Thursday 10 September 2015

We Are All Neo

From Matrix:

Neo: “Why do my eyes hurt?”

Morpheus: “Because you've never used them before.”

What we're seeing today has been happening for a long time. Kim Davis is the posterchild for victims of government corruption. The trouble is in identifying the corrupting force, the easy and honest answer is “power.”

Since the 14th Amendment, and coercion of the Civil War Legislatures, made those who had been slaves into citizens subject to the jurisdiction of the United States government as their legal guardian, what's been missed is why this idea of birthright citizenship persists beyond its intention to affect those who were slaves (Explained here,

Remember the cause of government (its righteous purpose and intention in the eyes and minds of those who do not read laws and vote on them based on political party alone) is power, identical to the corrupting force. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is proving true, and is our history since at least the 14th Amendment. A county clerk put in jail for standing by their Oath, protecting and upholding the Constitution, is corruption at its finest (the 1st Amendment is part of the Constitution as that is what it was “amending”). News reporters going to jail for “not revealing their source” is identical in government overstepping the boundaries of the 1st Amendment.

Let's reference properly:

[1]Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, [2]or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; [3]or abridging the freedom of speech, [4]or of the press; [5]or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Recent well known incidents of Government's Violation:

1) “Religious Humanism,”

2) Kim Davis (amongst many others),

3) Kim Davis, Ibid, and Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, Youtube video maker blamed for Benghazi attack, (Note, his implied sentence violation, “...under the terms of his probation, Nakoula was banned from using computers and the Internet for 5 years without prior approval.”)

4) James Rosen, e-mail confiscated (comment: You'd think they'd have acted this fast with Hillary's Server), and Also Reporter Judith Miller,, as well as the Associated Press in whole,

5) IRS’ failing to process tax-exempt status applications of Tea Party and other Conservative groups, abusing administrative powers to stonewall redress of grievance for this violation of our use of legal means to assert our lawful right to peaceably assemble, in person or by funding, illustrated by, and later,

Understand that, according to the rules of birthright citizenship in the application of the equal protection clause, every single American is treated as “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” in direct violation not only of direct prohibitions (i.e. “Congress shall make no law...”) but also the retention of powers to the States, which is why the State has innate police power, and, as another example, is the one who issues marriage licenses, á la the 10th Amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it [,the Constitution,] to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The 14th Amendment, by its language and intention, is to enforce the Bill of Rights’ limits imposed upon national government against the States on behalf of former slaves as wards of the National Government. When you extend this through birthright citizenship, it is an assumption of the National Government that we're all wards “subject to the jurisdiction thereof,” our rights to be determined and prioritized, to be dictated, and controlled, by the National Government. No slave not wanting to be a slave was trying to trade their local Master for a National one in D.C., nor were they seeking to have the Freedom to act, which they so dearly wanted, liquidated as everyone is deemed a ward of the National Government via birthright citizenship. Notice it is that “jurisdiction thereof” who regulates, manipulates, and Tyrannically controls every aspect of the existence of life to the point of exhaustion, yes, destroying the very right of action the slave wanted to have in Freedom and Individual Liberty.

I've often referred to a book, the origin of the movie Matrix, called Simulacra & Simulation by Jean Baudrillard, I cite this book because Baudrillard, who is a Socialist, cites the problem well, but wrongfully blames the solution (Capitalism) as the cause.

In truth, it is belief in governments, in people, the idea of “false prophets,” that is the cause. Be it the unicorns and fairies of the Kool-Aid KKK Progressive Dixiecrat Plantation Class, or the industrial magnate and corporate hierarchy beholden to government, and whatever in-between, these are people, with their own self-interest, with their own means of manipulation, and their own desire for achievement within their lifetimes, irrespective of all other interests outside of their own if they can hold power over others. It is from this that the worker's union is a big stock investor, some 6 to 7 trillion of the Stock Market in the hands of pension funds, union and otherwise “institutional investors”; established pursuant to some model, a created, fictional future of “retirement,” as though a permanent fixture of existence, to eventually be politically claimed as some form of right; it is from this that Jeb Bush runs for President, as well as the reason Barack Obama ran for President.

Self-interest in relation to power is natural, and even when self-interest is denied by one in power this doesn't deny it for the remainder, especially amongst those leading in the “community” or in government, which is a collective body. It is clear that no matter how much they speak of collective action and “social justice,” nor how much passion and intensity they put into speeches to elevate these terms into the realm of emotion and belief, they remain, as leaders, in the midst of their own self-interest, placating by appeasement those who look to them to solve their problems, those who shirk self-responsibility to be dependent on the leader's self-interest taking care of them; followers with a self-imposed blindness their dependence and willingness to lie to themselves and others only rivaling followers of a cult.

Yet, all the while, these leaders, their political goals and purpose of power, rely on your acceptance of being a Ward of the National Government, of assuming that someone else defines your rights, your duties, “who is paying their fair share” or not, who should be gouged in the name of government, who should be persecuted, prosecuted, and penalized by the violent authority of government, and who should be pardoned on the sole grounds of surrendering Freedom for political beliefs built around the wardship of the Individual who “can't fight City Hall.”

At what point do we realize we have assimilated lies said to us to build a prison for our mind, to keep us willing to accept control over our lives? When do we admit that we're a conquered people, turned from comprehending, let alone appreciating, the civilized means and order of our Written Constitution as an instrument of enforcement over government? No! Instead we wait for the next handout, the next rule that says what we can't or can do, or gives us a “tax allowance” to keep more of what we earned by our labor. Scanning the Web with our phone, tablet, or other PC, looking for and rationalizing that we've found that niche space to operate freely (be it saying whatever we want on social media, or exploring an entirely fictional virtual world somewhere), we settle for what sense of Freedom we can get because the object of our Freedom, our Individual Liberty, is so diminished that we are overwhelmed with the idea of the effort we must put forth. Through this we are completely put off by how few we can find that understand 1/10th of what we do, and/or have made a regular effort to know or learn that what we're conserving as Conservatives is Freedom and Individual Liberty as the hoped first choice that is always available for every American!

Maybe now you understand why I don't care about taxes, but I do care about the size of government, about government's spending beyond the objects that government is limited to by the Constitution. And how, when we let this happen, when we let government do as it pleases, as we have done for at least 3 generations, that we are allowing our Freedom and Individual Liberty to be diminished, that we are alienating our unalienable Rights by lack of care for them and the responsibility they entail – Our Rights are unalienable by action, not because the Declaration of Independence says so!

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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