Wednesday 17 June 2009

Move Your Basis of Comparison to The Unthinkable

Rush Limbaugh brings up the most valid point when trying to discuss matters of import to our nation with other people, "Who would have thought our Auto Industry/Banking System/Media [or whatever other industry] would have been by one man, Obama?"

Nothing could have been said more accurately of people who think this man means well for our nation. They ignore the facts of a tripled deficit, of how many people have been denied health care in other nations where the government runs the private sector out of providing health care through being the low ball provider, these are also unaware of the situation where 50,000 workers jobs are saved at GM at a cost of more than 400,000 each (while 20,000 lose their jobs in other plants); and that Obama, along with the rest of the democrats, even before taking office, felt it important to gain a constantly rising stake in GM is owned by the National, United States, Government that of course, as a matter of control, was necessary prior to bankruptcy--as such interest in GM would assure the government could call the shots in bankruptcy from all sides, as an interested party, as a regulator, and as the judiciary.

Yes it's time to make a proper comparison: Obama doesn't wish to resurrect America, his actions in national defense and foreign policy demonstrate a perfect hatred for what our Founding Fathers intended of America and built; Obama's lack of capacity to recognize women's rights and what has happened positively on their behalf in America emphasizes this point domestically, particularly when taken with the economic situation which puts us all at odds with each other, places our mutual trust in jeopardy because we aren't sure who is merely trying to con us along into a new game to survive; Obama's continued showing off, boasting by actions of taking his wife out at our expense, and with full knowledge our nation is in trouble; Obama's "gift" as he described it to Harry Reid, and willingness to stand behind CIA Director Leon Penetta (George Soros' best friend in anti-gun advocacy) demonstrate the internal power struggle between Obama and those who supported him achieving their agenda and seeking to oust those who would at all threaten the democrat veneer of invulnerability that Soros has paid a King's ransom to achieve.

Thus we find ourselves at a necessity to recognize a friend of the State is in the White House, at the expense of our nation, that, like Gorbachev, Obama's policies are poised to sacrifice the United States of America to World Wide Socialist interests of all extremes, including communism. That this nation isn't regarded highly by he or any who serve under him, and is instead, what Phil Donohue describes as "a nation run by greed" and to be trounced into the ground because of this label. Nothing of the achievements of mankind in the freedom the United States of America has offered to the individual, a nation people have died to get to from every socialist to communist nation on the planet, seems to mean anything to the likes of Obama, Soros, Donohue and the rest. The greed they believe belongs to the United States alone, as though it never existed under the previous to capitalism, feudalism, the socialistic unions who are again raising oil prices worldwide by being the customer the speculator knows will buy their paper, or socialist nations like Cuba where Fidel is estimated to be worth around 900 million dollars, all are to be ignored, and the entire idea of greed attached to the idea of Capitalism alone and the United States. And of course we can't forget the sale of almost 1 trillion dollars of assets to China whose current success is based on allowing capitalism to flourish in some business quarters, and is paying for government businesses that have and continue to run in deficit--Geithner was begging China is protecting it's own self interest (capitalism) and wanting a means to guarantee what it spent, also infamously known as "greed."

Ask yourself if this ideology and the actions to implement them is the work of any friend of the United States of America, a nation that single-handedly destroyed feudalism (better known as capitalism at a world equity level as distributed between royalty), and the feudal tyrannies that had sprung from it which oppressed people of all ages, races, religions, etc., save those of "blueblood" origins. The decentralization of equity from under the [censored] of a Central Sovereign Reign of Government by Prince, Princess, Noble House or Otherwise, is the exact act capitalism carries out. And it is this very exact act that those believing in the myth of Marxism, and it's socialist tenets to the point of Stalin's communism, are pursuing and promoting worldwide.

The consistency of their actions, and ours, is assuming the basis of comparison is that these leaders give a damn about anyone but themselves and their own agenda. Hasn't this been proven from time immemorial to be wrong? I mean, the general people have only been looked at as capable of their own decision making since The Age of Enlightenment and The Reformation. Are those who oppressed us for thousands of years before that going to be proven right by our unwillingness and arrogant pride setting aside reason in the face of the fact? Do we continue to send them the message we are incompetent and unable to recognize even your agent to re-establish the political means of feudalism as a worldwide government order? So far it would seem we've no interest in recognizing the basis of comparison with Obama, liberalism, and the institutions of national governance of the nation as a whole: Destroy the United States of America so there is a means to achieve a world government order in the nature of Stalin's Soviet Union.

This is the basis of comparison to apply to Obama and his policies, to liberalism and George Soros. Their actions are destructive to the very fabric of the nation's Sovereign Equity being distributed amongst the masses by Equal Opportunity, to fail or succeed. Sure many have corrupted this over time, and they should be held accountable, they've defamed the idea of capitalism, however, note that also, many of these believed we should have remained under the Crowns of Europe, and never have been a nation, their gains made, much like Soros, to be used to undermine the very machine that produced their wealth--yes it's this nation's fault they were a success, and their guilt for their own actions, is what they wish to make amends for, by kicking out the rungs of the ladder others can climb behind them, and damned the consequences to individual liberty, the idea of freedom, and self reliance, self determination, that even the U.N. recognizes as a human right.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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