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Posted by Toddy Littman
Friday 13 March 2009 - 16:13:55

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February 13, 2009

The Golden Calf Revisited

When we talk about history repeating itself we have a tendency to think in terms of relative recent history, but in this instance it would behoove us to go back a few millennia.

Let’s begin by pondering the free enterprise system that has been the true stimulus of prosperity in this country since its institution here by our forefathers. How, over time, the hard work that each person expended could be rewarded with wealth… a good life for themselves and their families. It was all accomplished by following the basic tenets of reaping what was sown through labor, thoughtful investment and generous giving of the fruits of that labor. Yet even as the benefits of diligent work were heaped upon the populace, some among them were unhappy with working responsibly to create wealth for themselves. They grumbled that it wasn’t easy enough to become successful and they sought to have something, some entity give them what they desired, even unto believing that that object was powerful enough to handle their needs – feed them, clothe them, heal them. So they turned to giving the foremost grumbler their assets so he could manage them and borrow against them in order to fulfill their wishes to be coddled, expecting a return beyond that of the venture. Many expected to be included in the plan even if they hadn’t contributed.

But it was all an illusion. In fact, what was gathered was actually put into a bailout that only created more for those who controlled the bailout and they determined how, when and even if it was to be used. What the lead grumbler did was make a promise that the bailout would create prosperity simply by being established. That it wasn’t even really necessary to actually distribute what had been gathered if a show of good intentions were demonstrated. And, all the while the people continued to believe that the almighty bailout was being made for them, to help them, to provide jobs and allay want.

This is no different from the Israelites who, having wandered only a few months after being freed from captivity, grew weary of what had already been provided for them. They were fed morning and night, given water and asked only to follow the rules of personal responsibility in order to reap true freedom and contentment, which lay just beyond the horizon. While Moses went onto the mount to receive instruction on how this multitude could truly flourish, they grew restless. Less than forty days did it take for them to turn from the good life they had been provided to proceeding to pile all their gold into the crucible to fashion, not a miraculous bailout, but a miraculous idol. It was a golden calf that would answer all their desires, not because it had any real power or even was able to give a moving speech to assure them of happiness and wealth. No, it was because they simply wanted to believe that it could cure all their ills, real and imagined. And this they did after they had already experienced the benefit of following the guidance of the Lord to reach a true goal.

They abandoned what was real in favor of an empty promise.

Tell me how this is not precisely what has swept through our country now? How is it that a tried and true method of hard work and responsible action embodied within the free enterprise system can be tossed aside when an arguably charismatic character comes forward and promises “change” that will give them “more”? Have we so lost our way in the wilderness that we will gather up our riches, hand them over to a man and a Congress who will create another golden calf for us to fawn over and worship because it will magically provide what we think we lack? If you listened to the questions directed at President Obama during the town hall at Ft. Meyers, Florida on February 10, 2009, you would certainly think that is the case.

We are blinded by the manipulation of a limited number of power brokers who have facilitated the creation of an economic “emergency.” Hm-hmmm, right. This is such an emergency that the first idol, in the form of TARP, didn’t do its job and wasn’t even fully utilized. And now we are urged, panicked rather, to believe that the bigger and better golden calf will cure our ailments when all we need do is allow the proven market to step in and naturally guide us back to fiscal health over time.

No one said it would be an easy or simple road. Not even God told the Israelites that they’d reach their goal without a little sacrifice and some work. No, He laid out a method by which the multitude could improve their lot, but they preferred a quick fix, an unproven “hope” – basically, a fantasy. A fantasy that rewarded their foolishness with forty more years of unnecessary wandering.

You show me how the power of a golden calf is no more imaginary than that of the so-called stimulus package.

A. Dru Kristenev
Author, “Gold Baron,” a novel of political intrigue, world markets and presumptive power brokers based on research of the underpinnings of real-time political and global financial maneuvering, and who’s instigating it.

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