Tuesday 10 November 2015

The Hispanic Myth

We've been told it's wrong to criticize American Progressive/Liberal hating of America, their belief, their right and all that, which, though this latter fact is true, requires there is no proof to the contrary. You see, the whole point in the right is that they are American, our most recent examples of why this is important are the Christians abroad beheaded for their Christian views, or burned alive, and that's after an ordeal of being kidnapped, sometimes raped and tortured as well. Freedom of Religion, Press, and Expression aren't together in the First Amendment for them being unrelated, they are entirely related in every way.

So let us begin with the certainty America from its discovery has been a Christian Nation, noting that it was Feudal Spain who began settlement of America after a war for a Spanish province known as Granada that had been taken by the Moors, the highest of the hierarchy of Islam in what is called the Reconquista, in English the re-conquest, which is what brought about the Crusades, and the Conquistador, conqueror (this is the actual Spanish translation of the word), with sole purpose almost entirely to obtain booty and the use of force to get it. This is the way feudal kingdoms and empires ran. This is why Europe was in war after war that our history books tout as a nation at war, when it was a crown (the State) pursuing its own purposes and viewing the people as an expendable luxury of royal prerogative and whim.

A successful voyage by Columbus would steal a march on the Portuguese, and might conceivably bring riches to an empty treasury. Above all – at least as far as Isabella was concerned – the project could be of crucial importance in the crusade against Islam. A successful voyage would bring Spain into contact with the nations of the East, whose help was needed in the struggle with the Turk. It might also, with luck, bring back Columbus by way of Jerusalem, opening up a route for attacking the Ottoman Empire in the rear. Isabella was naturally attracted, too, by the possibility of laying the foundations of a great Christian mission in the East. In the climate of intense religious excitement which characterized the last months of the Granada campaign even the wildest projects suddenly seemed possible of accomplishment. The close coincidence [in an age of communications by courier, no Internet, no phones, etc.] between the fall of Granada and the authorization of Columbus's expedition would suggest that the latter was at once a thank-offering and an act of renewed dedication by Castile to the still unfinished task of war against the [muslim] infidel.” -- Imperial Spain 1469 – 1716 by J. H. Elliott, copyright 1963, pg 49.

Funny how our teachers failed to teach us this part of the story out of a commitment to Political Correctness and those who sue if public schools are seen as teaching a religion in violation of the First Amendment establishment clause. But this is how blindness, better known as ignorance, is created in a mass of people, transplanting the notion of students gaining knowledge with gaining an agenda for future use. Of course, there will be those who say “I knew that,” while their actions and beliefs are assurance that they then didn't act on their own mind but acted on what they were taught as more than a guide, more like a mandate, as though fictional Jean Luc Picard following the just as fictional Prime Directive. This is the Progressive/Liberal value of impression, the undermining of individual thought, of individual deliberation and consideration at its finest.

To be sure, Genoese Columbus set sail for their Catholic Majesties Ferdinand and Isabella for sake of God and Kingdom to assure domination over Islam and the muslim infidel.

And now here comes, for this article, one of the Progressive/Liberal hypocrisies that, well maybe you have to hear this first to refresh recent memory:

The persistent shaming of Americans over what happened to the Native American – Though not even bought by the Native American, but that'd be another article since the thrust of exploiting the Native American cause is to attack wealth and the wealthy, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1weILTPEUS0, and is in fact another Progressive/Liberal effort at carrying on the slave traditions of Columbus by slavery to political party, of creating a division amongst Americans that enables this to occur.

The years 1519-1540 represented the final, heroic phase of the conquista – the years in which Spain won its great American empire. This empire was built on the ruins of the two native empires of the Aztecs and Incas. The conquest of the Aztec empire of Mexico was undertaken from Cuba in 1519 by Hernan Cortes with a brilliance and a daring which was to fire the imagination both of contemporaries and of future generations; Pizaro's destruction of the empire of the Incas, in fact, proved almost a carbon copy – sadly blotted in its later stages – of triumph of Cortes a decade before.” -- Ibid, pg 51.

That's the “Aztec empire of Mexico...” meaning all these folks, especially with Spanish surnames, showing up at our border are the descendants of those who killed entire Native American empires below our southern border! For brevity I'll just explain that killing wasn't all, for the smaller Native American tribes found were used as slave labor and deported to Spain to be sold as slaves – Ferdinand and Isabella took steps to stop this, so save your righteous blame of Christianity, which had been attacked and provoked by Islam's Moors prior to all of this.

So here's the burning question: How is it that the Liberal agenda is so forgiving of Spain's descendants who destroyed two Native American empires and made every effort to enslave the rest until stopped by the Spanish Crown? America's Constitution included clauses to stop slavery, per James Madison in Federalist 42, http://thomas.loc.gov/home/histdox/fed_42.html, yet no one taught us this in school, and instead a perpetuation of “uncaring white slave owners” is promoted, while “they stole the land from the Native Americans” is a part of the so-called “education” that's proven to be pure Progressive/Liberal agenda anti-American rhetoric when one takes a look at the history.

If you're too blinded by your hatred, a hatred ginned up by a Progressive/Liberal education (see http://web.archive.org/web/20090423190627/http://www.nea.org/tools/17231.htm taken down prior to the 2012 endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama), then please understand that was the whole point of the education you actually received; that your choices of hatred for Individual Liberty or erroneous belief our Freedom is prescribed by the Constitution, your hatred for American Institutions, for Capitalism (the objective instrument of governing resources so they aren't all used up) and the idea that the Constitution was written to limit the government, then please take refuge in the following as a stable solid ground to raise your head high:

Alongside this geographical concept of Spain there also existed in certain limited circles an historical concept deriving from the old Roman Hispania; a vision of the time when Spain was not many provinces but two, Hispania Criterior and Ulterior, united beneath the rule of Rome.” – Ibid, pg 7.

So now, about that “taking us backwards” so-called “Progressive” touted line of reasoning, I submit to you, oh Progressive/Liberal, oh hypocrite, that your desire to centralize power and place it above the Individual is Rome all over again and that use of the term “Hispanic” is to restate this humanist religious objective, that led to Rome seeking refuge in Catholicism after its fall. Your reality is you respect the descendants of Spain who continue the reconquista in invading America as a genetic trait of right while claiming Americans should be ashamed of a heritage that it didn't carry on for long and was sparing as to enslavement, to eventually treat these people as sovereign nations – another denied right to the American under Progressive/Liberal government!

I'd say more but I believe history has explained the epitaph of Progressive/Liberal views as the hypocrisy they are, entire propaganda talking points of fiction intended to centralize and control, to enslave us all to absolutely non-existent political correctness by feigned care and sensitivity – a sociopath socialist psychodrama – and nothing more.

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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