News Item: The Progressive Fix Is In
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Posted by Toddy Littman
Thursday 05 January 2012 - 22:46:00

Here is Jon Stewart promoting Ron Paul

Now, here's Wolf Blitzer taking Ron Paul to task on his 5 years of newsletters in 2008, to which the almost 30 year career politician has responded since 1996 with every variety of reply, from “you have to take them in context,” to, “I never read them,” to “I disavow them,” to “I wrote part of the newsletters, just not the part people don't like,” a dizzying array of linguistic dance maneuvers or moves:

Part I

Part II

I wrote of Ron Paul after the Iowa Straw Poll in a manner consistent with the reality the man has projected through his actions,, later learning of Ron Paul being one of 40 to sign on with 60 democrats in support of the Unconstitutional Super Committee (25 million people represented per person in this “politburo”), signature 62. Of course the Newsletters raised their ugly head and had to be addressed for the vile and despicable acts that they are, And it is at this moment, after writing this article, that the compilation of what I've laid out up to this point became obvious and apparent: This is “a Progressive Party fix,” the Progressive “Establishment” attempting to choose the GOP/Conservative candidate for us, and using all we've been indoctrinated (i.e. educated) to believe against us because Ron Paul's past is the perfect opportunity to resurrect the aspect of guilt that elected Obama in 2008 and the “Tea Party is racist” narrative as well.

I was supporting Bachmann for strategic reasons. However, Michele Bachmann has left, her campaign, a suspension that is the admission that the GOP hasn't the tenacity to get behind her and be the party to elect the First Woman President and ensuring that office isn’t filled by a woman with a “D” next to her name. Then again, it may be the GOP's lack of capacity to comprehend the enemy, Progressivism, has a minimum 20 year head start on them, or merely that my premise of a single party (the Progressive Party, a mix of Collectivists, Communists, and our disgruntled servants in government) dominating our two party system as a monopoly is true. At least now I can focus on 2012 instead of think that the GOP, the Tea Party, and, essentially, The American People, would be ready to gut-punch the Progressive, anti-Christian, anti-religion, anti-Individual Liberty, movement by taking from them what Barack Obama will be promoting in 2016 no matter who wins in 2012 (i.e. The First Woman President).

Of course, a political “community organizing” (i.e. the “c” word “conspiracy”) of the political parties, and thereby government, to carry out a non-violent coup d’etat via civil government, since our civil is over our military by design, is unthinkable, impossible, could never happen in America, as though Freedom is too restrictive to let that happen. That's the mass belief, that there is no way we could have a Progressive monopoly that's been exercising an abuse of power for decades, assuring the banks, the rich, and all that reinforces class warfare while demonizing private property ownership and protection (gun laws as well), a belief that also challenges the idea of wealth against the numerous passages in the Bible to treat the poor and rich equally as literal passages with no other context to, nor surrounding, their meaning.

But posing this type of a “community organizing” probably takes the whole thing too deep, or at least that's what I've been told. The average American doesn't care and isn't capable due to lack of exposure of comprehending what's going on, is what's been expressed to me, that we're unable to learn of our Constitution and authority because we've been “dumbed down,” as though that's the correct term for subverted and undermined in our knowledge in order to deny each of us the capacity to assert our will, to deny each of us the capacity to wield with wisdom our Sovereign Power. No, we are not to think that both parties are in cahoots via an ideology, Progressivism, that places the American People who founded this nation in subservience to government. Instead we are to set aside that it is the natural order of the servant's ambition in-all-cases to overthrow and rule their Master, to then erroneously accept that it is just impossible to think this principle would be applied by a servant government that loathes the fact the People are free, and that serving in government is a step down, not an ascendance up as it would be in a collectivists/Communist system of government. Maybe this is why the laws do not prohibit insider trading by our politicians that is illegal for the Sovereign People to do.... Nah, our Government, that we've always held onto the belief would fix itself, would never have traveled down the road of undermining their Masters, We The People, only to find our enemies, those of a Collectivist/Communist bent, would be more than happy to help them, even join into government, and aid in all erosion of authority and capacity of the People, destroying the “substance” of the very People by challenging everything that has made and would continue to make America Great through restricting Individual Liberty, restricting the smallest minority. No! No! No! None of this is happening at all.

NO! There is no enemy. Denial is our mind-altering-sedative-like friend. We must hang on to the National Education Association influence of an educated arrogance that all other countries and their people are beneath the United States to the point they lack any intellectual capacity, that they couldn't be so designing as to carry on years, decades, even a century or two of commitment to the end of America who had enemies from our inception.... The natural course of the overthrow of a system of centralized power that claimed us as property under it, where America removed the elitist reign of Crowns, of Guilds and their Nobility, of the bureaucracy and its capacity to even act autonomous and without any accountability -- all the institutions of a different name that are invoked and have been brought to exist in our current government and influencing every American's life today as we march leftward toward the social agenda goals of those whose ambition is the destruction of Individual Liberty, that can only be accomplished by destroying America. Careful attention is paid to making sure all the stones laid before are used, that the People blame everyone but the Government they instituted, irrespective of knowing it has lost its way and run amok – neutered in their vote by the single Progressive Party on both sides of the aisle, our institutions no longer following Our Written Will, Our Written Constitution as their instruction manual, no caring of legitimacy by “consent of the governed.”

No! No! No! Please, none of this is the truth-at-hand, none of this is to be taken seriously, please let the boundaries of all types be ignored, let the means of controlling our use of our resources be set aside, the entire of what is happening the response to the oppressive behavior of Freedom, and therefore requires privileged rights granted by government control. If the latter-half of the previous sentence doesn't make sense to you, thank you, I am glad there are at least 2 of us who actually take America seriously.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

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