Sunday 10 January 2016

Galvanizing Public Support

This will be about Presidential Primary Candidate Donald J. Trump, and, no, that he's not my first choice, and that yes, I may stay home if he's nominated (need more time to know if that will be the case or not).

One can easily point to Mr. Trump's Democrat history as meaningful. That may have significance in measuring Mr. Trump's views, and what he has to say. However, many of the things he has put forth, are an America, and an American Dream many of us hoped to grow up and live in. The appeal to the “dream” isn't an issue so long as we're objective enough to separate it from reality, to understand it is an appeal to an ideal and not a statement of what will absolutely and assuredly happen (such a belief would mean great opportunity for disappointment and deepening the divide amongst Americans, our American Union beyond the States).

What I am saying here is that Billionaire Donald Trump who I believe deserves every penny he has and praise for what he's accomplished and overcome in his life, that Mr. Trump is surely a man to be learned from for those things, but above all that Donald Trump is a marketing genius. So I hope I put to rest any idea of my having any sort of personal bias against him in the mind of anyone reading this, though I must point out it is a form of political correctness for me to explain my lack of any bias against Mr. Trump for any personal reason. I admire Donald Trump's achievements and his exceptional marketing skill as the traditional get-it-done American Way.

My issue is a simple one: I am a Conservative, which means I believe the government is bloated in myriad ways, including but not limited to money, power, assumption of authority, too much bureaucracy, and sure these are more than likely related, which, as a Conservative, demonstrates to me without any reservation that government is a synonym for corruption and corruption appears the sole gross national product of the National government. But bloated, corrupt, in comparison to what? Answer: The Constitution!

Yes I can re-cite numerous things about the Constitution and get lost in the history and document whose limitation of government is by express enumeration of powers along with the warnings of Hamilton to not have a Bill of Rights re-expressing existing limits on government, Hamilton's warning that people (conveniently including the Supreme Court) will mistakenly assume the Bill of Rights as rights granted from government to the people. However this article isn't about the Constitution and our Progressive Humanist educations that I've mentioned numerous times at (which I greatly appreciate McAfee expeditiously reviewing the site again and giving us an all clear,

This is about Donald Trump and a great need of him to establish to many of us (actually to the American People as a whole) that he has a significant knowledge of the Constitution and a personal knowledge of the limits of government, that he will promise to follow the Constitution and not assume SCOTUS the final unchecked voice of what the Constitution (as amended) means. I would be eager to promote Mr. Trump after his being able to express a more than general knowledge of our Granting the Constitution, granting the Terms and Conditions of having a national government system, State and National, called Federalism; that Mr. Trump at least understands America is a Constitutional Republic, though it would be exceptional if he understands the Compound Republic that America is; and that Mr. Trump well knows how the 14th Amendment and Sherman Anti-Trust Act have been the most significant tools to destroy Federalism, to destroy Freedom and Enterprise, i.e. Free Enterprise, Capitalism.

It would be after this showing of certain knowledge of the Constitution that I would then expect Mr. Trump to explain he no longer supports universal healthcare as a government initiative, or other government institutional method, and that he further ceases from carrying on the Progressive Humanist talking point of how some rich don't “pay their fair share” (as Mr. Trump has said in relation to his proposed tax on hedge fund managers), and no longer emphasize the rich owning politicians. Historically it is the government's encroachment on private/free enterprise, claiming everything produced, every service, subject to Interstate Commerce and the Commerce Clause as though the government is merely an Organized Crime Government Syndicate that legalizes stealing under the guise of a new means of “legit” government revenue with another tax, fee, and penalty “scheme,” easily comparable to protection money schemes. Of course, these government schemes are then challenged in court, and become the means of the Supreme Court expanding National Government jurisdiction into the states, and directly into our lives, our personal “environment,” and, government via political parties offers to minimize legal fees and avoid risk to the business (can't lose that employee tax revenue) by soliciting “donations” to their campaigns. Name someone with property who won't do everything they can to protect it from threat of loss, be it from natural disaster, theft by a hoodlum, or theft by what would otherwise be formally named scofflaws if they weren't the government leaders drafting the legislation and ignoring the Constitution.

To be clear, once the government puts its boot on the neck of any business (government is the one with the right of the use of force), these entities and their owners who were once freely engaging in a free market, then find themselves in a bidding war to gain protection from the law through politicians elected to office, politicians offering favors to stay in office – Might as well be Rome! Sure these businesses know the politician will be back for more next year (the “campaign contribution” is like blood in the water for sharks in politician form), sure they know the politician will invite them to galas and other functions that will boost their business' activities and capabilities...And the politician will then ask for more money the following year with a greater leverage by more intimate knowledge of the business' relationships and how they came about. Thus these American Free Enterprise Capitalist Entrepreneurs and Industry Magnates whose ambition and genius is to be admired, find themselves in the unenviable position of competing to donate enough to politicians to protect themselves from government's lead boot because government wants it that way.

Understand, a few findings by a bureaucracy that fines you, (such as the SEC, EPA, the dreaded IRS, though easily shooed away as personal threats) if you continue to buck government's unconstitutional, and thereby unlawful, trespass, then government uses these findings with the Secretary of State of your State of Incorporation to get your charter suspended. Of course this is if they don't pursue you as a “person of interest” or terrorist to then quietly “escort” you to an interrogation site via NSA, CIA, etc.

The “Wealthy,” being used as a noun describing a group of people everyone is so worried about, is a term of art to invoke jealousy and prejudice, never putting forth that “wealth” as property, by title and interest in holding, is by laws and lawful processes, and that these are held by legal “persons” according to the 14th Amendment's wardship of former slaves, as that is how business entities as legal persons are treated. Every legal vehicle an American uses to protect their property is eventually placed within the confines of the “American Legal Organized Crime to Suppress Capitalism Revenue Generation Regime of Government Subjugation of the People” by the 90%+ Progressive Humanist-leaning American BAR Association and its BAR licensees across the country, but that's how the 14th Amendment “person” works.

As you can probably pick up, I am not a keen fan of government control of anything but the specific objects entrusted to them by the Constitution, to be cared for by the limited enumeration of powers under Article I, Section 8. Anyone running for office who isn't fully cognizant and willing to respect our Constitution of written Terms and Conditions of government that, by our ratification brought government into existence, and is not ready to enforce the Constitution by adherence to it, is not going to serve America on America's terms, but on their own.

Yes, we've lived under a horrific socialist agenda for way too long, the peak of which, since Jimmy Carter, has been by Barack Obama, and we want it to stop, want our Individual Liberty to cease being sacrificed for some Utopian fiction, such as universal healthcare. And please don't cite socialist, subject (slave) citizen nations with high personal taxes at the expense of lower corporate taxes to steal America's Industrial magnates, making specious claims of “working universal healthcare” as justification, for that is only affirming the fiction of universal healthcare and acknowledging the Socialist Terrorism & Tyranny of America and all People across the world that's been going on for far too long.

When I see Mr. Trump speak with the same deliberate and passionate tenor about Our Constitution and our Individual Liberty, expressing with the same conviction, that he - understanding the “insurance policy” to guarantee our Freedom is a Constitution revered by those serving, that it is an Honor for us to entrust anyone to serve, and that the Constitution must be complied with to assure objective government of, by and for the People – would then be rewarded with an avalanche of Conservative votes, from Democrats, Republicans and Independents with little if any remaining reservations.

To those thinking the world is about to explode and I am focusing on the wrong thing, please understand that the reason we're exposed to any of this is a government who failed to act solely within the limits of the Constitution, and that until we fix this it's a perpetual cycle of destruction, death, and hate. We're aiding and abetting this cycle by failing to elect Honorable well informed Americans to serve, not lead, not to Master us under a subjective agenda, but serve by their Oath as their Bond to We the People as their Master, at least until they leave office.

As always, May Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords, Bless you and I thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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