News Item: Abortion: An Issue of National Security
(Category: Abortion-Cultural Destruction and National Security Issue)
Posted by Toddy Littman
Saturday 27 June 2009 - 09:00:00

Significantly Updated March 23 2011

Originally I chose not to embed the following video, I wanted you to see the number of hits it would without even one comment, then look at what the poster explains on the upper right of the video on the YouTube page.

You'll find why women's rights is not the underlying paramount purpose and issue, that it is instead to give importance to legality of abortion as a marketable product to facilitate the goals of our enemies.

So while the feminists tout women's rights in relation to abortion and "pro-choice" of killing their baby, those who understand that the reason for abortion is specifically to undermine America are laughing at them, at our nation, and any nation that embraces such population controls while other nations actually forbid abortion to assure population growth to overwhelm over time.

See these people go to the root of understanding something, noting a certain truth: the variety of nations declining in power, their greatest similarity is their declining growth rate.

Understand, terrorism is not the only line of offense enemies of freedom will use or empower to destroy every symbol and act of freedom from a centralized power structure, as it is necessary to allow their order, be it Communist, religious, or something identical but of a new name (or lack thereof, a reverse order of some sort) to control, command, dictate, and become, the culture.

Think of this when Planned Parenthood, or any other pro-abortion promoter of death for convenience sake makes sure to inform you "it's your rights as a woman." I mean, it may just be that keeping your baby and teaching self sufficiency could be significant in preserving America and all our nation stands for.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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