Friday 11 September 2015

9-11-2001 Taught Me I am an American Conservative

Orange County California, won't get into some step-by-step of what occurred that day, I have no reason, from the jihadist perspective, to glorify their actions, give them another account by of 09-11-2001 to use as a recruiting tool in some propaganda way.

So fast-forward slightly to that Tuesday evening, around 7:00 PM when I called a friend on the phone who answers to explain with tearful yet angry voice, “I am livid right now,” that he had a relative in one of the towers who was called to a meeting with some lawyer there, and that this relative had been killed.

A tear formed in my eye instantly on the news and I offered my condolences and asked how close my friend was to the relative who died. My friend explains to me, “I hadn't seen her in about 10 years, we spoke maybe 4 times in that time, last time about 5 years ago.” I wipe my tear, a bit put-off and say, “well you must have been very close then before 10 years ago, maybe regretting you didn't get to mend the relationship.” My friend explains, “That's not what I am so angry about.” Okay, so now I am completely puzzled, all tear welling has ceased, and I ask, “So what are you upset about?” My friend says, “I've heard through some sources, and some media has reported, that all Jews were sent an email not to come into work today at the World Trade Center, and you know how that George Bush and [censored] Cheney are warmongers, I am sure they are behind this whole thing. I can't believe they killed my relative just so they can blame some country and go to war!”

Hitting the pause button on that conversation for some background: I, at that time, was working with numerous people who were fighting the system, mostly California Liberals with whom I didn't identify one way or the other, as I wasn't into any political identity. Hopefully, I would be deemed a moderate if ever reviewed (though I was thoroughly entrenched in the fight as I was providing research that I understood aided them in their efforts, especially in the administrative process. I would help them find whatever they could use from a law library for their legal papers, briefs, and that they would tell me they needed to be prepared, some of them were lawyers as well). I immediately laughed and agreed with my friend, thinking “we must put an end to government's abuse of us, treating us like chattel that they can destroy and kill at their pleasure!” Resembles Alex Jones right?

Fast-forward further... A few months pass. I had sent my friend some research on concurrent jurisdiction of State law and the Federal 9th district court, as my friend was the last surviving relative of the deceased who died on 09-11-2001. The research showed some paths lawyers had used to sue and have the case be taken on by the district court. Well, I ran across a website, address I can't remember, but it was explaining how the Pentagon was hit by a missile or small plane, and that there was no debris found at the scene with a photo from afar showing no debris at the scene as their claimed “factual evidence” of this certainty. (Sounds like Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Van Jones, etc., right?).

Reviewing the comments under that image I found a rebuttal post, again whose link I can't remember, and all of this at least 10 computers back in use so lost data, sorry. I clicked the link in the rebuttal post and it took me to a site that once believed in the same 9-11-2001 conspiracy theory but had changed their tune. The evidence at this rebuttal site showed an impeller found at the crash site with pictures that were taken closer to the Pentagon building and showed a pretty extensive debris field of numerous small debris. Posts below, mostly from the original conspiracy site, claim “the debris field is Photoshopped in,” but, using Photoshop and a few other graphics programs I had kept from my desktop publishing and graphic design days, I reviewed the photo and didn't find the pixel inconsistencies that would show up if this was added to the image (inconsistencies that showed up more prominently with the 2001 technology, both in how it would modify and review of images like the debris field photo).

So, now, with me entirely unsure what is accurate, and internally beginning to retract my belief Bush and Cheney were involved in 09-11-2001, as it was already hard for me to believe a sitting U.S. President would do this in the first place, yet knowing I replied out of emotion to a friend and stuck by my commitment as the good ol’ stubborn mule I am, I then click the impeller photo and it takes me to the jet engine specification for the commercial jet that crashed into the Pentagon, and I see the impeller part number, that's forged into the impeller on manufacture, cast into the impeller material itself, listed and naming it as an impeller! I sit reviewing what I am reading over and over, verifying, re-verifying, and then notice posts below it from that same conspiracy site again claiming “the above photo is Photoshopped” claiming, “this was never found at the scene since there was no debris field [with link to their distant photo showing no debris field], this is a lie.” Their proof is the previous debris field photo without any debris showing, and that their word, for a photo taken from so far away, rebuts the closer up photo with debris, that it they claim is doctored and a hoax, when I know it isn't?... Right...Not buying their claims but as propaganda at this point.

I decide to go back to the conspiracy website and discover some links to graphic models of the World Trade Center, models they claim explain away the official story. Digging further, I learn they are a French group of engineers. Okay, so let's see who these clowns are, so I go to the part of the site where they boast about their engineering degrees and education blah blah blah, searching every name on the web. Low and behold I find THEY ARE ALL political activists, easy to verify by their proudly displaying their photos on the activists sites and this conspiracy site, and, they are all members of the Socialist political party in France!

It is at this point that I began to take a long hard look at what I'd been doing, the people I'd been doing work for, and at leaving California, leaving Liberal La La Land. I came to terms with all I had done, placing me as a at minimum a moderate Conservative long before I knew I was, as all was in an effort to stand for Freedom, but that those who have ideological positions against the United States, both internally and externally, were just exploiting and using me in the course of promoting their agenda.

You see, I had a case for which I did the research make it to the Supreme Court of the United States' Docket, rejected eventually as another case regarding Religious Liberty was taken up instead, but we were 1 of 5000 cases to make it to the docket, which is difficult to do in and of itself. The fact is, only 20% of the cases heard are actually published, and, unless you have personal knowledge of a case you can't cite it as a form of precedent, only published cases (a specious form of argument called “argument from authority”), another way the government “balances” the scales of justice without the blindfold on, so I had assumed even if our case had been heard, and we prevailed, it probably wouldn't have been published. A few cases I did research for were heard in the appellate courts too, yet overall, with about a 50% absolute win rate (not partial wins or partial losses), the remainder were final and not taken up on appeal or for any other sort of review.

So here I was from about 1991 to 2001, someone who stood before sometimes a few hundred people in California explaining research I had found, usually to Liberals who didn't want to pay for some tax, fee or permit, but, at the same time, wanted to secure their welfare benefits or wanted to find a way to get their money out of Social Security (which I never could figure a way to do). And it was September 11, 2001 that helped me realize I am a Conservative, in knowing the purpose for what I had shared and promoted the research I had found, always promoting to limit government, to force it to abide by its own rules, to eradicate duplicitous laws and the ability of the government to pick and choose what to charge someone for, in playing Let's Make A Deal with someone else's life! Make no mistake that the reason there is little difference in the parties is that they act for the sake of government revenues, and with every effort to assure a prosecutor has their pick of a plethora of, able to choose the one with the least restrictive hurdles for government to go through to prove it didn't violate some “privilege” government grants to the accused. In case after case, and with few exceptions, government is almost always trying to evade discovery of their use of the fruit from the poisonous tree doctrine to attain so called “evidence” that would otherwise be inadmissible. Sadly, many who swear an Oath to uphold the Constitution have no idea the evidence is being gained improperly and really don't care if it was, even if the depth of violation of Individual Rights is by improper (or failure to abide by) administrative procedures put in place to protect the institution's treasury from being raided by lawsuits for civil liability, nor that these procedures are also in place to protect the Individual's Rights, assuring Due Process is a means of limiting government. Evasion of these limits, failing to carry out proper procedures, is a natural occurrence of big Liberal Progressive unconstitutional, corrupt, and centralized power government!

So, to you jihadists, I salute you with the proper driving “wave” after being cut-off on California's Long Beach Freeway, for you islamafools only secured that this Christian will do anything and everything to secure Freedom from your reign of terror, sold under the guise of a “Faith” that is only a mind job by General Mohammad to convert the conquered into active soldiers so he didn't have to kill them and face the ire of his neighbors (see, making it more difficult by war to steal what those neighbors have due to their outrage. Ah, but this is the way the world was before the end of Feudalism as the World's ruling order, before We the People in America established the sole American Constitutional Republic to protect Freedom and Individual Liberty as one’s Divine Rights if you're willing to be an American Citizen!

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

P.S. With how September 11, 2001 woke me up to being a complete American, not half way and without committing to Freedom and Individual Liberty, and thereby a Conservative, I believe after 14 years it's okay to speak to the political aspects of this day. Any offended by that, I am very sorry for your loss and hope you can appreciate the profound affect 09-11-2001 has had on all Americans, often as deep as your personal loss, as my entire life was changed due to that day.

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