The Racist Tea Party Agenda

The media rumblings begin, as the GOP contenders go to Iowa, and I am here to affirm with absolute certainty that the Conservative Tea Party is racist and has a racist agenda.

The Tea Party believes all of mankind has a right to their pride, pride in their Faith, pride in their Freedom, and pride in their rights, especially the right of ownership of private property and the
Freedom to do as they please with what their worthiness of their hire will afford.

The Tea Party is absolutely American ethnocentric, we believe in American Superiority because of the exceptional quality of Individual Liberty and how this is paramount to every Individual's Life, as well as an innate authority of every American to command over their own Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness. There is no seeking or singling out particular individuals of a particular ethnic background, or color, income, or anything else but that an Individual stands for America and American values. The Tea Party will not deny themselves an American view by a biased pursuit of members as that would, instead, be pursuing the foreign Tribal/Feudal view of division of America, which is best epitomized by America's opponents, the Progressives, and their divisive Class Warfare battlecry. We're Americans and welcome Americans, of all ethnicities and creeds irrespective of skin color, though I would certainly want to have a serious conversation with a muslim Tea Party person.

I'd want to make sure a muslim Tea party person understands that all government must be limited as America's Founders intended, and that they further understand this means there is an enforcement of these limits on government. Surely the vote serves that purpose but the whole point of the Constitution being the fundamental Law of America, and the law of limited government, means we understand it is our Individual Rights by God that are superior to any government, and surely superior to any method of politicking to use government to thwart these rights. The Constitution is our measuring stick to know when government has exceeded our Individual Rights by government exceeding the limits placed on them by the Constitution; that when these limits are violated it is our Right and our Duty to then act in whatever manner is necessary to stop the oppression that naturally occurs by exceeding these limits, as that was the point in placing these limits on government and having the Constitution as our written measuring stick to compare to government's actions. It is we who constitute the government as “constituents,” so that the use of the Constitution is our exclusive dominion as Individuals in Freedom, that we require this authority so that we each can assert our Individual ability from our mind to advance mankind, by our invention, our creations, and what we produce from these faculties given to each of us by God and therefore at our sole and entire discretion alone. And, to be sure, whether we sell our ideas or not is a matter for the owners and creators, the innovators, the capitalists, and of course Americans’ sole discretion as well as that being the Constitution's point in having been ratified into existence: To govern American government in assurance of Individual Liberty.

I'd explain that sharia law has no place in appreciating Individual Liberty, as the True Peace from our Creator is not in looking for how to restrict our fellow man, that we did not place specific objects and powers to achieve those objects for the purpose of being taken up as a government right of force to be used to oppress Individuals for being Individual; that we were not constituting a Collective to act according to majority rule based on political parties and ideologies but, instead, a government to assure protection of the smallest minority, the Individual, via assuring Individual Liberty.

I'd go to great pains to make absolutely certain they understand that an individual, even with witnesses, who takes up a complaint against another individual does not transfer the issue to a collective body guided by their religious laws for judgment and assuming these to be superior to Individual Liberty, but instead their complaint, if of any merit in the first place, is to achieve a hearing of both sides’ views so the body can ascertain if any use of power is justified, with all deliberation based upon whether it is right to assert the oppressive character of government power upon and against the Individual (i.e. “Is it Constitutional?”), or to finally determine the entire petition was a waste of time and even an effort to fool the holder(s) of these powers to wrongfully oppress another – Which can only occur when there's an instrument explaining to government its specific objects, powers, and thereby limits, and cannot happen in an arbitrary setting where the judge assumes all power is theirs alone, especially when they have been in that position for a very long time.

And, lastly, I’d explain that America's Founders' Goal of placing limits on government is to assure Individual Liberty and not to assure government power, that the Constitution is the written instrument of the specific enumerated objects and powers of government for the United States of America and, that inherently means that these are narrow and limited powers never to be assumed broad and general by government; that the Constitution is written down to assure neither government nor the People, especially those serving in office, forget government's very limited role as an American Institution whose powers are “not to exceed” these limits, that it is an American obligation to appreciate government as a tool of specific objects and powers, and that doing otherwise sacrifices everyone's Faith, Freedom, and Rights.

As a Tea Party member myself, I can tell you the above is the very Racist Tea Party Agenda, a pro-mankind agenda by being pro-American, by being pro-Freedom, pro-Private Property Rights, and thereby, of course, pro-Capitalism, for nothing else assures all can rise to the top, by their own measure and by the measure of those looking in from the outside, if the latter can get passed their jealousy of America's Individual Liberty. It is America’s resolute certainty that Individual Liberty has and continues to achieve American Superiority, a Liberty that, from America's Founding, will not settle for assurances of survival by government's hand, what Progressives continue to ignore (by intention or not) even as they learn by Obamacare alone that the average amount in “leveling the playing field” is more costly, yet was imposed irrespective of denying Individuals their Liberty of Choice.

It is by this Tea Party Racist Agenda that Tea Party Americans stand to obstruct the Progressive agenda of imposing a hierarchy upon We the People of America, because we know the same will be done to all of mankind over time. The Progressive goal is to establish a status quo of class division and a regressive return to the Feudal Caste System with their (“Noble”) Party Government running everything, a Subjective Tyrannical Rule that Our American Constitution sets forth, in the most objective manner, as having no place in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, America.

Thank you for reading and sharing this, God Bless,

Toddy Littman

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