Saturday 06 February 2016

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Whining about someone else as a cheater, it's the Progressive mantra, “you have more than me because you took mine!”...Or... “You cheated that isn't fair!” all the while, like the leader of Black Lives Matter, working a political angle, looking for a chance to be the media event of the moment...

Donald Trump did this right after Iowa. Whine! Whine! Whine! (Google Trump's twitter feed for Feb 3-5, 2016 yourself, it'd make this article 10 pages to include that.)

When the fact is CNN and their illustrious crew of Progressive brain trusts asserted information as an exclusive with a tenor that suggested Ben Carson is leaving the race. Was the word “suspend” uttered? Nope, but citing that Carson's going home to “rest” after citing all the States Carson won't be going to, Jake Tapper saying “it's very unusual,” with his co-host responding, “if you want to signal to your supporters, you want it, that you're hungry for it, that you want them to get out and campaign, you've got to be out there doing it to, and he's [Ben Carson's] not out there, doing it, it's very unusual,” Progressive media and it's agitators carrying off a minute and a half of non-story entertainment at its finest.

Cruz and Rubio both sent out messages, tweets, etc., to their organization to promote their campaigns, though only Rubio used the “dropping out” phrase, in what he sent out (

Cruz apologizes to Ben Carson, Rubio, not so much. Cruz is reported as winner, while media after media focus on Marco Rubio as the big deal, who came in 3rd, and, of course, reporting what Donald Trump puts out there about Cruz as a cheater....While Marco Rubio remains failing to make any apology to Carson

Ben Carson, accepts Cruz's apology, then wants more to be done, but never says one word about Marco Rubio's communications.

Reality: This is politics. So let's look at everyone's claims a minute for their real value.

Donald Trump's comments are his normal media manipulation genius to deny the winner of Iowa. Ted Cruz, his due in the media, and yes Trump succeeded, but not alone...

Establishment darling, and dead from his efforts at Amnesty that he's reiterated he remains entirely for in each debate, Marco Rubio, promoted by Fox News to the point I no longer watch -- their establishment bias that appears to be all about making sure Charles Krauthammer isn't wrong, is so blatant and obvious they might as well make it skywriting with 1000 planes (the original and real chemtrails :p). Thus, Marco Rubio is the sneaky establishment candidate, getting free publicity from those who want the same government growth agenda that both parties continue and neither will cease from because Progressive Humanism has become accepted as normal. This is akin to how so many use the word “evolve” as though evolution is more than a theory, as though evolution is not a theory proven a fraud ( from the beginning (, but we're deemed unintelligent if we don't subscribe to it, yet it is a religious undertaking no one realizing this is the first of the Humanist Religious Political Correctness efforts ( and

Ben Carson, who was my second choice, recently took to dealing with the Cruz phenomena as an adult, and, but as of February 6, 2016, returns again to whining about Cruz. Dr. Carson apparently allowing his emotions to take over, upset that the other candidates would even think he'd leave the race, “...It disappoints me to think that they would think that I am that kind of person, that I would have hundreds if not thousands of volunteers working hard, college students working their hearts out, one even losing his life, and I'm gonna say 'Ahhh, you guys I'm outta here.” Political drama at its finest, reminding us one of his volunteers died, and of course noting he might have thousands of volunteers, but knows for sure he has hundreds, and of course “college students” had to be mentioned.

I reiterate, reality: This is politics.

Trump is upset his team didn't catch what was being said on CNN and do something about it before anyone else. Of course that gave him the chance to destroy Ted Cruz's momentum out of Iowa so opportunist Trump takes complete advantage of it, much like the irrelevant Alaska Governor needing to feel relevant again.

Rubio took advantage of Carson and moves on, like a typical establishment snake, he doesn't even apologize to Ben Carson and Ben Carson hasn't said a word about it, only attacking Ted Cruz. I am repeating this point because it is odd that Carson, the supposed outsider, is only attacking Cruz when Carson's supposed ethical standards are blind to Marco Rubio's contribution.

Conclusion: America's corporate media, which is a far cry from Ben Franklin's printing press, is informing us of what their Progressive, and usually Humanist, editors want us to see, to read, to hear. The bias against the only candidate who will promote the Constitution is overwhelming, yet the American sitting in their home watching a broadcast or Internet newsfeed is falling for every part of it, even from Ben Carson, according to the Marco Rubio cheerleading Fox News. It is no secret the American Media is at minimum left leaning, if not entirely Progressive, and usually Humanist as well (Humanism advocates a collectivist/socialist society), and the Progressive Media goal here was to make the entire leading GOP field seem like amateur hour, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump (alphabetical by last name) were all played by CNN and media in general, including how this all took off on social media, to where media's narrative is taking shape with a life of its own against all Republican candidates, Conservative or not.

Ted Cruz is the first American of Hispanic descent to win the Iowa Caucus, but you noticed no one making that a media issue, even if it would be powerful against the Progressive Democrats and their “we're for minorities” lie (1957 filibustering and stripping voting rights for Americans of African descent, former slaves or not, Senator Strom Thurmond a Democrat at the time,, and again Democrat Senator Robert Byrd filibustering the 1964 Civil Rights Act,

So here's the point: Progressive Establishment GOP, Progressive Democrat Machine, and the Progressive Media, will do anything to keep a Constitutional Conservative from being in the Oval Office, almost quietly working together to destroy the opportunity for We the People to win this election, keeping us from voting in someone that will assure us of an Executive Office Commander-In-Chief who will apply the Constitution to their decisions, who will humbly serve and not claim to be our Master, not someone mandating what we must buy (Obamacare) what we must bake if Christian and asked (without any forced baking of cakes for Humanist gays by Muslim bakeries).

You want to claim me full of it, want to tell me that Cruz is a snake cause of his wife's job at Goldman Sachs, want to tell me Cruz was for legalization, etc., then consider I know these things and the only thing I will directly rebut is the legalization. My reason is because DC relies on convincing drama, as that is how DC became so important to the People (when it should be something we wouldn't mind went bankrupt if it is trying to usurp the Constitution, which it has done in spades, all branches without us doing anything) and that many know it was Ted Cruz who destroyed Marco Rubio's amnesty bill, that, as Democratic Senator Chuck Shumer puts it, “has his [Rubio's] fingerprints all over it.”

For the rest of the claims against Cruz I submit for consideration, first an article that shows leadership and what happens when a Constitutional Conservative can work for a State's Executive Branch, Second a video of Ted Cruz's life that few may know of via article by Charles C. Johnson who worked for Conservative Mississippi State Senator, Chris McDaniel,

Lastly, it's a longer and more difficult thing to listen to but it's the SCOTUS argument of Medellin v. Texas where Ted Cruz argued against 2 advocates for Presidential authority to claim a memorandum to the Attorney General makes a treaty a law to be imposed on the States, and denies the United States Supreme Court any authority to review decisions of the World Court, and, Ted Cruz won, Note the case was reviewed in 2007 (SCOTUS 2008 term), meaning Ted Cruz was arguing against power asserted by President George Bush (POTUS 43), who we well know, though a very Christian man, was, to be generous, a “moderate Establishment Conservative.”

So many people complain about the banks and wealthy like a bunch of Socialists. So many think they've been dumbed down while voting for candidates on the basis of their personality and any semblance of agreement with rhetoric spewed by candidates on the campaign trail or in sound bites. This researcher, this American writing this article is asking you to remember we're Americans, and all of us are protected by the Constitution, so long as we have a government that remembers that, a government of representatives who care about the Constitution as well, not their party, not agendas, but objective governance to do what's right even for those who didn't vote for them because the Constitution dictates government's objects & powers, and the limits to these, boundaries these representatives of every office take an Oath to uphold, from township to National Government in DC, even before there was a 14th Amendment.

If your goal is Freedom, if you want as full an opportunity as possible in living your life as you see fit while assuring integrity of our economy and that foreign interests, ideas, and beliefs aren't influencing our lives, Ted Cruz has proven himself to be the President to do what the Tea Party and Freedom Caucus have been trying to do from mostly the House alone without much success for almost 8 years. It's not hard to guess the problem: Constitutional Conservatives are up against a Progressive Humanist establishment in both Political Parties. This establishment promotes Socialist agendas whose cherry on top of their cake of power is Barack Obama's Presidency. I only ask you to review the Ted Cruz links above and decide for yourself what you stand for, substance of America being the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, making sure the blood spilled for this nation from the beginning is not wasted, or falling for the media promoted minutiae of micro politics engineered to play with our emotions as great weight in comparison to what a candidate has actually done.

Ben Carson has become my 3rd favorite (replaced by Carly Fiorina as my 2nd) as Carson exploits what is, and has been, part and parcel to politics since this country began, as though Ben Carson is looking for some special political gain for himself by whining. Haven't we had enough of this “unfairness” whining over the last almost 8 years?

As always, May Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords, Bless you and I thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

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