News Item: Dru-Gore vs. Humanity
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Friday 30 January 2009 - 16:41:00

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January 29, 2009

Earth Gore vs. Humanity

Bet you didn’t know we had to make a choice between the earth and humanity, did you? If you have been paying attention to the climate change debate (Yes, there is a debate. Ask the 31,000+ scientists that have signed a statement rejecting the Kyoto Accord and its premise of global warming), then you will know that whatever society does to better the human condition, it is at odds with Nature.

Oh no, you say. That isn’t the case. You have heard over and over again that the only way we can save the earth is to institute measures to counter global warming - or climate change as it is now being called due to the fact that we have been in a period of documented cooling for ten years. So if we are preserving the earth with “green” endeavors, how can we possibly be anti-humanity? Aren’t the two symbiotic?

Sorry to be bearer of good news, but data show that no earthbound entity’s actions affect the planet’s cycles of heating and cooling since even before the appearance of primordial swamps, and of course ourselves, onto the scene. However, if we heed the dire, and scientifically unsupported, predictions of Nobel Laureate Al Gore, we will watch the steady demise of the human condition. Those struggling economies that lie mostly below the equator are already spiraling into the depths of calamitous crises brought on by green policies that severely confine agricultural and resource development. That translates into the following: they are starving while being prevented from growing crops, producing goods or mining ores that could save their lives.

We are blessedly ignorant of the hardships encountered by poor countries desperately trying to handle their own predicaments in providing for themselves. All we hear is that genetically modified seed is detrimental to Nature (tell that to Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics, and anyone who relies on manufactured insulin to be able to live) although that seed would yield a hardy harvest that might feed millions in a country where crops are regularly devastated by pests and blights. Or, those countries are banned from exporting those crops as a valuable commodity by science-phobic Europeans and Americans.

Does that seem like an oxymoron to you, that these advanced countries are afraid of science? Perhaps you would argue that we rely on science for every aspect of our luxurious lifestyles and even that it is “science” that has warned us about global warming. I beg to differ. No, science has given us much, but it is the pseudo-science of environmentalism run amok that has besieged us with the understanding that science is actually bad for us. We have become enslaved by fads of pop science, which, God help us, isn’t science at all.

The point is, that environmentalism is not science, but an economic agenda. Let me explain… Carbon has been designated as a pollutant when in fact it is the basis of all life on this planet and nature absorbs 98.5% of all carbon dioxide produced by every living organism on earth, including ourselves. However, since carbon dioxide is now classified as a pollutant there is a burgeoning industry waiting in the wings to take advantage of regulations ready to be implemented by legislative bodies worldwide – the trade of carbon credits – an industry that Mr. Gore envisioned back in the early nineties when he incorporated a carbon trading business with folks like Hank Paulsen.

You may wonder how this has anything to do with the starving masses in undeveloped nations and a new type of genocide. Yes, I used the “g” word. It comes down to monetary gain by so-called environmentalists at the expense of the poorest people. Let’s see how this can be…

Environmental policies create the following problems:
a) restriction of development and sale of viable energy (clean coal, nuclear, hydropower, oil) in favor of economically unsustainable “green” modes (wind, solar, ethanol);
b) imposition of “green” energy sources limits hours of electrical supply for industry and household usage such as simple lighting and food refrigeration, mostly felt in third world countries;
c) plant-based fuels use grain and sugar, creating food shortages and running up costs to unaffordable levels;
d) denial of crop production by imposing genetic regulations on exports, creating shortages for agrarian economies who cannot sell their harvest abroad;
e) refusal to allow usage of pesticides in suffering countries. Consider the malaria-plagued populations who are constrained from treating their homes and communities with DDT, which has been proven to be benign. Instead, they are forced to use ineffectual mosquito nets to try to stave off millions of deaths.
That’s only a sample of the numerous infringements of sovereign nations’ attempts at self-reliance and improving their people’s health.

On top of it all, the global warming agenda is a scandal in that it diverts our attention from providing true humanitarian aid where it is needed most. Not in providing computers to low-income schools so the children can be programmed to believe humankind is a pestilence on the planet, or underwriting “green” cars no one wants to drive, or even saving non-existent wild feline populations in regions they never traversed; but in restraining the murderous conflicts that are devastating whole populations in places like Sudan’s Darfur.

In the name of saving Nature, Al Gore and his buddies have told us that humanity is less important than a weevil, a fly along a stretch of I-10 in San Berdoo, or a rat in “tuleville” We are battered by the press to worry about an insect whose habitat is diminished in order to build needed infrastructure, rather than use our time and money to aid a beleaguered people who are being denied the ability to create a reasonable living for themselves. We have been told to place Nature above Humanity and yet, we forget that Humanity is an integral part of nature.

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted by the mantra exhorting me to write-off my brothers and sisters and love the earth, forgetting that we are a natural component of it.

Al Gore and friends… put your money where your mouth is and relinquish your hate for humanity by taking a stand against the atrocities being committed that don’t make you a dime. Support life-saving efforts rather than life-threatening business schemes. Halt violent genocide that is preventable instead of the heinous promotion of genocide by economic means for the sake of personal gain.

A. Dru Kristenev
Author, “Gold Baron,” a novel of political intrigue, world markets and presumptive power brokers based on research of the underpinnings of real-time political and global financial maneuvering, and who’s instigating it.

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