammed's Quran – a manual on brainwashing the conquered – there is little doubt as to islam being derived of and entirely bound by and to the rules of life on Earth with absolutely no business being considered of any Spiritual purpose, a religion by the most primitive definition of repetitive acts and nothing else, which is further exposed by the list of uses of “zakat” (see which has been erroneously equated the same as Christian tithing, which completely ignores the Quran dictated war purpose (“jihad”) use of zakat, and the absence of this allocation by the Bible or Christian Faith to any use of tithings.

Islam is the equivalent of Communism, merely a philosophical statement made in opposition to the world as it is and not in relation to finding inner peace and speaking to the Soul, as something to read for guidance in leading a noble and honorable life in your existence on Earth to the best of your ability. Absent from islam is a recognition of the Soul and its redemption through Faith in God, no treasures in a realm outside of Earth, outside of the existential reality, no Heaven as a destination without the physical realm, which makes sense as rewarding you with a virgin would be worthless then. To be clear islam is the means of finding what the Communists would use to take over nation after nation prior to the fall of the Soviet Union (see ) that they affectionately called “useful idiots” prior to killing them because these followers proved their beliefs could overthrow a government and after the Communists take over these same people who were manipulated to achieve the overthrow become a threat to the Communist Government.

Please understand I have stated the truth about islam according to their own quran, a truth muslims demonstrate by how they've conducted themselves amongst the rest of the world, and yes I am including all muslims in every nation, for in every single nation the muslim population imports and demands unabridged continued living of their lives pursuant to their own foreign culture and seek to have a segregation, legislative carve-out relaxing the laws of that nation that would conflict with their culture from being imposed upon them. That alone is an act of war, an act of overthrowing the government of a nation, and though it is erroneously accepted and received as a civil mechanism and couched in a political light of their “civil rights,” the reality of when they don't get their way is their actions to disrupt the same civil rights, culture, and way of life of the people and nation hosting them – an assault on the very country they migrated to – a nation often sharing the financial and other benefits afforded by the industrious generations of the mostly non-muslim rest of the population that built that nation's economy and wealth, which is just another act of contempt toward the country they migrated to, and, also, again, in seeking to lead a life that gives them virgins after death, when they haven't a body for that to have any meaning to them, a purely “of this world” effort without any Spiritual context. I have no need for further evidence that General Mohammed is the Sun-Tzu of the Middle East, and his brainwashing manual the Quran, their “Art of War.”

So, now to America's missed opportunity...

We, America, had an opportunity after September 11th, 2001, to forge a unity amongst us as a people, one derived from recognizing the lives of all who died that day, but we have so far all but failed to recognize the assault on their Liberty and that this day was the beginning of a never-ending hatred of our belief in one having the right to their own way of life, what we call Freedom. What's so sad is that this is a solely American mortar, the very identical mortar that founded this nation of a people who founded their government, and has proven an impenetrable force throughout our history. But it seems that gone are the days of Americans appreciating their right to make their own choices, the quintessential meaning of “Individual Liberty” and “Personal Sovereignty.” We seem unable as Americans to ever again stand in defiance, to recognize our nation has foreign and domestic enemies that want to destroy this principle as it stands in the way of their agenda, and that they will use every ploy, from political party to jihad to effectuate every dent for their purposes, while also aiding and abetting the rest of our enemies.

Almost 3000 people who were making a living died by the intentional crashing of 2 planes into the World Trade Center.

Please, reread that statement slowly, let it sink in, see if your sense of justice comes to the forefront due to the very injustice of their deaths, the very unreasonableness of such an attack as it treated their lives as worthless for the sake of the idea they'd put an end to America's economic means. The lack of compassion, of appreciation for the truth of America's history and being envied for it is the enabling factor of those who politicized these deaths, while, at the same time others seeking fame saw an opportunity in denying the possibility of what happened on September 11th, 2001 – in their arrogant pursuit of those in complete denial of the possibility, watching the events unfold on their televisions and thinking “not in America, they [the enemy] aren't that smart.” And you can be sure that it is this very same politicization and denial that resulted in America's almost 6 years of the “change you can believe in” and “hope and change” islamic sympathizing “yes we can” Commander-In-Chief whose entire approach is to invite those enemies to act against America by the lack of any repercussions. There is no retaliation to “man-caused disaster” and “workplace violence” events lost in the media loop of political correctness and reporter's fears of being victims to those who rose in violence over cartoon depictions of Mohammed, a realistic fear after what happened to a female reporter while in Cairo reporting on what the Obama White House coined as the “Arab Spring” (see

You might be wondering why I am going back to islam, and it's a simple fact that as long as zakat is used to fund jihad that on 09-11-2001 America was attacked by the collective of islam, and by the shear number of terrorist organizations in the Middle East, it is clear the collective continues to attack America in the continuation of their war against us! Americans can thank the imams who do not want their followers to see the truth, that their so-called religion is merely a military general's treatise on controlling the conquered, explaining the ways to manipulate them to become assimilated members of a religious governed society in a perfect use of circular logic as the ruling mechanism, the imam the slavemaster, the islamic “cracker” whose whip extends over the entire muslim community patronizing his mosque and is dictating their culture on the whim of his existence as imam, and of course, all in doing what they can to assure virgins as their reward after death.

Can you see the absurdity of calling islam a religion? What evidence is there that this reality we live in, our physical presence is a Spiritual realm? We haven't any and, because it is the literal existential reality to which we have any certainty, such evidence would be as overwhelming as trying to pass your hand through solid objects and discovering it isn't possible, the object and you both exist separately. This is the very same evidence that proves islam, as anything but a glorification of a military work for the sake of those who will so glorify it becoming its “holy men,” is a fraud and a sham resulting in a shaman of rod and sacrifice ruling over those they can convince to believe in living for the promise of the physically sexually gratifying in our existential reality appealing reward as the meaning of Heaven. To emphasize: A gift of another to pursue sexual opportunity and encounter as though destined to perform at the muslim decedent's whim as an after-death perfect committed sexual experience via the rewarded concubine being a “virgin” who resides with them forever for this solely sexual purpose AFTER they die!

This isn't sarcasm or mockery. This is the fact of islam's promise to its followers, to best be summed up by saying islam is Sodom and Gomorrah “Revisited,” and in context of ISIS “Unchained,” “Unleashed,” or for full context “Gone Wild.”

There is no Spiritual context where sexual gratification is an appeal to the Soul of a person except where there is no Spiritual meaning to the instrument of their obsessive belief, an instrument that is alone explicit in its extreme views against all who do not submit – a coerced belief and is therefore no belief, not voluntary, at all – you know, like those beheaded reporters, or any who've been beheaded so the proud perpetrator of their death can parade around holding their head up as a sign of victory, a head that is only a part of the physical existential Earthly presence of the Soul of an individual who didn't want to become part of the collective islamic “State” – another admission of the Earthly origin and binding of islam, that it has no Spiritual purpose, no enlightenment of the Soul for the Soul; that the quran's opposing purpose of coercion as an invading culture is its sole, overriding, consistent purpose as intended by its author General Mohammed, the quran just another tool in his pursuit of controlling the entire world that it naturally cannot escape from.

I close with a real noodle bender: Statist islamists who proclaim hating “the West?” Perhaps the next writing.

Thank you for reading and sharing this, God Bless you,

Toddy Littman

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