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Sunday 08 March 2009 - 14:46:00

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March 8, 2009

CO2 – the More, the Better…

Oh, did I ruffle a few feathers? Perhaps it’s time more of us did, because allowing popular “science” (with apologies to the respected periodical) to guide fiscal policy will kill us.

I imagine that you’re shaking your head in disbelief at the foregoing. Well, let me expand on the statement that you may eschew with some vehemence.

Getting down to the real science, let’s take a look at what has been occurring with the decline of solar winds. I know, you’re wondering what that has to do with fiscal policy and its dangers, so let me fill you in.

The temperature and density of solar winds has decreased by approximately 20% over the last ten years. So what, you say? The import of the NASA report is fairly clear (web address below). With the decline of the solar wind, cosmic radiation from deep space encroaches upon Earth’s atmosphere. It is the solar wind that expands the reach of the heliosphere, which protects our solar system from the bombardment of high velocity galactic particles.

"The solar wind isn't inflating the heliosphere as much as it used to," said Dave McComas of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas. "That means less shielding against cosmic rays." McComas serves as the chief investigator of the SWOOPS (solar wind sensor) carried by the Ulysses satellite that circles the sun and measures solar activity. The upshot is that as solar winds decrease, the shrinking heliosphere and its magnetic field affords less protection outside of our own atmosphere.

That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? We still have our plush atmosphere to shield us from the growing intensity of cosmic rays spewing from black holes and the like, right? Sure, as long as we understand that the thick barrier we thrive beneath is now under attack by, not atomic particles from space, but our own government. Let’s look at that a little more closely.

The Environmental Protection Agency now has the power to designate what greenhouse gases are destructive to our planet’s atmosphere by doing what… by creating a thicker atmosphere that hold’s in heat, i.e. global warming. Oh, pardon me. Now it’s “climate change.” It seems that the obvious protection against cosmic radiation, which damages satellites housing crucial and delicate communications and research equipment that orbit the earth, is losing its capacity to work. The magnetic field that adds extra shielding for Earth is shrinking, leaving the outer layers of our atmosphere vulnerable to a steady assault of dangerous radiation. And what is Washington doing? They are planning on passing a cap and trade, as part of President Obama’s colossal budget that will penalize every citizen with extra costs, passed on by businesses of all sizes that are saddled with a carbon tax. This is a tax bent on forcing Americans to lessen their “carbon footprint” by supposedly reducing their contribution of CO2 to the atmosphere, which NEEDS the gas in order to maintain its depth and density to protect us.

Have we gotten the gist of this yet? The solar wind is deflating; the magnetic shield of the heliosphere is shrinking; cosmic radiation is increasing, attacking the outer layers of Earth’s atmosphere; we are trying to decrease the density of Earth’s atmosphere by limiting carbon emissions (and taxed out the wazoo to do it) thereby weakening the Earth’s natural shield against the increased bombardment of cosmic radiation.

We are to be taxed to make ourselves less safe from the invisible projectiles emanating from deepest, darkest space. Yes, this is simplifying the science, but it is no less fact that our own “representatives” are making us pay to be under attack by, no, not little green men from Mars, but no-seeums from space. Though it wouldn’t be a stretch to view all these global warming activists as "little green men," irrespective of Al Gore's sizable carbon footprint.

It’s time we stood up to the power grab in Washington – the real “change” being ushered in by this “transparent” administration – and made it clear that the only danger from CO2 is the hot air that’s emanating from the White House and the Congress in their attempt to refocus our attention, away from their efforts to cement government expansion and ultimate control, to Earth’s supposed well-being.

Looks like they’ve gotten both wrong.

A. Dru Kristenev
Author of “Gold Baron,” a novel of political intrigue, world markets and presumptive power brokers based on research of the underpinnings of real-time political and global financial maneuvering, and who’s instigating it.

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