Tuesday 14 October 2008

PR-01-Gold Baron: Virtual Reality

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Summary: An innovative approach to addressing the possible consequences of the 2008 political season… changingwind.org is an interactive website drawing very real insights from an astute character extracted from a fictional book, “Gold Baron,” who takes a solid stand on the events unfolding daily on the political and economic stage.

October 13, 2008
Reality and fiction cross paths
to wake-up and shake-up American voters

This is no time for virtual reality.

Unfortunately, that is all that the American public is bombarded with as they try to decide how to vote in a few weeks, and those who are taking steps to tell the real tale are not going far enough.

A new book, “Gold Baron,” crosses the line of prudent action by painting a valid picture of events through the eyes of fictional characters. One of those characters, Toddy Littman, is leaping from the fire of the story’s chase, where pursuers attempt to close down his truth-telling website, to take his tale to the real internet and the actual events of today.

“Gold Baron” is a fictional story of political intrigue, world markets and presumptive power brokers based on research of the underpinnings of real-time political and global financial maneuvering, and who’s instigating it.

Changingwind.org is the tool that Littman uses in the book to capture the attention of America as to what is behind the economic terrorism being wrought in order to sway voters to back a charlatan. It is also the name of the website readers can find today that tells the true tale of who is maneuvering the markets in an attempt to manipulate the vote for, who else, but a pretender in the midst of the real White House race.

Although the story is loaded with drama and action as truthsayers are chased and threatened. The actual changingwind.org is painting the real picture of media misdirection, candidate mendacity and the terrorist tactics being used to undermine the economy and the very fabric of America.

The virtual reality of the situation is what the modern media is selling, the actual reality is that free speech and the right to the pursuit of happiness as envisioned by our founding fathers is at stake. Capitalism is on the brink of being replaced with another more sinister way of life, one that predisposes everyone to the category of victim and ward of the State – Communism.

Is this the cry of a crazy heretic? Only the individual can decide that, but he or she must be diligent enough to do their homework. Toddy’s done the research. It’s in the book, laid out in a way that, although fictional, should distress the voter enough to find out more. They can do exactly that when they go to the real life website to see just how the fictional drama might be a harbinger of what is occurring under their very noses… today.

Toddy isn’t interested in anyone simply accepting what he says. It is for each American to accept responsibility for their vote and dig deeper than the platitudes that are plastering the airwaves, print and internet, and to go beyond the mantras of the celebrities who are the most vulnerable to persuasion as being persuaders themselves.

Read the book and be alarmed. Follow the research on the web and let knowledge drive you to the voting booth with the intent of saving the core of American values and way of life.

Don’t allow the emotional reactivity of the political arena to decide the election. As B. Johnson says, “Reason is the heart of freedom.”


“Gold Baron” was crafted from concept to finished product in three months, propelled forward by the rapid developments of the campaign and a shared vision of an economic crisis that, when the project was begun, only loomed on the horizon. The reality has taken a turn toward the institution of socialism that the book painted through the manipulation of a market tool different than the one used in fact. However, the result is the same… panic induced by market manipulation.

The author, A. Dru Kristenev, had only one comment, “I wish that we had been able to reach the public sooner, that the whole concept of intertwining reality and fiction for better effect had come to us earlier. It didn’t, but we can still hope for American voters to come out of their haze and see that the loss of our country could be at hand.”

“Gold Baron” will be available for purchase through the website www.changingwind.org where more information about the election and what forces are advancing the economic terrorism that is already unleashed.


Brief Bio Information: Kristenev is a former journalist from a major suburban area who has taken to story telling. Working with a gifted legal researcher, “Gold Baron” was conceived as a way to reach people who have become withered by the media barrage. All inquiries may be made through the website media relations.

A limited number of press copies of “Gold Baron” will be available for review.

Contact: media_relations@changingwind.org

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